Draft Day Bits and Pieces 2013

Dave Murphy —  June 27, 2013

Just a few quick updates to toss out. As always on draft day, there’s plenty of action around the league with teams maneuvering for position including roster home cleaning. With only the #48 pick, a big payroll and limited trade options, it’s doubtful that Mitch can move up the charts in a major way but you never know – the Lakers war room will be well-stocked with extra cell batteries and bottomless cups of coffee.

According to Silver Screen & Roll, the Lakers declined to pick up the options of Chris Duhon and Devin Ebanks. Neither is a surprise, especially when it comes to Ebanks, a once-promising prospect who fell out of favor this past season due in no small part to his lackadaisical conditioning routine. Backup big Robert Sacre has reportedly received the team’s qualifying offer.

Speaking of SS&R, here’s their draft day template from Drew Garrison with great info and updates.

From Chris Broussard at ESPN, it’s “very, very unlikely” that Dwight Howard will return to the Lakers. This could be a bit of ratchet-up hyperbole on a day when the NBA media blitz scrambles for breaking items but it should at least be mentioned – we’ll see if the story picks up some serious legs.

Draft Express runs one of the top sites and feeds it all year long with great news and analysis on high school can college prospects. Here’s their current mock draft which shows Archie Goodwin at the #48 slot.

Here’s the ESPN GO draft board with the various Chad Ford picks. If you dig deep enough you might be able to find something about the second round. It’s pretty driven by the lottery.

Mike Bresnahan of the LATimes writes an overview of draft day for the Lakers, noting that they’re unlikely to make a splash.

We’ll all keep our eyes and ears open heading into tonight’s Barclay’s Center extravaganza. Add your own links and tidbits in the comments. Maybe the Lakers nab a solid option at the point or swing position. Maybe they sign someone you’ve never heard of before. Always a thrill ride toward the back of the second round.



Dave Murphy


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  1. It is very worrisome that the Lakers lost Gentry to the Clips, now Nate McMillan to Indy, but announced Mark Madsen (has MDA ever met him?) as their new assistant coach. Throw in Broussard’s nugget and it feels like the sky is falling.


  2. TempleOfJamesWorthy June 27, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Goodbye Dwight Howard and good riddance!

    Imagine if DH12’s complaints were “I don’t get to shoot 3 pointers” and “Coach doesn’t let me take technical free throws.” We’d unanimously be telling him to STFU and get back to doing what he does best.

    That’s not so different from his actual complaints of “I don’t like coach D’Antoni” and “I don’t like playing with Kobe.”

    I watch basketball because it’s fun. Howard’s petulant “It’s all about me” whining takes the fun out of watching his often-impressive play.

    It stinks that his childishness has caused such damage to the Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers, but at some point you have to the brat that you won’t be held hostage to his foot stamping.


  3. From the Previous Thread:

    Is is any coincidence that a day after Doc Rivers is formally introduced as the Clips new coach that “sources” are saying Howard wont’ resign with the Lakers?

    Exactly T. Rogers. This all seems to be a part of, what I’ve called over the last 2 weeks within this FB&G Community, the ‘CP3 L.A. Takeover’

    Phase 1 – Getting rid of Vinny Del Negro (Sterling basically outted Paul as being the driving force behind VDN’s dismissal). Check

    Phase 2 – Bringing in Doc Rivers (who was suppose to be accompanied by KG until Stern shut it down). Check

    Phase 3 – Constructing a way to acquire Dwight (what else could they have been texting each other about?). Still in play

    IMO, the question then becomes will the Lakers accommodate Dwight by signing and then trading him across the hall? Won’t throw out names due to Darius’ policy, but we all know who will headline the package that would be coming back to us.


  4. For people talking about wanting Howard gone, or complaining about the stay banners, I will post this again, from Drew Garrison at SSR, written in April:

    _____Since the All-Star break the Lakers give up an average of 100.4 points per 100 possessions when Howard is their anchor, but an atrocious 115.8 when he’s off the court._____

    Howard’s being gone seems OK in June, when people are focused on his personality and no actual basketball is being played. If Howard leaves, it will look different to people in November.