Around The World (Wide Web): Nash, Odom, First 10 Games, Last Night

Ryan Cole —  November 14, 2013

From Andy Liu, Hickory High: Basketball never stopped, especially after my first year of high school, a time when I was getting my first taste on a competitive team. That’s where I found myself at the gym, everyday, after school, with no stress or a worried thought. I wasn’t thinking about how to get better, shoot more threes, learn how to dribble left-handed; I just played because it was fun. And on a macro-level, maybe it helped me get better as a whole. I took a dribble, like a thousand other times in my life, took two long steps and reached up to cram the ball into the spheric rim that seemed so far away just a year ago. A second later, I lay sprawled on the floor in the kind of pain that wouldn’t allow you to scream or cry even if your body pleaded with all its might. The kind that haunted you whenever you jumped into the lane again, your mind reflexively flashing back to that specific moment, forcing a physical, audible flinch. I had a severely fractured ankle that needed three pins inserted and would never recover that same ability, and the reckless, carefree, worry-less mental state again.

From Corey Hansford, Lakers Nation: The Lakers currently have the best bench in the NBA, ranking first in scoring, rebounds, assists, offensive efficiency, and second in defensive efficiency. Now imagine what could happen if one of the Lakers most talented bench players of all-time joined that group. According to Marc Stein and Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN LA, the Lakers would consider bringing Lamar Odom back if he can prove that all of his personal issues are behind him. The Los Angeles Clippers are also believed to be considering bringing back Odom.

From Dave McMenamin, ESPN LA:  Whenever a new president is elected, a grace period is granted for 100 days before the public and the press weigh in with the first report card on his progress. A presidential term is four years, or 1,460 days, so the initial grading period that ends up setting the tone for the entire term of many commanders in chief actually comes quite quickly, after only about 7 percent of their time in office has been served. With that in mind, judging the Los Angeles Lakers now that they have played 10 games following their 111-99 loss to the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday, or 12 percent of their 82-game schedule, is a totally appropriate time to do so. So, what do the Lakers have to say about themselves after their 4-6 start?

From TheGreatMambino, Silver Screen & Roll: No matter how many members of their 57-win squad they lost in the offseason, the Nuggets still haven’t found a way to lose to the Lakers in Denver. The Nuggs posted their fourth straight win against the Lakers (tying the longest streak in franchise history), with a 111-99 rundown in the Mile High City. Denver’s big men did most of the damage, with Kenneth Faried, Timofey Mozgov and JJ Hickson combining for 48 points, 30 rebounds and 5 blocks. Together, they limited Pau Gasolto 11 for 27 shooting, hounded Chris Kaman into a 3 for 9 night and generally set a surprising defensive tone for their squad. The trio also did their part in outrebounding a Lakers team that prides itself on outhustling their opponents, grabbing 7 more boards which no doubt led to a 6 FGA edge. In a surprise development to no one that’s watched the Lakers for the past decade, speedy point guard Ty Lawson added to the mix with a 19/6/7, destroying LA inside-out.

Ryan Cole


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  1. Here’s another link – to a Ramona Shelburne article published after this went to press. It is a great piece giving needed depth to the Matt Barnes news scorching the airwaves of the ‘talking heads’.

    I am sure it would have been included if it was available when this thread was published.


  2. I can see the Lakers and Clips being interested in Odom if and when he’s actually ready to play. He has an unique skill set, good size, and a history w/ each team. However I wonder what it would mean if a 33 year old Lamar Odom actually chose the “going no where” Lakers over the contending Clippers? Would it just be about the $$ (can’t see the Lakers offering a longtime deal anyway) or his way of saying he’s not ready for the more pressurized situation of playing for a serious contender?

    Now I can hear someone challenging my labeling of the Lakers as “going nowhere” believing that “a healthy Kobe” and “a return to form Odom” is all the Lakers need to be taken seriously. Possible, sure; probable, no. And while Laker fans with nothing to lose can rationalize like that, can a 33 year old NBA player attempting a comeback take that chance? I for one hope Lamar can make a successful comeback…and have a chance at winning his 3rd ring…this season. Clips sound like the better choice this time.


  3. BigCitySid,
    Lamar’s history with the Lakers encompasses his most successful years in the NBA and his history with the Clips defines his problem issues. If it were up to him, my guess is he would rather be associated with the Lakers. This isn’t about who is going farther, but where do you feel most at home – he probably wants an environment where he feels supported.


  4. The Lakers have enough problems w/o adding a 33 year old LO to the mix.


  5. Odom might conceivably help the Clippers, in that they need a big who can D up a little and go 10-12 MPG. There is no reason for the Lakers to bring him in, though.


  6. We don’t need another player who will shoot 30% FG..there are several of them already in the team