Lakers Pick Up Jodie Meeks’ 2013-14 Option

Rey Moralde —  June 26, 2013

Well, here’s some news on the Lakers front. Here’s Mike Trudell of and Time Warner Sportsnet.

Jodie Meeks came to the Lakers last season to help out with the three-point shooting. He shot a decent .357 from behind the arc (122 out of 342). Meeks also averaged 7.9 points mostly off the bench last season in 78 games. But then he injured his ankle in Game 1 of their first round series against the San Antonio Spurs.

At times, Meeks had phenomenal shooting games; he scored 24 points (9 of 14 shooting) in a December win against Washington and had 21 points (7 of 8 from behind the arc) in a November win over Denver. So he can definitely be a dangerous shooter for the Lakers. We just wish he’d control himself a little when he drives to the hoop. Meeks is also, while not the best, a willing defender.

At $1,550,000, Meeks is actually a bargain for the Lakers. With his quick shooting release, the defense still has to watch out for him. Meeks can definitely make a defense pay but while shooting over 35 percent is decent, he is capable of shooting better than that (career-high .397 percent in 2010-11 for Philly). This is a good move by the Lakers and for a team that wants to keep Dwight Howard, the Lakers are going to need as many shooters as they can get.

In the meantime, depending on the circumstances, Jodie Meeks will probably start for Kobe Bryant if #24 isn’t back by the start of the regular season.

Rey Moralde


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    LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Lakers want Dwight Howard to re-sign and don’t care who knows it.
    The team unveiled a massive banner on the side of Staples Center on Wednesday with a photo of Howard and one message: “Stay.”
    The sign is one of “six or seven” billboards the Lakers plan on putting up in “various key locations” in order to try to woo the free agent to be, according to team spokesman John Black. The Lakers also unveiled a billboard above Hollywood Boulevard with the same message. Both signs include the hashtag “STAYD12

  2. My comment is stuck in mod, but to see banner the team put up on the side of Staples, just Google “Dwight Howard stay”

  3. Rr- I saw that banner today. I think that is a great and unprecedented move by the Lakers.

  4. i think they look pretty tacky. and frankly not that original. I’d rather see a billboard with dwight next to the larry o’brien trophy instead of just saying “stay.” But if DH’s decision is going to be based on a billboard, well, then it’s really a reflection on dwight and Buss Jr. I’d like to think DH is smarter than that, and I would really, really like to think junior can be more creative and persuasive. buss’s best move would be to let is future brother in law do the negotiating, but we know that will never happen.

  5. It’s a smart approach to tailor your recruiting strategies to the player. Dwight’s a child. He needs to feel loved, he needs to be recruited, and he’s not alone in that respect (many in the current generation of players want that). So the public billboard approach is a smart decision considering who it’s targeting.

    The billboard won’t likely move the needle much, but the absence of it (or other forms of recruitment) could have made a difference. If other teams come in with over the top lavish recruiting strategies and we countered with nothing, we’d be at a disadvantage. (Read Woj’s article on the Spurs’ recruitment of Kidd for an example).

    I won’t debate aesthetics, as the last poster I made was in junior high. But the blandness of the billboard is probably safe. Put pictures of championship banners and trophies up there, and it may backfire. Howard, by many reports, was uncomfortable with the enormous championship-or-bust pressure he found in LA. Bland = safe = smart.

    The Meeks option was necessary. We need any wing depth and regardless of his warts, he’s a bargain at that price.

  6. Sad to see that one of the premier franchises in all of sports has to resort to this type of method in order to retain their own (granted, unrestricted) free agent. With that being said, it’s good to see that the organization is putting it on front-street how much they value Howard (no matter how much the rest of the league is snickering behind close doors). I’m pretty sure that this is just step 1 of the plan/pitch that Robert and others have been waiting for. At least it better be, if they plan on getting his ‘John Hancock’ on the dotted line.

    On another note, not to sure of the difference between an ‘Associate Head Coach’ and an ‘Assistant Coach’, but it sounds to me as if the AHC would probably command a higher salary than an AC. That, along with the fact that, besides Head Coach, Doc also now holds the title of Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations, probably swayed Alvin Gentry. Or it could just be that he views the Clippers as the better team, currently, and having the brighter future out of the 2 Staples Center Residents. Nothing major about this, IMO, but it’s a pattern (Stern, Grant Hill and now Gentry) worth keeping an eye on because, unfortunately, the pendulum might be shifting just a bit.

