The 2013 NBA Draft Chat

Darius Soriano —  June 27, 2013

UPDATE: With their pick at #48, the Lakers selected Duke, PF Ryan Kelly. Kelly is coming off his senior year at Duke where he averaged 12.9 points and 5.3 rebounds per game over 23 appearances. Kelly suffered a foot injury late in the season and missed both the ACC and the NCAA Tournament. He’s now recovering from foot surgery and is nearing the end of his rehab.

As for his game, Kelly is more of a face up player with a perimeter oriented game. He shot 42% from behind the arc in his senior season and 45% from the field overall. From his Draft Express Profile:

He lacks elevation on his jumper, but his consistent mechanics and a quick release, allow him to get his shot off without hesitation and with impressive accuracy. He was one of the top perimeter shooters in the NCAA last season, making an impressive 40% of his 4.7 attempts per 40 minutes pace adjusted. His shooting touch translates into an outstanding 81% shooting from the free throw line, as well.

Additionally, he has a diverse face-up game. Thanks to his above average ball-handling ability, he is able to operate very well out of the high post, taking his man off the dribble on his way to the basket. While he struggles to power the ball to the rim, he compensates with a finesse game including running hook shots, floaters, and layups. Furthermore, he has developed an intriguing mid-range arsenal based around his proficiency as a pull-up jump shooter.

At this point, Kelly looks to be very much a pick made for his offensive game because his weaknesses — strength, athleticism, and lateral quickness — all limit his ability on the other side of the floor. Again, from his draft profile:

Though Kelly is a very engaged defender with good instincts and awareness, his physical deficiencies stand out at this level and will most certainly be a problem at the next. In particular, his underwhelming lateral quickness and footspeed make him a liability away from the basket where he struggles to close out on perimeter shooters and is easily beaten off of the dribble by quicker players. At 6-11, he may be better off defending centers in the NBA, but does he have the strength to contain them in the post?

We’ll have more on this pick tomorrow, but my quick take is that it looks as if Kelly is a guy who should fit well in Mike D’Antoni’s system as a stretch PF who can play on the weak side as a spot up shooter and draw a secondary big man away from the hoop defensively. And while his offensive skill set is limited, players like him can carve a niche for themselves in the NBA should their shot fall with enough consistency to be a threat offensively. Defensively, of course, is another question and it remains to be seen if a player with limited tools on that end of the floor can play well enough both as an individual and in the team’s scheme to not be a total liability.

The NBA Draft is finally here. And while the Lakers only have the 48th pick, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good options to explore or that they won’t swing for the fences and find that diamond in the rough. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Lakers try to move up in some way to try and grab an extra pick, be it a 1st round selection or another 2nd round pick that comes before their own selection mid-way through the Adam Silver portion of the evening.

As for other news of the day, there are a few things to report both Lakers and from around the league:

*The latest on the Dwight Howard front is that he’s leaning towards not returning to the Lakers. Chris Broussard reports that Dwight’s preference is to go to either Houston or Dallas and that while the Lakers can’t be counted out, they are the underdog to retain his services. While this report only confirms what many have already thought about Howard’s mindset, I still take reports like this with a grain of salt. If there’s a time to exert any leverage in a situation this is it, so the timing of the leak smells like an angle to get something done that will make the situation more amiable to allow a return. After all, if Dwight was simply going to leave, there’s no sense in even speaking of what his plans are.

*The Celtics are looking to continue their off-season overhaul that’s already seen them trade head coach Doc Rivers to the Clippers by trying to trade Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets. While the deal isn’t done, it’s said that talks between the two teams have momentum and that something could be done by the end of the night. In return for their two hall of fame players, the C’s would get multiple first round picks and some of the bloated salaries the Nets have on their books (potentially Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries).

*There are lots of reports about teams in the top half of the draft wanting to move out of their current spots. The Cavs are supposedly still undecided on who they’d select in the #1 slot and are still interested in trading the pick. Depending on what the Cavs do with their pick, the Magic could also trade their pick and there are several teams looking to move up into the top 5 in order to secure the player they like best in class in which the differences between the top 5 or 6 players is more about preference and the position they play rather than a gap in talent.

*Don’t be surprised if there are some quality veteran players traded tonight. We’ve already mentioned Garnett and Pierce, but a guy like Eric Gordon could be on the move as could other players who still have value on the open market but have fallen out of favor with their current teams. Draft night is when teams would love to reshape their roster and that goes beyond simply selecting the top amateur on their big board when their pick comes up.

