Steve Blake Sinks Rockets at the Last Second

Darius Soriano —  November 7, 2013

Sometimes it is better to just enjoy the moment and skip the analysis. Steve Blake’s last second shot is one of those moments.

Whether the Lakers’ players publicly admit to wanting this game a bit more than the others doesn’t really matter. The joy on their faces after Blake sunk his game winner says it all. After letting a big first half lead slip away with some dreadful second half play and the Rockets finally putting in an effort on both sides of the ball, the Lakers came from behind to steal a much needed win on the road.

The game wasn’t pretty. Pau Gasol seemingly used up all his legs trying to push Dwight Howard off the post, leading to a dreadful shooting night. Steve Nash had a good first half, but struggled in the second with his shot and in creating for others. The bench did their best to try and pick up the team, but besides some timely shot making and a few hustle plays they mostly just tugged on the back of the Rocket’s shirts as they tried to run away from them and take the game they’ll probably kick themselves over losing.

But, really, the only thing to take away from this game is in the video above. Blake came through when his team needed him the most. So while the Lakers could have easily kicked themselves for giving away a game they controlled most of the night, they head to New Orleans riding the high of a last second win. A win that, for all the other little things that mattered, they can thank Steve Blake for.

Darius Soriano

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