Video: Steve Nash Talks Retirement

Darius Soriano —  March 15, 2014

Grantland’s documentary series on Steve Nash continues, this time with Nash responding to fan backlash calling for his retirement.

Whatever side you fall on when it comes to this issue, the thing that stands out most to me from this video is Nash’s honesty about still wanting to play. He cites his love of the game, his desire to prove people wrong, and, yes, the money. He even goes so far as to say that anyone in his shoes would make the same choice (something I pretty much agree with, by the way).

What this clip also highlights for me is the conflict that comes up at the end of the career of nearly every great player. When is it time to retire? How can that be managed in a manner that is best for both the player and the team? When a player makes a significant amount of money, the decision of what to do becomes more than just a decision that the player makes for himself as fan and popular opinion starts to creep into the equation.

Right now, this issue relates to Nash, but we are already starting to see some of the same idea, twisted slightly, in regards to Kobe. His salary over the next couple of seasons is quite large and he’s yet to show he’s physically able to perform to a level that matches what he will be paid. (As an aside, even if Kobe plays wonderfully, there will still be backlash related to how much he is making, but that’s another post for another day.)

Ultimately, though, what Nash says in the video above is both incredibly honest while also showing the conflict that exists in him as he continues to work towards a goal that he understands he may never reach.

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74 responses to Video: Steve Nash Talks Retirement

  1. I like that Nash simply said that part of it is, “I want the money.” And like Darius, I believe Nash when he says that it is also about love of the game.

    And I think that they should leave him on the cap and bring him to camp, so there is no money on the 2015 cap, like I said, and let him try to play next year.

  2. Steve Nash- the modern day Trojan Horse.

  3. If the Lakers didnt want him..they can waive him..Quite simple isnt it?

  4. Gene: “If the Lakers didnt want him..they can waive him..Quite simple isnt it?”

    They COULD do that, but his salary would still count against the cap… so why do it? Plus, it would be like admitting that signing Nash was a mistake, I doubt Jim Buss could eat that kind of crow. Better to let him be injured and paid (Lakers aren’t going to sign anyone else to replace him on the roster anyway) and come off the books in 2015 than admit failure. That’s why I don’t think they’d even use the stretch provision on him…

  5. He was honest and right: anyone in his shoes would want to be paid. I also believe that’s it’s better to see if he can play and honor the contract we offered him. If he plays and is valuable to the team, good for us. If not…

    I don’t think this was a bad move by the FO, they only made the contract a year longer than it should’ve been and I said so at the time. The injury was pure bad luck.

  6. Yeah. My issue was the 2015 pick, and I said that at the time as well.

  7. can stretch his salary over 3 years if he is waived…helps the Lakers with the budget..

  8. Gene-

    I get that (said so in my reply)… the point is he still counts against the cap and doesn’t play for us… so what would be the point? Unless we needed the roster spot to sign someone else, however the Lakers aren’t looking to spend money until 2015 (unless LeBron opts out this summer AND wants to come to LA). So, he stays on roster and doesn’t play/we still pay him, or we waive him, he doesn’t play for LA and we still pay him… right? Only difference is ALL of his salary comes off in time for 2015 free agents or we have 1/3 of his salary count against cap room for the next 3 years.

  9. Lee Jenkins at SI:

    Part of what separated the Lakers over the past three decades is they had the most faces. It wasn’t just a coach, an exec or an owner, but all of the above, and so many more: from Riley to Phil, Magic to Shaq, Jerry West to Jerry Buss, with Chick Hearn on the soundtrack. They’re all gone. Buss and Hearn are dead. Riley is in Miami. West consults with the Warriors. Shaq is part owner of the Kings. Magic is part owner of the Dodgers. And, now, Phil Jackson is president of basketball operations for the Knicks.

    Read More:

  10. It comes down to the FO made the mistake of giving him that contract – same with kobe’s last contract. they made their bed now they can lie in it. whatever – this country puts WAY too much emphasis on pro athletes and celebrities. it’s so silly, it’s not like the fans are getting paid the millions of dollars.

