Los Angeles Lakers Player Grades: Jordan Hill

Andre Khatchaturian —  May 10, 2014

General Thoughts on Player:

The buzzer sounded at the Bradley Center on a chilly spring Milwaukee night and the Los Angeles Lakers found themselves on the losing end once again in a season that just didn’t end quickly enough. The 16-time NBA champions had just been swept in a season series against the Milwaukee Bucks. This pretty much summed up the Lakers woeful season, who have lost to the bad and been crushed by the best throughout the season. It was difficult to find many positives after a season like this that was riddled with countless injuries, but walking out of the locker room in Milwaukee was Jordan Hill, one of the few silver linings in the Lakers dismal 2013-14 season.

Hill scored 28 points and grabbed 16 rebounds that night in just 31 minutes. He made 13 of his 17 field goal attempts. Nine of his 16 rebounds were of the offensive variety. These type of numbers weren’t an anomaly either. Hill continuously showed this season how efficient he can be…when he got playing time.

The big man with dreadlocks missed almost a month due to injury, but that’s not the only reason why he wasn’t on the floor throughout most of the season. Hill played in 72 games but only averaged close to 20 minutes per game despite playing very well in limited playing time. His per 36 numbers were highly efficient — 16.7 points and 12.8 rebounds. For whatever reason, Mike D’Antoni would not play him the minutes that Hill deserved despite all the injuries the team had until April – when Hill finally got playing time and delivered.

Throughout March and April, Hill averaged over 27 minutes per game – well above his season average. April was his most productive month as he averaged 29 minutes and scored 16.6 points and grabbed 10.1 rebounds per game. When Hill got his minutes, he averaged a double double, but for whatever reason, Mike D’Antoni did not start playing him much until later in the season.

That night in Milwaukee was the beginning of Hill’s rise in the end of the season. His Per 36 numbers were always solid, but we hadn’t seen if it would actually translate to real stats if he did get playing time. Hill was successful in doing so on a horrendous team and for this reason, there is no doubt his price will go up in the offseason.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Hill has limitations. He’s not the next Dwight Howard or Roy Hibbert. Defensively he’s not the greatest player in the world and this is evidenced by his defensive rating of 108.2. That said, this could have been a product of the system he played in, which didn’t stress defense at all as demonstrated by the 16 consecutive games they allowed 100 or more points from early January until February. Hill did average close to two blocks per game in April, when he got his most playing time.

Defensive deficiencies or not, Hill is a guy that the Lakers need to try to retain in the offseason. He only made $3.5 million this year and he’s a high energy player the Lakers could sign for a couple of years for a good price. His rebounding abilities and constant energy are reason enough for the team to bring him back.

Just think about it for a second. Hill was subjected to awful minutes by D’Antoni this year. Shawne Williams and Ryan Kelly averaged more minutes than Hill. If a player is producing and not getting minutes there’s no doubt that this could lead to frustration. The fact that Hill still played hard and produced despite not getting the minutes he deserved is a testament to his character and focus.

Hill’s biggest strength of course comes on the glass. He grabs a lot of rebounds but what makes him valuable is that he grabs a high percentage of available rebounds. He grabbed 13.9 percent of all available offensive rebounds which was sixth best in the league and as every NBA stat geek knows, offensive rebounds are extremely important because they give a team more possessions to score.

It’ll be interesting to see if this would keep up if Hill had a central role on a winning team. Guesses are that he can easily be a high energy guy off the bench and average 25-30 minutes per game. With D’Antoni out of the picture, perhaps Hill will be more inclined to stay in LA, but there’s no doubt that there will be teams courting him.

Most Memorable Moment:

From the aforementioned Bucks game, Jordan Hill grabs a rebound and takes three players up with him for the dunk. It’s a perfect example of his hard work, determination, physicality, and athleticism.

Overall Grade:

Hard work and determination, especially when you play for one of the worst teams in the NBA, should always be noted. When that hard work also translates to production, it turns into value.

Hill has value and he deserves to play somewhere next year where he won’t be getting the second fewest minutes on his team from guys who played at least half the season. Sure, he didn’t fit D’Antoni’s system, but he kept his mouth shut and was a good soldier. When he did play, he provided energy and a great spark.

His defense could use plenty of improvement, but perhaps a new coaching system will change that.