  7. trianglefan: You are reading way to much into it and are letting your hatred of the FO blind you to the fact that this is a simple, public gesture that the team wants to keep Dwight. Not sure where the suggestion that Phil be involved in the negotiations comes from. He is not part of the FO and last I checked is not part of the family. Plus, Phil has no experience in negotiating salary and other demands from players in the context of an NBA contract. Are we assuming that because he has 10 rings he can do anything? If so, let’s put him to better use solving world peace.

  8. I agree with Snoopy on this. The banners are a nice touch for dealing with Howard.

  9. smoothaswilkes June 26, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    @trianglefan – lighten up dude, jeez. the billboard isn’t going to be the main reason that anyone signs let alone howard but it’s a nice way to show some love. as for PJ, get over it. he’s not coming back. and while he is the greatest coach ever, i’m not sure you want him negotiating a contract. recruiting? for sure, but leave the negotiations to the agents, lawyers, and Mitch.

  10. MannyP: It is 11 rings. And he did solve World Peace (Game 7)

  11. Warren Wee Lim June 26, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Those palm trees are really telling.

  12. Robert: you crack me up.

  13. nice post Snoopy

  14. I tis actually 13 if you count the ones with the Knicks as a player.

  15. The billboards are a face saving gesture. This way Laker management can have some PR protection when Howard signs elsewhere.

    Even with Howard the Lakers will struggle to make the Playoffs next year. Dwight does not have the fortitude or patience to wait for the Lakers to compete.

  16. Good move keeping Meeks around.

    Never understood why so many turned on him this past season. It was never in the cards for him to be a superstar; he delivered as expected I thought.

  17. Warren Wee Lim June 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Its like Jack Nicholson begging a girl to go out with him. It just doesn’t happen.

  18. @ Warren — I made a similar comment on the prior post, only my example was comparing the Dwight signs to Kate Upton or Mila Kunis wearing “I need a date” T-shirts.

    It’s sad and somewhat telling that the Lakers now believe they need to sell themselves to a player — any player — when for years they’d have ranked at or near No. 1 as most players’ destination of choice. But such is the era in which we now reside.

    I’ve followed the team for 30 years, and in that time I can only recall one incumbent Lakers player who voluntarily fled the coop when the team would have preferred he re-sign. Beyond A.C. Green bailing for Phoenix in 1993, can anyone else recall a time a valued player bolted willingly?

    Maybe Shaq, but that was more due to his desire to split from Kobe than a desire to leave the Lakers — he only opted out when it was clear Buss wanted Kobe to stay.

  19. Warren Wee Lim June 26, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    In a childish angle, whom Dwight is, it works.

    But yes, for the most part it just looks desperate and sad.

  20. It is sad, but it is probably a business decision, hence something that comes from Jeanie as opposed to Jim?

    Still, I think it’s a smart move(if Dwight stays). The Lakers today aren’t the Lakers of yesterday. Not just the loss of Jim Buss, but the changes made to the CBA and everything else forced us to be different… or pay a LOT of money to stay the same.

    If Dwight leaves… that sign will be ridiculed to death.. and then some.

  21. I think some folks are overreacting to the banner thing. The Lakers are trying to recruit a FA; the banners are a small gesture to convey their regard to said FA, a gesture which seems to fit well with his personality. Howard has no connection to LA and does not seem to be a guy who is in awe of the Lakers tradition; the Lakers need to recruit him.

    Yes, there will be some jokes about the banners if Howard walks, but so what? Opposing fans and haters will be reveling in all aspects of the schadenfreude if he walks, and compared to some of the other schadenfreude stuff we will be hearing and have heard, banner jokes will be tame stuff.

  22. the lakers will look bad if the rockets unfurl a larger banner.

  23. Warren Wee Lim June 27, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Sources: Dwight Howard unlikely to re-sign with the Lakers. Dallas and Houston the favorites. Main issue w/Lakers is Mike D’Antoni’s system

    Hearing strong that Lakers have little chance. Can’t write them off completely, tho, because of D12’s notorious indecisiveness.

    ^ Chris Broussard has nothing to do of late. This is no news at all.

  24. The link to which WWL refers:
    Darius: Sorry for my redundancy, however with articles like these, at times I feel I am on the deck of the Titanic, and there are still people ordering cognac, saying “all will be well”.

