Around The World (Wide Web): Kobe Legacy, Hill, USA Hoops, Achilles

Ryan Cole —  August 13, 2013

From Corey Hansford, Lakers Nation:The legacy of Kobe Bryant is one that will last decades, and possibly even centuries. He will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers ever to play for the franchise and has cemented his spot as one of the best talents the NBA has ever seen. But for Bryant, that isn’t enough. Bryant doesn’t want his legacy to end at the basketball court. He wants it to extend to everybody in all walks of life, as he told a Manila Crowd while on his tour with Lenovo: “For me it’s bigger than playing basketball. Basketball is gonna be over one day. And when leave the game I wanna feel like I’ve left an imprint, or left a mark enough, where people, and not only basketball players, but lawyers, doctors or whatever the case may be, can have the same type of mentality in what they do, that I’ve had in what I’ve done.”

From Drew Garrison, Silver Screen & Roll: Los Angeles Lakers coach urged big man Jordan Hill to work on his jump shot this summer and become a stretch four, Hill told Dave McMenamin of ESPN: “He talked about what I need to work on for this coming summer,” Hill told “My jump shot, he definitely wanted me to work on my outside jumper.”…Only 32 percent of Hill’s field goal attempts came from outside of the paint, according to Here’s Hill’s shot chart from the 2012-2013 season: Hill averaged 6.7 points and 5.7 rebounds per game last season.The Lakers added depth to their frontcourt rotation with the addition of Chris Kamanwith their mini mid-level exception. They also drafted stretch big man Ryan Kelly out of Duke and signed Elias Harris two a two-year deal. Marcus Landry is also expected to have a guarantee with the Lakers and will be at Lakers training camp.

From Kurt Helin, Pro Basketball Talk: Kevin Durant and Kevin Love are in, but a number of Team USA’s biggest stars — LeBron James,Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony — were expected to sit out the 2014 FIBA World Championships in Spain. It was kind of expected that Kobe Bryant was done with his Team USA time after London last summer (he’s got two gold medals now), but after his Achilles injury nobody expected him to return. He made that official speaking in China, via Business Mirror. “I love competing but I will let the young guys play and represent the country,” said Bryant…“I had my fun playing, just leave the NBA championships to me,” added the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player.

From ESPN News Services: Kobe Bryant said Monday in the Philippines that his Achilles tendon is healing well. “My tendon feels really, really good. I was really lucky,” said Bryant, who was in Manila to promote a product. A video of Bryant’s question and answer session was posted on YouTube. The Los Angeles Lakers guard, who was standing on a stage answering the questions, made the comment after he was asked if he would like to sit down. Bryant tore his Achilles on April 12 and underwent surgery the following day. He credited his trainers for the success of his recovery. “The trainers go with me everywhere. Family vacations, business trips — they’re there all the time,” he said.

Ryan Cole


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  1. I don’t suppose anything will ever change how you feel towards MDA. I mean alot of people here loathe just the thought of him breathing. Whats the point.


  2. On to basketball:

    Jordan Hill has made it clear he can hit the 17-footer. He’s done that alot this year. In limited minutes he’s also proven to be a decent defender and a monster rebounder. Does this make him a three point threat all of a sudden? No. But he can always expand his game in order to be more effective. Does this make MDA a bad coach? Why should it? All he did was ask him to expand his game. Hill is limited offensively, he has no post moves other than a move or two after catching the offensive rebound. He has none going to the basket. But he has a face-up jumper. So he has a better shot at improving his range in one summer compared to suddenly being able to develop a full set of post moves.


  3. Warren Wee Lim: Hill does have good form and gets lift on his jumper but shot only 33% from 16-23 feet last year. Never took more than 2 a game from that range either. And never been good from 3 which is my definition of a stretch 4. Almost a lock to hover around 50% from mid range and a zone buster. Agree with your assessment that offensively it’s smarter to expand a part of his game that’s semi defined already than develop a post game from scratch. Interesting to see how the pf slot plays out.


