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Dave Murphy —  July 5, 2013

Dwight Howard sat cross-legged at the edge of the bluff, hawks circling lazily through thermal drafts, a winding river below. He was deep into his contemplative flow. A U-shaped phalanx of advisers dressed in Patagonia and Eddie Bauer outdoor wear sat nearby, ultimately attentive. Behind the first row sat a couple junior advisers whose sole duties were monitoring various social media applications and condensing them into whispered one-sentence sound bites for the prime row advisers.

Dwight furrowed his brow. “I’m just not sure. It’s a lot to think about.”

Greek Chorus: “It’s is a lot to think about Dwight. It is a lot!”

Dwight sighed. “I’m not looking to hurt anybody.”

Greek Chorus: “Of course you aren’t. It’s just business, everyone understands.”

Dwight squinted as he tracked a Zone-tailed hawk. “Did we ever hear from Phil?”

Greek Chorus: “That is a negative, sir.”

One of the back row underlings whispered something urgently.

Greek Chorus: “Lakers bracing for the worst, buddy. Bracing for the worst.”

Dwight frowned. “Hey, the purple and gold’s still prominent in my mind.. I like Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel. I like my favorite restaurants.”

One of the less intense members of the chorus spoke up. “We’ll have very nice breakfast after the morning contemplation. Seared rainbow trout crepes with wild strawberry compote.”

The underling whispered frantically again.

Greek Chorus: “Hakeem says 85 percent it’s Houston.”

Dwight cocked his head. “Is that coming from us?”

The members quickly exchanged looks, weighing possible answers. Again, one bold soul spoke up. “Houston’s offering free food, y’know.”

The very tall man relaxed again. Free things were always nice. “I like it here. All my stress is melting away. What d’you think a nice mountain retreat would run me? Nothing real fancy, maybe a post and beam cabin, lots of indigenous stone, maybe ten, fifteen thousand square feet inside?”

One of the tanned and extraordinarily intuitive advisers whipped his head around to stare directly at one of the social media monitors. “Get me some MLS printouts right now, nice glossy pics.”

The underling hesitated. “I can’t print from my iPhone.”

The tanned adviser glared bullets. “Yes you can. Go get the portable printer from the sweat lodge. Do it, now! No breakfast for you.”

Dwight adjusted his position, squared his shoulders and breathed deeply of the mountain air. There was no reason to rush his decision. It was a nice Friday morning and his team had things well in hand. He was looking forward to breakfast. Maybe a nice late morning hike afterward.


Dave Murphy


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  1. …what.

  2. Ha. Fun stuff as we wait, Dave.

    Also, reporters speculating on what a S&T could look like is NOT the same as the Lakers and said team engaging in talks about a deal. Hence, fans running with that media speculation to formulate deals isn’t going to fly on these boards. Have fun folks, but the commenting guidelines are real and will be enforced.

  3. I find it hilarious that the ‘talking heads’ just can’t seem to stop spouting off about what the Lakers are going to do. The Lakers are very close-mouthed about their actions until they are pretty much complete. People in-the-know who talk about what the Lakers are saying are usually either talking to the other party or they are blowing smoke.

    I know it is tough, but I suspect we will just have to wait this one out.

    Oh, and I loved the thread writing.

  4. The only thing this post needed were more lutes.

  5. The Lakers are very close-mouthed about their actions until they are pretty much complete

    Right. This is why there were all those inaccurate stories prior to the 2011-2012 season saying that the Lakers were going after Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

    Kupchak has said that the Nash thing was a surprise to even him; he actually talked about that with a reporter about that again ten days or so ago, so that was different. Also, even if you are right about the Lakers talking less to media guys, that doesn’t really apply to all the other parties involved in this process.

    Finally, the media have changed since the 1980s.

  6. Are you suggesting that Dwight’s decision will play out like a Greek tragedy for the Lakers?

  7. Another guy that could help that wont be here

    Pau Gasol: I doubt Calderon will go to the Lakers. We’re not in the situation to sign contract with most people Mundo Deportivo

  8. haha, perfect Dave!