  11. 3 Reasons not to waive/stretch nash now:

    A. He comes back healthy after a summer of rehab and gives the lakers a starting pg for 20_25 mins a game and the team plays for a playoff spot.

    B. He comes back healthy and plays well but lakers are still bad, then his expiring 9,000,000 looks like a good trade chip and or they flip him to somewhere team loading up for a playoff run and gets picks and or youth in return.

    C. Rehabs all summer and plays preseason but can’t make a go of it and plays less than 10 games, and files a medical retirement, allowing the lakers to get a player exclusion for his salary cap space and insurance pays Nash.

    Waiving and stretching nash now saves nothing and it’s not like the lakers need that immediate roster slot to contend. And nash isnt stupid nor does he want to be a end of bench guy grabbing a ring while not contributing. If he can’t perform at a decent level he’ll medically retire himself early on and he’ll know if thats what he needs to do by the preseason. His $ is guarranteed anyways as any early retirement will be edical due to the fracture and resulting nerve damage.

  12. Your assuming Anon that some of us are not brilliant gamblers who have won millions giving the points and taking whom ever is the opponent.


  13. Once more with feeling – most of us celebrated the signing of Steve Nash and felt it made acquiring Dwight Howard more special. Yes, I know, some didn’t like it, but the vast majority did.

    Now that things turned sour we shouldn’t be ‘Monday morning quarterbacking’ and suddenly get venomous. The people who were right in opposing the trade have had a long time to bray and shout from the rooftops how right they were. Now it is time to STFU and look at where we go from here.

    I am in the camp we should keep Steve Nash on the books, allow him to get one more year to go out on his own terms, and then be ready for summer 2015.

  14. i was happy when we signed steve nash. and i am still happy because we still got him on our team.
    injuries really plagued his stay with us, and with his age comes with expected decline. most of those who oppose his signing saw this and and felt the contract was not a + for us. remember when we sign him, he’s still playing his game…

    anyways, i want steve to stay with us this season, finish his contract. it will not help us if we waive him and for me, he is still Steve Nash. we can enjoy his last year(s) with us. he’s a Laker and I respect him.

  15. Craig,

    No one in this thread has bagged on the Nash deal or claimed to be right about it. The guys who have done that are not even here.

    And, I don’t think “STFU” fits very well within the atmosphere that Darius tries to create here.

  16. And no, I don’t count “Anonymous.”

  17. Nice link rr: Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Jerry West are the three most sought after minds in basketball. They are all Lakers and we ended up with none of them. How? Shaq and Magic are 2 of the 3 most quoted ex-players and we have no relationship with either. Kobe is a couple (more I hope) years away from being a retired Laker Legend. Looks like the plan to be on the “outs” with him is on target.

    Craig W: I agree – most were in favor of the Nash deal. Myself, like rr – I was basically OK with the deal under the circumstances. That was the summer of 2012 when we were all giddy. If you had told me about what was going to happen with Phil/MD, and DH, I would not have been giddy. And so yes – with Nash – no Monday morning quarterbacking. However when it comes to D’Antoni, Mike Brown and DH, some of us were “redundantly” calling plays on Sunday. Jim Buss called other plays. Where we go from here? Somewhere else. New coach, new leadership, and new talent. If this were a company we would be taken over by a forceful takeover. We have the best brand, the best name, the best history, and the best logo. We lack leadership and vision.

    Post which call for Patience or say Don’t Panic: We understand that the Lakers will “eventually win again. We also understand the Sun will come up tomorrow. So when you say “Don’t Panic” please put some context with it. I pushed the panic button a long time ago. Not that it did me any good, but was that wrong? We are 4 years removed from the Finals and most think the next 2 are a wash which will make 6. That is a big deal to me. It is the second longest streak in Lakers history. Yes I remember the 90’s. all too well. Guess what – I panicked then too. So if you are saying that yes – eventually – we will win again – that does not provide me any comfort. I am looking for something a little shorter term, and now I would doubt we will be a “Phoenix rising from the ashes”, as the 2 gifts from the Suns will be long gone before we contend again. And please – nothing about Mitch in any responses : ) Mitch should stay.

