Lakers Beat The Clippers In Third Summer League Game

Rey Moralde —  July 15, 2013

Once again, we have to emphasize that this is a Summer League game.

Albeit a little more sloppy than their game against the Blazers, they beat the Clippers, 78-65, in the same manner they beat Portland. They were all over the place on both ends of the floor, especially with the pressure defense that seemed to get stronger as the game went on.

A few notes here and there…

*Chris Douglas-Roberts recovered nicely from his poor performance from yesterday. He mentioned that he sprained his ankle in the first game, which explained why he didn’t look so good in the second game. But he was out there attacking more towards the basket and playing a lot of point forward for the squad. His passes looked really on point today. He finished with 12 points and four assists.

*Elias Harris (who didn’t get a mention yesterday but not because he was horrible) continued to have energetic play from both sides. He finished with 12 points and four rebounds but his scrappiness seemed contagious.

*Marcus Landry once again had an excellent game, leading the way with 16 points and just did about everything on the court from defending the post to making cuts for easy baskets. It’s looking more and more likely that he’ll get a look from the Lakers in training camp.

*Lester Hudson showed his penchant for scoring again, going for 13 points. Unfortunately, while he has looked good this summer, I’ll once again say that there is simply no room for him on the squad unless the Jordan Farmar deal falls through.

*Once again, the Lakers have leaked out for fastbreaks, which has been a common occurrence this summer. Don’t expect that to happen too much with the current Laker squad (although it’d be entertaining to see Chris Kaman try).

The Lakers have really played a team brand of basketball, with lots of ball movement. Summer League is usually about individual numbers just so they can stand out and get a look from a team but it’s kind of refreshing to see this total teamwork from a Summer League team, especially from the Lakers.

Rey Moralde


to Lakers Beat The Clippers In Third Summer League Game

  1. This group plays good team-ball for a summer league team that wasn’t expected to do much. Landry & Snaer continue to play well. Hudson & Harris have played well all summer.We had a CDR sighting also as he finally showed up. He looked like the player we were expecting to see. Obviously the ankle is feeling better. Don’t know if any of these guys will be able to help us but the summer league has definitely helped several of them to improve their game.


  2. Landry has been solid in 3 games. Harris has good fundamentals. Smart makes the extra effort and Hudson shots it well from three. Roberts is too out of control for me won’t work on a team with Kobe and Nick don’t need another. Get LO and take a chance Tyrus.


  3. Goudelock, 31 points for Chicago.

    Hudson moves his feet and waves his hands as an illusion of active defense.

    I’m liking Landry, Snaer and Harris. CDR is playing easy out there. His poise might be misinterpreted as nonchalance. He’s getting to the right spots and making good passes.


  4. Harris played another great game. He dhowed all the intangibles that don’t show in a stat line and made his teammates better. This is a very inselfish squad and fun to watch because of their intensity..


  5. Not sure how guys like Goudelock and robinson cant find they way onto a roster – btoh guys are instant offense off the bench – even in last year playoffs goudelock show that if you give him 20 shots your going to get 20-30pts – not all guys can do that


  6. Off topic question:
    MWP is owed $7.7m this year, but was amnestied. The Lakers are currently contracted to pay $82.4m in salary, including MWP’s salary. The Luxury Tax level is $71.748m this year.

    Are the Lakers $3m over the Luxury cap for tax purposes or are they $10.7m over, i.e. does MWP’s base salary count against the club?

    Also, if they are $3m over, then they are below the $4m apron and some of the provisions change for next summer – like regaining the Bi-Annual and full Mid-Level exemptions. Do I read this correctly?


  7. From what I understand of cap rules, amnesty leaves the team on the hook to pay the amnestied player but it does not count against the cap or tax paid.

    There’s something in there about how much the player’s new team pays that is deducted from the Lakers’ portion too, but neither affect tax/cap stuff. For example, say MWP’s deal is $1.5m; the Knicks pay him 1.5, the Lakers pay him his 13-14 salary minus $1.5m, so their payout is something like $6.2m, none of which counts against the cap.

    On another note, it’s been noted that Trevor Ariza has signed with Rob Pelinka, Kobe’s agent. He’s just nearly long enough to be a D’Antoni stretch four and not be eaten alive defensively (LBJ/Paul Millsap/Duncan-types excepted), and while his jumper isn’t great, when you consider him a PF he’d be pretty deadly. Not saying it could happen, but I wouldn’t fight the idea if it did.