Lakers sign sharpshooting veteran Shawne Williams

Daniel Rapaport —  September 4, 2013

On Tuesday, GM Mitch Kupchak announced the signing of Shawne Williams, a 6’9” forward who can play either forward spot, to a 1-year contract for the minimum. The contract is only partially guaranteed.

The 27-year old Williams will be reunited with Coach Mike D’Antoni, under whom who had his best season in 2010-11 while playing for the Knicks. The former first-round pick out of Memphis (17th overall to Indiana) averaged 7.1 points a game that year while shooting an impressive 40% from behind the arc.

With the recent report from ESPNLA’s Dave McMenamin that second-round pick Ryan Kelly is behind schedule in his rehabilitation from multiple foot procedures, this signing makes a whole lot of sense. Williams, if focused (he’s been charged twice for marijuana offenses, most recently in February), could morph into the three-point shooting stretch forward that MDA envisioned in Kelly. That is, if he makes the team- Williams will likely compete with recently signed forward Elias Harris as well as Kelly and Marcus Landry, both of whom are expected to sign, for the final roster spots.

It’s hard to believe that the Lakers, despite being able to carry as many as 15 players during the season, would be willing to take on TWO underachieving first-rounders with a weed problem, so it’s safe to assume that the Lakers will not be a player in the Michael Beasley sweepstakes.

Daniel Rapaport


to Lakers sign sharpshooting veteran Shawne Williams

  1. Re: Beasely

    He is a Vastly overrated talent because he is really 6-7 and isn’t athletic for his size. If he was really 6-9 the guy would be an all star.


  2. We definitely need more sharpooters on the team. 🙂


  3. Beasley is a fallback if Kelly isn`t ready to go in Oct.


  4. @Aaron some pretty flawed logic if you ask me. He is definitely at least 6-9. As for athleticism, he was able to do a number on LA back in January:

    Looked pretty agile to me. He isn’t an All-star because he clearly has some focus issues and hasn’t shown he can show up every game. Having said that, Lakers should absolutely take a chance on him. Beasley > Williams in my opinion. I see no harm in signing him to a non-guaranteed contract if he agrees. Low risk and a potentially rewarding signing. If not they can cut him with minimal loss.

    Edit: meant this as a reply to Aaron, not Ed.


  5. Rusty Shackleford September 4, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    I was hoping that Earl Clark would have been back. He would have been the perfect candidate to bring back the Michael Cage greas-ass jheri curl.


  6. Lakers and the beaze isn’t being shot? Damn you Greg kinnear


  7. MDA knows Williams and Rambis knows Beasley,so have to go with their evaluation.


  8. The beasley vid was great -look he is at a minimum a rotation player – remember the suns themselves were terrible last year + beasley has never played with a good team -I still think he would be a great addition


  9. Shawne Williams…sharpshooter? Don’t recall reading that before.


  10. Well with that the Lakers have a stretch PF. Like or hate the signing the Lakers finally addressed the biggest glaring roster problem.


  11. The Lakers are transforming into an offensive team. I like this because we’re finally settling for an identity rather than force ourselves to be defensive specialists when we’re actually not. The roster last season was a carryover of the 2-time-champ Triangle Lakers. When they decided to not hire Brian Shaw and hire Mike Brown instead, it was clear that the Lakers are already transitioning from 1 roster to another. From 1 system to another.

    One season and 5 regular season games later, we were set to do another transition. This time without the training camp and without the benefit of the players that is needed to run a system. We needed shooters, we didn’t have them. We needed alot of things that we don’t have.

    This summer, losing Dwight was one thing. But it leads to a more-defined role on offense. Gasol can finally play center without worry of being bumped off in the post. Chris Kaman is willing to come off the bench for any role, beside Pau or alternating for Pau. That alone creates harmony and role-definition.

    Jordan Hill is a do-it-all guy. A hustle guy if you may. He has shown ability to knock an 18-footer consistently so he would fill in nicely to our team for 25mpg per night. The recent addition of Shawne Williams is nothing to write home about, but he fills in a skillset that we need to complete our roster. Al Harrington woulda been nice here.

    Small Forward has left a void since MWP left. One can argue he was loved more than Dwight Howard. A moment with Metta is a lifetime with Dwight. Thats how I feel. But the position itself warrants minutes from Wesley Johnson (a more natural 3 than Swaggy P) and of course Kobe, when he comes back may actually play some SF. In the meantime, the aforementioned Nick Young can fill minutes in this position, as well as some from Shawne Wililams.

    SG is a tricky position. By default this is Nick Young’s for now. He is an offensive guard that has decent size, he looooooves to shoot even if they are bricks at times. This is a position thats his to lose (even with Kobe coming back) and I can foresee some shooting range of Steve Blake in spot minutes here.

    PG play is most important. I agree to the notion that before the season ends, Jordan Farmar will be the team’s best PG. That means Nash’s minutes will be very limited due to age and injury. Its nice to know that Steve Blake is still here as well to fill in whatever need, though I have a feeling he will be traded along with cash during the trade deadline for a TPE.

    Overall, we’re not beating the Heat or Thunder just yet. Who knows what kind of Spurs or Clippers team comes out this year, and neither can we sift through the defense of Indiana and Memphis. But after that, I like our chances against the good teams on paper like Rockets, Warriors, Nuggets or Knicks.



    NBA veteran Lamar Odom, in headlines recently for his alleged drug use, has checked into a rehabilitation center, according to a report on


  13. Excellent post Warren,

    I think with all the restraints Mitch had going against him to assemble this year’s team he has done a good job of getting guys to plug into MDA’s system. There are improvements to be made possibly with some later trades but I feel the Lakers have assembled a roster that should be able to manufacture some wins and play cohesively. This team may not be as talented as some previous Laker teams but, it does have an identity which has been lacking post Phil jackson.


  14. Well with that the Lakers have a stretch PF.

    Under D’Antoni’s system, this would seem to be the case. If so, unfortunately, I believe that Jordan Hill will be the individual who will see his mins drastically reduced.

    He has shown ability to knock an 18-footer consistently ..

    Personally, I wouldn’t use the word “consistently” .. “Occasionally” seems to be a more accurate reflection.

    On a positive note, good to see my NYC brethren L.O. taking that second step towards getting his life back in order. Wish him the best of luck.


  15. don’t the lakers have to be under the cap for two years straight in order to avoid paying the repeat offender fine? if that’s the case, then i’m thinking we’ll be saying goodbye to steve blake sometime between now and the trade deadline. gets us under the cap for this year, likely staying within the cap in 2014, and by 2015 we’ll likely be back over again (assuming the lakers have completed or come close to completing their “reload”).

    mentioning this because, even if we don’t have the most talented roster, it’s looking more balanced than it has in the recent past. and since blake isn’t gonna be a big part of our future, it makes sense money and basketball wise to clear him out to give farmar more room.