Grade: A-

Andre Khatchaturian


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  1. Renato Afonso May 11, 2014 at 2:58 am

    Nice article. I agree that we should try to retain Hill as long as we don’t offer him too much money. He’s definitely not a rim protector but he’s an ok defender that plays with high energy. The good thing about MDA keeping his minutes low is that now, maybe, he won’t ask for that much money in FA…


  2. Warren Wee Lim May 11, 2014 at 6:45 am

    The problem with most of us is we want a player thats A in scoring A in rebounding and A in defense. Top of that, we want him to be on a cost-effective contract. That thing never happens.

    We used to have Dwight Howard, who could be rated B offense A defense and A rebounding. But then many of us don’t see him deserving a max contract.

    Jordan Hill is a C scoring B defense and A rebounding guy. If he earns a measley 3.5M, he needs to be locked up for the maximum number of allowed years. He’s your definition of a junkyard dog, someone who is specialized but limited, but his skills outweigh his limitations.

    For this reason, every team that doesn’t have cap space will be offering Jordan Hill the full MLE simply because every team in the league could use someone like him. Where he might end up choosing is ultimately the place where he can possibly start and the team that will offer him 4 years and 5 million.

    If you’re the Lakers, you need to consider that Hill himself is one of the better free agents this summer and he has a cap hold of 6.6 million. It might be wiser to pay him the same amount as the others would be paying, because now he has more reasons to stay since MDA is gone.

    Verdict: 4yrs, 24 million. Believe me, its money well-spent.


  3. Homerism at its finest
    Hill had a few good games but against top level players he was exposed for the bench player he is.
    C at best.


  4. The problem with Hill is defining him. He plays like a Center on offense and like a PF on defense. So unless you you have an unusual Center he is difficult to fit into a scheme.


  5. Considering that the Lakers are still a few pieces away from contention, and depending on who we draft, I’d lock up Hill and give him a shot at the starting PF spot. He’s one of the best offensive rebounders I’ve ever seen.
    And yeah despite so much fluctuation in his PT last year, you never heard a bad word from him.
    He showed more restraint and perspective than his coach did on many occasions.

    From previous thread – agree w Aaron, a super entertaining discussion. And congrats!

    Pau is another example, maybe a prime one, of keeping your head and your cool thru thick and thin. The guy almost got traded a hundred times and he always stayed positive and humble.
    When I think of recent Pau I think of the lob passes he made to Dwight – Dwight being the guy who had essentially replaced him at center – making Dwight feel good, making Dwight look good – even when it meant Pau’s own numbers sank.

    The guy is so classy and even wise that to undervalue him is to miss his intangibles.
    Yes he’s slowed down as all of us do. But his numbers Jan-Mar were good enough for me and mirror his career averages as well.

    If Kobe were as unselfish as Pau, he would have asked FO before signing his bloated contract: Hey, will this leave anything for Pau?

    I’d like to see Pau return if the number$ work.


  6. This message is to Certify that Ko made good on his Wine Contest.
    As “closest” w 26 wins, I was fortunate enough to benefit from Ko’s grace and generosity.
    TANKS Ko! (pun intended)

    Thanks also for the GoodHead you gave me. That was a real surprise 🙂



  7. Just to clarify on JC. It’s called GoodHead Beer that I distribute . As Jerry Seinfeld would say “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” but my wife and son might not understand the joke there.



  8. Here’s what I don’t get about KD and the Thunder. If Kobe were being guarded by JJ Redick he would call for the ball every single time down court and he would destroy the Clips until they made a change. I don’t understand how the Thunder aren’t taking advantage of that matchup. I realize that Butler has an advantage too, but this is your league MVP who has like 6 or 7 inches on Redick. I’m just confused.


  9. If Kobe were being guarded by JJ Redick he would call for the ball every single time down court and he would destroy the Clips ..

    You’re correct and that’s because of two different personalities. Kobe is the ultimate assassin who’s always in attack mode regardless of who is guarding him. Durant has a more laid back approach and prefers to let the game come to him. That’s why as much criticism as Westbrook receives in regards to the amount of shots he takes, the critiquing is only possible because of Durant’s demeanor. Just imagine if Kobe, with his temperament and killa persona, had to share the ball with Westbrook. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a good look. And even without him straight annihilating Reddick, he still had 30 after 3 quarters.


  10. This collapse by the Thunder has been pathetic. I’m still in shock that they can’t get Durant the ball on the block against CP3. The refs are also allowing Paul to hold Durant all around the court.


