Los Angeles Lakers Player Grades: Jordan Farmar

Daniel Rapaport —  May 13, 2014 — 59 Comments

General Thoughts on the Season

Like so many Lakers, Jordan Farmar’s homecoming season (he’s a graduate of Taft High School in Woodland Hills) was plagued by a multitude of nagging injuries. His calf, hamstring and groin wouldn’t cooperate all season, and he was only able to suit up for 41 games. Farmar had four separate stretches in which he missed at least 4 games. All of this makes it tough to accurately assess Farmar’s year, as it’s important to remember than any time a player is coming back from missing multiple games they’re not quite right the first game back. So often this season it felt that just as Jordan got back into rhythm, his bummy hamstring would return him to the pine for the foreseeable future.

When he was indeed on the floor, Farmar was a useful and important player for the Lakers. He possesses something that the other point guards on the roster don’t: the quick first step needed to at least try and defend the Russell Westbrooks and Damian Lillards of the world. He shot a very solid 43.8% from behind the arc and proved the ability to get white-hot.

He’s now an unrestricted free agent who should see decent interest from teams looking for a strong shooter in a backup point guard. He’s been vocal about wanting to remain a Laker no matter who the next coach is. But Farmar signed for the minimum last summer, and with the Lakers’ eyes on big-name free agents, he’ll likely have to accept a similar contract this year if he does want to remain in Lakerland.


Shotchart 1400011620508

As stated previously, Farmar is a more than capable three-point shooter, especially from the corners. What sticks out on this shot chart is the midrange-success. In the new basketball world driven by analytics, these long two-point jumpers have become quazi-blasphemous, as the numbers favor layups and three-pointers. So, analyze his midrange success however you like, but realize that Famar is a surprisingly adequate mid-range shooter, as well.

Farmar never has been, and likely never will be effective when he goes to the hoop. While he’s a pretty good athlete and leaper, Farmar lacks the aggression to bang with the bigs down low and the dexterity required to finish efficiently.

Farmar showed an ability to get hot and stay hot this season that I can’t remember him displaying in previous years. On Feb. 28, Farmar erupted for a career high 30 points on 8-10 shooting from three. He was 5-7 from behind the arc at Brooklyn on Nov. 27, 5-8 at Cleveland on Feb. 5, 4-5 against Denver on March 7….you get the picture. The moral of the story is: when Farmar’s feeling it, get that boy that rock.

While a 106.9 defensive rating is far form impressive, when you factor in that the Lakers as a team had a defensive rating 110.6, it becomes a bit more acceptable. Farmar has good size and burst for a point guard, which are two of the most important factors when it comes to defense. For comparison, Kendall Marshall had a defensive rating of 109.0, Nash a 112.0, and Blake also a 112.0. Numbers don’t lie; Farmar was LAL’s best defensive point guard option this season, though that’s really not saying much.

Most Memorable Moment

Farmar catches fire to the tune of a career-high 30 piece on 8-10 shooting from downtown.

Overall Grade and Summary

Farmar showed some bright spots this year, averaged a career high in points, and proved to be the Laker’s best point guard defender. But I’m just hesitant to give any player on this team a favorable grade. Basketball is about winning games. The Lakers didn’t do that this season. By definition, it was a failure. I look at this season like a group project: If the entire team’s season was the project, they certainly would receive no better than a C- that’s what happens you fail to do what you set out to do (win games). When the group project receives such a poor grade, each individual team member is essentially disqualified from receiving an A- the project was just too damn bad! That’s why Farmar, despite having a relatively solid season (and a cost-effective one) receives a B-.

But if he’s willing to come back for the right price, as he says he is, he’s a solid backup point guard who has the ability to get hot off the bench once in a while. If the Lakers can secure him for the veteran’s minimum, they should do so- it’s always good for the locker-room dynamic to have a player who genuinely wants to be there. And Jordan Farmar, through and through, wants to be a Laker.

Daniel Rapaport


59 responses to Los Angeles Lakers Player Grades: Jordan Farmar

  1. Farmar – one of my favorites.
    He was the only guy I remember that played w Kobe that, other than Kobe, often took the shot at the end of a quarter or a half. Jordan oozes confidence and that’s one of the things that makes him surprisingly fun to watch.