  25. Sorry – Tra – we crossed over
    The article is so depressing it bears repeating : )

  26. I would not put some stupid banner, this is the Lakers not the freaking Cleveland Cavaliers, if he wants to leave good riddance and save the cap space. I consider Dwight gone unless proven otherwise,LA is just too hard for him. If the Lakers name,tradition and prestige are’nt enough, why a stupid banner that reeks of begging would be any different?

  27. Dwight’s not coming back. I’m still of the opinion that it doesn’t hurt all that much. We weren’t competing for a title next year anyway, so now the plan is to just load up in 2014 with the big chunk of cap space.

  28. Rusty Shackleford June 27, 2013 at 8:23 am


  29. Trade speculation comments will be deleted. There are no reported talks between the Lakers and any other team regarding Dwight Howard. Take those comments somewhere else.

  30. The article is so depressing it bears repeating

    You ain’t never lie Robert. You ain’t never lie.

    Hopefully, as the article states, the Lakers are allowed the last meeting/word with Dwight. His track record is evidence that, even after so called making up his mind, he can be swayed in a different direction.

  31. CA Clark at SSR wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago, pointing out something that I said, and many others said, at the time D’Antoni was hired: Howard’s skill as pick-n-roll roll guy actually does fit in perfectly with what a lot of MDA likes to do, or has liked to do. I endorsed the hire specifically for this reason, and the “fun” angle of playing with Nash, but it didn’t work out.

    Also, people need to get past “it’s the Lakers and everyone should want to play here” stuff. It is always about roster, coach and to some extent, the player’s personal feelings about the city. Doc Rivers just walked away from the Celtic tradition to work for Donald Sterling…because of who is on the Clippers roster. Chris Paul is going to continue to work for Donald Sterling…because of roster and now, coach.

    Kareem went to college here. Shaq wanted to be in the movies and the Lakers had a pretty good team he was joining. Jack Kent Cooke paid Wilt 250K at a time when Jerry West was making 100K and the Lakers had West and Baylor. None of those things really apply to Howard. He doesn’t like the coach or the roster, he has no special connection to LA, and the money is not as big an advnatage as some have said.

  32. My guess is Howard’s camp is leaking info about him not resigning because he wants to be signed and traded. Most likely he wants a team that doesn’t have the cap space to sign him outright. Tell the Lakers you are not interested to motivate them to make a deal. Is is any coincidence that a day after Doc Rivers is formally introduced as the Clips new coach that “sources” are saying Howard wont’ resign with the Lakers? I think not.

    Losing Howard is a major blow. When healthy he is one of the five best players in the league. Cap space means little until it is parlayed into actual players. I can’t see any better players out there the Lakers have a realistic shot of getting with the extra cap space.

  33. I agree with rr and Snoopy: this is a targeted strategy aimed at stroking Dwight’s ego. It’s also a very low risk and low cost approach for the franchise.

    Regarding the Boussard article, there are a lot of assumptions being made in the article that I do not agree with. First, the assumption is that the Lakers will not, under any circumstances, let go of D’Antoni. Second, it assumes that Howard has told the Lakers D’Antoni has to go. Third, it assumes that both Dallas and Houston have coaches that feature a post-up offense that favors Dwight (they do not). And finally, it assumes that Dwight’s mind is made up.

    Well, I have a feeling that if Dwight told the Lakers it’s Mike D or me, the Lakers would of course try to talk him out of that position but would eventually give in if it means locking him up for a max term deal. However, the Lakers would be FOOLS to fire D’Antoni without a firm written commitment from Howard – particularly because this guy changes his mind more frequently than Robert posts about firing D’Antoni. I am almost certain that if the ONLY issue Dwight has is with Mike D, then the Lakers will resign him and make a coaching change.

    However, I think the Mike D talk is just a huge smoke screen to cover up the biggest issues Dwight has with the Lakers: Kobe and the Laker roster. Howard would prefer to be thought of as a co-leader of a team (think LBJ and Wade) and not as a second potato to the franchise guy – and the Lakers are not going to trade or amnesty Kobe. In fact, they are more likely to re-sign him. Also, Pau’s game is not really complimentary to Howard and the rest of the Laker roster is a bit old for a guy used to playing with young players. The Lakers can change the coaching situation very quickly (if that is truly a huge issue for Dwight) but changing the make up of the roster requires trades and other moves that may not be able to happen for 1 or 2 more years.

    Also, note that the Bussard article fails to mention that Dwight’s other options get him closer to a ring faster than the Lakers. The article implies that Dwight’s decision maybe based on where his skills are better showcased and where he will be looked at as “the man” on the team…. and that is exactly why the Lakers are smart in using this “banner strategy”.

