Video: Jodie Meeks’ Career Night Carries the Lakers over the Thunder

Darius Soriano —  March 9, 2014

Maybe I should give the Lakers zero chance to win more often.

The Lakers came out and stunned, well, just about everyone with an upset win over the Thunder. And while a lot of players deserve credit for the win (not to mention the coach), no one deserves more than Jodie Meeks. Meeks poured in a career high 42 points on only 18 FGA’s, showing off an all-court game that has truly grown from last season. Meeks was great from the outside (6-11 from three), but also got to the rim in the open and half court while also showing off an in-between game that really was non-existent before this season.

As Mike D’Antoni said after the game, Meeks has been the Lakers’ most consistent performer this season. And while today’s effort was well above what his normal performance would be this year, it is also a by-product of the hard work that he’s put in – the same hard work that has led to that consistency.

In any event, enjoy watching Jodie Meeks go off. As you can see from the video below, his teammates certainly did.

Darius Soriano

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to Video: Jodie Meeks’ Career Night Carries the Lakers over the Thunder

  1. Warren Wee Lim March 9, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    A win is a win. Lets see how the critics call this.

    “Bad for tanking” and “dumb move” should be the predominant message I expect.


  2. Great great win on this misery of a season, really happy for Jodie what a performance , i didnt watch the game but if someone told me that the Lakers came back from 18 down and beat the Thunder with Meeks scoring 42 i would tell them to stop smoking crack. Still stunned.


  3. Very happy for Jodie. He has exhibited a willingness to work on his game and his weaknesses and is getting tangible results. By all accounts, a nice person as well. Really easy guy to root for. Hope he’s a Laker next year.


  4. Man, that was fun. Watching Meeks heat up, Farmar’s 3’s, Bazemore’s timely shots and clutch plays on D, and most of all, the swarming defense and traps. We still had defensive breakdowns here or there, but it was such a welcome sight to see our guys competing and closing out so hard. I was grinning like a fool the last half hour of that game.

    Hubie and Doug Collins together on the broadcast was phenomenal. So much basketball knowledge there between the two of them, and mutual respect. This isn’t intended as a sideways shot at D’Antoni, but there’s a legit argument that the 2 best coaches in the building were sitting next to Mike Tirico. Really enjoyed that broadcast team. No Mark Jackson/Reggie Miller nonsense or idiotic catchphrases – just great insight.

    I still like Kendall Marshall. I know Ko has made him his whipping boy (amazingly finding a way to complain repeatedly about Marshall in the midst of Meeks lighting it up and us taking the lead, which takes a true commitment to pessimism) but his floor leadership is impeccable. He makes next-level passes that Farmar can’t. He sees angles that Farmar doesn’t. In general, he’s a smoother navigator of the pick and roll and does a better job controlling pace. I don’t think he’ll be a long-term solution because I’m pessimistic about his chances of becoming a consistent shooter, but I’d rather invest in him during a rebuilding phase because his ceiling is higher than Farmar’s. Farmar, to me, is who he is at this point. I don’t see his game growing. But if Marshall can find his Chip Engelland and turn that aspect of his game around, his impact on the offensive side of the ball will be tremendous.

    My keepers from this year (and this isn’t an overreaction to today’s game, I’ve been thinking this for a while): Bazemore, Xavier Henry, Marshall, and Meeks. All have some potential to become role players on a good team.


  5. Lets see how the critics call this.

    Good win for the guys suiting up and playing right now. Could hurt the franchise long-term depending on how the lottery and the draft play out. Pretty much the truth about any game the Lakers win the rest of the way.


  6. heck of a post Snoopy –
    Congrats & THANKS! to Jodie


  7. “Good win for the guys suiting up and playing right now. Could hurt the franchise long-term depending on how the lottery and the draft play out. Pretty much the truth about any game the Lakers win the rest of the way.”

    This is how I feel about the game tonight. I was entertained. I was excited for Jodie Meeks. I like what I saw from Farmar and Bazemore. But, if we finish outside the bottom four and miss out on Embiid, Parker, Wiggins, Exum…well then this year will truly have been the worst season in Lakers history. And yes, I was completely anti-tank until injuries robbed us of any chance at the playoffs or a respectable record.


