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Ryan Cole —  July 9, 2013

From Daniel Buerge, Lakers Nation: The idea of uncertainty is one that frightens many people. As humans, we get comfortable with our surroundings and are afraid to step beyond our own grounds and put ourselves in a place we do not know. This is why such a large percentage of the world’s population die within 15 miles of where they were born. We get used to something, and we do whatever we can to hold onto it. Yet that doesn’t stop the change from coming. No matter how much we long for things to remain the same, especially when things are going well, we can’t avoid (or ignore) the change when it does happen.

From Ramona Shelburne, ESPN: The Los Angeles Lakers have until July 16 to decide whether to use their one-time amnesty provision, or to give peace a chance. Metta World Peace, that is.The veteran small forward is one of four players — Steve Blake, Pau Gasol andKobe Bryant are the others — who the Lakers can still use the amnesty provision on to help lessen their luxury tax burden next season. The Orange County Register reported Monday afternoon that “barring some late change” World Peace and his $7.7 million salary would be amnestied to help the Lakers save approximately $30 million in luxury tax fees. The time frame to amnesty players is July 10-16. Lakers sources indicated to ESPN that the team is still weighing the situation carefully and “looking at everything.”

From Kurt Helin, Pro Basketball Talk: Especially without Dwight Howard sticking around, the Lakers are loaded with cap space next summer — right now only Steve Nash is on the books for the summer of 2014 (and they could waive him and use the stretch provision to provide more cap space). The Lakers will ink Kobe Bryant to a new, discounted deal (ala Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett) to get his massive cap hold off the books, then they will have wheelbarrows of money to spend. And Carmelo Anthony could be their target. Anthony can opt out of his deal with the Knicks next summer. People on both coasts are speculating a move to Los Angeles is possible.

From TheGreatMambino, Silver Screen & Roll: The short term ramifications of losing Dwight Howard in free agency are obvious: even the most fanciful dreams of returning as title contenders next season are officially dead. The Lakers watched a 27-year-old center–whose capabilities, when healthy, make him a top-5 NBA player–walk right out the door. Gone is a future face of a franchise, whose defensive dominance would have kept the Lakers competitive even in the most dire of injury situations. The Lakers have lost their starting center, the fulcrum of their D and a perennial All-Star.

From Rob Mahoney, Sports Illustrated: Over the past 15 years, the Lakers have built and bridged empires through stout basketball operation and uncanny good fortune. They’ve run through a wealth of basketball riches that might seem incomprehensible to some of the league’s long-suffering franchises, and in the process become both beloved and reviled, largely because of a string of star player pairings that goes beyond the serendipitous. When it comes to the acquisition of prized players, the Lakers seem to get their way — be it in the signing of Shaquille O’Neal, the re-signing and appeasement of Kobe Bryant, the acquisition of Pau Gasol, the fulfillment of a long-rumored trade for Dwight Howard or even in flipping a few draft picks to land Steve Nash. All teams have grand designs, but the Lakers seem to follow through on their pipe dreams at an outrageous rate.


Ryan Cole


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  1. I understand how hard it is for many of us to deal with the current situation. Do we, should we tank? The lack of communication and/or obvious direction from ownership and the front office only adds confusion.

    But I just think we should acknowledge some simple facts:

    The 2012-13 Lakers were the 8th seed, winning 45 and losing 37.

    We had some bad luck, plenty of injuries, our PF and C didn’t compliment, and there was weird mid-season coaching change.

    Now, we’re exchanging Dwight Howard for Chris Kaman. How many wins is that going to cost? 5? 10? Quite possibly more.

    There is no reason to expect good luck this season, were have old roster that got older and is unlikely to get healthier, and our PF and C still don’t compliment. Who knows how secure our coaches job is?

    Also, it looks like we’re probably amnesthitising MWP. Is it likely his replacement is going to be as good (especially considering we’re only offering 1 year minimum contracts?). How many additional wins(losses) is that?

    Maybe you think tanking is disgraceful (it is), maybe you think it’s necessary? maybe you think 2014 free agency can save us, maybe you think that’s a pipe dream?

    But I think the starting point is acknowledging that the 2013-14 Lakers are going to really struggle to win half their games in the best case scenario, given the current circumstances.

  2. I believe the Lakers will be unintentionally bad. They won’t tank on purpose and they won’t need to. The team on the court will be horrible. This will be a 50 to 60 loss team.

