Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Clippers

Darius Soriano —  March 6, 2014

For the third time this season the Lakers square off against their Staples Center co-tenant. The teams split the first two outings — the Lakers wining going away in the opening night upset and the Clippers exacting revenge with a 36 point thrashing that included a 43 point first quarter from the Clips and a third quarter that saw the Lakers score an abysmal 8 points.

Since that last meeting, the Lakers have only won 7 times while the Clippers have only lost 7 times. If you want a microcosm of what these teams’ seasons have been like in a single stat, I think that is your best bet. While the Clippers have dealt with a fair amount of injuries this year — Chris Paul missed extended time with a bum shoulder, JJ Redick has been out with multiple issues — they have trucked on, mostly on the strength of Blake Griffin’s continued growth and good enough depth around the edges of their roster to compensate for those missing players. The Lakers, meanwhile…well…we know all about their struggles.

This match up, then, should be similar to what other recent Lakers’ games have offered: one team is very good and the other team is the Lakers. The Clippers will be heavily favored to win and, I think, they will. While a single game is a small sample and anything can happen, most times the superior talent of the better team will win out. I expect that to be the case tonight, even if Jamal Crawford and Jared Dudley don’t play (in addition to Redick being out).

Among those Clippers with superior talent is the aforementioned Griffin. Whatever you think of the Lakers’ small-ball approach, Griffin is one of the league’s better players and gives most defenders problems. This should especially be the case against Wes Johnson, though. Wes has quickness and athleticism that should aid in being able to stay in front of Griffin when Blake puts the ball on the floor looking to create off the dribble. But, what he doesn’t have enough of is the bulk and strength to contain those drives once contact is initiated or when Griffin simply decides to go into the post. I expect the Lakers will have to double team and that creates a domino effect of problems, putting the Lakers into scramble positions that often lead to dribble penetration.

Penetration that can be exploited by any one of several Clippers’ players but especially Chris Paul. Paul already has the ability to get into the teeth of a defense running standard P&R’s or working in isolation, but give him the added advantage of facing defenders who are in the middle of defensive rotations or scrambling to close out to contest a would be jumper and his job gets even easier. And once in the paint Paul can either finish or set up his teammates for easy baskets. Look for lobs to DeAndre Jordan to be frequent, but also kick out passes to Matt Barnes, Darren Collison, Danny Granger, and Hedo Turkoglu. If those threes fall, the Lakers will be in trouble.

For the Lakers to counter this and put up enough points to actually be competitive tonight, they need two things to go their way. First, they need to take and make a high volume of threes. This isn’t a stretch as the team did this just a few nights ago against the Blazers. Second, the Lakers will need to create a frenetic pace that gets the Clippers playing raggedly, leading to turnovers and, in general, sloppy enough play that the advantages the Clippers’ O has are somewhat neutralized while also allowing the Lakers to get some easy points in transition.

Beyond all this, though, what the Lakers really need is for the Clippers to relax mentally and think they have this game won simply by stepping on the floor. If that happens, the Lakers can scrap enough to be in this game to the end.

Again, I don’t expect these things to happen. They could and, if they do, we’ll see something resembling the opening night game where the Lakers pull an upset. More than likely, though, the Clips understand that they are in a battle for playoff seeding and bring the focus and energy that has led to them winning their last 5 games. We’ll have a better idea around 8pm tonight.

Where you can watch: 7:30pm start time on TNT. Also listen on ESPN Radio 710AM.

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101 responses to Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Clippers

  1. The one game that Jordan Hill would be a no-brainer and all of a sudden he’s out of the game due to bum knee. He has five minutes in 4 games. What didn’t this come up earlier?

  2. if blake griffin and chris paul are still playing deep into the 4th quarter; then the lakers were successful again with their small ball game. having the more talented players, thinking here is that coach doc rivers won’t let that happen.

    would be nice for the patrons to get some free tacos. would be nice for the lakers to get another win this season versus the clippers. hard to count on either happening tonite.

    Go lakers

  3. here is to a hard fought loss!

    one game closer to D’antoni being fired.

