Back Down To Earth: Lakers Clobbered by the Warriors

Darius Soriano —  October 30, 2013

As I wrote in the game preview, the Lakers faced circumstances that were far from ideal against the Warriors. Not only were they playing the second night of a back to back after a big win last night, but they were doing so on the road, against a team playing in their home opener, who also happens to be one of the better outfits in the conference. Well, all those variables came to a head in this game as the Warriors simply outclassed the Lakers, routing them to the tune of 125-94.

There’s really no need to go into much detail about the Lakers performance in this contest. Defensively, they looked disorganized and had too many instances of miscommunication. Rotations were missed on the perimeter — a deadly mistake against a team with the caliber of shooters the Warriors have — and when big men helped inside no one covered for them on the backside and that resulted in easy shots at the rim either off dump off passes or put-backs. The team also struggled to contain dribble penetration which opened up kick-out and skip passes to shooters when defenders got sucked into the paint. Further, by playing small-ish lineups against a team with good size at every position except point guard, the Lakers ended up double teaming more than they’d want, resulting in even more open jumpers when the Warriors moved the ball.

Offensively, the Lakers simply couldn’t hit shots. Their 39% success rate from the floor seems like generous score keeping based off how often the team missed. Credit the Warriors’ defense for a lot of the Lakers’ struggles on that side, but the team also missed shots that fell just a night earlier. Jumpers went halfway down and spun out, inside shots fell off the side of the rim, and their 3 point shots didn’t find the mark. The team did have some success finishing at the rim later in the contest, but all that did was make a horrid shooting night seem somewhat better than it actually was.

All in all, this game was an inverse of what the team did the night before. The bench never really found a groove and the starters, while okay in spurts, were simply outgunned by a very good Warriors’ first five. There’s no harm in that, especially considering the circumstances of the game mentioned at the top (not to mention that Nash didn’t play, so the rotations were thrown off some), but it’s still a tough pill to swallow when the 2nd half devolves into an attempt to avoid losing by 30.

In the end, it’s best to just forget this game as quickly as possible and hope that the team can put together a better effort on Friday against the Spurs. If you’d have told me that after the first two games the Lakers would be 1-1, I’d have taken it, so despite the ugliness witnessed in this game, it’s time to move on.

Darius Soriano

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to Back Down To Earth: Lakers Clobbered by the Warriors

  1. that was a bad team.
    let’s see if they can regroup.


  2. Offense looks something like this…guard comes down…comes off a screen…screener hovers around the top of the key…defender cedes the the long 2 by the big…big shoots long shot….scenario 2: big stays at the top to reverse the ball…the ball goes to opposite wing…wing goes off screen…screener doesn’t roll…another pick and “pop”. Surely we have more offensive options than this right now….

    And obviously this didn’t decide the game, but what is the deal with Gasol never getting calls under the basket? Good grief. I don’t think Gasol is afraid of contact, I think he just knows he will get mugged and not get calls so he floats around more…

    Interesting a team shoots nearly 45% from 3pt and still loses…have to have some sort of in between game…guess thats where Kobe comes in…

    Maybe the team needs some defensive strategies to get the team going…if we are gonna play 10-11 deep why not press a little more with trapping like a Hubie Brown team would do with the Grizz? Some half court trapping to try to generate turnovers?

    Just breathe…its just one loss….no matter how embarrasing…long season..


  3. I was expecting the Lakers to lose by 15. I’m expecting the Warriors to be playing for the NBA championship this year.

    The Friday home game against San Antonio should be a more interesting test.


  4. We are still keeping pace with the Heat, no one got injured and Nash got some rest… could be worse.


  5. Without Kobe, The Lakers best style of play will be to try to out run-and-gun teams. Trying to out run-and-gun the Warriors is a losing proposition… Obviously.


  6. Wow. I had Michael CW pegged as a bust. What a first game. And I usually don’t overreact to one game, after Brandon Jennings 55-pt game I still wasnt that high on him. But MCW looked really good last night. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on him.


  7. While MDA should get credit for beating the Clippers he should also get blame for losing to the Warriors. Klay Thompson was allowed to get into a rhythm cos the Lakers checked him with a very short defender. On to the next one.


  8. Rusty Shackleford October 31, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Only 16 turnovers.

    They’re going to have to make it harder for good 3-point shooters than they did last night. Klay Thompson was just running to his spots. I know they don’t have great rim protection but when a guy is killing you from 3 you have to run him off the line. That’s how the Spurs stopped Golden State in the playoffs this summer.