  3. Is anyone else cringing at the thought of Carmelo being a FA proze next summer? I don’t like him as a player (too selfish/too many shots). Clearly Lebron is the prize next summer. If he doesn’t come I would prefer that the Lakers roll their cap space into the summer of 2015.

    If you want to build a team that has a lengthy championship window you’ve got to spend wisely.

  4. Why not amnesty Nash? MWP’s contract comes off the books this year and we have a backup point guard. Just saying.

  5. Manny,

    You can’t amnesty guys that you signed after the new CBA kicked in. There are only 34 NBA players total who can still be amnestied; the Lakers have four of them.

  6. Ted: I agree. Heading into training camp, the roster seems likely to be ~50 loss quality on paper. Between some bad luck, injuries, and trades – it could drift into 60 loss territory.

    The issue isn’t really “should we tank” as much as “can we get more value for Pau and Nash now or should we wait mid-season” – either way Kupchack will be watching lottery balls next June.

  7. I just hope the lakers take this year to figure out what they want to do. And I hope hiring a new coach for the 14-15 season is high on that list. Unless MDA suddenly realizes the value of defense, we’re going to be in a new world of hurt without dwight and possibly MWP (clearly not as fast as before, but still one of the best defenders on the team). Maybe you want to choose the players before the coach, but you would think the coach would like some input.

  8. Is Rambis on the Staff this year?

  9. Ted: I think at some point this summer the FO will sit down and look at the roster. They’ll reach the conclusion that even with a healthy Pau and Nash the team will not be anywhere near competitive.

    The reality will sink in that this is a lost season and cooler heads will realize that the best course of action is to sell everything in an effort to get future assets. In fairness to both Pau and Steve it may be best to look to place them in positions to either win now or where the playing environment is more certain.

    While no one likes to lose its best to take our lumps (however heavy and hard) now. The present will suck but the future can be very bright.

  10. I don’t think there is any doubt the Lakers are discussing various moves with various teams. Suppose they want to move Pau for cap savings and some picks. A team willing to make that offer will have cap space and can always ride out an amnestying of our Big Spaniard. If the Lakers send out signals that they are going to amnesty Ron, then that takes some leverage away from a team and could provide just enough doubt for them to pull the trigger on a trade that favors the Lakers just that little bit more. Why leak the Metta Amnesty so early, unless the leak provides the Lakers some value?

  11. All we as Laker fans can hope for is that ownership make the most LOGICAL decisions possible in order to return the Lakers to a position that is “normal” for them. And that is a contender. The more logical ownership’s decisions are, the quicker the Lakers will be back.

    Jimmy B…you’re on the clock.

  12. 60 loss team? You’re crazy! Just let it play out. Dwight was an anchor on this team, always dragging everything else down. Everyone is so quick to write off next season, probably the same fans screaming for Mattingly’s job three weeks ago… remember that? It’s SoCal, RELAX!

  13. Rusty Shackleford July 9, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    Please don’t let the Lakers extend Steve Blake’s contract.

  14. Eric: The only two Lakers that played at an exceptional rate (based on PER) were Kobe (23.1) and Dwight (19.5). Pau (16.7) Nash (16) were closer to the leave average PER of 15. Without Dwight and with Kobe missing serious time our best players are ‘average’.

    You could argue that Pau and Nash should be healthier but the counter argument is that they are older and have less weapons around them. Who will garner double teams to take the pressure off of them? No one.

    What about the fact that D’Antoni may be compelled to play the hell out of them in an effort to keep his job. There’s a good chance that Pau will be spent by Christmas.

    The current starting lineup with PER:

    Metta (12.5)
    Pau (16.7)
    Kaman (16.3)
    Nash (16)
    Meeks (11.4)

    We could talk about the bench but at this moment there really isn’t one. I’m sorry. That looks like a 25 win team at best.

  15. If Kobe is back at 70 and a few small forwards can be added the team won’t be worse. Dwight dragged the team down by wanting the ball on offense. This caused forced passes and usually ended in TOs or missed FTs. Without him the guards can play guilt free. How many glares or neg comments came from him?

  16. Ted: We can quibble about the exact number of losses but I will agree that the Lakers are not going to be talented enough or deep enough to make the playoffs.

    I also think it’s important to look at the games played by those whom the Lakers will rely upon:
    – Pau played 49 games and missed 33
    – Nash played 50 games and missed 32
    – Kaman played 66 games and missed 26
    – Blake played 45 games missed 37
    – Jordan Hill played 29 games and missed 53

    Only Meeks (78 games) and Metta (75 games) were on the court with any regularity. But as you point out they possess PERs well below the league average.