  18. ^^^^ instant gratification. Cant wait for next year championship and the next 9 in a row after that after we get Lebron, Durant, Love, Melo and George next summer for nothing and paid them minimun wage. I wonder how you survived the 90s and the years after Shaq was traded. I imagine you called Dr Buss every name on the book and lamented the sad state of the FO and that damn Jerry West every year the Lakers didnt won a championship in a frenzy of panic and tears. I survived those years and everytime the Lakers did rise up from the ashes like the phoenix. So im patient and i dont expect the Lakers to win every single year and i understand it might take a while to get back to contention this happened before. Its inevitable and it happens to every succesful team in sports.

  19. Apparently they used some of my Laker Line calls on the Grant land pierce about Steve Nash.

    I want residuals !

  20. Fern: By that time, Jerry and Jerry had mutiple rings. I did not curse them. Del Harris on the other hand. He received my rath daily. Looking back I now realize I went way too easy on him.
    Ko: What do you know? : ) You are just a spoiled, entitled Laker fan like me : )

  21. As a Laker fan my entire life i have experienced more triumphs and joy i have any right to. There is not a fanbase on any sport in the entire world that comes close to what this team has achieved the last 3 decades, i understand we are spoiled like nobody else, but pannicking because we havent won in 4 years is utterly ridiculous im sorry. Ever dinasty we have is the result of years of building the Showtime Era, the Shaq-Kobe Era and the Kobe-Pau era were not built overnight. So i dont get why people are in panic mode, this summer is when we start to rebuild in earnest and it might take 2 years or it might take longer but the team will be back.

  22. Fern

    My issue is that lakers made more money last year and signed the biggest media contract ever

    Yet many long time office people and scouts were fired to save money and there appears to be a fear of going over the cap.

    Was it not us die heart fans who helped build this gold mine? Should we not expect the best players and best coach. Ticket and parking prices have not gone down with the talent! .

    Help me to understand.



    Oh boy

  24. Ko they made that deal that dont mean that they have to go an built a 150 million payroll and pay 200 million on luxury taxes it makes no sense they are in this to make money the days of just outbidding anyone to get a FA are over. This summer there is not a single agent outside of Lebron James worth paying a gazillion dollars. They wont break the bank to bring players that wont made them an contender, Lebron can do that, not any other FA what would be the point to pay 15 million dollars a season to Deng for example? Would he make this team a contender?No. The team we have right now in March wasnt the team that started in november l, under the circunstances and constraints they built the best team they could, did a pretty good job actuall, imagine what this team can do with cap space im going to repeat what some journalist i forgot his name said last year after Howard left” there is nothing scarier in the nba than the Lakers with cap money”. Spending that cap money on a mid tier player or a star in the latest part of his prime would be the stupidest thing this team could do. Lets just be patient, continue building the team next season and go for broke on summer 2015. Gee is 16 months away not 16 years…

  25. Ko thise stories coming from “sources” are a bunch of bs 90% of the time. If Phil has any President of Basketball Operations ability he will have to use every ounce of it. The Knicks are worse than the Lakers cap space and draft wise. At least the Lakers going to have cap space and a 1st round pick this summer, the Knicks dont have any of those due to giving that pick in the Melo trade and the gargantuan overpaying of Stat,Chandler,JR and Felton. With the last 2 having player options in 2015-16 in other words they aint going anywhere. I dont remember correctly but i believe they only have only one 1st rounder the next 3 or 4 years and not a second rounder until 2018 i think. And dont forget having a meddling moronic owner in Dolan. So the Knicks are a mess and Lebron aint leaving Miami to rebuilt in NY, thats just the same NY media hype like the one in 2009-2010 when they were saying Lebron going to the Knicks was a done deal. PJ is going to need a lot of Zen mastery to sort that mess out if thats even posible. It could take years to fix that team.

