Report: Lakers Agree To Bring Back Jordan Farmar On One-Year Deal

Rey Moralde —  July 9, 2013

At first, we had this tweet from Daniel Buerge of Lakers Nation.

And then it was confirmed by Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles.

We all remember Jordan Farmar. He came into the league in 2006 with the Lakers as a late first-round pick. Farmar was a superb player off the bench in that surprising 2007-08 Laker team, averaging 9.1 points. He was also part of the Laker teams in 2009 and 2010 that won back-to-back championships. We also remember Farmar wanting to start for the Lakers but he was never able to get the position away from Derek Fisher.

Farmar would spend 2011 and 2012 with the old New Jersey Nets backing up Deron Williams. He played in Turkey last season.

With Farmar’s speed and fearlessness to drive into the hole, he seems perfect for the D’Antoni offense. Except he’s actually kind of a mismatch with the roster since it looks like the Lakers will play one side of the ball in slow-motion. Also, the Lakers need wing players; Farmar is certainly too short to play off the ball. With Steve Nash and Steve Blake on the roster, L.A. suddenly has a logjam in the point guard position.

I’m personally a big Farmar fan and I’m glad that he’s back in the league. While we’re still only in early July, what direction are the Lakers going? They get a third point guard, a speedy one at that, to go with the rest of the turtles on the roster? Huh?

The curious offseason of the Lakers continue.

Rey Moralde


50 responses to Report: Lakers Agree To Bring Back Jordan Farmar On One-Year Deal

  1. Farmar is still only 26, and he may look better in this system than he did in the Triangle. So I think it is fine, plus I always like having UCLA guys in the purple and gold. We will see if it affects Nash or Blake

  2. So now it’s Blake who’s going to be amnestied?

  3. Blake moves to SG maybe?

  4. Doubtful; that wouldn’t save as much.

    Nash tweaked Howard a little on 710 today, and spoke about fighting it out etc. but if they can get something for him and get him on a better team, that might be better for everyone.

  5. Hmm. The Lakers just signed Jordan Farmar – when they already have 2 PGs on their roster. This after signing Kaman when Gasol/Sacre were already slated to play the C position.

    And still no SF or SG apart from Meeks and MWP. Could MDA be planning to use Blake as SG?


    Since Kelly spent 4 years in Duke, is it safe to assume that he can play 15-20 minutes from the get go?
    Aren’t Blake/Meeks too short to be our SGs?
    Will the Lakers ever sign a SF?

  6. heard that they were not even planning to sign Kelly… (2nd round picks don’t have guaranteed contracts, right?)

  7. smoothaswilkes July 9, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Very confusing signings so far. I have no clue what the FO is thinking right now.

    Kaman for the mini MLE when they have no wing players seemed wasteful. Now they have two centers with injury histories – three if you count Hill.

    Jordan as a third PG seems fine but that means Morris is out for sure. What that means for Blake who knows. He can play some 2 but not sure that is best foot forward.

    Kobe can play the 3 but if they amnesty Ron Ron there is no back up. Kobe at the 3 all season after injury doesn’t sound all that awesome either. And bringing LO back doesn’t help on that front, he doesn’t have the speed to keep up defensively anymore. One would think they’d have found a 3 for that mini MLE.

    It doesn’t feel like tanking but it doesn’t feel like setting up for success either.

  8. Id rather they amnesty Steve Blake instead of Ron Artest. they dont need 3 point guards. Ron is their only small forward now and to me hes a more valuable player than Blake

  9. Ellington to the Mavs, 2 years, 5 mill

    Farmar had some good box scores in NJ when he wasn’t injured. Penetrates, shoots the 3, familiar with the organization.

  10. The more I let it sink in, the more I like it. It might seem like overkill to have 3 point guards when we are in dire need of small forwards and shooting guards, but lets remember our starter at the point is 39 years old. Can he/will he play the whole season? Even Blake is comong off an injury, so i say a little back up at that position isnt the worse thing in the world. And even though I never liked it, Blake played a lot at SG last season, so I imagine that to continue. Farmar knows LA, is used to the pressure and expectations of wearing the purple and gold. Thumbs up, now lets get some wings por favor.