  4. A student of mine told me he is a Clippers fan. I know I can no longer grade his work fairly. What can I do?


  5. My prior comment was cut a bug or something but i was saying that i dont know if i be able to watch this game and watch CP reminding me of the VETO, Emperor Palpatine i mean Stern and the embarrasing of riches that the Clippers the freaking Clippers!!! have become, i think it could actually hurt my soul, i try to get over it but i cant. That will heal whenever we get out of this mess but we can talk about the draft, the cap room Kevin Love and all that but this season has been Dante’s 9th circle of hell, total soul crushing misery that i wont forget for a long time. I will watch the game screw it…

  6. Haha Dante’s 9th circle of hell
    Thanks Fern
    Keepin it 100

  7. Jonson and Kelly on Blake should be a hoot!

    Marshall on Paul should be a double hoot.

    Doc vs MD should be a hoot hoot hoot.

    I hope I can stop laughing by the time Suits come on at 9pm.

    Clips by 25

    Hoot hoot hoot the game is moot!

  8. Farmar will give Lakers chance to win tonite.

    No Farmar, blow out city.

  9. Expect to miss the 1st quarter since the Heat game is running way over time .

    Get your radio out.

  10. Busboys: “Jordan Hill would be a no-brainer ” What are you implying? : )
    Ko: “Suits” What is that show about? It is clearly not about Jim Buss’ closet

  11. Robert ha

    Great show on USA. Returns tonight.

    They use big attorney words so Jim I am sure is watching Sponge Bob Square Baseball hat.

  12. Clips fav by 11.5 points in vegas.

    Time to find my phone .

  13. Warren Wee Lim March 6, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    Fully expect a win tonight.

    Game where Farmar solidifies his claim as the Lakers best player.

  14. I’ve always thought a players prime is 24-28. Apperenty its 25-28. What an article. A must read. Years ago the media always perpetuated the myth that players peak at 30. It makes sense for them. It’s best to tell people that this 25 year old star hasn’t reached even come close to his prime yet. Imagine what he will be! Now it’s slowly coming down to 28. It will come down further as advanced stats become more prominent on how the public (and the private) see the game. I’m sorry I don’t bring it with the basketball and entertainment quality like I used to… I’m just taking a break talking lakers until they are entertaining to watch again. Even when I post here I’m not really putting anything of artistic or substantive value very often. Maybe I (like Kobe) am passed my prime?

  15. Game may also elevate Farmar’s stature v. CP3.

  16. Warren, Pau might have something to say about that what a difference when he is healthire that basket when he faked Pau says it all, im not agains bringing him back if he acept a 7-8 mill salary. Btw that Bazemore bucket was one of the most athletic and skill displays i seen from the team this whole season.

  17. Remove Marshall

  18. Lets take it easy with the “Farmar best player in the team and elevating his stature against CP3” thing he is good but Paul is light years better.

  19. Not a Brooks fan. Out of control.

    Just terrible out there.

  20. Lakers showing why they are the worst team in West with a joke of a coach. Clueless team taking bad shots and not running back.

    The MD style. Small ball!


  21. I have never seen a worse offensive player in the NBA then Marshall.

    How blind does a coach have to be to start this horrible non- player.

    He should be fired for playing him. I hope Mitch is proud of the joke his team has become.

  22. Funny how Ko was silent when the Lakers were playing ok and were ahead, team start playing bad and right on cue with the same ol’ same ol’ lol i do agree about Marshall how is he still starting is beyond the laws of rational thinkin. I d Farmar ” the best player” is solidifiying something all right.

  23. Ok Fern. Find something good to say about being down by 26 in 1st half.

    I waiting!

  24. Take a good look, Mitch. When the offense goes cold with this team, they got nothing.

  25. Nothing at all well there is, draft night, like i said earlier i should not watch this game but repeat the same gripes and complains over and over again and again is pointless. WE KNOW!!!!! I just going to turn the tv off have a really strong drink and sleep this game off.Better to call it a night for my sanity

  26. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



    good nite. sleep tite; might as well let the bed bugs bite. something the lakers are doing big time with itty, bitty, cowering under to the clippers in their stadium: staples center.

    doc rivers is a compassionate man. he will let the lakers back in, just a little; like the ball we play.