  4. Warren,

    I laid it out pretty carefully. If the Hill/MDA thing is just ‘try to work on your J’ that’s fine. But if it’s ‘You are not going to play much unless you can be a Stretch 4’ that is not fine. Like I said, if we assume Pau is a 5, then Hill is the only 4 on the roster who has shown he can play in the league, and the Lakers need his rebounding. Given MDA’s history with Hill, this was worth noting.


  5. Jordan Hill.

    Herniated disk in lower back and hip surgery.

    Together with Pau Gasol’s knees, Kobe Bryant’s achilles tendon, Steve Nash’s entire body, and then take your pick between Jodie Meeks ankle or Steve Blake’s abdominal mystery…..

    Maybe the Lakers can put together one solid player from the parts that are still working.

    Add to that Coach Seven Seconds or Less Offense for 82 games.

    This is a train wreck.


  6. Warren and rr,

    I agree with your assessment of the Jordan Hill situation. He SHOULD work on his mid-range jump shot. But I don’t think he should take any shots beyond 18 ft. That’s just not his game. I’m assuming that that is what MDA encouraged him to do. Work on his shot. Period. If that’s what D’Antoni said…that’s OK.

    So…if Hill were to raise his 12-18 ft. FG percentge from 33% to, say, 40%, even that would have value. I don’t mean to over-play Hill’s importance but I think he could be critical to the team’s success and the chemistry of the starting 5 (if he starts). One thing for certain–the Lakers are going to need him. I’m convinced of that. Without Hill playing consistent minutes, the Lakers are going to have a huge hole at the PF position.


  7. pull up Hill’s shot chart for last year.
    yes. he doesn’t shoot a lot of jumpers, but he was money on threes from the top, right and left side(i know, small sample size, but he stunk from the corners, hit none) at 12/29. he was 6/15 from midrange, again not a bad shooter. he just needs to be a threat. he doesn’t need to be the designated shooter.

    i’m pretty comfortable with his outside shot, especially if he’s been practicing. i wouldn’t expect him to change his game that radically, and i don’t think D’Antoni has changing his game in mind. i think he should be ready to shoot when open, however. i want the team to be aggressive about scoring. in my opinon, guys need to match Kobe aggressiveness. once the energy is dialed up, you’ll start to see better defense.

    the Lakers haven’t been aggressive the last few years, players have just left the ball with Kobe after dinking around. i want to see blood and veins popping in my teeth offense. i want them to eat the other team alive. it’s not about athleticism, it’s about energy and effort. i think this year’s team can provide that.

    at this point in the year, nothing has happened and everything is possible. the heck with lowered expectations! the heck with protecting my feelings! i want a championship this year, and right now, i know i can have it, just maybe. when the season starts, if it doesn’t work again this year, oh well. it’s still better than being a Cubs fan.

    btw- congratulations to this blog’s leader!


  8. Mud,

    Hill only took 2 3s last year; he has shot only 9 in his career. He was 13/40 on long 2s last year and 2/5 on jumpers from around the FT line.


  9. From Hollywood Reporter’s feature on Jim and Jeanie (

    “But the Lakers need to acquire more than salary-cap room if they want to be in play for the league’s biggest superstars. “They’re living on the History channel,” says one free agent, meaning the team remains convinced that the attraction of playing for the Lakers in L.A. is enough. As one NBA agent notes: “The Lakers were built for a different era. Their personnel has been depleted and [research] infrastructure is outdated. It’s important to be in a major market, but not as important anymore. And they were always able to spend more than other teams. Now they can’t.” A longtime opposing assistant coach adds that free agents feel the Lakers’ track record is impressive but the team is not on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing, physical therapy or analytics. The sense is that institutional arrogance has caused a slow but evident decay. “It hurts to hear that,” says Jeanie, without contesting it.”


  10. Hill is essentially a small ball Center. He is a good player but, the Lakers really need a Stretch PF. If they are extremely lucky, Kelly will be able to fill that need. I would like to have Hill as a guy the team can put out on the court for a different look small ball line up vs Kamaan who sorta duplicates Pau. However, the Lakers really need to find a suitable PF for this team.


  11. rr- ok, i guess the NBA chart i saw was something else. that’s why i’m mud.

    i still think everyone’s panties in a knot is ridiculous.