We’ll have more updates as the night goes on, including whatever the Lakers do whenever they do it. For now, have at it in the comments about who the Lakers should take and the other news of the day.

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  1. First comment goes to me, booya. With Mad Dog we simply cannot lose, it’s basketball science.

  2. Harjinder Heer June 27, 2013 at 4:07 pm

    The Lakers need to fire Mike D`Antoni because first of all he can`t coach the talent the lakers have right now, and second Dwight Howard does not want to resign with the lakers because he does not fit into the system. Pau Gasol also has a hard time fitting in too.

  3. Dwight’s agent leak to Broussard this morning is designed to get the Lakers to do…something. My best guesses:

    a) Fire D’Antoni, possibly coupled with hire Phil, but maybe just to get him out and have input into the process of a replacement (SVG?). Having seen it work for CP3, the appeal is obvious. As for the Phil portion of that, he has seen that Phil can help a dominant center thrive on both ends of the floor, not difficult to see the appeal there either.

    b) Force a sign and trade to the Clippers. (Pretty much) the only way he can play with CP3 is down the hall, which can only come via a sign and trade. And they are the only partner that has the kind of assets (Griffin and Bledsoe) that the Lakers would prefer to a big ass trade exception.

    His team has to understand that the Lakers have no desire to push their arenamates to a championship (and make no mistake, this would make them at worst a co-favorite), thus the need to pressure them to act in their own basketball interest. But would the Lakers rather jump start their rebuild if it means putting the Clips in line to contend for multiple titles? It is really tough to imagine.

    Another aspect: if Dwight thinks he has taken heat before, or that LeBron did, he ain’t seen nothin’ compared to the s***storm that would accompany him moving within the city, the vitriol would be epic, nowhere to hide. As sensitive as he is, it would be a powder keg from minute one.

    If there are other scenarios they would leak for, I cannot think of them, its not like Dallas and Houston were not going to clear max cap space tonight by any means necessary anyway, his agent has to understand that.

  4. A
    A few months ago, when the Laker’s season ended, I posted about three players that jumped out at me. They were all considered 2nd round picks at the time:

    – Dennis Schroeder, a 6′ 2″ PG from Germany
    – Giannis Adetokoubo, a 6’9″ SF from Greece
    – Ricky Ledo, a 6’6″ SG from Providence

    Unfortunately, due to a combination of a weak draft and their terrific skill sets all three are now projected to go in the latter half of the first round. To get any of them the Lakers would have to move up.

    I really think Schroeder could be a NBA starting PG. He’s a quicker version of Rajon Rondo. Ledo, has some baggage as he was not able to play college ball. But he has huge upside. Adetokoubo is a point forward type. He’s only 18 so it is hard to tell how his body develops (into a true SF or a PF).

  5. The most fascinating subplot to me: Simmons, who annually makes fun of Jay Bilas and others in his draft day diary, now calling the draft alongside him. Looking forward to his reaction the first time Bilas uses “upside.”

  6. Well i defended MDA a little during the season but if he is the obstacle that send Dwight elsewhere he should be removed, no other way around it. This has put enormous pressures on the FO now they need to make a choice, they risking having a really pissed off fan base next year if the reason that Dwight leaves is MDA. If Dwight leaves good riddance but dont let it be because a coach that havent really done much with the talent available. Really anxious about all this stuff, cant wait to be over one way or the other. The Lakers have the last shot during Dwight little FA tour they better make it count. Oh about the draft? We aint getting nothing of note so it barely hold my interest.

  7. I like the Oladipo pick. Love his motor. Bennett for Cleveland I’m not sure about, but if you pair him with Varejao, that could be a good balanced frontcourt.

    Shane Battier, within the first 15 minutes of this draft, is better than Heather Cox, Rachel Nichols, and the other courtside reporters. Concise, quick, to the point questions, no awkward banter.