  26. 3 Reasons not to waive/stretch nash now:

    A. He comes back healthy after a summer of rehab and gives the lakers a starting pg for 20_25 mins a game and the team plays for a playoff spot.

    B. He comes back healthy and plays well but lakers are still bad, then his expiring 9,000,000 looks like a good trade chip and or they flip him to somewhere team loading up for a playoff run and gets picks and or youth in return.

    C. Rehabs all summer and plays preseason but can’t make a go of it and plays less than 10 games, and files a medical retirement, allowing the lakers to get a player exclusion for his salary cap space and insurance pays Nash.

    Waiving and stretching nash now saves nothing and it’s not like the lakers need that immediate roster slot to contend. And nash isnt stupid nor does he want to be a end of bench guy grabbing a ring while not contributing. If he can’t perform at a decent level he’ll medically retire himself early on and he’ll know if thats what he needs to do by the preseason. His $ is guarranteed anyways as any early retirement will be edical due to the fracture and resulting nerve damage.

  27. Fern,

    As I said last thread:

    1. The Knicks right now only have 12M committed in 2015-16. That is less than half of what the Lakers have committed to Kobe for that year. That is when Love can hit FA.
    2. The Knicks have their 2015 1st-round pick. The Lakers don’t unless it falls in the Top 5.

    Their draft pick situation is bad, but it is not that much worse than the Lakers’.

  28. rr thats going to change when they max Melo. Melo aint going anywhere. Smith and Felton has player options for the 2015-16 season, and considering the state of their careers they aint opting out. They have that 1st rounder and not much else in the following years. Unless they find a way to trade Smith and Felton ( any takers?) they are in a worst situation the Lakers dont have any player option albatross hangin on their necks.

  29. Moreover, the Knicks has assets that they can flip into draft picks. They also have a healthy all-star that is a few years younger than the Lakers all-star who is questionable whether he’ll ever step on the floor again.

  30. Fern

    I am old. At this point 2 years are like dog years. Like 20 to me.

  31. Melo aint going anywhere

    Uhhh, you have no way of knowing this. My personal opinion is that Anthony may stay in New York, or he may go to Chicago. I don’t see a Door #3.

    Also, Chandler on an expiring deal will be a very attractive trade asset. Finally, the 12M figure *includes* the player options for Smith and Felton. Take those out and the Knicks’ cap is almost entirely clean in 2015 as of now.

  32. don’t understand why people are saying using the stretch provision on Nash saves nothing now.
    doesn’t it save 6 million that can be used to sweeten the pot for a potential free-agent this summer?

  33. anon7007–

    Yes, but the FO has made it clear–and it would be clear anyway–that 2015 will probably be the big FA push. And they have already committed 25M to Kobe for 15/16, so the 3M that would be used on Nash’s Strecth might matter–a lot. They will need every dollar. Finally, the team is very unlikely to be good next year, so they are better off paying Nash next year then getting his deal off the books.

  34. I hate seeing writers state definitively what made the Lakers successful or separated them from the rest of their competition. I hate to see it in general, not just about a sport’s team but for anybody who has had success. First the writers don’t built into their write up any alternative possibilities to what can only by a hypothesis. Every aspect of the article is there to support the argument. It seems that questioning one’s bias is too time consuming. The next problem I see, If those writers ever retracted their comment after being proven wrong, okay if they retracted even 10% of those stories (that aren’t even stories, just opinion pieces written as fact) I’d think there was some small amount of accountability on the side of the writers. But, they don’t admit to their mistakes. You couple those two issues, a narrowness of vision and the lack of accountability for what little vision is shown, and it’s not a wonder that people will call up radio shows and talk about what a man is morally obligated to do with his contract.

    Notice the radio moron who starts to argue that Nash’s time with the Lakers will diminish his contributions to the game with his time in Phoenix? Then he moves his goalposts in to “Well, it doesn’t help it”. It’s just shoddy argumentation, indicative of emotional thinking. Understood that this a human reaction, and that the writers I complained about above need to make a buck and have their own human reasons for writing dumb articles. That said, it still makes me mad.

