Lakers/Clippers: Opening Day Stunner

Rey Moralde —  October 29, 2013

Guys, I can’t comprehend this. And this is Opening Day!

Mostly picked by people (including me) to not make the postseason, the Los Angeles Lakers stunned one of the West favorites, the Los Angeles Clippers, 116-103.

It was already strange for me that the Lakers kept up with the Clippers in the first three quarters. Even when the Clippers went on that predictable run early in the third to go up, 63-55, the Lakers stayed close and took the lead after two Steve Blake threes.

Early in the game, I was pained by Steve Nash’s play. Nash is one of my favorite players of all-time but he looked slow and didn’t seem automatic with his beautiful shot anymore. He even got called for a double dribble violation.

But Pau Gasol’s play in the first half was quite pretty. He played better in this first half than seemingly all of last season. Pau showed it all from his hook shot to his feathery jumpshots that included a three-pointer. Gasol had 15 points and 13 boards in the contest.

The biggest surprise was the fourth quarter 41-point explosion by the Lakers. The Jordans (Farmar and Hill), Jodie Meeks, and Xavier Henry all played huge in the last 12 minutes (including defensively! WHAT?); the bench did so well that the starters never returned in the fourth. Xavier Henry led the way with 22 points, which, I’m sure, shocked everybody (hey, guys, let’s try to come up with a pun that has something to do with INSANITY!). Farmar’s confidence was never in question but his play on the court was excellent, going for 16 points and six assists. Jordan Hill snared seven of his eight rebounds on the offensive end and added 12 points. Even though Wesley Johnson took a lot of ill-advised shots, he made a big three that put the Lakers up eight. Meeks added 13 to the cause.

Repeat after me. Xavier Henry led the Lakers with 22 points. Eh?! And the Lakers bench had a whopping 76 points. Astonishing.

The Clippers looked comfortable… and then they got too comfortable. DeAndre Jordan (17 points and 11 rebounds) and Blake Griffin (19 points) jams were jarring as usual. Chris Paul was a wizard on setting his teammates up (11 assists) and J.J. Redick shot the lights out early (13 points). But the Lakers showed more tenacity and fed off a Staples Center crowd that got louder as the night went on. It felt like Mick Foley won the WWE title for the first time.

The Lakers aren’t going to go 14 for 29 behind the arc all the time. But that effort from the team is all we ever asked for. They outrebounded the Clippers, 52-40. And the 11 Laker players that played brought it and defended their house. If they keep giving that effort and determination, this team will be exponentially more fun than last season’s.

Yes, we didn’t give this squad much of a chance to make the postseason. But for tonight, the Lakers are undefeated. And tonight was an unbelievably fun night. One of the more memorable opening Laker games in recent memory.

Rey Moralde


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  1. Patrick Dimalanta October 29, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Just an awesome, awesome win. It was so much fun to see Farmar,Henry,Meeks,Johnson and Hill with so much effort and energy int he 4th quarter. Very inspired performance.

    I agree about Nash, he looked old and played old.

  2. Youth, energy talent, teamwork, heart & hustle.The Bench Mob is our greatest asset.

  3. So so so proud of the boys tonight. From the start of free agency, I was begging for us to take a flier on Xavier Henry. The only mistake was not doing a 2nd year option. Time to look for scenarios to get some value for Nash. Farmar and Blake look perfectly capable of carrying the load at PG.

  4. We can’t expect this every game, but this was sure fun. Live by the 3, die by the 3 will cost us some games this year. However, we are who we have to be. It looks like maybe Steve Nash can get some run tomorrow night – thanks to the bench mob.