    Good nite lakers

  27. This is painful. Will someone please put Joel Embiid in there.

  28. So. In the last game-and-a-half, the Lakers have allowed 205 points. Let’s hear it for Small Ball.

  29. We’re down by 45 points!? I just got home from work and was thinking about finding the game. Nope.

  30. This on national TV might get Small Ball Mumbles fired.

  31. There must be a lot of college teams that could do better than this? Right? High school?

  32. I haven’t read this thread because I can imagine the normal comments.

    However, I quit watching the game at half-time (really, early in the 2nd qtr) and have no intention of accessing any thread here until a new one is put up tomorrow. Have fun killing the coach. Bye for tonight.

  33. Please let this be the Dantoni’s last game for the lakers …. probably the most embarrasing loss in lakers history …. worst record in lakers history …. worst home losing streak in team history … every single player has now quit on him …. guys on the team are openly questioning his strategy ….. As jamison stated he doesnt make adjustment

    Please Mitch, Jim, Jeanie, Phil, Kobe, Magic …. whoever might read this blog … please fire this joke of a coach

  34. Funny how the MDA supporters are glossing over how bad he is ….. motivation and effort are part of his job… if he cant do this for the team then let him go

  35. In evaluating young talent for the future, cases for role player status can be made for several guys. Marshon Brooks is not one of them. One of the most painfully unaware / low IQ players I’ve seen in some time. Hope to never see him in the purple and gold again.

  36. I think the players like D’Antoni and want to play well for him. They just get discouraged when things go so wrong.

  37. Marshall another 4 TO terrible passing 2 point game.

    And he starts!

    He and Brooks should not be in the NBA unless you ate TRYING to TANK.

  38. This team beat Portland? Really?

  39. Please oh please don’t break the franchise record for most humiliating defeat ever…

  40. When the offense is clicking, and the other team is playing slow and flat, no reason the Lakers can’t beat anyone. Much more likely, D’Antoni’s team gets embarrassed.

  41. Gerald Green had 41 tonight, BTW.

  42. Sooo we’re basically going to add the worst loss in Lakers history to this years list of terribadness.

  43. All time Laker records

    Most straight home losses
    Most losses in a season
    Worst Lise at home ever
    Worst lose in Laker history
    Most points given up in history
    Most excuses by a head coach
    Most money made by a NBA team

    All right all right all right

  44. Wow.

    Who’s in charge here? I know these things happen, but that was Custer at Little Big Horn.

    Who is signing Kobe to his huge contract? Who is trading for a washed up Steve Nash? Who is bringing in D’Antoni? Yes, I saw previous post mentioning Gerald Green, we let him go two summer ago, when you could have had him for a song. This ship might get turned around somewhere near 2020. Any young guy on this team is more than likely looking for a way to jump ship, goodbye Wesley and Xavier. Why would Pau want to resign with this motley group

  45. Ko sort of sounds like Dean Wormer telling the Deltas about their GPAs in Animal House.

  46. We were robbed by the previous commissioner. Every time I see Chris Paul in Clippers uniform, I am disgusted.

    I am so glad I reduce my cable package. I can’t watch the sports net any more, but so glad I don’t have to sit through a game like this.

    Anyone wonder why Lakers have so many injured players? Maybe because the way MDA runs that small ball game plus inconsistent rotation. Players don’t really know how to prepare for the game, and also if you are always the under-size defender, maybe overworking the body could be a problem, too. MDA is an embarrassment, He has to have some serious thick skin to sit there, but the money is good, so he will stick it out.