    I don’t think any of us has any leg to stand on in judging Steve Nash. He gave this game all he had. He is giving our team all he has. He earned the right, and showed the ability that gets a man compensated for those efforts. Who are we to judge him?

  35. It’s so easy for people with nothing to lose to tell Nash to retire from the thing he loves best, to throw away all the hard work he’s done since the injury, and to give up millions of dollars in the process. And why should he do that? So some fans can sleep a little better on their Laker pillows hugging their purple and gold teddy bears?

    Whenever I hear stuff like that, I think, grow the #$%& up. Nash was given a contract, and all he has to do is honor it. He’s obviously doing everything he can to get back and contribute. If he ends up costing the Lakers much more than he can give, and if it makes it tougher to afford free agents during that time, then tough. That’s actually not his problem. It’s pro sports; it’s life. I know I’m always going to respect a fighter like Steve Nash, and it’ll be a part of Laker history no Laker fan should be ashamed to remember.

  36. Yea isn’t it funny no one asked Bynum to give back his money?

    Fault is not Steve’s it’s the poorly run ownership that did not do their due-Diligence before signing him.

    Like anyone we all know would return the $9 million. Only thing he did wrong was tell the truth about wanting the money.

    Shame on you Steve. Maybe Time Warner and season ticket holders should ask for their money?

  37. LeBron went to Wade. Howard went to Harden. CP3 Stayed with Griffin. KD and Russ have stuck together.

    What would 2015 FA’s be coming to in LA?

    Either you convince multiple stars to come together at the same time. Or you have to have an attractive foundation/star.

  38. Amen rfen, he is just honoring his contract i just smh when i read people blasting Nash for saying the truth, he wants to get paid period and Kobe taking a paycut (which he did anyways) for the sake of the team specialy when he only acepted what the team ofered 1st . I cant simpathize with giving discounts to billionare owners . lets see any of ypu taking a paycut in your jobs to “help the company”. Hipocrisy at it finest…

  39. Rfen
    Perfectly stated.

    Nash has shown true professionalism under very difficult circumstances. He’s been so entertaining over the years that my only disappointment is that we haven’t been able to enjoy seeing him perform as often or as well as I had hoped.

    It’s a life lesson too. Nash’s NBA ‘mortality’ is a sobering allegory for our own lives.

    The thinly veiled hatred for him that’s being shown by some fans is bizarre and sickening.

  40. Nash said so many other interesting things in that video besides the fact that he wants the money. It is a compelling element to all our lives, this phase that Nash is currently experiencing. We all have to make decisions that will impact our daily focus, our daily practices, and our daily bread. We all make decisions that will impact our families. We all make decisions that will impact our future and we all lose people, activities, and even object that have immense value to us. It is clear that Steve Nash loves his job and will be making a fateful decision. He has the awareness to consider the impact he is having on the franchise that invested in him, the players that are on the team with him, and the fans that appreciate him. That he actually hears and feels the squabbling noises of smaller men is just one more element to Nash’s ego that he will work to resolve within himself. The money quote that has been the focus of discussion on TV, radio etc… It just reflects the smallness of public discourse.

  41. My question then is why do you disrespect Kobe, and tell him that he should have taken less money than was offered? What’s good for the goose is also good for the Goose!

  42. Personally I don’t blame Kobe for signing his new contract.

    Although if I were him I might have paused for a moment, scratched my head and wondered, won’t this affect the team’s ability to put good players around me to help me get that sixth ring?

    Naaaahh. That’s a lot of Benjamins!
    These guys know what they’re doing. I hope.
    Where’s the pen?

    Instead I blame FO for making what will probably be the worst decision I’ve ever seen the Lakers make. It’s not enough that Kobe is an aging player coming off an Achilles injury that ends most players’ careers, and who hadn’t played a single game since that injury when he was offered the contract, and the fact that it basically cut the number of FA they can sign this summer by half.

    No, the worst part of re-signing Kobe is that most high-profile players don’t even want to play with him. (See ya later Dwight!)