    I see it as DH´s inability to make up his own mind, hence all the boot lickers

  9. LT, I would never suggest such a thing, haha!

  10. he’s right. the lakers don’t talk. it’s the agents. that’s basic stuff. not sure why anyone would quibble over that. basic stuff, again.

    you can see that clearly on hoopshype and read the twitter feeds. it becomes pretty clear who is feeding the reporters.

    and kupchak is a crafty dude. you have to parse his statements very carefully. he doesn’t lie, but he’s not always straightforward or forthcoming.

    i’m more interested in what dwight was offering to the teams. all great players develop on their own over the years. being on a better team means nothing if you don’t step it up.

    that’s also why he couldn’t handle van gundy. he was in his grill all the time….

  11. Reports are coming in that Iguodala has signed withe Warriors for 4/48 and that Biedrins and Richard Jefferson are going to Utah.

  12. Woj is reporting that GS just signed igoudala – 4 years 48 million

    That may be good as it either puts them out of the running for dwight or it allows them to include better pieces if we were to do a sign and trade

  13. And barnes has just resigned with the clippers – another possible FA hits the dust our ability to add pieces that migjt entice a dwight resigning dwindles

  14. Also reports that Matt Barnes is going back to the Clippers.

  15. Warriors move could put them ahead in the Dwicision. They could still make an attractive package for the Lakers including Bogut’s expiring and send out a lineup of…


    …not a bad lineup

  16. Holy crap Oakland is gonna go nuts if they land Dwight alongside Curry and Iggy. That’s not a bad core. I’ve been pretty sure that Dwight was going to walk to Houston this whole time, but now….I think GS could be the choice.

  17. Why do I recognize the fine Italian hand of Jerry West in all this? Warriors and Lakers to work out sign and trade for Dwight–betcha!

  18. oh lord…

  19. If the Lakers pry Klay and Barnes in a S&T for D12. I would consider that a resounding sucess.youth atleticism 3point threats and cheap. I would be extatic

  20. The Warriors signing of Iggy makes giving up Thompson and Barnes a little more painless should any such deal involving them materialize.

  21. BTW can anyone doubt the genius that is Jerry West?

  22. KenOak: Yes – West is a genius He is in the same category as Phil + Riley. The three best minds in basketball, and none of them work for us. Well Phil supposedly does, but I think we are paying him to not do any interviews and go to Montana.
    Sign and Trade Possibilities: Yes – it could salvage something, but if you trade a superstar for a couple of decent guys, you lose. Please reference the Shaq trade for the last time we did this.

  23. Not sure that Iggy signs with the Warriors unless GS has a very strong that Dwight is coming on board. He is a nice player but absent a larger move takes minutes away from both Barnes and Thompson. Not sure that GS would have made the commitment unless they knew playing time was not going to be a problem.

  24. Excellent play by the Warriors. Can’t believe ESPN initially reported that move took them out of the Dwight running. It does the exact opposite.

    Like everyone else, the Warriors heard the reports that the Lakers were growing amenable to a S&T (and I bet they guessed this long before the media reported it), and they pounced.

    1) By signing Iguodala, their team just become even more attractive to Dwight. In his meeting w/Houston, he asked for a 3rd star. GW just got their 3rd star already. Despite the fact that Thompson and Barnes are excellent players and younger, neither carries the cachet within the league that Iguodala does.

    2) By signing Iguodala, they’ll be much less hurt by losing Barnes (to get Dwight).

    Phenomenal, phenomenal move. If Dwight was leaning Houston before, this has to have changed his entire mindset.

    What this means for us:
    If I were the Lakers’ FO, I’d push even harder to get both Thompson and Barnes now (with the assumption Dwight chooses GS). GS doesn’t have other options. The only way they can now get Dwight is a S&T. They don’t want a lineup of Curry-Thompson-Iguodala-Barnes … that’s maybe a WCF team depending on the bracket. They made this move to get a true star Big 3. Without Dwight, this Iggy signing isn’t all that impactful – so if we push GS hard enough, eventually they’ll yield both Thompson and Barnes.

    Great move by West. Jedi. Effing. Master.

  25. @Robert
    I agree, you never want to trade a superstar in the NBA. But there is a difference in that we would be taking on rookie deals which are extremely valuable in current CBA.

  26. If available Clay and Barnes are really good pieces and would help right away.

  27. Just in D12 going ro Houston, and so tue Dwighmare ends

  28. Plan B.

  29. now we know. and knowing is half the battle.