  47. Oh the cruelty of this stupid draft-system. I have been hoping for losses, but damn… not like this.

  48. Kobe has announced retirement at last.

  49. Plashke went nuclear on the Lakers on his recap, he is asking for MDA head, after last night he needs to be fired. No more defending no more excusin no more passes, they need to fire him on the way to the locker room in the last game of this season. Last night loss was beyond apalling and painful, it made a mockery of the Lakers history, legacy and Dr Buss hard work. This needs to stop. I never feel this ashamed to be a Laker fan, i never had to avoid the gaze of people that root for another teams when they mock what my beloved once proud Lakers have become.

  50. Renato Afonso March 7, 2014 at 4:17 am

    I didn’t know it was possible to suffer 142 points in 48 minutes. This one is on the coach. IF things are going bad, you slow down the tempo, simple as that. You improve your interior defense and rebounding to try and keep in range…

    Oh well, after this I would really like to hear the logical arguments to keep Pringles as coach next season. This is the most humiliating defeat I remember…

  51. Renato Afonso March 7, 2014 at 4:18 am

    And apparently Kaman isn’t good enough to play in such a game….

  52. I don’t hate MD and I don’t hate Jim Buss. Both have made mistakes, but both are also dealing with circumstances out of their control that have made things worse. My biggest concern now is how quickly the Laker culture is changing for the worse and how hard it will be to recover if that recovery does not start next year. Two or three years of this and no one left will remember what it’s like to be a Laker and a champion. A team of transients, misfits, and basketball nomads is the Clippers of old.

    Something good takes time, effort, and luck to build. A dynasty takes incredible perseverance and talent as well. What the Lakers have had for all these years is virtually unmatched in this country and reflects a vision and dedication that is almost unheard of. Multiple dynasties! Losing that, however, does not take nearly as long as it took to build. And I’m somewhat doubtful that it could be built again.

    Whatever the plan is, it better be damn good.

  53. Warren Wee Lim March 7, 2014 at 5:07 am

    We don’t want to win because it would hurt our chances of lotto but we have to do it in a fashion where it has to only be a 1 point difference each game?

    1-pt loss vs 48-pt loss = same.

    A terrible season in San Antonio nearly 2 decades ago did not make their franchise the Clippers.

    The Cavs have however-many straight lottery picks and they are on their way to yet another.

  54. Warren Wee Lim March 7, 2014 at 5:09 am

    Consequently, a winning season or two doesn’t make the Paper Clips the Lakers. Everything starts at 1, and they have their work cut out for them. 16 to go for them.

  55. Wow, how embarrassing. Captain Pringles should be ashamed of himself, this is on him.

  56. You know when the judge says, “Jurors, please disregard that remark”? Well, I wish I could just disregard this game.

    I propose that Darius, et al, heavily monitor comments for the next two weeks and reject any comment referring to this game. I think we need that!

    Alas, it doesn’t work with juries and I doubt it would work with us (though Darius could try!).

    So I’ll just say, I am failing my student who is a Clippers fan and OUCH!!!!


  57. As Kaman DNPs mount I’m reminded that this is the guy FO signed @ $3 mil this year.
    So at least at some point Kaman was considered viable by Kupchak/management.
    The puzzling thing is that Kaman hasn’t performed poorly when given opportunities.

    Dantoni burns bridges with some players so outrageously it seems that not only Kaman and Hill won’t return, but that other free agents around the league – especially big men – may hesitate to come to play here.

    The worst loss in team history can’t only be blamed on Kobe and Nash injuries.

  58. Warren,

    I hear what you are saying, but at this point do you think this owner, GM, coach, and staff are closer to San Antonio or Cleveland? What’s your confidence level?

    Back in the 90s, I always had faith that Jerry and Jerry would pull something out and they did. Similarly, Jerry, Mitch, and Phil pulled it off again and I always believed they would.

    Jim, Mitch, and Mike? Not so sure.

  59. in an effort to clean up tanking in the nba, there should be a playoff series between all lottery bound teams at season’s end:

    – each team should be required to play one another at least once.
    – losing team, not winning team moves on in the tanking bracket.
    – two losingest teams play best of five to determine ultimate loser.
    – both teams to wear the other teams uniform and switch head coaches (permanently)
    – games to be refereed by d-league personnel
    – games to be on a pay-for-view basis only.

    and after all is said and done and ultimate loser is decided; induction into the d-league permanently should be the just reward.

    the remaining lottery bound teams to draw straws amongst themselves to determine who’s next.

    what exactly was that last night?

    lakers need to get high in that Denver atmosphere; the sooner the better.