  8. The NBA network had Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons doing the pre-game show. BSimmons said the Lakers were so bad that the network should apologize for having the Lakers on. Both took turns tossing jabs at the Lakers. Unfortunately they didn’t return for the post game report. Boy I would have loved to see that celtic-loving bafoon simmons eating crow.


  9. OKC better double up on us next time to convince the league it’s worth 2 in the loss column.

    Way to price yourself off of next year’s team Meeks!

    Snoopy, whereas I liked your post, I just don’t see anything but D-League pyrite with Marshall. He’s worse at everything than Farmar and his passing -if better- is only by degrees. Those completed flashes are coming after a lot of missed reads and I still don’t like his placement with the ball frequently taking momentum away from the basket.


  10. Ken

    Understood but not. Have you seen the stats in relation to ping pong balls and the pick? The chances are very high you will not get the 1 thru 3 pick by having a lower seed. It’s not a science it’s called lottery as in lotto as in luck.

    They could finish 3 worst and get the 10th pick.

    Snoopy good points. I am a big plus minus guy which may be overrated. The numbers on Marshall vs Farmer the past 2 weeks are fairly one sided. I want to like KM but it tough to see him as a starter.


  11. They could finish 3 worst and get the 10th pick.

    Not quite. The 1-3 picks are determined by the infamous ping-pong balls. After that, it is reverse order of record. So, if the Lakers finish with one of the four worst records, they will get Embiid, Parker, Wiggins or Exum (assuming those guys come out and they are 1-4 on the Lakers’ board).

    And, the greater the number of losses, the greater the number of ping-pong balls.


  12. Ko,

    1-3 is the ping pong balls–after that, it is record.


  13. @Ko
    You’re totally right man, but it’s all about the percentages. I’m all about getting the best odds at one of the top four picks at this point.


  14. “They could finish 3 worst and get the 10th pick” – not true. the lowest pick the 3rd worst team will get is the 6th


  15. I realized that after I typed it, you are correct.



  16. Snoopy, great post. Definitely agreed on the Hubie Brown and Doug Collins broadcast team. Probably the best I’ve ever seen in the booth.

    On the other hand, I prefer Farmar over Marshall, even during the rebuilding phase. Ko may be overly radical most of the time, but he does have a very good point about Marshall playing almost no defense. After all, that is half the game, right?

    Farmar might have a limited ceiling, as you said. But what that ceiling is, is to be a solid rotation player on a contending team. One who knows his role, usually plays within it – and picks his moments to really ignite the team at the right times. If you look back over our past few wins (hard as they are to come by), he’s had a huge hand in nearly all of them.


  17. Actually, my post is technically wrong as well, although likely. 4th worst record could with terrible luck get 7th pick. But that is not all that likely, as I said.


  18. Warren Wee Lim March 9, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    Historically, since the lottery was implemented in 1990, the 3rd worst and 5th worst records hold the most lotto wins. You can’t slide to worse than 3 spots down based on your record. We’re still on pace to win the lottery and land a very good pick.

    Play hard and Let the chips fall where they may.


  19. I’d like to see Meeks back. As Collins said, he’s a winner.

    Re Farmar: He’s quicker, much more athletic, much better defender, and better shooter, finisher, and versatile scorer than Marshall. He’s also a vocal leader on both ends of the floor now, though Kendall could gain that as he matures. Jordan is still a bit out of control at times, and will likely never be the passer Marshall is already.

    I think Farmar is already a solid backup PG for a team that wants an uptempo second unit that plays a harrassing defense. Marshall has weaknesses that must be overcome, and skills that need developing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see either or both back next season.


  20. Current reverse standings:

    Bucks 12-50
    76ers 15-47
    Magic 19-45
    Lakers 22-42
    Celtics, Jazz, Kings 22-41

    So, it is pretty easy to see what people are talking about. The Lakers are in a knot with four other teams, and could finish anywhere from 4th worst to 8th worst, and the three wins the last 10 days make it very unlikely that they will hit the bottom 3.

    Then look at the wins themselves. The Lakers’ recent 3 wins were by 4, 1, and 4 points, and all involved unusual events. The team beat Sacto by hitting 70% from 3. They beat Portland with Portland having a very bad night from the arc, and then there was today, with Meeks hitting for 42 points while Russell Westbrook was 7/23.