  34. The last line of the piece actually says that Howard would “love to go to the Clippers” but his camp doesn’t think the details can be worked out. I said a couple of days ago that I think the Clippers are his first choice.

    Also, looking at Darius’ Tweet, the piece also says that Howard has concerns with Rockets’ system and Dallas is a serious player in this.

  35. Well… It looks like Phil Jackson will be back coaching the Lakers this year if Dwight has anything to say about it.

  36. I can’t see any better players out there the Lakers have a realistic shot of getting with the extra cap space.

    Correct. And, as noted, Howard’s presence here would likely make the Lakers more attractive to future FAs, not less.

  37. Renato Afonso June 27, 2013 at 9:08 am

    First of all, bringing back Meeks at that price was a no-brainer. Everyone knew he was staying, right? Maybe his shooting improves even more over the course of the Summer.

    Regarding the DH12 billboard… All I can ask is this: will we be making similar moves to every FA we have from this moment on? Do we really want a manchild who needs to feel loved so that he can stay? We are not the Cavs nor the Heat. This is the Lakers. The franchise based in LA. The one that used to play in the fabulous Forum. The one with Jack Nicholson sitting courtside and Denzel and all other celebrities. The one that (for all the menchildren out there) gives you access to a PLayboy mansion party while recovering from a knee injury. The one that had Magic as a part owner. The one with the best centers of all time. The one that had Wilt and Kareem. The one that Shaq coveted and joined as a free agent. And that guy in the league’s logo used to play for us as well.

    If your team can offer fame, money, sunny weather, access to everything you could ever dream of personally while competing for the most storied franchise, then you should want to stick around. If that isn’t enough, then we don’t need you at all…

    Oh, since we’re putting up billboards for guys who average 17p-12r-2blk and are “certain future HOFers” (I believe he won’t be), how many statues will we build outside Staples for former players? Look, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try and sign him. Even if it’s a sign and trade, we should try to do it. However, this billboard is just too much. Future free agents will look back at this and expect the “same” treatment by the Lakers… Buss Jr. is not doing a very good job so far.

  38. does anyone think that mchale is a better coach the mda? The times I’ve watched mchale in clutch situations, he doesn’t really come up with good plays. Not like DH is someone you want to go to with under 2 min in the game, because he will get fouled and his ft is not great. Keep DH on the defensive side for sure, but he’s a decoy on the offensive end.

    mannyp: there’s no one who will sell the lakers better than pj. i think that’s pretty obvious. kobe and dwight aren’t buddies. i don’t see a great relationship between kupchak and dh – although I’m sure kupchak has tried. Certainly not junior or mda (that’s not hate, that’s just a fact. Neither of them come off that great with DH – and I would be happy to see othewise). it’s just a realistic assessment of who has got the reputation, knowledge and selling presence in the FO. There was a recent espn article that claimed that pj will have some say in the FO. Well, here’s the chance to use it.

  39. To sum up my post stuck in mod:

    Dwight’s biggest issue with the Lakers is playing with Kobe. Mike D is replaceable and Kobe is not. You can bring in a coaching team of Phil Jackson, Popovich and whomever else you want, and Dwight would still have issues with playing with Kobe. So, the Lakers would be fools to fire Mike D without a written commitment from Dwight that he will resign.

  40. T Rogers is probably right about the leak thing.


    You may be right. but if that is true, then that is an argument for bringing in Phil in some capacity, due to his gravitas/connection with Kobe.

  41. The banner is a cute and superficial gesture, but if the Lakers really want Howard, they need to fire MDA. You can try to entice a puppy with some flavorless rawhide bones, but if you really want to make the puppy happy, you need to get him a big juicy slab of meat.

  42. The should try and sign Howard, however if Howard wants to leave I say good riddance to him. If I am the front office I wouldn’t participate in a Sign and Trade. Dwight doesn’t like Shaq, doesn’t like Kobe, doesn’t like SVG, doesn’t like MDA, who does he like?? MDA’s system is a match made in heaven for Dwight but he hates the system. Also those Clamoring for Phil as a way to keep Dwight, I have a question: With all the heightened expectations that will come with his return, will Phil really ignore Pau and run the Lakers offense through Howard?? Dwight not signing isn’t about MDA, or Kobe or anyone else, its is simply about Dwight. I wish he would do his reputation and the team a favor and come out and say what he wants to do already. Honestly, the last thing this franchise needs is a reluctant Dwight signing with them.

