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Ryan Cole —  August 26, 2013

From Ryan Ward, Lakers Nation: Former Sixth Man of the Year, Lamar Odom, has reportedly been missing for the last three days and feared to be using crack cocaine. Odom’s life continues to spiral out of control with the 33-year-old struggling to save his marriage with reality star, Khloe Kardashian. Although Odom remains missing, with all sorts of rumors floating around about what he may or may not be doing, a contact close to Odom in New York says the two-time NBA champion still wants to a member of the Los Angeles Lakers according to Jared Zwerling of via Twitter.

From Ben Bolch, LA Times: Alex Each always believes in Kobe.His wife might elbow him in the ribs if he didn’t; the first name of the Lakers’ biggest star is the middle name of the couple’s youngest son. So even things like Kobe Bryant’s uncertain return from a torn Achilles’ tendon, Dwight Howard’s departure and the absence of brand-name reinforcements can’t dampen the longtime Lakers fan’s enthusiasm for his favorite team.”Kobe has had more resurrections than any athlete I can remember,” said Each, 39, an electrical engineer from Fairfax, Va., who watches every Lakers game via NBA League Pass, even if it means TiVo-ing it and fast-forwarding through commercials well after midnight.

From Brett Polakoff, Pro Basketball Talk The Dwight Howard saga as it related to his decision to ultimately choose the Rockets over the Lakers in free agency has been well-chronicled, and it feels like we’ve heard just about all of the details surrounding the reasons for his departure. In short, Howard didn’t like the way he was being utilized in Mike D’Antoni’s offense, and his personality couldn’t have been more opposite to that of Kobe Bryant, which (along with all of the losing) made his time in Los Angeles extremely miserable. But if all of that somehow wasn’t clear by now, we have yet another report that Howard may have considered re-upping with the Lakers had they been ready to make the franchise his from day one — by removing those two components that made his time there so unpleasant.

From Michael C. Jones, Yahoo Sports: Before scratching the surface of who Los Angeles Lakers fans are, it’s important to understand who they aren’t. There’s a lot to loathe about those who often identify themselves as Lakers fans, yet repeatedly do things to disgrace the golden armor. These actions drive everyone (especially real fans) crazy and give the legitimate Purple and Gold faithful a bad name. In no way do the impostors’ actions constitute Lakers fandom, and it’s important to understand and establish a select few of their most egregious offenses moving forward.


Ryan Cole


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  1. I have heard from a media source that LO has actually been missing for a month. The source does not know anything about drug use. He just knows that when the Lakers and Clippers were talking to his agent a month ago, talking about getting him signed, even his agent could not reach him. I don’t have any other information but, I would not be at all surprised if the Kardashians have decided to “Humphries” LO and make him look bad to the audience of their shows and general image.

    Whatever the truth is, I wish LO luck in finding peace, health, and happiness.


  2. The Odom story is really sad. He seems like a sweet guy and was a hell of a player (at times). Even if his playing days are over, I hope he puts whatever demons he’s fighting behind him and has a long and happy life.


  3. It would be a nice thing if the Laker organization came out in support of Lamar and helped him through this time; even if this doesn’t mean he gets the last spot on the team this year.

    Drugs seemed to have dogged Lamar in the beginning of his career and may do so again at the end. In between, as a Laker, he seems to have flourished the most.


  4. If the lakers were able to show some support it would be great both for the fans that still love lamar for our championship stretch and for what it would show the rest of the league.

    Dwight wanted Kobe amnestied and Dantoni fired … we said no – we will be loyal to our own …. Lamar is having trouble we help him out.

    It would really show every other FA that we are serious about being a place you want to be – im sure everyone else in the league has figured out that howard is a douche and thats why he really left


  5. It is my understanding that the Lakers don’t know what is going on with Lamar. It’s a little hard to help a guy who has gone black.

    The Lakers fan in me would love to see our team gather around LO. Maybe if Phil can reach out, that could be a good move. Just keep in mind, we don’t know what is going on in LO’s life. It is understood that his wife’s family leaked this information about Lamar and they have their own agenda. I would love to see the Lakers be a part of LO finding his base but most important is that he is healthy and happy, however he finds it.


  6. If the rumors of struggles with substance abuse are true, then not signing Lamar to any deal is actually the best thing anyone can do for him. And before anyone else suggests that the Lakers or Clippers should do this or that for Lamar, remember that the NBA has rules in place in terms of what teams can and cannot “offer” to free agents. Offering Lamar physical or mental health help/benefits not covered by the NBA player’s insurance could be interpreted as offering him a cash benefit opening a whole can of worms no one wants to deal with.

    The only organization that has the right (and in my opinion the obligation) to try and help Lamar here is the NBA Players Association. Hopefully, some of Lamar’s friends and ex-teammates reach out to the NBAPA and request assistance on his behalf. Having said that, remember that it is hard to help an addict/person with substance abuse problems if they do not recognize they have a problem in the first place.

    Unfortunately, the Lakers’ hands are tied in terms of what they can do for a free


  7. In retrospect, drug use would explain the sharp decline after his 6th man of the year award. I wonder if the trigger point was the failed CP3 trade. This is sad. Very sad. I hope the rumors are untrue.


  8. Just a shame if the reports are true. Lamar’s personal tragedies are well known and I have made fun of him professionally but this is serious and I hope he overcomes his current demons.


  9. If anything, drugs would have started back upon marrying a Kardashian.


  10. Let’s hope Lamar can sort out his issues, for his sake and that of his friends and family.

    Basketball is secondary at this point, maybe for the foreseeable future, but that’s how it should be until he gets himself back in order.


  11. what a waster


  12. rr,
    from the previous thread:
    thanks for the reading reference, I´ll be checking it out


  13. If the rumors turn out to be accurate, it definitely saddens me to see L.O. going through an ordeal such as this. Being a New Yorker, I followed him (along with Ron Artest, Chamique Holdsclaw and countless others from the Q Boro) throughout his early, developmental years of basketball at Christ The King High, the AAU Circuit and at Rhode Island College. With his size and ball handling ability, he was viewed as a ‘Lefty Magic’ on the black-tops of Queens and throughout the city.

    I’m in agreement with all within this thread that it would be good to see one of the premier franchises in all of sports step up and assist Lamar in his time of need. However, this assist shouldn’t have anything to do with him adorning the Forum Blue and Gold uniform again because, as Chris J stated, “Basketball is secondary at this point .. ”

    Crack?? Say it ain’t so L.O.