    In between those wins, the Lakers have also lost three times, giving up over 130 points to lottery teams twice and over 140 in the other game, suffering–literally–the worst regular-season loss in franchise history.

    The point then, is this: these games the Lakers have been winning do not seem, to me at least, to be the basis for building anything, or creating some kind of foundation for the future. Indeed, this game today will put Meeks on more contenders’ radars this summer and may have made him a little bank. This roster is not Utah’s roster, with a bunch of lottery picks trying to grow as a group. It is not New Orleans’ roster, with Anthony Davis as the cornerstone, The Lakers do not have nine first-rounders over the next five years, like Boston does, or two lotto picks this year. plus Nerlens Noel, like Philly does.

    And look at context: the West is stacked, with good to very good teams 1-9 and the Lakers, as ESPN’s Kevin Pelton pointed out on Friday, have the least talented roster in the West. Kobe’s return could address that to some extent…but we have no idea whether he can do it anymore. The odds are, frankly, against him.

    So…I am not taking anything away from MDA or the players currently on the team. Going out there and beating OKC today is something that they should be proud of. But there are several very good, specific reasons right now to hope that the Lakers lose. It is a drag, but it is the truth.


  21. We all like Farmar because he is local and he can score. It is ironic that I am saying MDA is playing the person who can’t score as well, but it is also true that Marshall runs the team the way MDA wants it run, better than Farmar. This is not a complicated observation.

    We have enough scorers on this team. What we need is someone to get them the ball in the right place for them to get easier shots – that person is Marshall. I also hate the way he gets too cute and creates TOs sometimes, but he is a true pass-first PG. I don’t know who we will keep, but his ability to run a club makes it a tougher choice for Mitch. Additionally, Farmar is a rotation PG, not a starter, and I am not sure I disagree with MDA’s continuing to start Marshall over Farmar. It is hard to continue to see those zeros in the box score, but I also believe there are too many people quoting box scores instead of watching games.


  22. Finish with the 4th worst record = 47.7% of getting a top 4 pick.


  23. @Snoopy2006 – Good Post!

    But I beg to differ on several points.

    1) No one should be happy with this win. Really who cares about this win in the grand scheme of things. Surely, we Lakers fans are more sophisticated than to celebrate a meaningless win? Yes, the bottom-line it is all about the draft and if the Lakers aren’t making that the priority then get ready for more Clipper like blowouts. No, this was game was more about OKC losing than the Lakers winning. KD who I admit is extremely gifted but I question his killer-instinct. He goes periods without touching the ball and doesn’t demand it either…they should have rolled the scrubs the Lakers have out there…point blank! Bottom-Line this is the Lakers! One of the premier franchises in all of sports…Championships, son nothing else matters!

    2) I read this board often and I can’t believe that we are even discussing the players on this current roster as keepers. Really? Meeks great game for him but again more of a lame defensive effort from OKC than anything. The fact that Meeks is taking that many shots would raise the alarms of most NBA General Managers. That is a sure fire sigh of bad teams when role or marginal players are taking the majority of the shots. Meeks, Hill, Kelly, Young, Farmar and Kaman is basically all we have besides KB24, Gasol and Nash. The other guys that have been discussed with some false sense of hope are not NBA players period. No need to even hope or try to speculate and if they are on the roster next year then we will be prolly be really bad again. Bottom-Line draft a young stud then hope you can get Kevin Love and other top free agents to come. Bottom-Line we need talent and young talent at that. Currently, the Lakers are lacking the talent needed to compete @ NBA level basketball.

    3) #Coaching – need I say anymore? Terrible coach! Terrible system! Also, a roster that does not fit the system. It is painful for me to even watch…I know Magic, Kareem, Worthy and Mr. Clutch are all feeling the same way. However, dare I say the Lakers will convince themselves to keep D’Antoni around and give it a go with this debacle one more year.

    It’s going to hurt to be a Laker Fan for a few years. I saw the realization on Jack’s face the other night.


  24. @WWL This doesn’t make any sense my friend-
    “Historically, since the lottery was implemented in 1990, the 3rd worst and 5th worst records hold the most lotto wins. You can’t slide to worse than 3 spots down based on your record. We’re still on pace to win the lottery and land a very good pick.”