  17. I’m curious as to why there’s so little talk about backing up Nash? He’s a 25-30 min player, and that’s when he’s available. His back-up is basically playing starter minutes once you account for Nash probably missing several games.

    But other point guards are replacement-level. Goudelock and Morris are D-leaguers; Duhon and Blake are only on a NBA roster because of their contracts – they’d have trouble getting training camp invites is they were free agents.

    Last year, Nash’s early leg injury basically torpedoed the season because we were stuck with 48 min from these guys (it was basically 4 on 5). At least then you had Kobe to run the offense. What happens, before Kobe returns, for the half of the game Nash is on then bench?

    And yet, everyone is talking about small forwards and bigs!?

  18. R,
    thanks for the link, i only hope that the `period of mediocrity´ never comes to fruition.

    I bellieve Pau will surprise the nay-sayers, Mamba will use EVRYTHING that´s been going on and that´s been said about him & the team to fuel his competitive nature even more (is that even possible?!),
    and I am hoping our team chemistry will be at its highest, now that howard´s gone, which will be of the utmost importance –

  19. Eric and Keith

    Look, I am a Lakers fan through and through. It kills me that we are facing some very rough times ahead. Patience would have been required even if Howard had resigned. Its even more in need as the team rebuilds.

    Keith, you mentioned another angle that I didn’t explore – games missed by returning players who will be counted on to contribute. It gets even worse if you include players that were on the team last year whose time and contributions need to be replaced:

    – Kobe: 78 games played; unsure how many he will miss this year
    – Howard: 76 games played; signing as a FA elsewhere
    – Metta: 75 games played; likely to be amnestied
    – Jamison: 76 games played likely not to be resigned
    – Earl Clark: 59 games, signing as a FA elsewhere
    – Chris Duhon 46 games played; released

    Again, the flip side here is that we will be improved if we can replace some of these players with better ones. With no budget and no guarentees beyond this year the odds are very long that we will find quality players to fill out the roster. We lost a lot of games last year because our bench was not strong. Unless I am missing something our bench will be even worse this year.

    I’m not being pessimistic because I want to be. I really think the facts suggest that this will be uglier than most believe.

  20. Team chemistry will be difficult, IMO. The coach is on the ropes (his rival is dating a part owner, after all), Kobe has never had a much of a ‘bed side manner,’ and losing never help chemistry and this team will see plenty of losing. On the other side, Nash and Pau are team players, so… maybe? honestly, who cares?

    Kobe should take a year off … akin to David Robinson in 1997. How awesome would it be to have Wiggens developing under Kobe’s tutelage akin to Duncan with Robinson? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t drool over that baton-passing!

  21. @ P. AMI: I wouldn’t be concerned about playing poker here with other teams. I don’t think it makes any sense to amnesty Pau and they certainly won’t do that with Kobe.

    The only time Mitch was actually willing to part with Pau was the Chris Paul deal that fell through so he’s not about to offer him up as part of some garage sale.

    Pau can help a lot of these young teams that haven’t seen the post season with any regularity. The price tag would be a 2014 lottery pick. With a take back of comparable expiring contracts I think that deal could be had at some point. Maybe I’m wrong.

  22. @AlexKennedyNBA
    Anthony Morrow has agreed to a two-year deal with the Pelicans worth a little more than the minimum, per source. Player option for year two.

  23. Ted-

    I and others have said that the Lakers could easily go 28-54 or so without trading or amnestying anybody. So I agree.

  24. .. Mamba will use EVRYTHING that´s been going on and that´s been said about him & the team to fuel his competitive nature even more ..
    That’s exactly what I’m afraid of because it would mean that, more than likely, he’ll be rushing back from an injury that he has no business rushing back from.

    Speaking of Kobe, judging from his tweets in regards to keeping MWP (Personally I’d keep Metta and make a run with the unit we have and just add a few pieces ..), tweaking the roster (and based off of the picture of himself and Pau from his Instagram account after Dwight’s departure, obviously, if left up to him, the pieces that he’s referring to will not be acquired by trading Pau) and competing for a championship with this current roster? With all due respect, I feel the love that he has for Metta, but he must be delusional.

