Report: Lakers Agree To Bring Back Jordan Farmar On One-Year Deal

Rey Moralde —  July 9, 2013

At first, we had this tweet from Daniel Buerge of Lakers Nation.

And then it was confirmed by Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles.

We all remember Jordan Farmar. He came into the league in 2006 with the Lakers as a late first-round pick. Farmar was a superb player off the bench in that surprising 2007-08 Laker team, averaging 9.1 points. He was also part of the Laker teams in 2009 and 2010 that won back-to-back championships. We also remember Farmar wanting to start for the Lakers but he was never able to get the position away from Derek Fisher.

Farmar would spend 2011 and 2012 with the old New Jersey Nets backing up Deron Williams. He played in Turkey last season.

With Farmar’s speed and fearlessness to drive into the hole, he seems perfect for the D’Antoni offense. Except he’s actually kind of a mismatch with the roster since it looks like the Lakers will play one side of the ball in slow-motion. Also, the Lakers need wing players; Farmar is certainly too short to play off the ball. With Steve Nash and Steve Blake on the roster, L.A. suddenly has a logjam in the point guard position.

I’m personally a big Farmar fan and I’m glad that he’s back in the league. While we’re still only in early July, what direction are the Lakers going? They get a third point guard, a speedy one at that, to go with the rest of the turtles on the roster? Huh?

The curious offseason of the Lakers continue.

Rey Moralde