  5. nash = bibby in his last 2 years;
    this team is much better without Howard. don’t miss his pouting and missed freethrows

    xavier henry = harden, very much a keeper
    2 steves at the same time , doesn’t seem nice

  6. man I knew it…..but I only felt they would win because of chemistry and I feel that chemistry goes a long way compare to anything else…….and tonight it showed they love playing with each other the bench made starters look like bench players… this is so amazing….it may be one game but I do not see lakers 7 or 8……I see 4 to 6……but depends on health if health is real good this year I can see 3rd in west call me crazy but this is what I think……I am not sure about the playoffs because the young guns are so young they may play good for game 1 and game 2 but once other teams figure how to guard them it will be problems but this is where henry and young should help by drawing fouls…..I know its one game but I got big hope for this team

  7. This is why there are more Lakers Fans than any other NBA team. This is Lakers Pride. This team probably won’t make it to conference semi-final, but it will be entertaining. Go Lakers!

  8. One thing for sure. The Clippers will not sweep the Lakers this season.

  9. This was pure Dantoni ball. Success through giving players freedom and fostering chemistry by having enough pass first players who don’t lead with their egos. This is very much like what that the 2010 Suns looked like (actually not coached by Dantoni) or like the 2006 suns that were coached by Dantoni and succeeded in part because Amare was out for the whole year.

    Take away a chemistry killer like Dwight and Dantoni can do a lot. Will be interesting to see what happens when Kobe returns.

  10. Much better feel this year to start than last season. The team made the extra pass all night and made the defense pay for leaving them open. Lakers looked like the much younger and hungrier team tonight. I feel like everything in this game the Lakers did can be easily duplicated. Now hopefully they keep playing the same way and build upon this.

  11. xavier henry is the Professor X or Mr. X Factor.

  12. Title shouldn’t be opening stunner, it should be “opening nite statement”.

    Many people were not surprised by Lakers beating Clips tonite. I posted this was possible and in fact likely. Expected Lakers to win, and play well during this season.

    Lakers players are competing for contracts next season. That should not be dismissed.
    Jordan Farmar has potential to be CP3’s equal this season. (seriously – no typo, drugs or alcohol)

    Lakers season will be determined by Farmar not Nash.

  13. Ok now let’s think. Lakers are better then 12th and Clips may have hired the wrong coach. Doc’s offense in Boston was slow down and set it up. Hence the issues with Rondo. Doc took a fast breaking team run by Paul and slowed it down and made Chris ordinary. This is and will be a Clipper issue all year.

    That being said Nash looks terrible. The bench is good but not 76 points good. Warriors are not the Clips and with Nash and Young starting they will run the Lakers off the floor.

    This can be a 45 to 48 win team and Farmar, Hill and Henry should be starting. Clips will have issues and expect split between Doc and Chris.

    Great win and a much more fun team to watch then the mess of last year. If this team keeps running they can be .500 when Kobe returns but please don’t expect 76 bench points and 42 point 4th quarters against GS or Spurs. Let’s be happy with putting Clips in their place and happy for the 1st time in 8 years we have a point guard that beats the refs down the court.

  14. You almost imagine a basketball version of The Producers — a team everyone hoped would tank and get a lottery spot instead ruins everything by winning all over the place.

  15. Is it time for Nash to play more minutes with the second string? He could still start, but more minutes with the opposing teams second string on the floor might help him out.

    Farmer definitely looks at home in DA wide open offense.

  16. Dr. Buss probably imagined the team more like tonights squad, when he agreed to hire D’Antoni. I just wish I could’ve heard Chick call this one. Heck, even Ireland!

    I like how Farmar handled himself tonight. It shows the Laker bench can hold their own (and more) vs opposing benches. We’ll have to see if they can replicate that without the home crowd.

    Also Nick Young still hasn’t really left his black hole ways…

  17. That was a FUN GAME. The best Lakers game in a long time. You can throw out all of last season. That was painful. This Lakers team played FEARLESSLY. They pinned their ears behind their head and went for it. I LOVED IT. They played TEAM BALL. Look at all the selfless passing they did. WOW! LOOK AT THE DEFENSE! WOW! This is shaping up to be a much better team than last year. PAU is in his NATURAL POSITION OF CENTER! YEAH! We have YOUTH! Look at how fast they played! Jordan Farmar has MATURED! YEAH! If we can develop our young players LOOK OUT LEAGUE! There was a LOVE FOR THE GAME that I haven’t seen in the last two years. Go LAKERS!