  25. Tra: agree with your concerns about Kobe rushing. But the biggest issue is that his priority is 2013-2016. He could care less about how the Lakers are doing in 2017, 2018, 2020, 2024 … I care about those years. It’s like how Shaq didn’t care about anything after his peak, but of course Kobe was young enough (in 2004) to worry about the future. It’s short term thinking (compete in 2013-14, reload for 2015) that is the biggest threat to the teams long term prosperity.

    I’m an expecting father, with a little Laker fan due in August … when he’s old enough to watch games next decade I’d like him to be watching a contender – not a team cleaning up the debris of the Kobe Bryant era.

  26. The price tag would be a 2014 lottery pick.


    I do not see any team giving up a lottery pick in this draft for Pau.

  27. Annnd the hysteria continues. We dont know the final makeup of the team yet,i reserve my judgement until i see the team you know, play those things called games, and while i dont believe a chip is posible this year i dont write them off either as a 60 loss team thats just ridiculous. Two things ,stop the Lebron pipe dream it wont happen and can somebody explain to me why in the hell the Lakers would sign a 30 year old Melo? For what? To be in this same damn spot in 2 or 3 years whinning again that our team is old? That would be so stupid in so many levels, i might be in the minority but im not a fan of blowing our cap load in one big shopping spree and be right back were we started. Patience is the name of the game with this CBA.

  28. Tra,
    see your point about KB, but you´ll agree that no one knows his body more than Mamba, right? One´s gotta believe that he ´ll be smart about returning-

  29. Riceman – I can see Nash being moved. Not necessarily for assets per se but because we will be awful. And due to his age this is likely his last chance at getting a title. If things fall apart (which they likely will) why wouldn’t he ask the FO to move him.

    My heart says that if Pau is open to signing next summer for a lot less than his current contract the Lakers should keep him. I think he can be either a starter/rotation player for a few more years.

  30. Fern,

    You are actually one of the more emotional people on the board.

    I don’t see anyone being hysterical; I see people recognizing that the Lakers are in a lot of trouble. If Metta is gone, they have no wings under contract except Kobe and Meeks. The FO is refusing to give out anything longer than a one-year deal, so if you oppose plans involving Anthony and James in July 14, you might want to talk to Kupchak and Buss–they are the ones talking about the value of financial flexibility.

    With the Kaman deal, to get some wing help, the Lakers will either signing guys who will take one-year deals at the minimum, or they will be trading Pau.


    I don’t see Kobe really affecting the Lakers quite as much as after this year as some seem to think he will, so if you are worried about the 2020 Lakers, I think you might want to worry about Jim Buss more than about Kobe.

  31. Winston Anderson July 9, 2013 at 5:29 pm

    Four players who would be a good fit for the Lakers are, Gerald Wallace or Kenyon Martin, and Aaron Brooks or Nate Robinson. Wallace or Martin could fill in the roll of Metta World Peace and Robinson or Brooks would be instant offense off the bench and a player to contend with all of the speedy point guards that torched the Lakers last season. Chris Paul, Tony Parker, John Wall, Stephen Curry, George Hill, Ty Lawson, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Mike Conley Jr., Damian Lillard, even some lesser players like Charlotte’s Kemba Walker, Houston’s Aaron Brooks, and Milwaukee’s Brandon Jennings, all had their best game of the season or career against the Lakers last year.
    This is the area that I think the Lakers need to be concerned with; either of these players would be an improvement and could contribute right away. They all could be attained for 1 year with an option depending if they could be retained for the 2014 season or if they don’t work out as planned “See ya!” Then the Lakers could see what happens in the free agent feeding frenzy of 2014 and the NBA draft.

  32. Of all the big names in next year FA class the only one that could fit the youth and athleticism the team lack is Rudy Gay. Lebron? Wont Happen. Wade- beat up and old. Bosh- please… Dirk- ha! Deng- could help not a max player. Melo- 30 y/o max another oldie? Nah. Im not saying we should max Gay either but he is the best fit for what the Lakers are triying to do. I might be wrong but thats how i see things. In 2015 we could make a run at Irving and Love just saying.

  33. Sign Andrew Bynum for one year and make a run at the playoffs. Maybe Bynum has had a taste of life in the NBA and would appreciate the Lakers as an organization. Sign Odom and Sasha and make a run with the old crew.

    Hah, that would be funny. Andrew comes back and the Lakers knock the Rockets out of the playoffs.

    Is this what the organization has come to, dreams and retreads?