    If he remains a Laker and take$ a discount, I’m happy for us, and for him.
    If he can get more elsewhere, more power to him.

  2. Washington has 2 good center.

    Lakers have one not so good.

    How and why?

  3. Ko: Well……Washtington drafted Seraphin 17th and I think he is still on his rookie contract – but I’m not sure. In 2010 the earliest pick we had was like 43 (Ebanks).

    Nene signed a $65mm ($13mm) contract with the Wizards in 2011 offseason. If you remember, Bynum was on our payroll at around $16mm that season. I think we were on the hook for Gasol for similar amounts.

    So, in a nutshell, we did not have the same draft pick and did not have the cap space. That’s why.

  4. Ko is presumably talking about Gortat and Nene. WSH got Gortat in a deal for Okafor’s contract, Shannon Brown, Kendall Marshall, Malcolm Lee, and a 2014 draft pick, when it seemed PHX was going to be tanking.

    The pick is Top-12 protected, so PHX will obviously get it.

  5. Wizards: I myself have used the Wizards as a punch line to many jokes on this site. The fact that we are envious of anything of theirs says more about us than them.

    Wizards Series: Rooting for them to extend the series. Why? I want Miami to get time off. They will need it against the Spurs. Sorry Jane – Other posters are already crafting their Spurs are just “such a pleasure to watch posts” and I just can’t take it : )

    MannyP: “So, in a nutshell, we did not have the same draft pick and did not have the cap space. That’s why.” I would think it is the FO’s job to make sure we have our fair share of cap space and draft picks If you do not have them – you usually have a very good team and a very good record. To have few picks, limited space, and a bad record simultaneously. That is true genius : )

  6. Gotta admit, I’m all for the Spurs taking the cup this year. That would be an amazing cap on a wonderfull career that Tim Duncan has had. Never will get the pub others get, but he sure has been consistent in being the backbone of a team. Just goes to show, you still need a big man as the cornerstone of a franchise for an extended run.

  7. Farmar is not reliable enough (injuries) to be anything but a spot starter or a reserve. I would have loved him to have taken the PG spot by the horns but he did not.

  8. Why do I so dislike the Flippers ?

  9. Love Farmar, when healthy was probably the Lakers best PG this year. He wants to be a laker and by god theres nothing better then to have guys on your team who want to be there. Helps create an environment to build team chemistry. There might be a glut of PG’s next year but I would give a nod to Farmar as a keeper.

  10. Feel like Lakers just won the chip. Yea OKC and yea refs!

  11. I hate the Clips but they got robbed man rewarding RW after shooting that dumb ill advised three and Durant didnt even touch the ball, that being said CP choked big time on this game, just wow. I despised Farmar on the last year of his 1st stint with he thinking that he was better than he was and his stupid triying to be flashy bonehead plays and i was so happy to see him gone. But he has matured and has become a better pg my only reservation is that he didnt seem to be able to stay healthy. I would like to keep him and givin him the starting pg position with Nash as a backup IF he manages to stay healthy.

  12. Clips didn’t get robbed. Should have been a foul call. That was absolutely a delicious collapse by CP3 though.

  13. Doc is going to get fined, he is blasting the refs with both barrels and he is right…

  14. They got robbed in the prior pay when they gave the ball to OKC and didnt review it. Chuck is right about CP bragging about how great a leader he is and he just chocked and is on the verge of being bounced again. Some leader…

  15. UCLA/Lakers guys are always personal favorites, but I was hoping that Farmar would do somewhat better than he did. I still hope that they keep him.

  16. @Fern
    Are you talking about the play where Barnes fouled Jackson and they didn’t call it? Then the ball went out of bounds and they reviewed it, but still gave it to OKC? They should have called a foul there and hopefully (FINALLY) they should change instant replay to be able to call a foul on those types of plays. Almost bit us in the butt against the Celts in the Finals. Odom got fouled by Rondo and the ball went out of bounds….

  17. They review it your right, still got it wrong.And Westbrook was bailed out after taking that stupid,moronic dumb shot.