  18. Great win! Great effort!
    I don’t have any illusions that this means this team is going anywhere, but
    I think it’s going to be fun to watch their effort and heart and passion on most nights.
    Something that was severely lacking last year.
    In some ways I enjoy watching the Lakers more when the expectations aren’t so high.
    In years when it’s championship or bust, I’m like Jerry West and can barely stand to
    watch the games.

    As far as the Clippers go, I think they thought the Lakers were just going to roll over.
    Blake Griffin really looks like he worked hard all summer…on his tan.
    Still no sign of a post game and his free throws haven’t improved.
    Going into the season the knock was that they can score, but can’t play defense, and
    it showed tonight. While they might win a lot of games, they aren’t going anywhere in
    the playoffs, unless Doc can fix that.


  19. that’s what i’m talking about baby…eat your heart out clippers coz lakers will once again the king of staples center….go lakers!!!

  20. When you look at each player, the Lakers actually have 4 Lottery Pick Players and 10 First-Round Draft Picks spanning the years 1996 to 2010.

    Six of the First-Round Draft Picks are from 2006 and more recent years – thus are still in their primes or entering their primes.

    Thus, this Lakers team was built as if the Lakers kept most of their first-round draft picks through the years and traded up.

    With further development – particularly defensively with the help of Kurt Rambis, and with the easy going offense which allows younger players to play their best without so much stress from D’Antoni, this Lakers team may surprise people with how good they can actually be.

    Notice how the group of players which throughly beat the Clippers are the Lakers’ young in-their-prime 1st Round Picks plus Jodie Meeks. These guys are primed to do their best work over this and the next few years.

    Lakers Roster:

    Kobe Bryant, SG – 1st Round #13 1996
    Steve Nash, PG – 1st Round #15 1996
    Pau Gasol, PF/C – 1st Round #3 pick 2001
    Chris Kaman, C – 1st Round #6 2003
    Steve Blake, PG – 2nd Round #38 2003
    Shawne Williams – 1st Round #17 2006
    Jordan Farmar, PG – 1st Round #26 2006
    Nick Young, SG – 1st Round #16 2007
    Jordan Hill, C – 1st Round #8 2009
    Jodie Meeks, SG – 2nd Round #41 2009
    Wesley Johnson, SG – 1st Round #4 2010
    Xavier Henry, SG – 1st Round #12 2010
    Robert Sacre, C – 2nd Round #60 2012
    Ryan Kelly, PF – 2nd Round #48 2013
    Elias Harris, SF – Undrafted 2013

    # Lottery Draft Picks = 4
    # 1st Round Draft Picks = 10
    # 2nd Round Draft Picks = 4
    # Undrafted = 1

  21. What about Xavieezy?

  22. A few thoughts…

    – It’s FARMAR. Not Farmer. If the dude plays this well let’s get his name right.

    – One game does not a career make, but I think Xavier Henry might be somewhat a revelation and certainly is a very real NBA quality player.

    – Nick Young must be stopped. Dear god. I hope he just doesn’t take more off the table than he puts on it.

    – I hoped this years team would be like the post-Magic, pre-Kobe/Shaq teams of the nineties. Nobody thought they were a title contender, but they were fun as hell to root for (especially the Eddie Jones/Van Exel teams). I’ll take a team that likes and roots for each other any day over a supposed title contender with an overrated baby like Dwight Howard.

    – I’m not gonna get used to nights like tonight, but damn if I’m not going to enjoy them when they happen. Too much fun!