  11. Jordan Farmar? Wow! So now we’re currently carrying 3 PG’s.
    One of three things –

    1. They took heed to Kobe’s advice and have decided not to amnesty MWP, but to use the provision on SB instead. However, as Double R states, this move wouldn’t save as much.

    2. They’re going (extremely) small in the backcourt, as Meg surmised, until Kobe returns. Under D’Antoni, this shouldn’t/wouldn’t surprise anyone.

    3. Or, less likely of the three in my opinion, they’ve found a taker for either Nash or SB. Considering Nash will turn 40 next campaign, is breaking down and has another yr left on his contract after this upcoming season, I would be shocked if we were able to move him. And although SB has an expiring, unless he’s packaged with someone (Pau or J-Hill, for instance), I find it hard to believe that a team would take on his salary (4 mil) for him to be a backup.

    While I’m still disappointed by Dwight’s departure, this off-season is still very intriguing to say the least.

  12. Farmar is leaving over 5M in guaranteed money in Turkey to play here:

    The deal required a significant financial sacrifice by Farmar to be completed. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound guard signed a three-year, $10.5 million deal last summer to play in the Turkish Basketball League.

    “They knew about my deal overseas and really didn’t push it earlier because they didn’t think I’d be willing to give up that guaranteed money I had over there,” Farmar said in a phone interview with “I wanted to be back in the NBA, but more importantly, back with the Lakers. This is the only situation I would have taken a minimum deal with.”

    “I’ve been a Laker since I was born,” Farmar said. “I grew up a Laker fan, so regardless of where I am or who I’m playing for, or what I’m doing in life, I’m always going to stay connected to what’s going on here [in Los Angeles].”


  13. Farmar is leaving over 5M on the table to play here.

    “I missed my family, I missed being home and, ultimately, I missed being a Laker.”

  14. gotta love his attitude. wonder if lamar can get in shape and play some pf along pau metta and farmar.

  15. J.Farmar is a nice addition to our team, welcome back to LA.
    Remember Nash is still coming off from injury, and just for safety, we would be needing another PG. I wish Ronron will stay, I would choose him over any other Laker aside from our 3 greats. He’s a warrior on the court, gives his all every given night.

    I wonder who will best fit our SF position. And regarding about Howard, are we trying to get a S/T even though he chose to leave us? I know we do not have any say in his decision, however I was just hoping that we can get a sign and trade, since Rockets and Lakers have history of trading players… (this is wishful thinking considering Howard left us and did not demand sign and trade)

  16. Awesome pickup! Farmer is experienced and cocky enough to offer L.A a point guard that can play under the lights. He will arrive back in the association with a chip on his shoulder. Uptempo is his forte, so he,’ll have to adjust his game to fit this roster, too bad the duke of Earl is gone those two off the bench would have been fun. Sign Lamar and a young small forward with athleticism and defense.

    Stern messed with the Lakers in 2012 and Howard left 2013,time to show some pride and heart in the league and make 2014 a year to remember.

    Welcome back Farmar! Kaman welcome back to L.A!

    Let’s go Lakers!

  17. Warren Wee Lim July 10, 2013 at 2:25 am

    I have a growing belief that 3 PGs is too much. And that Steve Blake MIGHT be traded to either Utah or GSW (both teams desperate for a backup PG) …

  18. In a vacuum, I like the addition for the price. I had higher hopes for Farmar his rookie year – I really thought he would develop into a great shutterbug of a PG. Just never had the first step or explosiveness necessary to get by his man at will, unfortunately. But the guy played with a lot of heart, and he’s a welcome addition.

    That said, unless Meeks has learned the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu during the offseason, we’d better get cracking on some wings.

  19. ^GSW just signed Toney Douglas. Utah, for Marvin Williams or Brandon Rush?