    Imagine the ego of a guy (Kobe) who took the ball out of a hall-of-famer’s hands (Nash, last season) and said, I’m the point guard now! Go stand in the corner and make a jump shot, if I feel like passing it to you.

    I’ll be looking for a tell-all video from Nash after he’s retired about his real feelings about that little travesty.

  43. C Hearn: Actually everyone involved is a Gander. What this equation might have needed was in fact a Goose.

  44. Robert, LOL!

  45. My last post was too controversial?
    Or are all anti-Kobe comments off-limits?

  46. In other news its rumored Exum would only allow the Lakers to see him in pre-draft workouts if thats true he better impress the hell out of Mitch or he is going to set himself up for a big dissapointment. If we get a top 5 pick i can think of 3 or 4 players the Lakers would draft before him as of this moment.

  47. Come on Darius!
    Thought you might let me stir the pot a bit.

  48. I haven’t seen much footage on Exum as well, but he seems solid. I wouldn’t have any problem picking him #4. Parker, Embiid and Wiggins seem to be better prospects than him, but he still seems like a good choice.

  49. I haven’t seen enough of Exum to say how I feel about him either way but as far as Nash is concerned it makes me sad. He’s been such a great player for so long only to come to the Lakers in search of a ring, to be ran out of town. Everyone was excited when we signed him because he was thinking of signing with the Heat, I almost wish he did. He would’ve got a ring, and he’d be on their books for next few years. Most great players hang on too long Nash is no exception.

  50. imagine; a billion dollars??

    go bruins, zona, syracuse, carolina, louisville, kentucky, kansas, florida, etc, etc, etc.

    Go lakers

  51. back to the stretch provision that nobody thinks will happen. what if freeing up that 6 million is what it takes to get Melo?

  52. No thanks. The team need defense and rebounding. Not another gunner.

  53. Anon7007: the FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T USE THE STRETCH PROVISION ON NASH! Carmelo Anthony is a one-dimensional player… A high-usage, low-percentage shooting, ball-stopping chucker and quite possibly the LAST player we need on this team. With all due respect to Kobe, we already have one of those… Anthony isn’t even very young anymore. Signing Anthony would literally make the Lakers unwatchable for the remainder of his contract.

  54. fern: Motown rules forever and ever.

    Go lakers

  55. Fern,

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting. I had never seen Exum play before. Based on this film clip, he looks like a slasher with a great first step who can go left or right. He shoots from outside on occasion but seems to prefer to get to the rim (which is OK, by me). He also draws a lot of fouls. I understand that he went for 32 against Spain in International play. If that’s the case, then I can see why he’s rated as highly as he is.

    I’m not a draft aficonado but from what I understand the top 4 will probably be ( in some order) the following: Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Julius Randall–3 bigs, one wing. The next 4, I believe, will be Exum, Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, and Doug McDermott (McDermott plays for Creighton and went for 42 the other night–he could surprise).

    Any of these can potentially be of real value as a rookie although, chances are, not all of them will shine right off the bat. Even so, if a team chooses anywhere in the top 8, the chances are decent that they’ll get a player who can contribute right away.

    I think it’s vital that the Lakers make a great selection. They can not afford to blow this draft pick.

  56. Fern,
    thanks for the Exum higlights link-sweet stuff there

  57. Exum’s potential could be a Westbrook type player. He’s got great length for a PG, better court vision, awesome first step and is effective attacking the rim.

    His jump shot needs improvement and he can be a bit reckless at time.

    He may not come straight into the NBA and give good minutes like Randle might, but I believe his ceiling is higher.

  58. “Either you convince multiple stars to come together at the same time. Or you have to have an attractive foundation/star.”

    So very true. We talk about Love and Durant coming. Those guys will be about 28 years old when they become unrestricted free agents. At that stage players don’t want to be the first stone in a rebuild. They want to be the final stone.

    That is why Howard walking for nothing hurts, a lot. He was not a “franchise” player. But he is one top 15 player who could have drawn another. Or at the very least he could have netted some real talent in a trade. And that young talent could have been the draw.