  23. That is more like it… I have missed having a team that I was not emberassed to cheer for! I hope my main man Nash will find his wheels during the season. I think his influence off the court is part of why the team is clicking like it is. But I saw him hold his back several times during the game, and that has always been his weak spot, so that worries me.

    If this team is to fly higher than expectations, then Nash will have to produce just a bit of magic on a nightly basis.

  24. Even though it’s just for a day; as of now, Lakers are top of the Pacific Division, top of the Western Conference, and top of the League. Keep it up guys. Go Lakers!!!

  25. Not to mention Xavier has a 32.85 PER. Lebron? 19.96.

  26. The bench this year is full of guys that can not only shoot, but can also dribble penetrate and put a lot of pressure on defenses. This team will make a lot of stat geeks, heads’ explode as a result of their ability to shoot a low percentage yet still put up a lot of points due to the volume which they put up shots. The formula wont always work, but when it does, like it did last night, it will be a thing of beauty! Opposing teams will not look forward to playing the Lakers this year because they will have the ability to quickly get back into games with hot shooting, and will be able to run out lineups where every player has to be accounted for on offense. I am loving the versatility that this squad can bring to the table!

  27. Just watching the game now (yea, time difference sucks). That blown layup by Young in the opening is sad to see. He was way to noncelant about it and didn’t get back on defense before Clips swing it once and find an open shot… I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come.

  28. The Dane,
    Please don’t comment until you have watched the entire game.
    Everyone played well last night.

  29. why ain’t people(ESPN) (TNT Barkly etc) MagicJohnson etc changing their opinion on D’Antoni!? He has repeatedly demonstrated that his system is not about star power in the starting lineup but a capable bench.

  30. Joe: this is true and those same players got to all the loose balls too.

    Nice to have a change of tempo off the bench and what a difference Farmar makes. I said when he was signed he’s going to be a frontrunner for 6th man. If he leads the bench the way he did last night he’ll win it.

  31. That was…fun. Fun for the fans, and fun for the players. Guys on the floor & bench were all having a good time. Veteran stars, journeymen, rookies, everyone. A win can do that, but when so many players have an opportunity to touch the ball, a win WILL do that. Don’t expect it every day, but yesterday was…fun. 🙂

  32. I have a thought — how about Kobe starting in place of Nash, with Blake at the 2? Kobe goes into distribution mode with the 1st string and swaps to Meeks’ spot when he plays with the 2nd unit. With either unit, if the other team rotates off him, can you think of anyone else on the team who would be deadlier? His footwork, shooting acumen, and strength to the basket would kill if not double teamed. He could even retain some of his energy to play defense on the other end, i.e. he might be the first man back in a lot of situations. Kobe averages 10+ assists and remains the assassin. Sounds like a younger Steve Nash with some defense. Deadly — and demoralizing to the opponent.

    Kobe-Pau, Pau-Kobe, Kobe-Kaman, Kaman-Kobe, Kobe-Young, Famar-Kobe, Kobe-slashing Johnson

  33. Pau and Nash looked like proud parents in the 4th quarter. The great 3-point shooting won’t always be there and the energy level against the hated LA rival is probably hard to match during road games in Charlotte and Milwaukee, but this team will be really fun to watch if they build upon that first game.

    Xavier Henry = Earl Clark 2.0

  34. I think Kurt Rambis – as the defensive coach – has a large effect on how the Lakers play well together.

    Defense is where the players have to communicate with each other so they can cover each other. Teamwork is absolutely necessary on defense.

    Farmar and the other Lakers are so much more willing to defend, it is a joy to see.

    Since this is a contract year for nearly everyone, the offense can easily suffer when each player will try to get their stats selfishly. It is the defense that allows the players to play as a team.

  35. Game: Incredible. Fantastic. I am shocked
    Team: Yes – some stuff is not sustainable, however the energy and confidence level was quite impressive. They were ready to play.
    Rivers: While the Lakers were ready to play, the Clips simply were not. I have been complimenting Rivers on his abilities, and this was certainly not his finest hour.
    MD: When your team comes out and plays like that on opening day, the coach deserves some significant credit.