  20. Marlon Brando July 10, 2013 at 5:21 am

    Would love to grab Brandon Rush, but in my humble opinion, we need the depth at point guard. Nash has a bad back and a recently fractured leg, and he’s our starter, that cannot be ignored.

  21. Blake could be moved since he’s on an expiring deal and showed flashes last season that he can really play but even if he doesn’t, I like this move. We definitely needed a third pg for insurance against injuries and as D’Antoni showed last year he’s not afraid to have two pgs out there with Blake at the 2. I could see us throwing some small lineups with 2 pgs and Jodie at the 3 like Farmar mentioned in the article on ESPN. Whether this lineup kills us on D is to be seen but it does give us some speed and shooting. I like bringing back Farmar, he’s probably a better third pg than what’s out there on the market for the minimum, is entering what should be his NBA prime, and he has some familiarity with playing with Kobe and Pau. #PutTheBandBackTogether

  22. Warren Wee Lim July 10, 2013 at 5:58 am

    The idea of GSW and Utah stems from their open-media search for a backup PG. Toney Douglas and Andre Iguodala might do it for them Warriors. Utah is still in search.

    I also have a growing belief that either or both of Morris and Goudelock are with our team after the free agency fallout.

  23. No money to spend on Marvin Williams who would add cost to the equation.

    Brandon Rush for Blake would be a wash salary wise and Rush is also an expiring contract.

  24. PG-Nash/Farmar

    It is what it is. With Howard gone and Kobe down and questionable for 2013, pound for pound, as presently constructed?

    This is easily the worst roster in the western conference.

    In the east it would be neck and neck with the Wizards and the Sixers possibly having equal or slightly worse personnel.

    So the Lakers don’t need to worry about TANKING anything.

  25. Smart Lalers fans will be rooting for these bad signings of veteran players with no upside so te team can lose as many games as possible and have a good lottery pick to dangle at LeBron, Melo, and Cousins.

    Again… Look for the Lakers to trade Pau and Nash for picks to fully get into tank mode. Kobe should take the whole year to rehab anyways (just as David Robinon did after back surgery to allow Spurs to draft Duncan).

  26. Riceman,
    Oh… You forgot one eastern conference team. The Celtics have an equally bad roster. And look for them to either trade rondo for picks or sit him the entire year to “rehab” his ACL.

  27. I think any Laker fan with a sense of the talent/skill set needed to compete in the league realizes that our roster for 2013/14 will be among the worst in the NBA. And that is with Pau and Nash on it.

    My question is will the Lakers explore moves for Pau and Nash? They really are lipstick on a pig at this point. These are two consummate professionals and itโ€™s a shame they will have to go through what will be a really bad season. While Pau, if he signs a team friendly extension, is young enough to contribute meaningfully in the future I really feel for Nash. Steve joined the Lakers to chase a ring not to win the Lottery. His window is this year – you’d think the FO would move him to a team making a title run.

  28. Regarding Nash and Pau: I will be surprised if Nash isn’t moved prior to the trade deadline. I waffle about Pau. Part of me (the dreamer) believes we’ll get Lebron next summer. If we do we’ll need a center to compete. In that scenario Pau should stay (providing he is open to signing a team friendly contract).

    The realist in me, however, feels that this rebuild is a going to take a little longer. Pau, in that case, may make us better than we need to be and actually hurt the speed of our rebuild. As a result I can envision the Lakers moving Pau as soon as they receive an offer they feel helps them down the road (a pick or young player).

    What complicates the Pau situation is that he needs to go to a team that has cap space as the Lakers don’t want to take anything longer term back. Not many teams with cap space have plans to compete this year. Maybe Atlanta or the loser of the Bynum sweepstakes between Cleveland and Dallas?

  29. @John:

    A lot of moving parts there. I would assume Mitch would want to talk through it with them. This is a tough position to put D’Antoni in as well. Not what he signed up for either.