    The Lakers need to accomplish something this summer. The team needs an infusion of talent. It doesn’t have to be star talent right now. But they need to begin laying the foundation for a real comeback. Sucking (to use Kobe’s word) until Love, Durant, and Westbrook become available is not a realistic option.

  59. Really Chris? He injured his self playing for the Lskers. He had a valid contract. Last time I checked my old law school days the contract was signed by both parties. If a computer falls on your head at your work and your unable to work for a year how fast are you collecting your workmen comp, disability check or sue?

    Put the.blame on the foolish front office who were the only ones to offer a 38 year old 185 point PG with back issues a 3 year contract! if Jum Buss fell off a bar stool visiting his bar tender/scout Chaz he would collect the $4 million a year he makes!

    Put the blame where it belongs please.

  60. If it were about the money I would have wished Nash taken medical retirement earlier this year. As things stand now he going be on the roster next year. I don’t see him having any trade value as if he got injured again the Lakers would likely just want the expiring contract. Just going to hope he can stay healthy for 1 year.

  61. Chris, nobody is arguing at this point that the Steve Nash signing was a mistake… but since the Lakers can’t go back in time and NOT sign him, they only have two options: waive him with amnesty stretch provision or keep him on roster one more year and let him come off books a year from now. For the reasons MANY on here have discussed ad nauseum, best thing to do would be suck it up and let his entire salary come off cap in 2015. If you have a time machine, please, by all means go back two years and convince the Lakers FO not to sign Nash!

  62. note to jim buss and mitch kupchak: after tomorrow’s phil Jackson press conference to acknowledge his signing and commitment to the new york knicks franchise; the coast will be clear to offer at least a consultant’s position back with the franchise he said he will always have a interest in until the day he leaves this earth:

    Go lakers

  63. Jason: If you find that time machine, let me know. However, can we go back 3 years?

  64. thank you Jerry West for saying what’s on my mind.

  65. I havent posted since i put that link so here are my 2 cents on Exum,he is a clone of a rookie Kobe and i mean that as a praise and a high one, thats what Kobe was when he started in the league, looks like a solid defender, pretty good court vision, fast and that excellent 1st step. Im not concerned about his long distance shooting because thats something that should come to him as he matures as a player. Interesting that at least Jabari Parker was playing that game too. I dont think he will be the Lakers 1st choice if we get a top 4 pick but something between 5 and 7? They need to grab him before someone elses does.if he developed in the States his ranking would be higher. I would draft Eimbiid first if available which is doubtful, if not i draft this kid and he is diying to be a Laker. Looks very markeatable too.

  66. T.Rogers: Nice post “That is why Howard walking for nothing hurts, a lot. He was not a “franchise” player. But he is one top 15 player who could have drawn another.” Exactly. Many said good riddance and that Howard was not worth it, but his departure was one of the main things that led us into this abyss (there were of course a couple of “other” items). “Sucking (to use Kobe’s word) until Love, Durant, and Westbrook become available is not a realistic option.” Also precisely true. However, we only think this way because we are stuck in the past, impatient, and irrational. At least I know I am : )

  67. Link to an excellent story by Ramona Shelbourne.

    No agenda. Just a good article.

  68. darius: with the nba lottery scheduled for just two months from now: May 20th 2014; my pick is to send the laker girls to represent the team.

    you’ll all be thanking me later.

    Go lakers.

  69. MannyP,
    Thanks for the link to Ramona’s excellent article. It says it all — it is time to move on. The Buss family is finally out from under Jackson’s shadow. The Lakers – and their fans – can finally move on with more comment on what we should do and less on how to bring back Phil Jackson.

    For all those who wanted Jackson’s ecosystem installed here, it would have completely fractured what Jerry Buss wanted and explicitly instructed his children to carry out. It was never going to happen. Jerry Buss pretty much guaranteed that, by how he ran the team and management over the last 10 years.

  70. `…my pick is to send the laker girls to represent the team.
    you’ll all be thanking me later.´
    lol !!