  36. JFarm
    The X(avier) Factor
    Jodie Bricks

  37. Someone please tell Doc Rivers that while he had the Clippers covering Laker banners they should have been covering the Laker’s Bench Mob!

  38. Was it just me but It felt weird watching an opening game with out Kobe (damn you MDA!!!). Oh and that Sa-vee-yey Henry dude can play. Why is he not on my fantasy team.

    And it’s nice to see the usual suspects back on board again. Looks like Steve Nash will be Kens new whipping boy for the season. And how I miss the Kobe alerts.

  39. or should I say Jodie Bricks no more.

  40. Savvy-Yay Henry!

    Props to Jayz.

  41. Keno–

    “Clips may have hired the wrong coach. Doc’s offense in Boston was slow down and set it up. Hence the issues with Rondo. Doc took a fast breaking team run by Paul and slowed it down and made Chris ordinary. This is and will be a Clipper issue all year.”

    Could not agree more. The Clippers of the Paul years have been run-and-fun-and-gun, and last night they absolutely looked like the plodding, methodical–yet effective–Celtic teams that Glenn* coached. The problem with that effective offensive scheme is that it worked for that Celtic team because you had two guys that could flat-out get buckets at any time in Pierce and Allen.

    What I saw last night looked like last year’s Laker squad–the wrong personnel in what has been before a workable, winning scheme. And in the Lakers, I think we saw what D’Antoni’s scheme looks like with his sort of players. Interesting contrast.

    * By the way, he’s “Glenn” until he stops committing coaching malpractice.

  42. he’s smarter than he looks. i’m talking about coach d’antoni. at least for the last couple of games the laker 2nd unit provides the spark and the stark contrast to the starting unit and coach d recognizes and utilitizes this tactic to offset not only the flow of the game presented by the starters but an impetus for winning. at least for now, this works. kudos to the coaching staff.

    only need to say this once: coach doc is trying to create structure for his team; a team, whose core is made up by unstructured players. good luck to that.

    Go lakers

  43. happy as a pig in sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Mitch did an excellent job, after Dwight’s departure, assembling this team. Especially with the financial constraints that he faced. So although he couldn’t acquire top tier Free Agents, what he did was acquire depth; and it felt good seeing D’Antoni put that depth to use last night. 11 individuals saw floor action (like he promised in the off-season). With 7 of them scoring in double digits. The offense was free flowing, the effort was definitely there and everyone seemed to contribute (stand outs for me were Hill and Farmar). Of course it’s only 1 game (the season opener at that) but I hope to see this for the rest of the season.

  45. Now that my euphoria has come down some I think a little more clearly. For the first time since Phil was on the bench the Lakers have an identity. No matter what some of us may think about D’Antoni he has finally given this team his face. All 12 players know what they are trying to do. All 12 are on the same page. Most importantly the team has players who can actually run Mike’s offense.

    Now that doesn’t mean our guys are world beaters. They were 14/29 from three last night. But we can’t expect that kind of clip on a nightly basis. Plus, Xavier Henry is basically an unknown quantity. As more games are played and teams watch film on him it will be interesting to see if he can keep his production level up. Earl Clark eventually came back to Earth last season after exploding out of nowhere. Teams figured him out.

    I do think last night’s game made more of a statement about the Clippers. As of now, they are not the team they thought they were. Until either Griffin or Jordan gets a reliable post game they are not going far in the playoffs. Griffin needs to diversify his game in a major way. And it doesn’t look like he’s done that.

  46. Yeah – compared to last season – Dantoni’s use of the bench is a good sight to see. He killed his started last year and a lot of people thought he killed amare’s career by overplaying him in pheonix.

    Maybe he has finally learned his lesson.