    I don’t know what other teams would be willing to part with for these two just now. Particularly Pau who has a huge contract albeit for just one year. And the Lakers are looking for young talent or picks to help them in 2014 and beyond.

    The Lakers may be best served to wait up until the trade deadline for the teams that are on the playoff bubble, looking for the right veteran player that could put them over the top.

  30. I like the Lakers signing Farmar and Kaman. Obviously there going to try and space the floor and they’re bringing in proven contributors, who are jump shooters. D’Antoni played lots of small ball in Phoenix and it looks like they’re replicating that this year. Hate the idea of amnestying Ron though. A lot of toughness in the 15 and 37 Lakers jersey that’ll be missed.

  31. Smart Lakers fans don’t want Demarcus Cousins anywhere near Staples Center.

  32. Ahhh yes. Here we go again with the whole “smart fans versus dumb fans.” Welcome back old Aaron.

  33. I am still digesting moves here. Thinking out loud for a second….

    Nash is a player who gets the most out of teammates. 25-30 minutes of that with Pau at his natural position and we might have a surprisingly fun team. They will struggle defensively, but absent the giant chemistry suck that is Dwight Howard, we could find ourselves watching some able and entertaining play. Add Kobe to the mix in the middle of winter, if he returns as an opportunistic player rather then high usage…. It’s a thought. I’m not talking about the team competing for a deep playoff run. I just want the team to be interesting and fun to watch. We might get that.

    Regarding Pau… Suppose he has a few seasons left at a high level, same as Kobe. Both sign for friendly numbers (combined $25m) we might get a good lottery pick, Kobe, Pau and another top end FA. Personally, I don’t think Kobe would like to be making less then a guy like Melo, or any of the other guys available. But, LeBron might make sense to him. Maybe get an Andrew Harrison in the draft, settle in with Kobe and Pau for a couple of years, see if LeBron likes what he sees… If we have a young star on the rise and LBJ, we can always recruit top shelf FA when Kobe and Pau are gone. Again, thinking out loud. It’s not a plan, it’s a direction.

  34. Snoop – Indeed.

    Cousins can play, but needs to grow up – a lot.

  35. Anyone know if a buyout from a foreign team counts toward the salary cap as compensation for a player?

  36. Never mind… ESPN confirms: Buyouts do not count toward salary cap.

  37. I was looking at bringing back Sasha and Farmar. Farmar I think is a great pick up. I think Kaman was a bargain too but, the Lakers are still short staffed at SF. It would not shock me, if they now trade Blake for a SF. If they can swing a SF this week, they may just hold onto MWP. Trading for a SF could get this line-up looking like a legitimate title contender though still not a favorite.

    Overall though I am impressed with the FO getting value for their money.

  38. have a good lottery pick to dangle at LeBron, Melo, and Cousins.

    This was part of Ben Rosales’ tank! argument at SSR; I am very skeptical. Big-time NBA FAs often choose teams in part so they can win TODAY. James did that; so did Howard. Paul wanted out of NO, but stayed with the Clippers. Durant stayed with OKC.

    So, unless the Lakers

    a) Actually get Wiggins
    b) Wiggins looks so awesome at Kansas that it looks like he can be an NBA star immediately,

    I don’t think having a lottery pick on the 2014-15 roster will help all that much with James and Anthony, who will be 29 and 30, respectively by July 2014. As great as this draft may be, most of the top guys will be 19-20 years old, and will take a couple of years to develop.

    As to Farmar, whatever one thinks of the signing, I think we should all note that the guy gave up 5M in guaranteed money in Turkey to play here, and given where he is on the NBA pay scale, that is a big deal. This isn’t James or Howard giving up 5-10 M on 100M contracts (when they also make tens of millions in endorsements/shoes) so they can be where they want.

    As to Pau, the KBros said that their sources are telling them that his value is not that high right now, so the Lakers may do better if they try to move him at the deadline. Also, if the Lakers are 13-23 or whatever, Kobe would be more amenable to that than he is now.

