Lakers Lose To The Wizards, Fall To 7-8 On The Season

Ryan Cole —  November 26, 2013

A lot of the things that have hurt the Lakers on the road this season came back to haunt them tonight in their 116-111 loss to the Washington Wizards. The Lakers hoped that they could carry their three-game winning streak into Washington and use that momentum to get their second road victory of the season. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. They are now 7-8 on the season, and will head to Brooklyn tomorrow to take on the Nets on the second night of a back-to-back.

In looking at tonights loss, there are a few things that stood out:


The Lakers never made it a priority of theirs to take care of the ball in this game, turning the ball over 16 times and giving up 28 points off of those giveaways. Not sure if what was more so the Wizards defense, or the Lakers carelessness, but nevertheless it still contributed the most to this loss. While Pau Gasol did have a solid all-around game, he led the Lakers in turnovers with five.


As soon as the Lakers started getting some credit for their growth on the defensive end, they took a step back and reverted back to the old habits that have held them in losses this season. The Wizards are not a great shooting team, at all, and the Lakers allowed them shoot above 50% from the field. They dominated the glass, got out in transition, and found a way to get easy buckets throughout the entire game.

Multiple Efforts & Energy

The Wizards were the hungrier team tonight. They made the multiple efforts that were necessary to get a victory. As for the Lakers, they seemed relaxed, and that didn’t translate well on the court at all. The Wizards went after most loose balls, and somehow found a way to make the plays that were necessary to get the win, the Lakers didn’t.

Despite all of this, the Lakers still had a chance to win the game in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. Tonight’s loss should be a lesson. They can’t expect to win if they don’t put forth the consistent effort to execute well on both ends of the floor. Tomorrow in Brooklyn they’ll have another chance at it, let’s see how they do.

Ryan Cole


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  1. More Farmer.
    Less Blake at shooting guard.
    No Williams and his 1 for. 6 games.
    And have your best 3 point shooter in the game when you need points.
    That’s Meeks by the way.

  2. we gotta bounce back tomorrow night, hope the fellas got it in `em..(I know we´ve stunk it up on b2b´s mind you)

  3. Brooklyn played tonight also (in Toronto, same start time as our game), therefore, we won’t be going up against a team whose been sitting at home, fresh, waiting on us.

    111 points scored, 13 triples made and 7 players scoring in double digits sounds like a recipe for success on the road. Unfortunately, as Ryan noted, our defense didn’t travel East with us and the turnovers didn’t help. John Wall getting off is understood, but NeNe notching a career high in points can’t be allowed.

    As Purple noted, hopefully we can pull off the victory tomorrow in the house that Jay Z built.

  4. The Lakers have a good shot tomorrow. BKN is struggling, short-handed, and on a b2b themselves.

  5. The Wiz appear to me to be a team on the verge of a breakthrough. Their young guards, Beal and Wall, are studs. And their frontcourt combo of Gortar and Nene is not a day at the beach. The Lakers combined an impressive offense with a forgettable defense and thus lost to a team that is very talented. LA has great chemistry on offense. fIf they can learn to play defense with the same gusto, they will win their share of games.

  6. There are simply too many things wrong in Brooklyn right now. We should put forth our effort and win it.

  7. The Brooklin Nets are almost a carbon copy of our mess last year isnt it? I thought the “old vastly overrated team” formula from last year Lakers could not be replicated i guess i was wrong. Could not watch the game last night. But it looks our D stayed in LA and got outhustled and outplayed on both ends. Last night and tonight’s games are winnable, we blew one already.

  8. If we think we have a bad draft situation, try not having 1st round draft picks until 2019 like the Nets. YIKES!!!!

  9. Rusty Shackleford November 27, 2013 at 7:27 am

    John Wall is legit. I gotta make sure I watch the next Wiz/OKC game.

  10. Maximum respect for MDA turning this group of retreads into an offensive near-powerhouse and a team that, although not last night, competes hard on defense, even guys like Meeks (!) and nick young (!!!!) have been bringing superlative defensive effort. Pretty much everone but pau, actually, which is heartbreaking. That said, even losses this season are so much more watchable than last years victories. Can’t wait for Kobe to get out there and even for that Neanderthal kamen to return. Should have won last night, but they are so far beyond what I would have expected given they lack their two HOF guards that I can’t help but smile. Last season leading into this one is some kind of moral object lesson, or at least an aesthetic one…

  11. At 1st glance I read “retards” instead of retreads. My apologies.

  12. warren: they’re called “special needs”.

    no apologies needed.

    happy thanksgiving everyone

    Go Lakers

  13. Was at the game last night. DC – like other cities I have seen games in, has a huge Laker fan following. Jerseys everywhere and loud cheering. I sat right behind the Laker bench in the front row, so I could see/hear the player and coach interactions. Last year I reported in from a couple games where the players were despondent and listless, and there was not too much enthusiasm. I must say that I saw a significant improvement in this area this year. The players on the bench were all engaged, lots of high fiving and chest bumping, and believe it or not – they seemed to be paying attention to MD most of the time. At prior games, I have not vocalized towards MD, but last night during the first half I was compelled to ask “Hey Mike – anyone on the bench who can slow down Nene?” I know he heard me – but obviously my urging did no good – Rambis did lean in and say something to MD right after my comment – he probably said something like – “that guy is a master of the obvious” : ) Speaking of MD – the guy is really starting to labor with his walking. He is like Phil – however, unlike Phil, he does not stay put on the bench. He labors up and down the sidelines and it is painful to watch at times (maybe it was the cold rainy weather).
    While I was impressed with the improvement in the camaraderie area, I was not so impressed on the floor. The Wizards were much quicker than us, and we could not answer Nene at many times during the game (a career night). We looked a little chaotic at times (lost the TO battle 16-10), they significantly out rebounded us, and we were slow to loose balls. That does not sound like the high energy – hustling team that we are trying to be. Farmar obviously had a great game and should get ramped up time. The real reason that we hung with the Wizards was the huge disparity from the 3 point line. We obviously missed Kobe down the stretch (what was up with a couple of those shots from Young?). I was disappointed that Kobe also did not make a cameo appearance, however I did get an eye to eye head nod from Pau when I shouted encouragement as he came off the floor. So while I blast the FO, MD, and the team on this board from time to time, it does not stop me from supporting them both home and away. As the final seconds ticked away, as a Laker fan standing behind our bench, I simply thought – “We are what we are – and I am what I am” : )

  14. I think we can actually make a little noise in the playoffs. I am not sure how much Kaman will help but we definitely need Pau to challenge some shots. The middle is soft. Can the coaching staff tell him to use some of his fouls? Everyone attacks the middle presuming pau will not step up. We need an enforcer.

  15. Robert:

    Actually, I read Rambis’ lips. He said: ‘Mike, that’s the guy on FB&G I’ve been telling you about. The guy knows more about Kobe than Pelinka. And, by the way, the next time you yell at the refs, try not to put your hand so deep into your pocket. There are kids around.’

  16. Robert: You’re a boss. Great report–thanks.

  17. Going through Dec schedule I have Lakers at 11 and 5

    Agree or disagree!