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Dave Murphy —  July 12, 2013

Metta World Peace is no longer a Laker. Management finally played the amnesty card and that’s how it is. Personally, I think it’s a significant loss. The guy played hard, he played hurt and he’s coming off his best season as a Laker in points, rebounds, steals and blocks. The big question when he first joined the team was his reputation as a loose cannon. Would he bring baggage, distrupt delicate balances, cause divides? The fears were unfounded. The former Ron Artest might have given some of the most bewildering (and awesome) post-game interviews you’ll ever come across but he also had his teammates’ backs. And, he may have put up some shots that were a few cards short of a full deck but he also made some serious game-winners.

Ultimately, Peace was known for his defense. And he’s lost a step, no doubt. Even so, opposing coaches reached for the Maalox when MWP locked down on one of their elites. Of course, there’s the budget and spread sheets and luxury cap and all that. So, enjoy the tax savings next time push comes to shove and a 260 lb raging bull isn’t there to help.

Peace out from the AP for Yahoo! Sports.

Walking down Metta memory lane by Dave McMenamin for ESPN.

Ben Rosales for Silver Screen and Roll examines the Lakers’ budget.

Drew Garrison for Silver Screen and Roll reports on Ryan Kelly’s rehab time table.

Mike Prada for SB Nation gives the Chris Kaman signing a barely passing grade.

Mike Trudell for the interviews Lakers strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco, aka Grass-Fed-Tim.

The Vegas summer league will include a championship component for the first time. Ben Bolch for the LATimes has the story.

The Lakers plan to use Nick Young at the small forward position, from JJ Baccari for Lakers Nation.


The Lakers summer league roster will take to the floor tonight for its first outing, facing the Cleveland Cavs. As always, there will be plenty of guys playing for a ticket to training camp in the fall and some will make it there and most won’t. It’s just one part of the league’s natural survival and evolutionary process of which there are many, including talent, desire, athleticism, skill sets, health and the almighty dollar sign. There’s more doors out of the league than there are in. And so another cycle begins, as it always does. So long, Metta. You rocked it.


Dave Murphy


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  1. Anyone else concerned that the plan is to play young at the 3 when it is obvious he is a 2?

    Do we really want a 6”4 Meeks starting at SG?

    That would make all 4 of our perimeter players small for their position – why not get a real SG and play with normal size at each spot.

    You dont neccessarily need to be small to play small ball


  2. Dave Murphy: “Personally, I think it’s a significant loss.” You and me both. It is a financial move. It was not done for basketball reasons. Add it to the list.
    Snoop: “D’Antoni rolls with the 48-minutes-or-bust philosophy. What do we need a backup for?” Now that is funny. True – and also funny.
    Keno: “I am in the distilled Spirits Business.” You never answered my question: Do you stock “Purity” yet? you should.
    Aaron: The pipedream is a bit far fetched for me, but we agree on so much else, I am going to go with it for a while. I have nothing else at present in LakerLand.
    rr: Interesting commentary with regard to Phil and Jim. To blend some of your scenarios together: The 14 team can’t win, so there is no use for Phil now. We go into the season with MD. About 2/3 through the season we make the inevitable sacrifice at the basketball alter. Phil walks in with no 14 expectations, but the 20-30 games gives him time to get his feet wet, get used to dealing with KB again, and sets him up to take part in the post 14 FA battles. If I combine this with Aaron’s pipedream – it gives me some hope.
    teamn: “I think that both Phil and Jim need to sit back and think about their own personal legacies.” I agree. And when they think about their legacies they will realize than one of them has a legacy and one of them doesn’t.


  3. Just got back from Atlanta and Chicago. I talked to numerous guys about the Lakers (girls I talked to about other stuff). Every single one of them was incredulous about the way we handled DH, the way we handled Phil, and the way the team is run. Trust me I did not need to lead them on in any way. Just merely identifying myself as a Laker fan brought it all out. I actually got a couple of free drinks out of pity. I felt pathetic. Although the drinks were nice.


  4. Robert no Purity is dist by Youngs they are the Miami Heat of booze I am now the Lakers. I will be with 3 ex players in Vegas this weekend. Should have some interesting talks. One is an ex- player and former GM. .


  5. Shaun – I’m pretty skeptical about that report, unless it’s specific small ball situations to score some fast points. I’m assuming we’ll sign a legit 3 before long.

    Robert – no shame in scoring some pity drinks on your travels. Well done.


  6. Mda didn’t know when mwp played defense, because he had never seen that before.

    Jokes aside, mwp was the only guy aside from fish and Shaquille who were not overwhelmed by Kobe.

    If they thought they had a better shot, they didn’t think twice about looking him off.

    You need that, especially when your coach is not strong enuf to take him on.