  9. I am quickly growing tired of Nick Young. If he can go on a scoringspree, then I hope he will get traded. Let Xavier fill the void.

    He is playing with an unnecessary fancyness to his game. Does not hustle like the rest, and in so many ways goes against what is sound, winning basketball.


  10. They’re not as good as the first game, not as bad as this game. Dead legs against the Warriors equals a beating….


  11. I don’t think many teams would have beaten the Warriors last night the way they were hitting shots – pretty much everything they threw near the rim went in.
    LA – not so much – bad shooting night. Two things were very worrisome for me. First, there was no discipline on offense; we weren’t making the extra passes the way we did against the Clippers. Far too much “take the very first shot I can”. I understand MdA’s offense allows freedom to shoot, but I don’t think this was what he had in mind.
    Second, Gasol’s floating around near the top of the key – he seems so reluctant to play down low. Kaman had some very nice baskets underneath. Last year, all we heard was Gasol was playing out of position. Now he has the chance to get near the basket; it would be nice to see him in there sometimes.
    But, all in all, I’ll take 1 -1. I think the Spurs game is going to be very interesting & one I can see us winning.


  12. Agree with Rusty. No way you can put Merks on Clay. Just check the tape from last year there MDA.

    Also agree with Dane Young seems to be running around like a headless chicken.

    Might be a long year.


  13. Loved TUE, hated WED — we have Pau and youngsters playing together for the first time. This is what it is going to be like for a while. This is the type of team and style of play that will have these problems – some games we just will not be able to watch. Just remember, last year – until the all-star break – we pretty much didn’t want to watch any of the games.

    I do think it was a given we couldn’t guard Thompson with Blake – but we attempted it anyway. We might as well put Muggsy Bogues on Ray Allen and expect Ray to have an off night. Coaches seem to have undying loyalty to some players – I seem to remember Phil really frustrating me with some rotations that didn’t work, and weren’t going to work, against particular teams.


  14. jonathan Katchen October 31, 2013 at 9:07 am

    well there is nothing to say/comment about the lakers last night they lost control and it wasn’t there toughest defense i have seen but lets hope for a W in there next game 🙂 LAKERS <3 <3


  15. Darius,

    Good observations. Sometimes games like this just happen. It’s a long season. The game vs. Golden State is no more a reflection of the ultimate Lakers team this year than the first game against the Clippers. Time to move on.

    BTW, I hope this spells the end to the Shawne Williams experiment. I don’t think that having S. Williams in the line up is buying us anything at this point. And it’s putting us in a hole at the outset and making our starters look weaker than they should.

    Kaman should start IMO and Jordan Hill should get more minutes than 15 per game.


  16. Overall the offensive numbers weren’t terrible. Only thing that really stood out was Young’s shot attempts and lack of Free throws. I want to see out of him a mixture of jump shots and pushing into the paint. Henry did a good job of this.


  17. Another area where the Lakers really miss Kobe. He may not be the defensive player he once was, but his smarts and competitiveness would have presented Thompson with an entirely different look.


  18. Rusty Shackleford October 31, 2013 at 9:51 am

    Lakers didn’t miss Nash last night. HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE!!!


  19. Most first year players, do not realize the level of energy and superior execution the Lakers receive when playing other teams. When the Lakers come to town, the fans and players give their best effort in the stands and on the floor. Which is why it’s important to retain players for more than one year. Look for more games like this going forward.

    Still, a change is necessary when your players are playing like they are in quicksand. David Lee and Thompson circle the calendar for the Lakers games, as they know that those are games that they can go off. The Lakers have never had an answer for David Lee (maybe Hill), and Kobe was the best bet to offset Thompson’s exploits.

    To play to Pau’s strengths, can’t the Lakers run some sort of hybrid form of the ‘Triangle?’ A little wrinkle with Pau in the post might be what this offense needs to be more effective for our two bigs. Rambis is an aficionado of the triangle and should be competent enough to insert one or two plays into the offense scheme.

    The Lakers starting lineup is not capable of enduring Nash moving in and out of the lineup because the Lakers starting lineup is already volatile and unsure. Compare the Heat utilizing the same strategy and one might understand why they lost against Philadelphia, when they have a team that has been static for more than 2 years.

    It might be time for Nash to be a coach to Farmar and prepare him to fill his role this year. Blake’s best years as a pg are behind him…yes, he’s capable of one good game out of seven or eleven, but that’s about it.