    Let me ask you a question. Would you rather go all in pre-flop with AA vs. QQ or would you rather have the QQ vs. the AA? Even if over the last 20 hands (seasons), my AA has underperformed vs. QQ, I would still take AA every single time. I want the best odds to win and no brief statistical anomaly is going to make me value QQ above AA in that scenario. That is unless you believe that the lottery is rigged in some way?

    “Then look at the wins themselves. The Lakers’ recent 3 wins were by 4, 1, and 4 points, and all involved unusual events. The team beat Sacto by hitting 70% from 3. They beat Portland with Portland having a very bad night from the arc, and then there was today, with Meeks hitting for 42 points while Russell Westbrook was 7/23.

    In between those wins, the Lakers have also lost three times, giving up over 130 points to lottery teams twice and over 140 in the other game, suffering–literally–the worst regular-season loss in franchise history.”

    This is spot on. Yay, we beat some good teams, when they have horrible nights, by an average of 3 points, but we also lose games by a MFT. Our current point differential is -5.9 which is 4th worst in the league and probably the worst in franchise history. Yay, we get hot behind the 3-point line and beat teams. Yay, we can run up and down the floor. It’s fun and entertaining. Can we stop anyone on defense? Can we consistently operate half-court sets against good defenses? That’s what’s important because that’s what the playoffs are all about.

    For what it’s worth- SAS said that he’s heard that MDA is gone at the end of the year. Sources close to the Lakers and all…


  25. darius: keep up the good work:

    “Seriously though, when I preview a game & give the Lakers zero chance they seem to play well.”

    you see, they do listen.

    Go lakers


  26. Craig W.,

    My issue with Marshall isn’t his lack of scoring ability. It’s the fact that he doesn’t play defense at all nor does he seem to try hard on that end of the floor. I’m not saying that Farmar is a lock down PG a la Gary Payton, but he’s definetly a plus on the defensive side. Marshall is simply non-existent and that’s why I don’t think he should have more than 15 minutes a game in this roster.

    No problem with having a pass first PG in my opinion, if he can cover his man…


  27. I think JF is the more solid overall PG over KM. However, KM could develop in a Nash type guy if he could improve his release. He has great passing skills, shoots well but too slow. If he can improve on that he would be really potent on offense. However, his defense is really a problem I don’t see getting that much better.

    I think who comes back will come down to does Nash retire? And how much money JF demands. Those answers will determine whether both come back or which one stays.


  28. Beating the Thunder Sunday is not a landmark accomplishment. Any NBA team can win a game against anyone else, and the Lakers have more NBA talent than some are apparently able to appreciate. OKC is still a more talented team, they usually play much better as a team, and they have a much brighter short-term future than the Lakers. The reason it was a good win for the Lakers is because they’re competitors and want to win, and because the FO is looking for positives to build on as they evaluate their future. Players get to show their stuff in these games, not just skill but heart, and whether they fit and want to give it all for this coach and style. Management puts a lot of meaning to what they see on the floor, more than a player’s career stats or what somebody has projected them to be.

    I’m sure it doesn’t matter whether you root for the Lakers to win or lose. What matters is that the Lakers want to win, and since they play the games, it’s in their hands. They care, so to say that no fan should be happy with a win is narcissistic. Is doesn’t take sophistication to understand your limited view of the “grand scheme of things.” Yeah, the lottery, we get it. What you don’t get is that not everyone values the future over the present, or thinks the future is all determined by a draft pick . Not everyone values the lottery higher than pride. That includes those who are paid by the Lakers and some who root for them.


  29. Can we stop anyone on defense? Can we consistently operate half-court sets against good defenses? That’s what’s important because that’s what the playoffs are all about.
    Concerning the defense, or blatant lack thereof: I´m reminded of Pamplona, Spain & its tradition steeped in bullfighting –
    As to what the playoffs are all about: you´re absolutely right, and this brings to mind the old bball adage `defense wins championships´! Ain´t that the truth…
    No one should be happy with this win.
    In the deepest recesses of my Purple&Gold heart I cannot muster ANY kind of dejection when the squad gets a win, no matter the situation or opponent – I can understand your reasoning however. Though I disagree with its essence.
    The lotto chips (& ping-pong balls) will fall where they may come this summer and next; the organizaton would readily do best for itself by rising from this season´s ashes through hard work, perseverance & sheer determination, no matter who winds up on the team.
    I believe it´ll take longer than anyone here would hope for, but, & with a little luck involved of course, a `natural´ return to where we´re accoustomed to being – that is, at the toppermost of the ballermost (to paraphrase one J.Lennon) – is, to me, leaps and bounds more gratifiying, more deserving of pridefulness & eventually more worthy of our great and legendary organization than any machinations toward purposeful losses & haggard aims.


