Lakers vs. Warriors: Preview & Chat

Ryan Cole —  November 22, 2013 — 32 Comments

The Lakers ended their two-game losing streak last Sunday after getting a pretty convincing home victory over the Detroit Pistons, pushing their record to 5-7, which is where we should expect them to be for a team that’s been playing without their best player.

Speaking of their best player, Kobe Bryant has begun practicing this week, and is probably looking to make a return back on the hardwood at the end of this month. This is great news for Lakers fans, as they’ve been patiently waiting for the Black Mamba to come back.

The main takeaway from the Lakers win against the Pistons was the continued production from Jordan Hill and Steve Blake, as they continued to use their energy and athleticism to help this team be more effective on both ends of the floor.

Tonight the Lakers are at home against the Golden State Warriors, as they’ll look to win two games in a row for the first time this season. As we saw on the second night of the 2013-2014 NBA season, the Warriors are a pretty tough matchup for the Lakers, as their athleticism, size, and shooting makes them one of the most dynamic teams in the NBA.

Along with a good start (which hasn’t been a common trend for the Lakers this season), there a few other things that the Lakers are going to have to key on if they expect to beat the Warriors:

Continue To Convert Three-Pointers

The three-point line has been a very essential part of every Laker win so far this season. Currently they shoot roughly around 41% from beyond the arc, ranking in the bottom of the top 10. As we’ve seen though, this team has the knack for getting trigger happy, so it’s going to be important for them to realize that attempting good threes (open or in the corners) is what they have do.

Contain At Least One Of The Splash Brothers

The Lakers are going to need to limit at least one of the elite sharp-shooters that the Warriors have. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are a load to deal with, and the Warriors are hard to beat if both are having a good night. It’s going to be important for the Lakers to stay attached to both of these guys in transition, as they certainly will be looking to capitalize on open three-pointers.

Jordan Hill Gotta Keep It Going

Hill has been nothing short of amazing since entering the starting lineup, posting averages of 16.4 points, and 11.4 rebounds. In that stretch he’s shown flashes off a post-game, and the ability to stretch the floor with his midrange jump shot. His energy and effort on the glass this season has been phenomenal, and it’s going to be needed on a night like this against two all-star caliber big men in Andrew Bogut and David Lee.

Where you can watch: 7:30pm start on TWC Sportsnet. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

Ryan Cole


32 responses to Lakers vs. Warriors: Preview & Chat

  1. @rr are you saying Lakers would have been more likely to win championships if they had traded Bynum for Jason Kidd. Doubtful.

    @Fern As stated by @Gene a person may be a Lakers fan without being Kobe uber alles.

  2. I’m rooting for Gasol to score 30 tonight. He’ll donate $1,000 for every point he scores to UNICEF to help the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

  3. @rr are you saying Lakers would have been more likely to win championships if they had traded Bynum for Jason Kidd

    Nope. I am saying that we don’t know. I am nostly glad that they didn’t make the deal, but Bynum was gimpy for both title runs and missed the 2008 playoffs entirely. Kidd’s being here would have created a different chess board.

    And it’s not about Kobe uber alles. It is about your owning the fact that you don’t like him and the fact that that compromises your objectivity–as the way you ignored all the points various people made shows.

  4. In total agreement Ryan, cause while it’s true that at least 1 of ‘The Splash Bros’ has to be held in check tonight, personally, what I’ll be paying attention to, is the match-up between D. Lee and Jordan Hill. In the first game against the Warriors, Hill wasn’t being utilized by D’Antoni at all. So now that he’s entrenched within the starting five – and has been ballin’ ever since – it’ll be interesting to see how he fares against Lee, who has been having some pretty good games against our frontline as of late.

  5. to be a Laker fan and not at least acknowledge what Kobe has done for the Lakers, even hating the guy, is senseless.

    thinking that Kobe is the reason for a team underachieving is sign of cognitive constipation. another obvious bit of evidence is the Olympic teams that he played on. Kobe makes teams and players better. one can easily make the case that Kobe had a lot to do with KD’s and Lebron’s breakthroughs in performance after their Olympic experience with him, because that is what they say themselves.

  6. or that’s my opinion….

  7. Stephen Curry will not play tonight.

  8. Spurs and Pacers are on a mission this season. Viewing their games, one can see just how further along they are – at this point – compared to everbody else. Excellent overall team play from both squads.

  9. Great passing. Not so much D for Pau.

  10. They don’t play defense well enough to stop anybody. And they don’t shoot well to keep jacking up threes.

    That’s a dangerous combination.

  11. Wow James Worthy is butchering Bogut’s name so bad it makes it cringe everytime he says it. And he’s doing it in a variety of ways.