    Go lakers

  60. ……So this is what it feels like to be a Clipper’s fan…..hmmmm

    Darius.please put this on a t shirt and sell it on forumblueandgold please.

    “I was tryin to win the game”

    -Mike O’Antoni

    (insert frustrated/angry looking pic of D’Antoni)

    tell me that wouldn’t sell outside of staples….

  61. What is even more of a joke then this loss is those Laker fans that actually still support this joke of a coach and want him back next year, even when nobody on the team likes him. I really want to hear the keep Pringles logic after this most humiliating defeat.

  62. We Stink! Plain and simple. But you guys can’t “Sunshine Pump” your way out of this one.
    Bad Team Man! Really Bad Team!!!

  63. Umm I soaked it in Kobe.

  64. From LA Times by Bill P

    None of which was as bad as Thursday, when a team that had already seemingly lost everything surrendered its last remaining shreds of heart, soul and identity. The Lakers are no longer even the Lakers.

  65. jaycartywheels March 7, 2014 at 8:52 am

    I admit, I bailed in the 4th quarter, amazed to read that Kaman can’t get into a loss like this. Clear the bench MDA, what gives? Afraid he might look good?

    The world is wrong, MDA is right.

  66. Well…you can’t hang this one on Kaman and Hill.

    If there was ever a game that was a repudiation of Mike D’Antoni coaching abilities (such as they are) and his system, this was it. Let’s put everything in context.

    1) The Lakers have allowed 276 points in 2 games. That’s 276.
    2) The Lakers got out-rebounded by 31 last night. Thiry-one. Some teams don’t get 31 boards in a game. So much for Small Ball.
    3) In a 48-point blow out, Chris Kaman didn’t even get off the bench. The water boy played. (In fact, he started at point guard.) But not Chris.
    4) One Laker came out of this looking great. Jordan Hill. His =/- was zero. Not bad. Of course he didn’t play. He’s injured (so they say).

    If there’s ever a game that can ensure the firing of a head coach, this is it. D’Antoni must go. And I believe he will. There’s no other way.

    If MDA is not cut loose (the sooner, the better IMO), then the FO simply has no…what was that word in Portugese, Renato?

  67. Warren

    Clips became relevant 2 years ago when the OWNER stopped interfering in basketball decisions. Neal Oshay started the process before moving to Portland(not bad there either)

    The Lakers won’t be back until Jimbo allows basketball people to make decisions and he just signs checks.

    Just like Dolan in NY you can ‘t buy BB IQ. Funny both owners have one thing in common. They both hired Mike D. Enough said.

  68. Warren Wee Lim March 7, 2014 at 9:04 am

    Below listed are the winners of #1 overall from the year 1990 (when this format of the lotto was introduced) until last season (2013) where the Cavs (3rd worst) jumped to 1st.

    Worst 3
    2nd-worst 4
    3rd-worst 5
    4th-worst 0
    5th-worst 5
    6th-worst 2
    7th-worst 1
    8th-worst 1
    9th-worst 1
    10th-worst 0
    11th-worst 1
    12th-worst 0
    13th-worst 0
    14th-worst 0

    Historically, the worst team doesn’t have the best chance of winning. Its either the 3rd or the 5th position.

    Very interesting.

  69. Sometimes you lose a game against a more talented team. Such things happen. But it’s completely unacceptable to allow 142 points and set a franchise record for the worst loss ever. And against the local rival no less.

  70. Man… the entire game I was just wondering about the what-if’s with CP3 trade. I don’t seem to remember what David Stern did for the league other than he pretty much vetoed Lakers future two years ago. (Even though there is no guarantee that the trade would have procured the woeful situation we are in now, but still, I can’t help blaming him for the fall).