  34. @ rr Lebron aint just happening,people need to let go of that delusion, he have a great situation on Miami, unless there is a cataclysm in the Heat season like they not making the playoffs while healthy getting bounced on the 1st round or Gloria James going back to her old tricks he aint going anywhere, and in Melo’s case if we are triying to rebuild/reload younger and more atheltic why would we sign a player that its 30 years old cant guard anybody and is a ball stopper? That would defeat the purpose of everything the team has try to do so far.

  35. “See your point about KB, but you´ll agree that no one knows his body more than Mamba, right?”
    Yes, but there is a caveat. Kobe Bryant is a competitor. He’d kill himself on court trying to win. Health takes a backseat. It’s not that Kobe can’t hear his own body. But when his competitive nature kicks in he refuses to listen. Everyone knew it was insane for a nearly 35 year old Kobe to be playing so many minutes a night. At any given time Kobe could have sat himself down. He didn’t. He couldn’t let himself do it. Now he will miss a good chunk of next season due to injury.

    I think Tra’s concerns are very legit. Hopefully Mitch or someone else in the organization will hold the reigns on Kobe until he is fully healthy. It would have been nice if D’Antoni had the stones to look Kobe in the face and sit him down. But by the end of the season I think Mike was just trying to keep his job.

  36. @ T.Rodgers Kobe did what he had to do bc the team freaking stank and was a total mess. If we dont get to see him on God mode again i say he went out in a hell of a bang.

  37. Fern,

    I have said several times that I don’t think James is coming here, and as a guy at SSR pointed out today, Howard’s leaving makes it even less likely. But you need to clarify whom you are talking to and about. Stephen A. Smith is talking about Anthony coming to the Lakers, but I don’t see a bunch of people here talking about him.

    People here are talking about the team being bad next year, and there are many reasons to believe it will be, certainly more than there are reasons to believe it will be good.

  38. PurpleBlood,

    To a certain extent, I can agree. However, keep in mind that Kobe is maniacal when it comes to training/rehabbing. Now adding that to the fact that he’s motivated to silence the critics who have already written him and, fwiw, the entire organization off after Dwight’s departure actually leads me to believe that there’s a possibility, however remote, that he might rush his return to the floor. Rumor has it that he’s claiming that he’s already ahead of schedule (tweeted a picture of himself on the court, albeit, just shooting free throws).

    Also, one can argue (tho, in this case, I wouldn’t because Achilles injuries are tricky), if he really was as in tune with his body as you state, he should have seen the signs (they were there) that he was breaking down last season before that dreadful injury and curbed his mins instead of continuing to push himself. So I hope that you’re correct, cause even if Mitch can work a miracle (which I highly doubt), I still think that it would be in the best interest for Kobe to take his time coming back from this devastating injury.

  39. T. Rogers,

    Good post. In responding to Purple, I basically said the same thing, as you can see. I didn’t see your comment until after I submitted my post.

  40. Some damaging stuff Nash had to say about Dwight. He basically was never on board with the Lakers or the offense. Makes me even more bitter about his stint. Glad he’s gone. We’ll get to the top again.

  41. “We’ll get to the top again.”
    Indeed we will. And we are the Lakers so I would bet we have a better than average chance of picking ourselves off the mat.
    That said – if evaluating our coach, our ownership, and our GM: What is the benchmark? Will we ever win again? If that is all it is, then where do I apply for the job?

  42. Kevin im not bitter at all because a season however bad it was its better than getting 0 from bynum.

  43. The Lakers are going to be better than we expect, especially if Odom signs on. Kobe can get this team into 7th or 8th and while not fashionable, I would love to see a first round match up with the Rockets, especially if everyone is healthy. No team with Kobe Bryant will tank so let’s add what we can and be entertained.

  44. Tra & T. Rogers,
    fine posts, your concerns are quite solid & I sure as heck hope Mamba´s stepping into a new phase in his career with regard to how he treats himself but not lose his impact

  45. @Fern,

    I don’t disagree that 2014 may turn out not to be as lucrative as 2015 for free agents which is why in part I think the Lakers have to make sure they’re part of 2014 draft that many consider to be the best draft crop in over a decade.

    On the subject of Lebron, I’ve been saying that he would never leave Miami either and then I bothered to take a took at their cap situation come 2014. It’s an absolute train wreck in the making. The Big Three put them in the heavy tax practically all by themselves.

    The Heat are going to have to strip that roster down and even then part with one of the Big 3 or they’ll face the luxury tax music.

    How is that going to sit with James? Especially if they win the title again next year?