  11. The Thunder let the Clips come back when they went away from KD and Westbrook started taking ill advised shots, i mean CP was guarding Durant, why in the hell he didnt shoot every time.


  12. Like i been saying the Clippers depth is going to be the difference,, OKC dont have a reliable 3rd option, when nobody else steps up it pressures the big 2 too much. Besides CP and Blake they had Crawford and Collisson scoring 18 a piece, after Durant and Rusell OKC only had Jackson with 10 points, thats it. The lack of depth is the fatal flaw of that team. That and having 2 scrubs starting.


  13. Renato Afonso May 11, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Well, CP3 was getting away with murder on Durant through the 4th quarter. I really dislike this Clippers team, specially Blake Griffin and I hope they lose in 6. However, from watching this 4th quarter I can say that this Brooks fellow doesn’t know much about basketball…


  14. JC – didnt we both have 26? I thought we lost to renato on the last game of the season?

    Also – refs were clearly going for the clips end of the 4th was very suspicious … and blake is such a punk …nba should chamge some rules so guys camt get away with what they do


  15. Renato Afonso May 11, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    Shaun and JC, in fact I won. However, I live overseas, so there’s no way to collect my winnings 😉


  16. If i were Brooks and i see Durant being guarded by Paul, i would fine anyone that shoots the ball besides him unless he is doubled. Durant was going to either score or get fouled.


  17. @ KenOak, your totally right, if Kobe was playing and some team put a pg to guard him i dont care if its CP, knowing how competitive he is, he would take that as a sign of disrespect and torch the everloving crap out of him. If your the best player on the court and the MVP on top of that you have to demand that ball when you have such a massive mismatch and dont let Westbrook run amok like he did. This is KD’s team.


  18. @Fern
    Scott Brooks should be ashamed of himself for not getting the ball to Durant down the stretch… Some of the blame, however, has to be on KD because he should have demanded the ball. CP3 should not be able to guard a guy 11 inches taller than him. When that guy is also the reigning MVP….well something is definitely wrong. Kobe would have gotten the ball every time until they either doubled or switched match-ups.

    Paul was absolutely getting away with murder on KD. He had a wrestling hold on him pretty much the entire time and the refs called nothing.


  19. Unfortunately, as I have been fearing, it is all setting up for the Spurs. They are rolling and then they will get whoever limps in from a grueling Clip-OKC series.
    Jane: Get ready for “Spurs play the right way stuff” and the Pop and Duncan worship. I am going to get you to root for LBJ : ) He is the only one who can stop the nightmare.
    Coach: Here is another thing that is inevitable : )


  20. I been saying it for months about Byron Scott.


  21. Warren Wee Lim May 11, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    Please no Byron Scott.


  22. The panel on TNT saying basically what i been saying, OKC is just KD and Rusell thats it, thats OKC’s fatal flaw since they traded Harden. Down the stretch it wasnt Griffin and CP it was Crawford and Collison that buried the Thunder, the Thunder was like always their big 2 against the world.Even if they advance they are going to be wore down. They need help and i dont understand how they have a starting sg that dont shoot and a starting center that cant score dont block shots and dont rebound, spare me the “defensive” players bs.


  23. Fern: Yes – the bandwagon is forming and you and I are leading it. Donavon and Hollins are my backups but I want and predict it will be Scott. As I told rr, I almost hope I am wrong, because the job is a total nightmare right now, and success will be extremely difficult. However, Scott is a Laker, he has 3 player rings, been to the Finals twice, has a COTY, and is firm and will command respect. Jim can fill his coaching vacancy, win back Magic (and James), satisfy Kobe, and not be questioned by the fan base. It is way too logical not to do this.


  24. Robert

    You can gave
    1-mike Brown
    2-Mike Mumbles
    3-Bryan Scott

    So now how do you like Scott?


  25. Robert- i like Byron Scott could be a logical choice but i dont know sometimes i feel we should roll the dice with Ollie or even Fish. Im kinda soured on Hollins because while he is a really good halfcourt defensive coach, im afraid he could be Mike Brown 2.0. Something the Lakers dont need and are not looking for is that slow grinding style. I disagree the job being a total nightmare, it would be a nightmare if we have most of last season team in the books for 2 or 3 more seasons that is not a nightmare that is a nuclear meltdown. The team will be almost in a clean slate, with a high pick and cap space that is expected to be used wisely. And even with the Lakers being currently down its still one of the most coveted jobs in all sports. The potential is there for a relatively quick turnaround. Let me repeat what i read elsewhere, “there is nothing scarier in the NBA than the Lakers with cap space”.