  43. How many stories does Dwight have leak for us to believe him when he says he doesn’t want to play for the lakers. I know Dwight was wishy washy in Orlando, but he’s made it very clear he doesn’t like playing for dantoni and he does care for playing with Kobe. Why would
    he come back. I wouldn’t. Well oh yea 30 million, but from a basketball standpoint it doesn’t make sense. Why would a post player want to play for a coach that doesn’t value post play? Why would a 3 time DPOY want to play for a coach that doesnt care about defense? I think that’s why he’s lukewarm on Houston.

    This isn’t Shaquille at the very tail end of his career trying to latch on to a superstar. Dwight is entering his prime and still has a lot of room to grow. Dwight should make the best basketball decision.

    In order for the lakers to keep him they have to they can’t keep dantoni. Thats why Alvin gentry chose the clips over the lakers. He wants a job for more than a year.

    Lionel hollins is still around, a post play, defensive oriented coach. It sounds good despite how far fetched it is.

  44. Good post, Manny. Like I said in another post: roster. Just ask Doc Rivers how important that is.

    So, the Lakers might try selling Howard on the idea that they will get a PG in 2014, go after Love in 2015, and that the team was 28-12 down the stretch in 13, and can contend in 13-14 with better perimeter D, which can be had cheaply.

    According to Broussard, Howard likes Dallas, but while Dirk complements Howard well, Dirk is 34 and Dallas has roster issues.

    But, yeah, none of that deals with Kobe.

  45. @MannyP, what is Dwight’s issue playing with Kobe?? Is it about “Touches”?? If that is the problem, let me point out that he took 3 less shots per game ( on a team with many offensive weapons and everyone took less shots) than he did the previous season. In addition, he shot more last season that in his most successful season in his career (year he went to the finals). If it about touches his history would suggest he shouldn’t be mad. If the issue isn’t touches but about Kobe being the face of the franchise, well Kobe earned that mantel, he didn’t have it handed to him. Being the face of a franchise is something that has to happen organically. So once again, I don’t really believe Kobe is the reason Dwight doesn’t want to stay. In fact, I don’t believe we should listen to rumors or innuendos, the man hasn’t come out to say he doesn’t want to stay. If he doesn’t want to stay it wont be because of what is or isn’t in LA, it will be about Dwight. This is the same way the everyone kept saying Kobe chased Shaq away. The fact is when Pat Riley interviewed for the LA job (after Phil left) he was told the Lakers weren’t willing to sign Shaq to the 30 million a year Shaq wanted. If LA was willing to pay Shaq to that money, Shaq would have remained in LA. Back to the issue at hand, Dwight is his own man. He knows why he will or wont sign, lets stop blaming it on a coach whose system is tailor made for Howard to succeed or on the Franchise player who played every single role and made every adjustment and ran himself into the ground to fit into a system not tailor made for him. Let reason reign

  46. Im not sure where did we get the Dwight does not want to play with Kobe…
    I think Howards concern is more on the coachs system, (which still revolves around Kobe).
    I am hoping he hears what Shaq has been telling us a couple of weeks ago – man up and be the best Center out there, to put FEAR in every opposing player.

    if we cant lock him this July, it will be really sad because there’s no franchise player left out there. 🙁

  47. barf. Do any Laker fans really like the idea of keeping this guy? I mean… wouldn’t you rather have gotten Denver or Orlando’s pieces in the Bynum trade? Dwight won’t even be a top 15 player in the league by the end of his next contract. If I’m the front office, I’m listening to all S&T offers and pulling the trigger for any all-star.

    By the way, who gives a rip why Dwight may not want to return? We traded Bynum for the same reasons: uncertain health and he didn’t want to be here. Why give Dwight a billboard when we shipped Drew without shedding a tear.

  48. Why give Dwight a billboard when we shipped Drew without shedding a tear.

    One more time–emotions and analsyis do not mix. Here is a tidbit from Drew Garrison at SSR:

    “Since the All-Star break the Lakers give up an average of 100.4 points per 100 possessions when Howard is their anchor, but an atrocious 115.8 when he’s off the court.”

    End of story.

  49. Dennis Rusland July 14, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    Great pick-up of Jodie Meeks by the lakers. Since they have amnestied MW, I would also go after Odom and pietrus for the 1-year veteran minimum. Since Odom wants to be in los Angelaas, I am sure he is willing to sign for the veteran minimum