    Not to mention just growing doubts about Jim as the leader of this organization. Just… growing concerns…

  71. You can’t fire all the players. So fire the coach and his staff. Plain and simple. I despise Mike D’Antoni’s coaching style and I despise his overuse of Kobe last year. I’ve been a fan of this team almost 50 years. The losses to Boston in the Finals through the 60’s and in ’84 hurt like hell, but the MD’A era is the low point of my fandom. We fans can’t expect a winning team every year, but we can’t live with losses like this. The healing will begin the day Mike D’Antoni and his convoluted, never won a damn thing, style of basketball are exorcised from this team.

  72. Historically, the worst team doesn’t have the best chance of winning. Its either the 3rd or the 5th position.

    Very interesting.

    I don’t think that’s particularly interesting or surprising. If you combine a relatively small sample size with a relatively large variance a result like that is not unusual at all.

  73. Here’s something that’s interesting. The draft positions of the top 10 highest-paid players (according to HoopsHype):


  74. The mutiny has begun.

  75. Craig W.,

    Where are you? We’re having so much fun.

  76. KC and all Stern/Paul bashers


    As a guy who has owned several companies over the years I learned those words. Check out all variables before alerting the media.

    I have spoken to several NBA insiders over that deal. They said Buss/Mitch never made a call to Stern/NBA as the “owners” of NO team. If they had they would have been told to hold off while “the best interest clause was investigated.

    Instead of blaming the NBA how about pointing the finger at the amateurs in the front office/ownership who announced the trade before it was approved!.

    Also Paul had a one year deal with Clips. What makes you think he stays with this coach and talent last year?

  77. As to the string of DNP for Kaman and Hill. I don’t think it has to do with basketball reasons. I think more likely due to personality problems. For the most part you just see these guys sitting on the bench. But there have been moments like Kaman laying on the bench. Comments by him saying I don’t care to pretty much several questions. Outbursts by Hill saying something rather sarcastic to Sacre which I can’t remember the exact wording. But I think things like that are more likely benching them, then production reasons or trying to tank.

  78. Most of us knew the Lakers would not be a good team this year. As I have said before, I can accept that. Dr. Jerry Buss gave us so many winning seasons over the years I can accept a down period for rebuilding. What is unacceptable is losing like they did last night. No NBA team should ever lose by 48 points. No one team is that much better than another to produce that kind of margin. That only happens when one team has completely given up.

    Here’s the thing. We all know Mike should go. So no need to beat that drum. What is troubling is the Lakers through their moves (or lack thereof) and public comments are looking like an organization that is clueless. The moves don’t match up with the stated logic from the FO. The perception of the organization has gone south. What free agents are really inspired to by this?

    I’ve said this before, but the Lakers need to get their management situation straight BEFORE the draft. They need to know who they are trying to become before they start contructing a new team. Unfortunately, I don’t feel confident they will do this. Not only do they seem unaware of what they are trying to become. The seem to have forgotten who they once were.

  79. Renato Afonso March 7, 2014 at 9:51 am

    The word is colhões. I hope they have them when the season is over 😉

  80. @KO to call Mitch Kupchack an amateur just wow, the people that actually know something say Mitch is one of the best GMs and one of the best and toughest negotiators in the entire league and he have the accolades. The Lakers didnt called the NBA about the CP deal bc they didnt had to!!! The NBA were the owners but they werent running the team Dell Demps was and the league never interfered with his personel or FO decisions not once during his tenure prior that day. The trade went thru the same channels every trade in the league did and it was a fair trade for everyone involved. When Cuban and Gilbert started whinning and criying over the trade and the new CBA they got to Palpatine’s ear and he used his Sith powers to nix the deal. This season predicament was more than anything the injury epidemic but it has turned into a blight that is festering because our coach lost his players and need to be fired the moment the last game of the season is over.

  81. Looks like Phil may getting that front office job after all. Jim needs to bite the bullet, check his ego in, and get it done. Only hope for the organization.