  30. Well…get ready for all the gloom and doom posts. I claim that this isn’t as bad as it seems. Pau will be playing his natural position this year and have one of the best PnR guards to ever play passing him the rock. We will have plenty of cap space to make a run at free agents in 2014 and 2015.

  31. Welp. Jim Buss has officially taken the Lakers to ground zero. And if anyone is wondering how clearing your entire cap except for one aging superstar works out see the Dallas Mavericks.
    …and no LeBron isn’t coming here next summer to play with a 36 year old Kobe.

  32. Man, I’m speechless. Just crossing finger, hoping that the Lakers can get good pLayers on the sign and trade.

  33. Ballgame.

  34. To quote Henry Higgins in George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion: “Thank God that’s over.”

  35. lol. dwight’s agent contradicts report.

  36. It’s A Wrap .. Or Is It?

  37. Wait, no decision made yet only Lakers and Hou in the running.

  38. woj has the goods. supposedly going to houston. dan fegan clearly his source.

  39. once the dust settles, i’m interested to see what dwight said vs what the lakers said. if it comes down to what kobe said and his relationship with dh, i’m probably going to side with kobe.

  40. Dwight’s agent saying no decision been made yet, somebody just kill me now that is the neverending story

  41. Dwight to Rockets ESPN reporting via USA Today I guess he really wanted to leave Houston Is younger Athletic and no state tax were probably the biggest factors to me Now that that Is over what do we need to do to get the Lakers back where they belong?

  42. Ok, now I will assume Howard is going to Houston.

    Now we can proceed. We need athletic wing players who can play defense. Mike D’s offense is now becoming the default.

    No prima donas need apply and none are here now – unless you consider Kobe one, and I don’t.

  43. Also Lakers xtra 30 million huge factor on decision

  44. Stephen A is throwing MD under the BUSS. Of course MD and Buss is a match made in heaven. And yes he is saying the same thing I said months ago. MD is MD – not fully his fault. Who put him in place. Arrogance of Lakers and their owner.

  45. Gotta blow up the team, right now. Lakers need to look to have as bad a year as possible this year. They have a history of rebuilding with the draft, and the 2014 class is stacked. Let Kobe take as much time this year as he needs to get healthy. Can you imagine ending up with the top pick and getting Wiggins?!?! Then you hit the 2014 free agency and suddenly the team has been rebuilt and ready to contend for a title in one year.

  46. Hard to see this not being Houston. And looking at their roster, it’s hard to see a worthwhile S&T option as well. I would’ve rather tried to work something with GSW.

    Glad it’s over, not too happy with the apparent outcome.

  47. Everything that Stephen A. said about Jim Buss is accurate. Hopefully we can salvage, at the very least, a Trade Exception and a Draft Pick(s). Personally, I have no interest in Asik or Lin.

  48. Tra – Agreed. Trade exception + picks would be the best outcome.

  49. Bout time someone screwed the Lakers over. They’ve been given gifts for far too long. Enjoy a decade of futility.

  50. Dwight didn’t want to be here at the beginning of last season. He was playing JBuss. All that negative energy he brought daily to the court brought the team. Good riddance, Dwight. Heart of a champion you ain’t got.

  51. I agree no Asik or Lin and their poison pill contracts if the Lakers end up doing a sign a trade and the reports are true about Dwight Howard to Houston.

  52. Spree ypur an idiot,a decade? Umm how about 55 million on capspace next season? The Lakers will reload faster than you think

  53. on the plus side, w/ howard out, the drama pretty much goes out w/ him. kobe, nash, and gasol appear to be very much on the same page. now it’s just a matter of putting together the best team we can for 2013-14, and then another round of heavy uncertainty next summer.

  54. @Fern

    don’t mind him, he must be a troll..

    Dwight never gave a chance to play with this team fully healthy.

    We still have hope guys. We can still contend at least not in the lottery.

  55. How much Capspace will you have after you sign Kobe? Not much.

  56. Good luck finding another star that wants to play with Kobe, most players can’t stand him.

  57. Warren Wee Lim July 5, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    Why am I not saddened by this news? This was reality even despite the non-trade. The outcomes would’ve been identical with Bynum being out for the season last season. Now its back to the drawing board.

  58. Hey Spree,

    About time someone screws us??? Weren’t you around for the Chris Paul trade veto? Weren’t you around for the strike and the new CBA? The Lakers have gotten screwed royally these last couple of seasons. But we’ll never give up! On we go…