  8. Late second round pick on a weak draft excuse me if i dont hold my breath with anticipation…

  9. Celtics-Lakers: Yes – the Celtics appear to be tanking to rock bottom in an effort to expedite their re-build. As rr has pointed out, this guarantees them nothing except losses in the short run. Whether it pays off in the long run or not remains to be seen. However it is a plan and they are executing it. Our plan (sign DH) may or may not be executed. If it is not executed, then we will be in big trouble and we all know it. Drafting Kurt Rambis or AC Green at #48 will not change that. Go ahead and say what you want about DH being an immature or whatever, but if we do not have him come October then get ready for an abundance of losses. As per the discussion between MannyP, rr and others in the previous thread, there are 4 things presumably preventing us from signing DH. They are (not in any sequence) 1) Roster 2) MD 3) KB 4) DH himself. Clearly, nothing can be done about #1 or #4. So if we want to do anything about this we must do something about #2, #3 or both. Or we could do nothing, and then when DH walks we can point up to our banners. However, if looking up at previous banners is all we will have, I will need to elevate the Clips on my most hated list, because if I go to Staples and have to look at a Clippers banner, that might be too much to handle.

  10. from the last thread:

    your point is well taken

  11. Bennett at No. 1? I’m a UNLV grad, and even I shake my head at that…

    His game reminded me of Zach Randolph the first time I saw him play. No knock on Z-Bo, but is that the type of talent you want at the top of the draft? I hope he does well, but I suspect Cleveland’s streak of solid No. 1 overall picks may have ceased with Daugherty, LeBron and Irving.

    Robert — what would you suggest be done about Kobe, if he’s purportedly a factor in Howard not wanting to stay?

    Kobe is who he is, and the issue isn’t in his mind — the issue, if there really is one, is Dwight’s alone. So what recourse is there, other than cutting Kobe or asking Dwight to get over being No. 2 for a couple more seasons.

  12. Robert: The Roster is not an unchangeable item – but it is difficult to change and any change will depend largely on whether Dwight stays or goes. If Dwight stays, non-complimentary pieces maybe traded if the right deal comes along, but movement is limited. If Dwight goes, then things get very complicated: there will be a plan if there’s an opportunity for a sign and trade with the right team, and another plan if Dwight just walks away. Unfortunately, all scenarios “center” on Dwight making up his mind.

    I stand by my comment about not making any moves, whether playersl or coaching, unless we get certainty from Dwight about staying or going.

    Also, I’m surprised that you list Kobe along with #2. I see Kobe as unmovable. I’m curious as to why you do not.

  13. MannyP: A change to KB does not necessarily mean getting rid of him. It could mean KB changing and speaking with DH and changing their roles. It also could mean someone else in the organization speaking with KB and getting Kobe to do that (as many have pointed out – only one guy in history has had this power), With regard to the roster, we can’t do much for next year, beyond that we can, so #1 and #4 are linked – will DH wait? There will be no guarantees from DH. Picture this as a pie chart amongst the 4 items. Place whatever percentage you wish on each one. We need to increase our odds, and part of the pie can’t be changed (1 + 4 in my opinion). With regard to 2 + 3: A wise poster in a previous thread stated that one of them was replaceable, and one was not.

  14. Robert: I think I did not explain my point very well. Dwight has a lot things that turn him off from committing with the Lakers: Mike D, Kobe, the roster, the pressure from the fans, the expectations that nothing short of *multiple* championships would be a failure, etc.. Even if you eliminate one or more of these concerns, some concerns (like the pressure and expectations will always remain) – and these items by themselves are sufficient for Dwight to walk away from the Lakers.

    The smart move here is to keep Dwight. However, there may not be anything the Lakers can do to keep him, since the Lakers do not have the power to change things like the pressure and expectations of the fans. There are only a handful of players in the NBA that would welcome the challenge to compete with Kobe for leadership of this team and would find motivation in the pressure and expectations that come along with being a Laker – and maybe Dwight is just not one of those players. So, if Dwight cannot be talked into staying with us, then the FO will have some very difficult decisions to make. Just be happy that this FO does not have the same mentality as the Celtics or they would be contemplating a Kobe trade or hoping for his retirement.

  15. Also, don’t think that with a coaching change all of our issues will magically go away. In fact, bringing PJ into the mix may only increase the expectations and pressure from fans – and I don’t think that helps us in any way with Howard.