  47. I’m happier than Robert on Phil Jackson’s birthday, rr when Craig gets something wrong and Aaron when his guesses turn out to be right…. that was an amazingly fun game. Only 81 more to go.

  48. Great effort by the Laker bench!! I’m a little disappointed in the play of Steve Nash, but other than that, I was very encouraged by the game. Xavier Henry and the rest of the bench showed up big time. And although Wes Johnson missed almost everything, I thought his shots were within the flow of the offense and he was wide open on most of them.

    The defensive identity of the team changed entirely with Jordan Hill at the center. Lob City was shut down by his presence and by the quickness of the Lakers’ small ball team.

    Good start to say the least. The Clippers may have added perimeter shooting with Reddick and Dudley, but they have lost some defensive tenacity with the departures of Bledsoe and Butler.

    Definitely some great things to build on. Everyone that played contributed. Really liked Shawn Williams taking exception to those hard Clipper fouls and letting them know about it. Loved the enthusiasm and togetherness on the Lakers’ bench! Go Lakers!

  49. There is no “we” in expecting this team to do poorly this year. I’ve been calling the Lakers to get to the play offs for a while now. As I’ve said before this years team is deeper then it has been in years. I’ve also been predicting an early play off departure as I believe the Lakers starters are not as good as they have been in a while. In the play offs rotations tend to shorten and it becomes more about who has the best starting 5. If the lakers bench can keep replicating this against other elite teams though I may have to revise my post season prediction.

  50. I agree with MDA, some of the Clipps playing big minutes, ran out of steam in the 4th.It helped that the bench played with energy and intensity. The big ?,are we going to be 2-1 or 1-2 after the first 3 games. Got to get to the line and hit the FF every night.

  51. Still buzzing after last night win, i dont believe the 76 point bench production is sustainable but i can think of 4 guys coming off the bench that should be around double digits in points for game that is huge. Is is just me? Or Doc is the most overrrated coach in the NBA? He is treated like the second coming of Red Auberbach. His lone championship ring was with a team that was the ample favorite to win the title that season, that was supposed to be the dinasty that never was. Like i said in other post, Phil would had won 4 rings if he had KG,Pierce,Rondo and Allen. He slowed down the Clippers offense and all the talk about his defense has not translated on the court. He looked hysterical not in control of his team and it looks like the team kinda tuned him out at the end. It was so satisfiying to see that arrogant smug smile wiped off his face. During one of the time outs sound butes he was telling his team that they were so good they were making it harder on themselves. What an arrogant overrated POS.

  52. D.A was one of the coaches for the Olympic team….must be a reason…love the fact he left the bench in to finish the job!!

  53. Or that Doc will never win one without Thibodeau by his side. Don’t forget that.

  54. @ warren that too lol, hugely overrated, after the stunt he pulled with our beloved banners i hope he crash and burn with that team, btw Griffin havent improved a bit since his rookie season.

  55. Until either Griffin or Jordan gets a reliable post game they are not going far in the playoffs. Griffin needs to diversify his game in a major way. And it doesn’t look like he’s done that.

    Well said T. Rogers. I’m in total agreement and stated as much during last night’s game thread. The best attributes about these 2 individuals are that they’re highly athletic. However, requisite basketball skills (free throws, offensive post moves, ball handling, mid-range jumpers, .. ) are something that they’re severally lacking. Catching alley-oops (however spectacular) won’t get you far come playoff time. Hitting free throws will.

  56. Game: Still amazed
    Clippers: I am glad to see the pure hatred for them in some of these posts. I have said all along. Yankees don’t like Mets, Cubs don’t like White Sox, and Lakers don’t like Clippers. There are no second favorite teams and none of this rooting for LA, unless it is the Lakers.
    Tonight: I would have said there is absolutely no chance being a back to back on the road, but I am just going to watch and see what happens.
    Kobe Alerts: They will return !!!
    MannyP: I tried to get that made a national holiday, but it did not work. And look – you got Fern all stirred up on the Phil thing : )

  57. Great effort by the 2nd unit. Some things I noticed:

    1) Farmar needs to play defense consistently. He has mental lapses. When he’s on CP3 it was all business. Against a lesser opponent (Collison, no offense, but you are less than CP3), he missed switches and fell asleep defending the 3 point ball.