  82. There is not absolutely no evidence that Phil in the FO would create a miracle or something. One thing is managing the players on the floor another it managing an entire organization. Is not happening, what they need to do 1st is fire MDA to placate US the fan base and hire Byron Scott wow jumped the gun there lol just a suggestion we need someone who knows and understand the Laker culture and is relatively young,we dont need old fossils that never won anything like George “1st rounder” Karl or Sloan.Yesterday’s catastrophe was on the coach and the players. We knew this season was going to be tough not this tough i admit but tough nonetheless. If the players play with no pride and the coach dont motivate the players its the FO job to get rid of whoever is hurting the team. There is going to be a cleansing this summer…

  83. what exactly was that last night?
    lakers need to get high in that Denver atmosphere; the sooner the better.
    `nuff said – thanks david h., aloha!
    Bryan S & Kenny T,
    thanks for gettin´ back on the `Showtime´ book thread! Laker die-hards unite!!!
    (Bryan, `wounded for life´ is spot on when it comes to what MIchelle Pfeiffer did to all of us! :)

  84. I hope the FO takes time to digest last night’s loss and the message it sends to fans and potential free agents. I think Darius’ tweets from last night say it all. I agree and think its time to part ways with Mike D. The damage in the court of public opinion has been done and we need to slowly begin to rebuild that. While I used to think we should wait until the offseason to make any coaching changes, I now think that its in our best interest to move forward coaching wise. We certainly would not be hurt in terms of draft position if any interim coach comes in and does a poorer job.

  85. “1-pt loss vs 48-pt loss = same.
    A terrible season in San Antonio nearly 2 decades ago did not make their franchise the Clippers…”

    The difference in losses is 47 points, actually. 😉 And since when is pride and confidence equal to embarrassment and doubt?

    Of course, one game has to be seen in the light of a larger picture. And one season, terrible or not, doesn’t make anyone anything. The last several seasons haven’t been impressive, but if Laker fans are confident that Buss Jr, Mitch, and D’A are comparable to Holt, Buford, and Pop, then look to the Spurs for inspiration, and take solace in this wretched Laker season.

  86. the city of los angeles went dark last night. these are things that happen while driving down the street sometimes, especially when i’m stressed out. anyone else??

    purpleblood: mahalo !!

    lakers lungs burn like hot coals tonite versus the nuggets in the mile high city.

    Go lakers

  87. Fern not meant to be about Mitch.

  88. The Lakers FO is going to have to find the courage and the contrition to treat D’Antoni as a sunken cost.

  89. I know the Lakers’ roster is weak talent- wise and depth-wise. However, there is enough there to play with a committed defensive effort. I have a hard time believing that this team would be as clueless defensively with a Van Gundy, Hollins or Scott on the sideline.

    Secondly…the scouting needs to be improved. There’s been a lot of talent floating around the league in recent years. Our team has managed to acquire very little of it. I’m so ready to see what happens this summer and moving forward. My big fear is that the team enters an extended period of irrelevance where all that true fans have are memories of days gone by.

  90. Horrible loss. CP3 is one of the great PGs. Blake has matured into a leader. DeAndre is a great athlete at an important position. There are lots of guys on that team who are really good players and a few that can just melt the sky when they get hot. There is no reason to think that they can’t get deep into the playoffs and compete for a chance to stick a banner of their own up in STAPLES. All that said, we still have a better owner than Sterling, so maybe ownership is not really the problem for us.

    I am excited about Bazemore. I is hard to find the corn in last night’s poop, but I like his change of direction, I like his shooting range, I love his speed and athleticism, I love his size. That is a guy who can develop into a really nice player and the Lakers still control him with an offer. Brooks has some scoring ability but he doesn’t seem a very smart player. He needs a coach to get him to buy into a system and a limited role. Not sure I want to keep him. Love Young. Really like Henry but I think I’d rather go with Bazemore. I like Farmar. I’m lukewarm on Marshall. I like him as a 10 minutes a game type. He comes in and runs a team while your starter rests. Hill brings some things and he’ll probably get paid okay, but I would not pay him that much. Would rather have Kaveman. I saw a twitter post that scared the hell out of me. San Antonio only needs to make a few pretty makeable moves to set themselves up to sign Pau. Let that sink in.