  16. It’s impressive how far Pau has fallen as an athlete. From being the main peice in bringing in CP3 to now being an amnesty candidate 🙁

    @KevinDing: The Lakers’ plan if Dwight stays? Much different. Pau is all but a goner, most likely via amnesty provision to …

  17. MannyP: Good convo (others may find it annoying though). You explained and I understand. You are looking for certainty and guarantees from DH. If he guarantees to sign then the Lakers will get a new coach (if that is what he wants). We will get no such guarantees from DH. So it comes down to odds and I am a poker player, so I want to increase the odds without the guarantee. Are the odds greater with or without MD? Are the odds greater with Kobe saying “I eat first” or with KB reaching out to DH? I think the answers are clear. However we could change coaches and KB could reach our to him, and we could still lose DH. However what have we really lost? If DH leaves we are at the bottom of a crater without regard to who our coach is. And KB will still be KB whether he reaches out or not. So why not do those things? If we can increase our odds from 25% (my opinion) to 65% – then we should do that. If you are looking for 100%, then you should not even think about this situation,because that does not exist. With regard to PJ: He only comes back in my wildest dream so the odds are like 10%. However it is 100% that he is smiling a lot more than Jim Buss does when people ask about the entire situation.

  18. If management’s hands were forced by Dwight regarding coaching, I’d have to think that Hollins or one of the Van Gundy brothers would be the best option for this team. I don’t think Phil would be the right option at this time, and it may be past time for him as a head coach.

  19. This draft is also making the western conference even tougher – The Pelicans are going to be really good next year, Sacramento – now that the monkey wrench maloofs are gone – could be a good enough team, Warriors are up and coming, houston even if they dont get dwight will get josh smith – they get better – OKC could have just gotten a bit better with another center tonight, san antonio will be up there, Denver will be up there – Minnesota will be a lot better with a full year of love, budinger, shabaz and whoever they sign this year ….. its going to be a really rough year or two … Clippers rumoured offer is the best available – and yes dantoni should go like we have all been saying for over a year and especially with the way that Paul got his way with the clippers dwight will be looking for the same kind of input – like when he said that he wanted phil after brown was fired ……. Dwight leaving and our rebuild could be the darkest few years the lakers have ever seen

  20. Stern, with a hand held mike, announces the 30th pick, pauses, yells out “PATRICK EWING, BITCHES”, drops mike and is never seen again

  21. Teeceezy,

    He has publicly warmed to SVG lately, I think that would be in play because Jimmy could save face

  22. Yeah I’m not sure about how he’d draw up the offense, but SVG and Dwight would at least put us in the upper part of the league defensively. Good to see fellow Kiwi Steve Adams get drafted high, but it’s tempered by it being the Thunder that got him.

  23. Now the Clips take my favorite player in the draft. This is just mean.

  24. Very cool move bringing out the ultimate gentleman in Hakeem, classy way to honor Stern’s last pick (as much as I can’t stand him, the man deserves respect). The Brooklyn crowd also handled the night perfectly.

  25. Goodwin is off the board …… don’t really know what we could get with our pick

  26. Is it true that if we do a sign-and-trade with Howard, Howard cannot receive a 5th year for his deal? If that is the case, why does Howard have any incentive to do a sign-and-trade instead of straight up signing with the team of his choice?

  27. I have been watching from the sidelines (so to speak) the comments and exchanges between fans and pundits regarding Dwight Howard’s supposed implied insistence that the current coach, MDA, be gotten rid of.

    If this is true (and let’s bear in mind that Dwight has not actually stated this publicly), then I admit to finding this–a player making such inordinate demands–completely reprehensible.

    A player, no matter how valuable to a team, is not God. He should never attempt to play General Manager, Zeus, and Thor all at the same time. Am I the only one who finds this sort of behaviour outrageous (if it’s true)? Dwight plays for the Lakers (or at least he did last year). When you agree to work for a certain organization, you accept their management decisions. It’s that simple. No player–NO player–in my view should have the power or the audacity to demand a leadership change. He’s only a player.

    If he doesn’t like the coach, then he should make certain not to let the door hit him on the way out. And if he’s that aggressive in his demands, then we should not agonize over leave-taking. Let him go.

    To me, this is a deeply philosophical issue. Players are players. They are not General Managers. Never the twain should meet. Those are my views.

  28. Just got in–apparently BOS/BKN deal is a go.

  29. McCallum was another guy possibly linked to the Lakers. Would have been great value at 48, but scouts are getting smarter. He went above where many prognosticated him at. Surprised Pierre is still on the board.

  30. Those are my views.

    Such views make sense in a lot of fields of endeavor. They do not, however, in the NBA. Simply put, D’Antoni is one h-ll of a lot easier to replace than Howard will be.