  30. Purple

    One 19 year old college player is not going to save this team and make them winners again.

    Need a lot more then that.


  31. winning isn’t wrong.
    ever(in basketball).

    i’m glad for Jodie. he’s worked very hard on the holes in his game. he’s so much improved, it’s amazing.


  32. On to another topic…Phil Jackson.

    If he stays Mitch will have to go – that is a simple fact of how power works and what Phil wants. All those crying for the Lakers to ‘save’ Phil from New York by keeping him here better understand what that entails.

    Mitch has a good and respected track record, Phil does not.

    Phil has not been a good coach in developing rookies and very young players – can he do this as the GM? Phil hasn’t run an organization before – a very different proposition that managing players. Phil is 68, has the necessary large ego of a successful coach, and has a focused idea of what a successful system should be, as does MDA. Yeah, Phil is arguably the greatest coach in history, but flexibility in his system is not his calling card, and the NBA rules, tenor, and players have changed.

    Mitch, not Phil, has had much experience dealing with ALL the Buss family.

    Phil, not Mitch, is the one demanding complete control of an organization – apparently.

    Is this really what the Lakers should be doing going forward? I think not. Phil – yes. Phil on only his own terms – no.


  33. “Management puts a lot of meaning to what they see on the floor, more than a player’s career stats or what somebody has projected them to be.”

    Perhaps, but unless you are in the room with Buss and Kupchak, you don’t really know.

    As to the rest, I agree that no one should be in the business of telling other people how to root for the team, and I try to avoid doing that.


  34. Craig W: Mitch and Phil would never both co-exist in the same FO -100% agree. Neither would Phil and Jim. Let’s be clear – Phil could work for Jim -if Jim gave Phil a free reign. Mitch somehow tolerates this co-GM thing he has with Jim. Phil would not tolerate that and neither should Mitch. If Mitch ran the team – ownership and GM problem solved. We let him hire a new coach and the whole management triangle is solved. Then all we need is talent : )


  35. Meeks is the complimentary playoff team sniper like Gil Hodges, Steve Kerr and the Paxsons were for Chicago. The FO will figure a way to keep in regardless whether MiD is kept. The issue arises as to whom do you choose among Swaggy, Bazemore, Henry, and Brooks. All are relatively young but Swaggy, though wild, is more of a polished professional. Brooks has the potential to be a lethal scorer but will never be a good defender. Bazemore and Henry are the same guy to me. Bazemore plays wild like Swaggy, but he always gives a great effort. Though we all like Farmar you can see that MiD doesn’t like him. Farmar stops the ball, he goes ISO and plays the two man game with Pau. Both of those traits are against MiD’s guidelines. Farmar hit a screen and roll three and MiD looked more pissed than happy about it. I think Farmar was pulled because of the technical and the refs starting calling fouls on every play after his tech.

    Craig W.

    Is this the article that you were in reference to?


  36. The first good thing that has happened all season…..YEAH!!!


  37. Good for Meeks, he obviously worked on his game and in the process earned himself a huge raise next year. I could see at least 10 teams inquiring about his services next year at the 4yr/18-20 Mil range

    That’s exactly how the system should work.


  38. The Thunder found out the hard way that:
    “There’s only 3 things that’s certain; that’s taxes, death & trouble.”,,,,,, Marvin Gaye circa 1972 from the LP “Trouble Man”


  39. @Rex

    You are right on Meeks. He has played himself I think into a spot on the roster. He can shoot it lights outs, still needs to work on his ball handling and he is getting better @ finishing around the rim. Gets into trouble when he tries to play a little too fast but has improved. I think he will get Steve Blake’s slot and be in the 3 to 4 mil range. Good value as long as he continues to produce and improve.


    The Lakers have more talent then some think? Errr….no they don’t! They have players on this roster that belong in the D-League period. The key is defense and most of these guys cannot cover NBA level players they would get scorched night and night out…kind of like now.