    I know some of us are ready and willing to see Pau go, but I have a hard time accepting his leaving without getting anything back. I especially have a problem seeing him go to San Antonio. Seems a perfect match. No doubt he and Pop would crack open some fine Riojas and watch the ink dry on a contract. No bueno.

    Some luck, some smart FA choices, a quality coach, some health and why can’t the Lakers be next season’s Suns?

  91. I understand why everyone is emotionally reacting to this loss. However it changes nothing. I do not think anyone should be changing their opinions due to this single game. The roster, the coach, and most of the issues have been the same for quite some time. Beating Portland does not make MD the COTY and losing by 48 does not make him worst ever. Neither is relevant. What is relevant is – should he be our coach? And last night’s game clearly did not change my opinion.

  92. Ok Ko going fine, to get drunk tonight to try to watch.

  93. P.Ami: Agree with most of your post. Henry and Bazemore are *both* keepers because of their size, athleticism, developing skills and most importantly, youth. Both are wings and can play the 2,3, and even the 1 spot for stints. Henry is a power player with great size at the 2, Baze has prototypical size at the 2 with exceptional length. Both can rotate on the perimeter defensively with length and quickness. We are going to need at least two wings with defensive speed to cover Kobe’s defensive liabilities.

  94. The game 6 drubbing in Boston was far worse than this, no matter how many points the deficit ended up being last night. Have to take the long view and think strategically. Ultimately, the plan this season was to bring in young players, short contracts and conserve cap space. Re-signing Kobe revealed itself to be another. All of these goals are being met, along with a potentially franchise-level young player coming in via draft. Have to let these losses go as they come, because dwelling on them is fruitless when each loss is actually a positive. Here’s to more of them.

  95. Robert is right. As I said a couple of days ago, Buss and Kupchak presumably are clear at this point on what MDA brings to the table and what his weaknesses are on a game-to-game and seasonal basis, so they need to decide big-picture if he is the best option. That depends on two factors:

    1. Who the other options are for head coach.
    2. Whether they believe, and based on what information they believe, he will be a plus, a minus, or a neutral factor in attracting FAs.

    I do certainly get why getting beat 142-94 on national TV by the Clippers bothers people–it bothers me, too. But that should not IMO affect MDA’s job security.

  96. MDA continues to add his name to more categories in Laker history.

  97. Just rec’d a ESPN text stating Kupchak met w// MDA & liitle Jimmy B after last night’s rout by the Clips. Would have loved to have had a bug in that office.

  98. How can you evaluate the ability of the current players on the Lakers? The team defense has been MIA all year long. The lack of hustle for loose balls and rebounds is glaring. Is this due to a few players not trying or just not having the ability? Have the Lakers just not signed anyone who has the ability and desire to play defense and do the little things that do not make the box score? The coaching staff has the ability to teach defense and the balance between offense and defense is one they have chosen. Is it just a problem of not having the right players?

  99. The water boy played. (In fact, he started at point guard.) LOL!!!!!!!

  100. I think MDA is in the hotseat at least, all the problems the Lakers have this season came out in the worst way posibl last nighte but on steroids, getting outrebounded by 20 almost every night? Nah lets go to 31 we allowed a gazillion points to the Pelicans? Thats not high enough. I understand MDA has been in a tough tough position since he got hired, and we know about all the myriad of injuries and i believe his system would work with better talent . But his stubborness and being unable to adapt to this team strengths and weaknesses is fatal, i still cant believe he is the only coach in the entire world that would play Sacre over Hill and Kaman and a couple of days ago he named him the best defensive player in the team, my head almost exploded. Marshall still starting shooting 10%fg is just i cant say the word here. I kept quiet about MDA all this time because i understand the circunstances but im at the point that i just cant understand this level of stubborness, unless he wants to get fired, i mentioned earlier the only coach that i feel could stir this team in the right direction is Byron Scott. He knows and understand the culture what it means to be a Laker and win with the Lakers.