  26. Hill had a few good games but against top level players he was exposed for the bench player he is.

    @ trollman,

    I’d be cautious about making such facile generalizations. In fact these are the stats from Jordan Hill’s last 8 games (including the competition):

    Sacramento (D. Cousins), 29 minutes, 18 pts., 15 rebounds
    Dallas (S Dalembert), 31 minutes, 14 pts., 10 rebounds
    Clippers (D. Jordan), 29 minutes, 22 pts., 9 rebounds
    Houston (D. Howard), 24 minutes, 12 pts., 5 rebounds
    Golden State (A. Bogut), 42 minutes, 18 pts., 12 rebounds
    Memphis (M. Gasol), 27 minutes, 10 pts., 10 rebounds
    Utah (D. Favors), 21 pts., 6 rebounds
    Sacramento (Cousins), 18 pts., 14 rebounds

    This results in the following averages: 29.25 minutes, 16.6 pts., 11.4 rebounds. Furthermore, as you will notice, Hill scored in double figures all 8 games and had 5 double-doubles (out of 8). Not all of the cvompetition was against scrubs. A few names are worth mentioning: Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol, Andrew Bogut. Even such non-all stars as Cousins and Favors are something of a load and difficult to deal with. And Hill was under-sized against all. All.

    Now, I fully agree (and have said before) that Jordan Hill is not the 2nd coming of Karl Malone. (Who is?) His weaknesses and liabilities have already ben mentioned by previous commentors–his inability to protect the rim, his inconsistent defense (great against the pick and roll, occasionally overmatched against elite players like L. Aldridge, etc., etc.).

    But the evidence of the last 8 games is fascinating. Clearly, Hill played against some top-flight competition. And he acquited himself superbly. He scored against all. He rebounded beautifully. It’s during games such as this that a player often begins to come into his own. And bear in mind, Jordan Hill is only 26 years old (soon to turn 27). That places him right on the verge of his prime. The next 3 years should be Hill’s best.

    Based on the last 1/4 of the season, I have a suspicion that other GMs have noticed him. If the Lakers don’t want him, I’m almost certainly that New Jersey or Miami or Dallas will.

    I think Jordan Hill will be in demand. And I’d like to see the Lakers retain him. In fact, I think they’ll need him.


  27. Ko: No matter who the coach is – he will still work for Jim and will still have our roster, and little money and few picks. At least Byron is a Laker and will be accountable and will be able to speak to the press. I am not saying he is a solution. He is just the best option for a problem with no solution.


  28. I agree and his attorney is a friend from the local cigar lounge. Tickets!


  29. I’m still playing the George Karl angle. Karl is a former Tar Heel and room mate of Mitch. Karl is a great coach but nepotism may clinch it.


  30. Correction: Hill’s last game was against the Spurs, not Sacramento (as I mistakenly said).

    Hill went for 18 pts., 15 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 2 blocks in 28 minutes (with a +/- of +16) against Tiago Splitter, an excellent defensive center on a very strong team.

    The point is that Hill played well toward the end of the season against tough competition contradicting the usual assumption that he only plays well against lesser competitors.

    The Lakers, in any event, should try to keep him. D’Antoni is gone. The door whould be wide open.


  31. Renato Afonso May 12, 2014 at 2:09 am

    Robert, let me post the list of guys who actually won the COTY while the likes of Sloan, Pop, Phil and Carlisle were in the league…

    2012-13 George Karl Denver Nuggets
    2011-12 Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs
    2010-11 Tom Thibodeau Chicago Bulls
    2009-10 Scott Brooks Oklahoma City Thunder
    2008-09 Mike Brown Cleveland Cavaliers
    2007-08 Byron Scott New Orleans Hornets
    2006-07 Sam Mitchell Toronto Raptors
    2005-06 Avery Johnson Dallas Mavericks
    2004-05 Mike D’Antoni Phoenix Suns
    2003-04 Hubie Brown Memphis Grizzlies
    2002-03 Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs
    2001-02 Rick Carlisle Detroit Pistons
    2000-01 Larry Brown Philadelphia 76ers
    1999-00 Doc Rivers Orlando Magic
    1998-99 Mike Dunleavy Portland Trail Blazers
    1997-98 Larry Bird Indiana Pacers
    1996-97 Pat Riley Miami Heat
    1995-96 Phil Jackson Chicago Bulls
    1994-95 Del Harris Los Angeles Lakers