  39. MannyP: Buyouts do count against the salary cap if they’re over a certain threshold. This year, it’s $575,000, and Farmar’s buyout should be less than that. That’s why McMenamin said what he said, although his wording was ambiguous.

  40. While Farmar gave up $5 mil in contract money, part of me wonders how much of that he would have seen. At least a few years back, Euro teams were notorious for not paying “guaranteed” money. Not sure if that’s the current trend. I also believe the Turkish league is much more professional in that regard compared to other Euro teams.

  41. rr,
    This isn’t a Wiggins or bust draft… Its a famously deep and talented one… A top five pic will be very enticing to a trio of stars looking for a good location to join forces. When that location is the city of Los Angeles and that brand is the Lakers it’s a no brainer. A 19 or 20 year old star player is very valuable. Check the PERs of star players when they are 19 and 20. They are not far off their averages. Plus LeBron and Melo would sign four year contracts and that young player would be in his prime as they are leaving theirs.

  42. rr: Nice post.

    I agree that winning the Wiggins/top college player lottery only helps secure a top FA if their one year in college leaves no doubt they will be a star in the league. Otherwise, there will still be too much uncertainty in signing with the Lakers.

    This is why the other side of the coin for the Lakers is the real possibly that a rebuild will take a lot longer than we would all like. We may need to roll our cap space into the summer of 2015 – which would not be the end of the world. Under the new CBA its very important to spend wisely on the right talent/fit.

    If you think about it a couple of down years isn’t really that much to endure to get back on a championship trajectory.

  43. Rusty Shackleford July 10, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Has there ever been another play other than Bynum to have a introductory press conference w/ fans and then never play a single minute of basketball for that team?

  44. The new CBA is just two years old, and the Lakers will be one of the first teams that were serious contenders every year prior to the change to see their roster and their payroll bottom out entirely.

    Considering the severity of the luxury tax and it’s impact on roster and payroll management, starting over from scratch may be a blessing.

  45. Please delete my post, I pulled old info

  46. Sam,

    Like I have said, I am not philosophically opposed to (or in favor of) tanking, but yes, I don’t think that Wiggins, much less Randle, Parker, or Smart, will draw 30-year-old first-tier FAs to the Lakers. Exceptions to that would be All-Star ready big men with college experience who were consensus #1s–Robinson, Duncan, Shaq. Even LeBron James took 2-3 years to refine his game although he is so gifted that he was a very good player immediately.

    And yes, unless by some miracle James wants to be here, the Lakers are looking at a 2-3 year plan, minumum. Maybe much longer.

  47. Aaron,

    I have a response to Sam stuck in mod, but I think you are projecting fans’ and draftniks feelings about Wiggins, much less about guys like Parker and Smart, on to established players.

    Players tend to want to be with guys on their timelines; that is one reason Howard didn’t want to be here. And, players going after titles tend to place a lot of value on veterans. James just won again with Wade and Bosh, but what role players came through for the Heat in Games 6 and 7? 37-year-old Ray Allen and 34-year-old Shane Battier. Chalmers, too, but he has been around a few years now. What kinds of guys is Kobe always talking about wanting? He wanted the Lakers to trade Bynum for Kidd back in 2008; he has talked about Raja Bell in the last two free agency cycles, after 2010, he basically demanded that the Lakers bring Fisher back, and he just Tweeted yesterday that he wants the team to keep Metta and everybody else to “make a run.”

    So, no, I don’t believe that Marcus Smart or Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers will make James or Anthony want to play their late-primes here. The guys that might have are now with the Clippers and the Rockets.

  48. I don’t see a ‘logjam’ at PG. Blake has been pretty useless since signing. I don’t think you want him playing more than a 5-10 min, if that, in a deep bench role. Forget the salary, he’s a 3rd string player.

    Nash plays 25-30 min a night and is sure to miss several games, at least.

    That leaves 18-23 min a night for Farmar.

    Sounds fine to me. If we had him last year things would’ve been dramatically better.

  49. FEAR THE EAR!!