Steve Blake Out Minimum Of 6 Weeks With Torn Ligament In Elbow

Rey Moralde —  December 12, 2013

Well, when it rains, it pours for the Lakers. Steve Nash has been hurt. Jordan Farmar is out for a few more weeks with a torn hamstring. That left Steve Blake as the only legitimate healthy point guard for the Lakers.

Let’s make that zero. Here’s the official Lakers Twitter account.


Steve Blake has been one of the positives for the Lakers this year, carrying over his play from late last season when he basically carried the Lakers in the last week of the regular season. He’s easily having a career-high thus far with 7.7 assists per game to go with his 9.8 points per game and a career-best 3.3 rebounds per. While he’s not shooting well from the field overall (.398), he is shooting a tidy .400 from behind the arc.

Blake has been playing with a sore elbow since he hurt it against Sacramento in November 24th. He had unknowingly been playing with that torn ligament; we all thought him playing through a hurt elbow wasn’t such a huge deal at the time. But now that it’s known, he probably won’t be playing until late January at the earliest.

It’s a big blow for the Lakers because now they don’t have any true point guards; we still don’t know when Steve Nash is coming back. I assume Kobe Bryant will be starting at the 1. Xavier Henry will continue to play back-up point guard. But the Lakers will probably look into signing (or trading for?) a PG.

This is not ideal for the Lakers. Get well soon, Steve Blake.

Rey Moralde