  31. rr, I respect your views. I guess, with me, it’s just a matter of principle.

  32. Couple of points about Boston, the Lakers, and tanking:

    1. I said back when the deals were signed that Kobe’s and Pau’s deals were a year too long and too expensive on the back end. I don’t blame the FO for that; heck, it’s Kobe and Pau. But people should be aware of that idea–that was when Dr. Buss was approving the shots–when they talk about the team now..
    2. Danny Ainge spent years and years chasing the big fish in the draft with the Cs–but he finally got them back on top when he converted assets that he had stockpiled into veteran stars. Andrew Wiggins may wear green and lead the C’s to banners–or they may spend years in the wilderness.

  33. Tuscon,

    Toronto thought the same thing when thry were benching tracy mcgrady for not getting along with their coach butch carter – mcgrady turned into a top 10 player and butch doesnt coach in the league anymore – toronto like the lakers now should go for the player not a coach who has now killed 3 different teams

  34. I can see the logic behind Kelly. But he just looks so unathletic. Reminds me of a taller Brian Cook. Although the defensive #s are supposedly good on him. I would have gone with James Ennis at that spot. More potential, although it is true that he couldn’t use his tremendous athletic to be a good defender in college, which is a worrying sign.

    Watching Bill Simmons and Doc Rivers tear each other apart on national television is glorious . BEST DRAFT EVER.

  35. Well another ho hum draft for the Lakers. I would have liked to have seen us move up to get a nice player with upside.

    A lot of folks have said we should tank it next year and get as high a draft pick as possible. I think by not doing anything with Pau it means Dwight is gone.

    Bottom line next year is ugly. No need to tank – we’ll have enough losses with our team as it is.

  36. Dont like the kelly pick – we already have dwight, gasol, hill, and sacre – no backup sf and no sgs with kobe out and meeks being a 3 specialist- why draft a big?- it might be telling in regards to what they think might happen with dwight

  37. i like the pick.

  38. Yeah, I thought we need a back up 3 that can slash and spread the floor.

    Too bad but a pick is still a pick though.

  39. Sounds like if Kelly can play in the NBA (an open question) that he would fit as a backup 4/5 on a Howard-centered team.

  40. Also, this continues Kupchak’s pattern of drafting guys from big-time power conference programs (Cook, Farmar, Walton, Morris, Ebanks*, Kelly).

    *Ebanks was on a Final Four team at WVA although WVA is not Duke-level program.

  41. Kelly might be able to contribute right away…at least to a degree. He’s obviously well-coached. Although not a high-flier, he did block 1.6 shots per game (in 28 minutes per game). Not bad. And he can shoot the rock. Apparently he has good fundamentals: 1.7 assists to 1.0 turn overs.

    He won’t sent the world on fire. But he might help out–especially from the 3. And he’s not mistake-prone. Let’s give him a chance.

  42. Brooklyn’s starting 5:

    1-Deron Williams
    2-Joe Johnson
    3-Paul Pierce
    4-Kevin Garnett
    5-Brook Lopez

  43. Lakers should sign undrafted free agent Seth Curry; got nothing to lose while gaining another scorer; cheap.

  44. We already have a lot of finesse player in the roster.

  45. Warren Wee Lim June 28, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Props to Lakers Nation for the videos… its very helpful. Just thought you guys would wanna see/hear it too.

  46. With holes in SG, PG and SF, we drafted Brian Cook 2.0 who can only play PF and C. As pointed out in SSR, this means that the FO is still buying into MDA’s philosophy.

    We drafted Brian Cook 2.0, who is good only on offense, at a time when we should be going for 2-way players.

    It’s like the FO is living in another time, looking at the world with “7-seconds or less, no defense glasses” and didn’t watch this year’s playoffs and the teams which succeeded.

    It’s mind-numbing.

  47. That Nets starting 5 is scary, if this was 2009-2010. If the Lakers made a deal like this we would be ripping them to shreds, that team aint going nowhere. Regarding the draft sorry for not being overly exited at our 48 pick the odds of getting another Danny Green surprise kind of player is almost 0. One last thing if Dwight leaves nobody can tell me that a healthy core of Pau, Nash and Kobe would not be effective with the right complementary pieces this team could have one last run on them before blowing it up next season, at worst it still be a playoff team at best they could have a SA like “last hurrah” kind of season, it all depends on what complementary pieces we could rent for next season.