    As you can see, Del Harris, Scott Brooks, Mike Brown and MDA have been exposed as not very good coaches (or at least with big weaknesses that overshadow their strengths) and won the COTY. The award means nothing in my book 😉


  32. Wow… so impressed with CP3. It will sting forever that he was the Lakers that never was.


  33. Jordan Hill: bottom line, he’s worth keeping. Question will be if he wants to stay. At 26, he should easily command $12-$13 million over 3 years after posting career highs across the board. Contenders looking for a back-up big will have him on their radar.


  34. “Still have our roster and little money” i might be missing something but as far as i know we will only have 3 players under contract a high draft pick and be significantly under the cap for the first time in forever. Might not be enough to built a contender in 6 months like people want to but the team is in position to start laying the foundation.All the doom and gloom, one would think the Lakers are sagged by bad contracts for the next 10 years according to some here.


  35. Hill is what he is, a serviceable player with a very specific skill and hustle. He could start – if surrounded by good and versatile players – but is probably best used as a board beast off the bench. He will be paid for that by others. The question is, do the Lakers need this type of player at this point in their rebuild?

    I say yes, because we are likely to be relatively thin on the front line – IMO, the largest failing of MDA’s system, unless you have a Lebron James. Everything else seems to flow from there.


  36. Anybody else see the special kind of defense Ibaka played on Griffin?
    Ibaka plays D

    This was not the first time either.
    Ibaka tries new D


  37. Hill has a unique and interesting skill set. However, I would not overpay for his services. If the Lakers shell out 4+ million the player has to be a capable starter. Hill is a borderline starter. With cap considerations the Lakers cannot afford to pay 4+ million for a bench guy. So either the Lakers commit to him as a starter or they need a better deal on his contract.


  38. @Robert

    LBJ is his own nightmare, one I can NEVER root for in any circumstance. I don’t believe that Pop and Timmy winning #5 threatens the legacies of Phil or Kobe in any way, so I welcome the hype and resulting frenzy. Lebron James as part of the threepeat club? I do not welcome that hype and resulting frenzy.


  39. Renato-Interesting list.
    Robert-I would be ok with Scott after the comments I read recently from Kyrie and CP3. That coupled from earlier comments from Kobe make me believe that he could be a good coach for a roster with the right type of young talent willing to listen to a former veteran player – but again, that depends on the roster. The fact that he was a Laker is nice, but has no impact on my decision.


  40. Baylor Fan,

    He should be suspended for that play. I have no respect for players that hit below the waist. Its the second time on the same player. It was definitely intentional.

    And I guess it never occurred to Scott Brooks to have Durant in the low post with Chris Paul guarding him. Watching the nearly 7 foot Durant catch the ball further and further out with a 6 foot guard on this hip made me want to pull my hair out.


  41. Bottom line: Hill is worth retaining. He’s only 26 and has just posted career highs in almost every category. Question is, does he want to return to the Lakers? Contenders looking for a back-up big man in the $4-5 mill per year area will give him a call, as will pretenders looking to overpay.


  42. “Watching the nearly 7 foot Durant catch the ball further and further out with a 6 foot guard on this hip made me want to pull my hair out.”

    It doesnt matter if Chris Paul is clever or tough.
    KD MUST set up in the low post. MUST, MUST until Clips adapt.

    It’s amazing to see professional coaches not make the most obvious game adjustments!
    If OKC loses this series, Scotty Brooks will be a deserving casualty.

    As far as KD goes, his demeanor may be pleasant but continuing to defer to Westbrook makes me wonder about him. Maybe he’s just not ready yet; he’s young.
    It took Lebron and MJ a few years near the top before making the final ascent.


  43. Mike Brown fired by Cavs..SMH


  44. Jane: It is a nightmare either way -on that – I think we can agree : )
    MannyP Yes – Scott does well at the Super Star level which is a huge plus. He is the opposite of MD in that regard
    Cavs: So perhaps they could now hire MD. That way they will have gone from Byron Scott to Mike Brown to Mike D’Antoni, and then the Lakers will go from Mike Brown to Mike D’Antoni to Byron Scott.
    Renato: I agree and will strike it from my list of reasons. However if COTY is not a valid hiring reason then why did we hire MD again?


