Around The World (Wide Web): Mad Dog, Dwight, NBA Draft, Nash

Ryan Cole —  June 27, 2013

From Ross Gasmer, Lakers Nation: It was only a month ago that Mark Madsen was being introduced at the Lakers practice facility as the new head coach of the D-League Los Angeles Defenders. Madsen was a logical choice as head coach after he spent a season as an assistant under Johnny Dawkins at Stanford and his prior playing days with the Lakers. However, according to Sam Amick of USA Today, Madsen received a promotion to the big leagues: “A person with knowledge of the situation said Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni is adding former Lakers forward Mark Madsen as an assistant coach.”

From TheGreatMambino, Silver Screen & Roll: Los Angeles Lakers free agent center Dwight Howard isn’t likely to re-sign with Los Angeles after the July 10th moratorium period ends,ESPN’s Chris Broussard reports. The main reasons? He doesn’t want to play in Mike D’Antoni’s system, he did not enjoy playing with Kobe Bryant (though he wouldn’t mind doing it in a different system), and he doesn’t want to be “second fiddle”. From Broussard’s article: “Howard’s major problem with the Lakers is the system that coach Mike D’Antoni employs. Beyond that, he did not enjoy playing with Kobe Bryant, though he could manage to do so in a different system, a source said. Howard also does not want to be second fiddle to Bryant for several more seasons.”

From Mike Bresnahan, LA Times: What an incredible summer it turned out to be in 2007, and not just because Kobe Bryant went on a “trade-me” rant, which led to the Lakers acquiring Pau Gasol the following season, which led to NBA championships in 2009 and 2010. That summer also marked the Lakers’ last significant participation in that thing known as the NBA draft. They had a first-round pick six years ago and actually used it, selecting Javaris Crittenton with the 19th overall selection. His career didn’t turn out so well, though he was eventually used as a piece in the 2008 trade to acquire Gasol. The Lakers again will essentially sit out Thursday’s draft, selecting 48th out of 60 and continuing their strategy of punting when it comes to amateur players, the franchise long ago deciding to focus almost entirely on veteran free agents as their impact players.

From Ian Begley, ESPN:  Steve Nash is not yet 100 percent healthy, but the 39-year-old point guard is confident he will be at full health for the start of training camp with the Los Angeles Lakers. “I’ll be fine,” Nash said Wednesday after playing in his foundation’s annual celebrity soccer game. “It’s just going to take me another few weeks to get back to 100 percent and then I’ll train like usual for the season.” Nash, who suffered through a fractured fibula and right hamstring and hip injuries last season, says he does not think he will need to play on a minutes limit next season. Lakers trainer Gary Vitti recently suggested in an interview with that Nash could benefit from a minutes limit.

Ryan Cole


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  1. So if Dwight’s position on playing gets the Lakers to fire D’Antoni, does that mean Mad Dog goes back to the D-League? Does it mean, also, that D’Antoni haters will appreciate Dwight just a little more? Does anyone else think that if Dwight doesn’t want to be second fiddle he should maybe act like a first chair player? Get after it, Dwight. If you do, there will be nobody, including Kobe who will be able to stop you. Blow up pick and rolls. Attack the basket on the pick and roll. Grab all the rebounds. Effect all the shots. It’s hard work, but hard work is all part of being first fiddle, just ask Kobe.

    DraftExpress has the Lakers taking Archie Goodwin. Please, please, please… Let this be so. A season coming off the bench and working himself into the rotation would be huge for him. Then maybe Kobe can move to the SF in ’14 and let this kid blossom into our SG. All the tools, all the confidence, he just needs some seasoning.


  2. Im not sure.dwight understands the meaning of having 4 or 3 all stars and having to sacrifice. Wherever he goes, if he plans on playing for a championship team they’ll have multiple all stars. Chris bosh understand this, pau gasol understands this, joe johnson in phoenix understood this, tyson chandler in dallas understood this, kevin garnett in boston understands this since 08, james harden in okc understood this. There is no way possible a team with premier perimeter players will base their offense around a big in this age of guards. Dwight hasn’t accepted his value to a team’s defense and if he wins a ring, being 09 finals dominant defensively. He could possibly win the finals mvp. The way one center like hakeem and shaq dominated possessions offensively are over. If he accepts that he can be 10x as valuable as garnett in that same role he’ll succeed with a team. His mindset has to change from more shots every game to being a team defensive anchor night in night out. If he’s as aggressive offensively as he defensively shots he’ll find more shots. With harden, kobe, parsons, lin on the perimeter a team would be foolish to base their offensive around dwight especially in the league today. Dwight is all about himself but constantly talks team.

    It’s not a coincidence either a report came out that he’s leaning towards leaving a day after it was known lakers put up signs to stay. Dwight is goner but will continue ti hold his teams back with selfish attitude.


  3. Since the Lakers aborted playoff run was mercifully ended by the ever impressive Spurs I’ve been on a somewhat forced hiatus but P Ami’s post above is the epitome of cutting to the chase in such a clear headed way.

    Dwight has a very simple decision to make. High road vs low road.

    Assume the mantle of greatness or slink off to a team that allows him to hide from the expectations of a legendary franchise. He will earn either way, but only one path allows him to be be a global icon and (based on what he does on court) a player that stands tall across generational comparisons…embrace the challenge or forever be compared to those whose talent never fully matched their accomplishments.

    I want Dwight to stay. Hashtag