  48. Haven’t been on the board in awhile but here are my thoughts:
    1. Howard is probably gone. Good player but doubt he has the fire burning to ever be a multiple champion. Limited offensive moves despite being in the league for years.
    2. MD is probably the worst coach the young Buss could have selected. Never gave much thought to defense and doesn’t seem to adjust. His offense limits good post play.
    3. 2014 is our only hope – when certain free agents will hopefully be available to Lakers. It is going to be a long drought for us otherwise.

  49. The Lakers know D12 is gone. The banners they are placing everywhere are just smoke being blown up the public’s arses. They offered a contract to Sacre but not to Morris, Ebanks, or Goudelock!!! If D12 were coming back, along with Pau and Jordan Hill, why would you need Sacre?

  50. You always need spare bigs and as I said above, Kelly actually fits with Howard. Also, maybe they think Howard is staying and Pau is the one who is going to be gone.

  51. I think rr is right — Kelly fits with Howard as a stretch four. Also, I assume that the Lakers picked someone that would fit D’Antoni’s system, regardless of whether or not Howard stays. At this point, the FO appears to be staying with MD, so the only sensible thing to do is to start putting the roster together that fits better with his offensive approach. I’m not saying that’s what I want to see, but that seems to make more sense than ignoring the reality.

    Personally, I think Howard would fit in the system. But the bad vibes may just be too much. At the same time, Pau clearly does not fit, regardless of Howard’s status. I fully expect him to be gone. Should be interesting next week.

  52. 48th pick in a draft widely considered to be weak.

    Let’s not expect much.

  53. The Lakers needed an outside shooter, one was available when their number came up and that’s what they drafted. Why is that so hard to understand?

  54. darius: …and with the 48th pick in this year’s nba draft, the los angeles lakers pass. is what i was expecting to hear if this were any other year.

    anyone from duke can’t be half bad.

    go lakers!

  55. I still think the biggest needs for the Lakers are better athleticism and better defenders. Kobe, Nash, and MWP are not lock down defenders and get brutalized by quick backcourts and wings. From that perspective, Kelly is a luxury, he may make the second string offense marginally better but will add to the defensive woes.

  56. Baylor – I understand your comment, but we seriously cannot expect much out of a 48th pick. Traditionally, 2nd round picks are not impact players immediately after the draft and rarely see any playing time that first year.

    Where are these wild expectations about our 48th pick coming from (not directed at you Baylor, but in general)? Am I missing something?

  57. Manny,

    The Lakers, as noted ad nauseum, need athleticism and D more than anything else. Kelly sounds like a young, poor man’s Troy Murphy. I am not angry about the pick, but it only really makes sense structurally if Howard stays. The last thing the Lakers need is another slow guy who can’t jump.


    You are correct about the 2010 thing with Brooklyn, and Darius more or less pointed out as much in a Tweet, saying that the 2013 Lakers (another team that would have been awesome had it been assembled four years ago) should make us temper expectations about the 2014 Nets. That said, to write off the Nets and then turn around in the same post and say that a Kobe/Pau/Nash team would be ready for a run with the right breaks makes no sense whatsoever. Kobe may not even be able to play; Nash is pushing 40, and Pau just had a procedure done on both knees. And, with or without Howard, the Lakers have very limited resources to add complementary pieces.

    On another note, with both Gerald Wallace and Marshon Brooks having been included in the Garnett deal, Metta now is a perfect fit as a backup 3/4 in Brooklyn. The Lakers would probably be doing him a favor for basketball reasons if they amnestied him.

  58. Manny,

    You are not missing anything, but the Lakers really need young, hustling wing players with a bit of athletic ability who are 15-20 MPG playable, and sometimes you can get guys like that at 48. People are a bit miffed that Kupchak took an un-athletic guy who plays a position where the Lakers at the moment, at least, already have Gasol, Hill, and Clark.

  59. Warren,
    thanks for the video links, good stuff

  60. Wow Jason Kidd is going to coach kg and pierce, interesting. They gave him a really good roster lets see how that goes. I wouldn’t be suprised if they tried to sucker a tea into taking joe Johnson since him and pierce are very similar players that operate in the same spots.

    As far as Dwight,the lakers need to keep him in order to contend. but there’s still a lot of roster uncertainty health wise. Pau’s knees and foot, kobe’s achilles, Nash’s hamstring, and metta’s knee. Dwight seems to be healthy. So we will see