    I’ve already heard “BO-GO” and “bo-GUT” and “bo-GATT”. It’s pronounced “BOW-git”. Hilarious.

  12. Remind me. Why is Johnson on this team?

  13. Pau Gasol having a nice game 10 points and 3 rebounds after one quarter, hope this continues.

  14. Wish Pau just donated every game. Or at least in the playoffs.

    Lakers are looking good without Kobe.

  15. Team playing with a lot of fire right now. Color me optimistic, but could this squad actually be .500 when Kobe comes back?

  16. For the second straight game, nothing in the box score jumps out as “fluky” about the offense. Slightly elevated three point shooting–but not ridiculous, and slightly depressed FT shooting kind of offsets that. (Side note–love me some Xavier, but he really needs to work on his freebies) Now—GS is flat out missing some open looks, which is making the D look better than it is. If they get looks like that in the second half, they will probably score more than 46.

  17. Excellent offensive 1st half. The ball is moving, everyone is involved and they’re knocking down shots. Although he’s hit some jumpers, it’s good to see Pau getting touches within and scoring in the paint. David Lee must feel ecstatic whenever the Lakers pop up on their schedule because, although a good player, he performs like a Superstar against us.

  18. Did mike Breene just say “orange n gold”?

  19. Nick Young with the difficult to pull-off 10-0-0 line—but he’s had multiple high-impact plays in this game. With Kobe out, the team needs at least one guy who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

    Ooops—missed a rebound and a three—make that a difficult to pull off 13-1-0 line. But loving some Swaggy-P tonight.

    This team is challenged at both ends of the floor at times–especially on defense, but the effort is awesome tonight.

  20. Lakers are closing out quarters well. Always a good sign.

  21. Farmar having a good game tonight

  22. Best guy on court Farmar. Do mike takes him out?

  23. For the second time this season, Farmar looked demonstrably exercised about being taken out of the game in the fourth. Mad at himself or mad at MDA?

    Is it just me or does Jordan Hill look a little flat and tired tonight?

  24. Farmar should’ve gotten extended run considering his play tonight. That and Blake has more TO’s than assists.

    Jordan also has the best +/- on the team tonight at +21, while Steve is -9. Minutes should be 24-24 instead of 18-30.

  25. Can you blame Farmar. Offense stopped when Blake came back. Farmer tonight is 10 times better on both ends tonight.

    Why Mike!

  26. This is game is everything that last year wasn’t. Beautiful ball movement, quick decisions, such a loose, fun game to watch.

  27. Can’t be sad with that game. It won’t always work (Swaggy P isn’t always THAT swaggy!), but solid overall. Now we just need Pau to remember you play D with your feet, not by standing off to the side and swiping half-heartedly.

    Great offense, scrappy D by the wings & PGs…. enjoyable game overall.

  28. Jordan Hill look a little flat
    Blake has more TO’s than assists.
    Why is Johnson on this team?

    As many of us have said, these kinds of players go up and down. Tonight, Pau and Farmar were up. After the Detroit game, some people were raving about Blake, Hill, and Johnson. That said, this team does play hard. Part of that is something we talked about in preseason: every guy on the team is playing for his next contract. MDA should get some credit for it as well.

    As Robert pointed put earlier in the week, this game was set up for the Lakers to win; four days off, and as it turned out Golden State was without their best player. The Lakers had the opportunity, and they took it. Credit to them.

    Derrick Rose left the game tonight with an injury to his other knee–the right one, and it looked bad.

  29. So can pau watch film of this game and remember how he played in todays game? Pau needs to be consistent in being aggressive in every game, not one in every five games.

  30. Jordan Bernfield ?@JordanBernfield 15m
    Good source tells me #Bulls fear it’s a torn right ACL for Derrick Rose. If so, unlikely he will ever be the same

  31. Re: rr’s last post…

    If that guy’s tip turns out to be true, wow… just wow. I’m no Bulls fan, but for a player that young and that talented to have his career blown up by two ACL tears in as many knees — what can one begin to say? And after the time he spent rehabbing from the first injury. I wouldn’t wish such misfortune on anyone, not even a Celtic.

    I’m trying to recall a really talented player who’s had such a run of bad luck in the NBA. Greg Oden doesn’t count, and even someone as star-crossed as Bill Walton was around long enough to have a decent career with some championships won. Sad day for the league if Rose has really popped the other knee…

  32. Chris J,

    Yeah. Sports injuries are obviously not social tragedies, but if Rose has torn the other ACL, that would be an exceptionally unfortunate one. Marc Gasol may miss about two months with his knee injury as well, which is also unfortunate.

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