    2) Agree with you on Nash. He’s lost a spring in his step. Nash should still start given the slower tempo of the 1st string, but he needs to be the first player subbed. Let him heal up and get those soft tissues functioning at 100%!

    3) Henry brings a lot of athleticism and different offensive looks to the game. He can hit the deep, break guys off the dribble, get to the line, and finish. Wow!

    4) Johnson played a great defensive game neutralizing Griffin in the 4th. He can probably use some practice on jump shots, but other than that, he played well. Better than Williams.

  58. unlikely we have many games where we shoot 30 threes and make half of them, but it was awesome to behold last night (and i couldn’t have picked a better team to pull that off gainst).

    love the tempo of our 2nd unit. gonna be tough for any other bench in the league to match that.

    also love the chemistry of our team thus far (seeing the starters cheering for each play in the 4th was great). hopefully we can keep up the positive vibes and fighting spirit win or lose.

  59. Great game by the boys last night specially the bench..hopefully they can bring the same energy on a back to back tonight.

  60. Lakers played well. I am confident that Farmar will become a top 10-15 PG in the league. I think Henry will struggle a little bit against long defenders. I liked the fact that their were only a few times where there was a guard isolation. The movement was very good by the team (credit D’antoni) and Jordan hill tipping the ball to teammates should be a norm this year. I also thought Wes played well defensively, there were a few times he got posted up too deep but good nonetheless. Pau rebounded really well! Rebounding is going to be the key to our success because all these long shots will have long rebounds also. We need to Gang rebound and demoralize the other teams with three pointers once that happens.

  61. Watching last night on TNT was strange as a Lakers game has ever been. For the time I felt what the fan bases of other franchises must as the announcers and half time guys did their best to paint this as Clippers game against the Lakers. A stars league indeed.

    Still, two things particularly rubbed me the wrong way about how this Clippers team is being framed (on here as well). Reggie Miller kept on talking about how Doc has directed Chris Paul to be the distributor… As if this wasn’t the game plan of every team and every coach Paul’s ever had. Yet I also question this line about the Clippers personnel don’t match Doc’s schemes. JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford, Jared Dudley? Place these two guys next to Chris Paul and you have trios of outside playmakers capable of the same offensive output as Allen, Pierce, and Rondo. My surprise was that Paul did not force his offense more in Q4 like we’ve seen him do in the past.

    Second is this meme about Griffin/Jordan not working on their game over the summer. I’ll buy the critique of Griffin’s jump shot, but his post game looked great. There was a sequence of two consecutive plays where he tore up Kamen, and another where he took it to JHill (DeAndre also had a nice post up turn around over Hill that deserves accolades–he would never make that shot last year).

    Free throws and 20ft jumpers did Griffin in. And save the missed freebies, the outside shot is not a flaw in his game, but the offensive approach of the team. Griffin only received the ball at the post several times throughout the game. Whether that was an issue of his positioning or team play calling is something to watch going forward. But Griffin and Jordan had tremendous games, and we’re nitpicking for some reason. As a Lakers fan I hate to spend so much analysis on two Clippers, but I was thoroughly impressed with both Griffin and Jordan’s execution.

    I would speak about the Lakers superlative performance, but the staff and commentators here have well articulated the Lakers amazing game. Great work y’all! I’m too hyped right now getting ready for the Golden State game.


  62. Wow, wasn’t that a fun game to watch, and the bench mob is back!

  63. Bynum’s cleared for tonight. Good luck on those knees, dude. The East might have a couple of dominate centers this year.

    Good win for the home team. Let’s see the hustle continue versus the No Cal Warriors.