  45. Renato: I agree and will strike it from my list of reasons. However if COTY is not a valid hiring reason then why did we hire MD …?


    Robert – You and Renato hired MDA ?!

    For shame :0)


  46. Robert: I think you are twisting the facts. BScott does well with young players who are on their way to becoming superstars (Kobe, CP3, Kyrie). His track record with superstars who are at their prime (Kidd) appears to be not so good – with a huge caveat that this was very early in BScott’s coaching career. I think what you and others hope is that Kobe’s long-held respect for and friendship with BScott translates into coaching respect and success here in LA. I hope so too, as I think BScott could be beneficial to the team if we once again opt for filling the roster with young cast-offs – but lets not assume it is a certain thing.

    Re the Cavs: Mike D’Antoni coaching Kyrie Irving as point guard and Varajea and Zeller as pick-n-roll partners may not be that bad after all, depending what happens during the offseason for them. Kyrie will be on the last year of his contract and the Cavs FO may be hoping for a deep run in the playoffs with a run-and-gun offense featuring Kyrie in order to change his mind about taking the money and staying in Cleveland. Plus, it would not surprise me if MikeD found it appealing to coach for a team with low expectations and a city with 1/100 the media pressure as you have in LA and NY.


  47. JcHill has always had my attention; he is a baller. I’m glad to see the FO may keep him after he was an afterthought for most of the season because he couldn’t stretch the floor. When you rebound like him someone else should be stretching the floor! So far in the playoffs Ibaka’s effort on defense was something to see. But last game Durant turned the ball over down the stretch every time the Flips doubled him. He posted up too high and tried to pass the ball before the double team could get to him. Each time he threw the ball right to a Flipper. This series is going seven.


  48. ” His track record with superstars who are at their prime (Kidd) appears to be not so good ” I dont know, 2 straight trips to the Finals sound pretty good to me.SMH


  49. The teams that Scott made the Finals with were very, very weak by Finals standards. The East then was in some ways even worse then now, since there was no Miami. Scott’s best team was probably the 2008 New Orleans team. Scott has never coached a team as good as D’Antoni’s best teams in Phoenix.

    Scott is 52.5 games under .500 for his career; that is obviously not all his fault, of course, but given how hard Robert has hammered on D’Antoni’s record, and how hard Robert is pushing for Scott, I think it is worth pointing out. I don’t think Scott is a bad coach, but I think his general rep is well below that of guys like Karl and SVG, the latter of whom is supposedly now the front-runner for the Golden State job.

    As I said to Robert in an email, I think Scott may get the job in part because other guys won’t want it. Even though it is the Lakers, this is actually not a great gig at all right now. I can’t see an older guy like SVG or Karl wanting to coach this team, and guys like Ollie and Fizdale may want to stay put for now and keep winning. The guys that I could see really wanting the Lakers’ job among names being tossed around are Scott and Quin Snyder.


  50. Fern- I was referring to his relationship with the players. He had a love-hate relationship with Kidd. Kidd loved the wins, but seemed to dislike BScott. Could be that maybe he did not respect him because he was new at coaching or simply because he played against him for a few years. Point is, we have no proof that he knows how to “handle” superstars – so its not a “selling point” on BScott in my opinion. HIs ability to get teams to the finals, as you have pointed out, is worthy – so that is what should be mentioned.


  51. Scott is the type of coach who wears on players over time. He’s had that reputation for a while. And it makes sense. Scott’s template is Pat Riley. Riles was the same way. Byron Scott is good for young players. But veterans tire of that pretty quickly. That doesn’t mean Scott won’t work for now.


  52. NBA Coaching: It is a tough gig and almost all of the marriages end in divorce (with the team and the Super Stars). Hence this is why if you have been around the league for a while, you are certainly going to have critics and Scott is no exception. He does have some credibility in that he has been to the finals twice and has 3 player rings, which is a list of accomplishments significantly longer than many others. Kobe likes him and Paul and Irving were openly disappointed upon his departure so that is about as good as it gets in that category.
    T Rogers: “That doesn’t mean Scott won’t work for now.” That is pretty much how I feel. The odds are stacked against the next guy and so we need someone with a thick skin, who can handle the press, and keep things together. The odds of our next coach hanging around for the full re-build to the point where we are a contender again – and the coach lasting the entire time – well that would be nice – but I would not bet on it.
    R: I always use “We” when talking about the Lakers : ) I have a vested interest in them.