    Dismantling an NBA champion because you can’t continue to pay for it? Pairing down the roster to save bucks including most likely having to dump a player like Bosh or Wade just to get cap compliant?

    In the face of those problems, Lebron is going to be amenable to look at other options as well he should be. Can the Lakers be a proper destination for him? Not as they’re presently constructed.

    But let’s say there’s a fully healthy Kobe coming back, a top prospect coming out of the draft, hire Coach K to be reunited with Kobe and Lebron like the Olympics. Who knows?

  46. Riceman, good post. Agree with most of what you said, but it won’t be up to Miami to decide who they keep out of the big 3. Wade almost certainly won’t opt out because he’d be giving up $42M over 2 years with his knees. Bosh is also not likely going to opt out as he’d never get that kind of money, at least not over 2 years. LBJ could also not opt out. That would leave Miami with a huge tax bill. But LBJ probably will opt out because he both doesn’t want to screw over Miami by leaving them with that bill, probably work with Bosh and Wade to work out another deal to get under the luxury tax, and go for another run at a championship if they win their third in a row. If they don’t, especially due to Wade breaking down due to injury, he likely will leave(hopefully). Anyway, this is all speculation. All I know is that I don’t know.

  47. Sigh. Anthony Morrow signs with the Pelicans for the vet minimum. That would have been a fantastic pickup. Did we not try, or have we fallen so far that a player would rather play for the frickin Pelicans than the Lakers?

  48. Maybe they didn’t bother with Morrow seeing as how his game us pretty much the same as Meeks – at least I hope, bc if they lost to the pelicans what does it say about our chances signing impact players next summer?

  49. @Riceman i agree that the Heat are marching straight into were we are right now but with Saint Riley at the helm they be ok i doubt they would strip the team bare if they see any indications Lebron could bounce plus his image would take a hit he will look like a mercenary and you dont want that in your legacy,Bosh will be gone after next season for sure unless he takes a paycut he is the weak link of that core, a huge point that it gets barely mentioned is that the Lakers made damn sure they have a 1st rounder next year bc they know all about next year draft,they are not as clueless as the other armchairs GMs here made them to be. My point here is that im consider the Lakers a barely missing the playoffs type of team as they are right now not a 60 loss disaster like peeps here made them to be. We should get a top 20 1st rounder who in a weaker draft should be a top10 cant complain about that.My whole point is that we should not be very hopeful about Lebron,Miami will do WHATEVER it takes to keep Lebron because despite all the hoopla about the Heat now if he leaves the Heat franchise would take a Cavalier like plunge i dont remember exactly but the Cavs took like a 175 million dive in value the moment Lebron left and to go to the Lakers?Saint Riley would rather eat dirt than let that happens. I dont think we be contending for a little while, next summer is not the magic solution to our problems basketball wise financially yes, im totally opposed to go on a senseless shopping spree next summer just bc we have cap space unless the right opportunities show up. As an armchair GM and not knowing anything about how the Lakers really works i would try to get somebody like Rudy Gay next summer keep the cap space and made a run at Irving and Love in 2015,thats a young core right there. That my guess/wishful thinking foolishness.I been a Laker fan my entire life and i went thru a 12 and a 7 year drought i learned to be patient some guys here would kill themselves if the Lakers dont win a championship withing the next 2 weeks .Sorry about the long and mostly full of hot air rant lol

  50. Snoppy-

    They gave him a second year (player option) and a little over the minimum.

  51. Farmar is coming back to the team,still dont know what to make of it i hope he is more mature

  52. there are a dearth of playmakers on the team. farmar is a good get at minimum salary.

  53. Yes as long as he is more mature and humble i learn to totally hate him on the 08-09 season and i remember the exact moment

  54. Farmar is still only 26, and he may look better in this system than he did in the Triangle. So I think it is fine, plus I always like having UCLA guys in the purple and gold. We will see if it affects Nash or Blake.

  55. I remember that moment,the Lakers playing in Atl,bad game the LAkers were trailing by as much as 18 cut it to 3 with 5 minutes left he steal the ball 2-1 fast break with Gasol trailing and this idiot decides to trow an alley oop to a trailing man just to be flashy Gasol wasnt even in the vicinity,turnover you could see the team deflating before your eyes ended up losing by like 15,hated him ever since,hope he uses this second chance

  56. He left 5 mill on the table because”He wanted to be a Laker again” Take that big baby,i don’t hate Farmar anymore redeemed himself in my eyes.

  57. Anonymous – the Marc Spears report has him at the vet minimum.

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