    In regards to my limited view and what I don’t get. First, San Antonio got it the year they had a chance to position themselves in the draft and were able to get a fellow called Tim Duncan. He did a little more for the pride of the franchise then anyone to wear the Spurs uniform. You speak as if this collection of scrubs and journeymen types are real Lakers. Sorry, I have been watching the Lakers since 1969 and this might be the worst Laker team I have ever seen. Even in transition times we had NBA level talent, maybe not a Superstar at the time but had guys that went on to play meaningful minutes elsewhere or stayed and contributed. What you don’t understand is this is not the Lakers and Laker Pride should never be invoked with this current roster. Where was it the night they folded on the Clippers?


  40. Busboys4me….

    Sure you didn’t mean Craig Hodges? Gil was a Brooklyn Dodger 1st baseman back in the 1950’s. Not sure he had a good jumper! Lol!


  41. One 19 year old college player is not going to save this team and make them winners again.
    no doubt; (& thanks for the feedback)
    i meant that one college player and whoever else the team picks up in the next two years, in addition to whoever stays on after this season –


  42. @Kenny T

    Good Looking Mate….lol


  43. Re: Farmar vs Marshall – fair points, all. I tend to be enamored with court vision so my preference is KM, but it’s true that even if he develops into a consistent shooter, he’ll likely remain abysmal on the other end of the court. Farmar has definitely proven his value on the biggest stage, and with younger/newer player like Marshall, it’s always hard to predict who will wilt deep in the playoffs.

    One question the FO has to confront: how to act in free agency this year. The obvious big targets will be in 2015. But should our only focus be preserving cap space for 2015 and taking on only 1-year deals this year? Or is it prudent to take the risk of signing mid-level players (if available for reasonable deals) like Lowry who may have trade value later in the year? As has been discussed here many times before, the most recent premier free agents have wanted to see a foundation/plan in place before signing. In recent memory, only Amare Stoudemire and James Harden signed with (or S&T’d to) lower level teams without clear All-Stars. If we stand pat with 1-year deals this year, a 2015 potential free agent will see only a (hopefully promising) recent draft pick, and next to nothing else. If we have solid mid-level players, they not only make us more appealing a destination, but they give us pieces to move next year to try to acquire draft picks or younger players for the future. This year Mitch tried, and the only player to have any market value turned out to be Steve Blake, for a GS team desperate to fill Jarrett Jack’s void. Mining the D-league / vet minimum contracts next year will again leave us with few assets on the trade market.

    The flaw in that plan: draft picks have an unprecedented trade value on the market right now. Last year, only Gortat was successfully traded for a first-round pick. This could loosen up next year, as teams have been hoarding for the 2014 draft in particular.


  44. “Perhaps, but unless you are in the room with Buss and Kupchak, you don’t really know.”

    If one has to be in the room with them to say what they’re doing, then this site gets a lot quieter. 🙂

    My comment was about management everywhere, not just Mitch. Watching players play today for the coach and system in place is how evaluations are made. The players certainly know that. It’s highly doubtful that the Lakers have already decided on next season’s team. Not only are they looking for positives, they’ll be telling some players what they need to work on over the off-season. This goes on, and we don’t have to be in the room to know it’s happening.


  45. Some thoughts on Phil.
    1- reported last week that Phil just ordered league pass and had not been watching games. Guess he will have to learn the players names.
    2-NBA is different these days and you can ‘t just buy a championship roster.
    3-M.Jordan thought he knew basketball. How has his GM and ownership gone.
    4-Remember what happened to Donnie Walsh when he thought he was making the decisions.

    Tell me jerry West is taking over Knicks and I am impressed. Phil I am not sure.

    Finally name one assistant coach under Phil who had been successful to run a team ? Now start naming the ones from Pops!

    Phil left Chicago with lots of back biting. Phil left Lakers with the same. Hope Dolan is prepared for Phil’s next book.


  46. Issues with Phil in a FO role in NY:

    1. Level of engagement in general–knowing the league, the players, actually moving to NYC, etc.
    2. Level of engagement with advanced stats.
    3. Willingness to say vanilla stuff (sometimes) and avoid controversy.
    4. Might force-feed Triangle and rely too much on vets.
    5. Idea reeks of Dolan trying desperately to keep Carmelo Anthony.