    Scott: My campaign (and you too Fern) is working – I am starting to see more articles and such with Scott listed as the top guy. “Scott combines the coaching experience of a Jeff Van Gundy with the ties to the Lakers of a Derek Fisher.”


  53. i think or at least i hope the Lakers arent looking for a coach that would work well for a short term.
    They are thinking long term.
    If BScott, (or BS for short) wears on players long term that would be a negative.
    The negative I perceive, and it’s just my opinion, is that Byron doesn’t come off as
    very cerebral – at all. He may be a tough down-to-earth guy players like, I don’t know.
    But compared to James Worthy, Byron’s postgame comments always come off as rather simple, if not simple-minded.

    If Ollie won’t come, maybe Fish will.
    Perhaps that’s one reason Lakers say they aren’t in a rush to hire a coach- Fish is still in the playoffs 🙂

    Fish has many attributes we’ve all spoken of, not to be repeated here( but Laker Lifer, pals w Kobe, has Rings, etc.)


  54. My preference would be a younger coach who has the stamina to deal with what may be a rough couple of years. I just have a hard time seeing a George Karl or a Stan Van Gundy stomach the losing that may be part of our near term reality. If we were closer to competing then a veteran coach would make sense in my mind. Just don’t see them dealing with a roster that will be so much in flux over the next two years.

    Now if a veteran coach brought DFish on his staff as the heir apparent in 2 or 3 years then I could buy into that. However, that has not been mentioned as a plan.

    I don’t see Kevin Ollie’s name mentioned anymore. Is it a done deal that he is returning to UConn?


  55. rr: Do not disagree with anything you said. This is a very imperfect situation, so it requires an imperfect path forward. Shaw was an obvious pick at that time. Phil was an obvious pick. This is not obvious. Byron Scott is just my choice in this Kentucky Derby of coaching possibilities. Throw out any name and anyone can throw out a list of reasons why we should not go with that guy. And they would be right.


  56. Please say no to Scott. Based on his commentary at TWC and his interviews as a Nets coach, he does not strike me as someone with a high basketball IQ. His offense is a PG driven fast paced offense, and needs an all time great PG like Kidd and Paul, as well as speed at multiple positions to thrive….things the Lakers do not have.

    When the Lakers faced the Nets in the finals, Scott, for some odd reason, chose not to double Shaq. There was no clear strategy to mix it up defensively to throw Shaq out of rythm or get the ball out of his hands. The Nets were outmatched talent wise, but Scott’s lack of adjustments in that series was glaring.

    During the iterviews, he had a nervous energy. All he would do was kiss Kobe and Shaq’s arse. He was acting as if he was just happy to be in the finals and was already resigned to losing. Thats the the type of competitor I went on the sidelines. Those interviews alone puts Scott at the bottom of my coaching wish list.


  57. I just hope that the FO completely vets whomever they select as HC. What the team really needs right now is stability. It would be nice to sense that the FO and coach are philosophically on the same page.

    I just do not want to experience the disconnect that was Mike Brown and MDA. It just amazed me how quickly it became apparent to everyone that they were poor hires. What did the FO think they were buying? I get that every coach is hired to be fired. However, that should not be so obvious a few months into their tenure.


  58. @rr- Scott record is 52 games under 500 bc of the terrible Cavs teams he had to coach, like i said before they drafted Irving who was a no-brainer but after him they could not draft their way out of a paperbag with the cream of the crap being drafting a scrub like Anthony Bennet #1 a guy that should not had been a top 15 pick Good Lord they make MJ and the Wizards drafting Kwame Brown look good. Scott took that team right after Lebron left so that was a big fall for that team if he waited one more season Jerry West, the good doctor himself was going to give him the reigns of the team to him. That have to carry some weight on this conversation.Give the job to him and hire Fish as an assistant/aprentice.


  59. SVG leaning towards Pistons offer… I guess he is not so averse to coaching a young team afterall…Meanwhile Lakers management will wait for what is left after all the top candidates accept other opportunities.