    I’m not surprised or disappointed by the past two games, they are more or less expected. Our older players will have games that remind us of their past glories, and they will have games that remind us of their age. The same is true with our reclamation players.

    Relax, and enjoy the journey!


  20. Warriors are just a really strong team. That warriors team last night would have beat any team in the NBA. We cant get down, gotta keep moving and show up strong against the Spurs. Our team is not setting good screens, hard for our guards to get open.


  21. That game was not fun, :-(, at least to anyone associated with the Lakers. For all the Dwight Howard haters in the house…do not check his stats in last night’s Rocket’s win. He was awesome, hardworking and even got a fair share of offensive touches. Interesting.


  22. even got a fair share of offensive touches. Interesting.



  23. This is our reality, world beaters one night and getting crushed the next night. Unlike the Clippers the Warriors are not pretenders. When all their guys are healthy they are bona fide contenders. Bogut and Lee actually have post moves. And the Lakers simply cannot hang with GSW when they are on. Thompson was on fire. And Lee was crafty as ever around the basket.

    Like C.Hern I’d love to see a little action for Pau closer to the rim. In a half court set initiating the offense through Gasol on the block can generate some offense. Right now it seems like they just come down, set a screen, and launch either a 3 pointer or a long 2 pointer. They are literally at the mercy of their long range shooting.


  24. Team: The reality should be somewhere in between those first two games. How close to each side will largely be determined by the timing and success of KB’s comeback. Duncan was nicked pretty bad in that last game so he could be questionable for our game. If he is out it makes it a must win (not literally – but you know what I mean) for those hoping for a playoff spot.
    Howard: Uh – hmm. Looks like a first team All NBA guy to me. Yes – and I know we have to move on. However the first step in moving on is acknowledging the problem : )


  25. No shootaround and team wasn’t prepared. This was about the 5th straight regular season game where Klay has had wide open 3s to start the game. Coaches need to adjust to that. Young players may have still been on a high from game against the Clippers. Hopefully they attack the Spurs like they did the Clippers. Also think the Williams experiment needs to end soon and wouldn’t mind seeing Kelly take his spot. If it’s too early for him then Wes should start, but anybody but Williams.


  26. Bigcitysid,
    Dwight played well against the Bobcats. The Bobcats.
    That is all.


  27. For all the Dwight Howard haters in the house ..

    Hilarious BigCity. Hilarious .. But that’s why they’re called ‘Haters’, because the majority of individuals will only strike when Dwight fails or falters. Not when he’s putting up video game numbers like he did last night. Personally, I expect to see stats like this on a regular basis from him this season.

    As for our Lakers, a loss such as last night’s was expected. Hopefully, within the confines of Staples, they’ll have a better showing against the Spurs.


  28. I gotta agree with the comments on Young…at some point his game has to mature…sometimes you need the double-crossover-behind-the-back-dribble-hesitation-stepback-double-pump-fake-shot… but for the other 99.9% of situations he really needs to be more compact and efficient with his moves…I mean the guy is 6’7…how much dancing does he need to do to get his shot off?

    I actually like Meeks so far this season..I know his defense on Klay may not have been top notch but overall I like him more than I thought I would…

    Farmar seems like a great backup in a Ramon Sessions or Darren Collison mold but isn’t quite ready for primetime as the starter. Unfortunately with this team he may be the best option at the point guard position.

    Blake really doesn’t offer any threat to the basket driving with the exception of drives when the defender overplays the screen and he rejects it…decent shooting but he is too hot and cold.

    @Mid-Wilshire: its kinda funny I was actually thinking the same thing about Wes Johnson…he got some buckets at the end but like everyone else he was a non factor in the games.

    Twin Towers (again). I know its not the greatest of spacing but I really don’t see why the Lakers can’t have more of a 3-2 alignment vs a 4-1 alignment on offense…put your two bigs on the block…one strong other weakside…helps with rebounding and tip ins and we don’t have our bigs jacking up long 2’s all game.

    Team shootaround: I know its after a game you had last night …feeling good…wanna reward them or just give them rest but if you are going 10-11 deep or whatever….this team needs the shootarounds whether its to get shots up or make sure everything is crisp offensively and defensively. I personally believe skipping a shootaround should be more for veteran teams and for a team this inexperienced and lacking in individual talents, they need as much time as possible.


  29. Back to back, sure, but it’s not like they had a game in LA then had to fly all the way to NYC.

    And, it’s not like it’s 3/4 of the way thru the season.