    That said, Phil is a winner, so if he were to get the right guys doing the grunt work and day-to-day stuff (big if in NY) he could be successful, and his hardware and gravitas would probably help with FA recruitment.


  47. Warren Wee Lim March 10, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    KenOak, the trouble with me is I never get AA, I often get QQ but runs away once a flop of K comes around, and I usually go all-in with 10-8 offsuit. So go figure.


  48. Busboys4me,
    There wasn’t any article I was referring to – I heard more of this thinking on the radio than on the internet. I have watched Phil since he came here and he doesn’t play well with others. Say what you want about Jim Buss; he at least listens to the experts around him. Phil is also untested in the organizational management part of the job. I just don’t feel he is a slam dunk to succeed with a franchise like the Lakers and, if he fails, he will take everything with him.

    Fortunately, the fans don’t run this franchise. In NY Dolan is a fan and that hasn’t worked out particularly well. That is something Phil will have to consider.


  49. . Say what you want about Jim Buss; he at least listens to the experts around him.

    I seriously doubt that you have any way of knowing whether this is true, and in any case, Buss, as noted many times, got rid of some scouts as well as Ronnie Lester. Also, I think it is highly likely that Phil rec’d Shaw as his successor, and if so, Buss didn’t listen to Phil in that situation.


  50. Now start naming the ones from Pops


    Pop assistants who have been or are HCs:

    Mike Brown
    Mike Budenholzer
    Jacque Vaughn
    Brett Brown

    Popvich players who have been or are HCs:

    Doc Rivers
    Vinny Del Negro
    Avery Johnson
    Monty Williams

    Pop guys who have worked or do work in FOs:

    Danny Ferry
    Kevin Pritchard
    Sam Presti
    Dell Demps
    Rob Hennigan


  51. Jim does listen. He listens to Chaz.


  52. Lt

    Jim listens to “Horse Whispers”


  53. Joel Embiid is out indefinitely with a back problem. He may miss the entire NCAA Tournament, depending on how far KU goes.

    “After Embiid met with a spinal specialist, the initial stress fracture prognosis was confirmed and he was ruled out of the Big 12 tourney and is unlikely to play the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.”


  54. Great list rr – I was trying to think of that myself. Terry Porter also played for Pop

    i think a distinction needs to be made in that PJ is a great coach and most successful in that he’s probably the best closing coach and ensuring/preparing a team for success when its ont he cusp. He’s a finisher, a closer, the guy that will formulate the winning drive. no doubt one of the best.

    but i think if you’re looking at the all around best coach in the league i think you’d have to go with Popovich in terms of player development and drafting (how many gems has he found in guys that are late draft picks/etc…), , team management, consistent year after year vision, committment to both off/def, willingness to change systems/incorporate new ideas to adjust. The guy just covers all the bases plus his FO roles are very indepth, he develops and mentors players to assume roles when their playing days are over – plus he’s won 4 times and been there 5 – and is in the mix every single year.

    When a team is really good but under achieving because you can see they are talented enough to win it all, they’re just on the cusp. I’d want PJ – especially in the window to win is small. But if you’re starting from scratch and you’re talking the long term heealth and legacy of your franchise, then Pop has to be your man.

    Just wonder if PJ will avoid the MJ disease and not become frustrated when he realizes how hard it is when you don’t have as talented a team as your used to or when you don’t have the personell to run the triangle at a championship level. Kurt Rambis found that out the hard way in Minn that it ain’t a one size fits all offense. And if i’m a coach, ‘d basically have to be 100 percent on the same page as PJ in how you’re running the team because you have to know you’ll be second guessed all the time


  55. Also Alvin Gentry also was a Asso. coach under/with Pop as well in San.


  56. Good one from Woj, on point:

    I wish Phil the best. I firmly believe his success, or lack thereof, will depend on if he’s able to hire strong personnel to handle the day to day work around him. And if a foundation is laid, his persona may lure free agents. How many years before the relationship between Phil and Dolan sours? I give it 4 years.



    Yeesh – Kerr almost messed up Pho w the Shaq and Terry porter moves and now he feels he’s qualified to be a head coach w zero experience?

    mind you this is all coming from bill Simmons so take that into consideration..