  60. Dont care much about Stan “Mr Panic” Van Gundy good for the Pistons, lets scratch him off the list.


  61. Have to SMH again at people wanting the Lakers to hire someone right away in a panic. The Lakers will hire somebody when they want to, the FO has screwed up twice and people here want them to jump the gun and hire someone bc the Pistons hired SVG. They have to get it right this time Mitch said it already, i dont get why that is so hard to understand.


  62. Leo: It would be nice to sense that the FO and coach are philosophically on the same page.

    I totally agree. The overwhelming sense of disarray that has surrounded the team for the past few seasons has taken its toll on the franchise. Look, it took some time to get into this position it will take a few years to get out of it.

    I think I speak for a majority of the fans when I say that the team is better off not making short sighted decisions. Do not sacrifice the future for immediate rewards. Hire the right coach, get a player to build on in this draft and use our cap space wisely. If they demonstrate that they have a plan and that they are making progress the fans will support them.

    Just take a step forward this year.


  63. LT Mitchell, whoever won that WCF between LA and Sacto was going to win the championship, the Lakers knew it, the Kings knew it and the Nets knew it. And outside of game 2 the other 3 games were decided by 7 points or less. I call that competitive but maybe is just me.


  64. This Sterling thing…

    Watching his comments, I wonder if the elephant in the room is that he’s suffering from alzheimer’s or dementia. Obviously, the purpose of his CNN interview was to try to save face and do whatever he could by way of apologies and sycophancy to repair his reputation and retain ownership of the team, but he almost immediately goes off point and starts saying insane things about Magic and hurting his already grim-looking cause. Is he really that headstrong, or (and i think this is more likely) is he just cognitively (neurobiologically) unable to stay on-point?

    Of course, no one can say this publicly because it might interfere with the league’s ability/public mandate to take the team away, but he increasingly looks less like a foaming at the mouth racist and more like some doddering old fool who doesn’t realize what he’s saying. It doesn’t mean the underlying ideas are any less offensive, but if it’s indeed dementia, then the argument for stripping him of his team because he was set up by some 5 minute of fame seeking floozy gets weaker and weaker. not philosophically, perhaps, or legally, but aesthetically.

    I hate the Clippers; consequently, I want a train-wreck & I hope he and his wife fight this… and how great would it be if he got the ACLU on his side? After all, there is a free-speech issue here, although I realize he’s technically being expelled from a club rather than stripped of his property (that’s only a byproduct, although I think the courts may not accept this admittedly arbitrary distinction)

    And if senility or craziness is enough to lose a team, there are plenty of owners in all sports that should be shown the door or should have been kicked through it decades ago.


  65. Regarding Sterling, he’s an attorney using every means at his disposal to retain his team he’s shifted his strategy from, “I’m not a racist,” to “I’m a senile in my dotage.” At which case he is well aware that insanity is a defense against litigation in contractual law.


  66. Fern,

    A competitive sweep is an oxymoron.


  67. I am not a fan of Scott as a head coach. As mentioned in other comments, he’s been know to wear on his players the longer he coaches them, very much in the Riley mold that had him need to transition away from coaching in both New York and Miami.

    Also, I’m all for giving Scott credit for his coaching successes, as long as we also place that success in context — in Jersey he had a prime Jason Kidd (one of the top 5-10 players in the league at that time) and in New Orleans a brilliant (and young/pre-knee operation) Chris Paul — easily the best point guard prospect since Kidd. Again, give credit for getting a lot out of those players, but be careful of putting too much of team success on the coach when he has some excellent talent at his disposal — especially superstar talent that can skew the results of a team more than any other resource in this league.


  68. so darius, what you’re really telling us is if the front office stocks the team with superstar talent, then we can win with byron scott at the coaching helm.

    count me in.

    Go lakers


  69. David H,
    In all seriousness, if the Lakers were to trick LeBron, Bosh, and Caremelo to all sign for the minimum, I still would not want Byron Scott coaching the Lakers.


  70. @rr- Scott record is 52 games under 500 bc of the terrible Cavs teams he had to coach,

    Like I said, it is not all his fault. The NBA is a talent league. We all know that.

    Rumors out there that SVG is going to Detroit, and Hollins and D’Antoni are among guys on GS’ radar.


  71. LT i know it still a sweep but consudering the gap if talent between the Lakers and the Nets on those Finals the fact that all 4 games wernt blowouts suggest that some adjustments were made. I dont remember that Finals that much anymore.


  72. In my comment way up there i mentioned Jerry West when i was refering to Jerry Buss, my bad.