  18. Bottom line, Clips stole one on Sunday, and OKC stole game 5. You could say both teams choked away a game. The series is right where the NBA wants it….on pace for 7 games. Loved Rivers’ reaction and post game interview. The fine whine that is Doc Rivers has aged since 2010 but it is still bitter. Truly an amazing game. A game that will give both detractors and admirers of NBA basketball plenty of ammunition.

  19. “The fine whine that is Doc Rivers has aged since 2010 but it is still bitter.” Hehe good one. That was a nice “fine me i dont care”bitter rant

  20. Doc’s histrionics notwithstanding, ( I hope they hit him with a huge fine), go back and look at the replay of the “potentially series changing call.” It is far from certain that the ball goes off Reggie Jackson.There simply isn’t a conclusive angle either way. What is clear is that Matt Barnes fouled Reggie Jackson. I was pleased to see that Kenny and Charles didn’t buy what Doc was selling, and put it back on the Clippers bonehead miscues. Love the Chris Paul choke at the end.

  21. Westbrook’s late 3 that led to the game winning FT’s may have been a bit quick and ill advised, but Paul’s foul was just plain dumb.

  22. Flippers, cp flat out choked!! Gave the ball away at midcourt when he should have just held onto ball to get fouled. Replay was inconclusive on who ball went off of. They needed an angle from the side or behind play. But Barnes definitely fouled Jackson. And Paul definitely tapped westbrooks elbow on his follow through. Typical Chris Paul move. Got away with it vs curry. Then committed turnover, and just stood there instead of fouling ibaka with time still left on clock. Epic meltdown!!

  23. The angle from behind the basket was inconclusive, but the angle from above clearly showed Reggie touching the ball last. Perhaps the refs only saw the replay from one angle, but I’m pretty certain all camera angles are available to them in the replay system.

    Also, when Paul lost the ball with a few seconds left, he was hit in the arm by Reggie. I’m happy the Thunder won, but the officiating in the last two fourth quarters has been awful. I suppose this makes up for the mug job that Chris Paul did on Durant in the last game.

    But no question, fouling Russell’s 3 pointer and not taking the foul was a pretty epic choke job by Paul. I can only imagine the media feeding frenzy if Kobe had choked like Paul, but I have a feeling the media will be much kinder to Paul.

  24. I can only imagine the media feeding frenzy if Kobe had choked like Paul, but I have a feeling the media will be much kinder to Paul.

    Now that’s something that I believe we can all agree with.

  25. Or what about the multiple non calls on the flippers down the stretch … okc was lucky to win regardless of the refs

    Barnes fouled jackson .. amd I would agree that jackson fouled paul just before ibaka took the ball but as a flop artist he didnt get the call

    It was also an obvious foul when paul fouled westbrook … like lakafan said paul got away with fouling curry 1-2 times at the end of games in the gs series and im sire it was something reviewed by the refs after the series

    Also, almost every single offensive move by blake is an offensive foul but they dont call it so wtv

  26. Robert: seriously bro. Check your facts. Sure in a perfect world the Lakers would have stick piles of early first rounders – but in that world that also means we would be in the lower tiers of the league year after year after year after year after year. Same deal with cap space. How do you propose we would have added Nene or Gortats contract back then with the payroll we had in the books at the end of that particular season? Are you suggesting Nene would have signed with us for the MLe? I realize you did not say that but see how it feels When you twist someone’s words (although, at least my twisting is based on reality and not some fantasy about how we shoulda amazed picks and cap space back in 2010 after winning two chips). Speaking of twisting words, it is evident what I was trying to say was that the 2010 Lakers and 2010 Wizards were in different stages of their franchise cycles so it’s illogical to compare them. It’s as silly as saying: look at Miami with the big three; why couldn’t the Lakers have made a play for LBJ, Wade and Bosh – a silly argument that ignores the realities of where the team was at with cap space etc back when these 3 were free agents. Also, your selective quoting is tiring. You make your own points as you please, but I have a feeling you selectively quite people bc you simply cannot make a point without trying to rehash your five favorite arguments: Jim sucks, Phil is perfect: Jeannie would bring Phil in, Fish should have never left and DHoward should have stayed. Would love to hear something – anything – new from you every once in a while.

  27. Just goes to show, you still need a big man as the cornerstone of a franchise for an extended run.
    I completely agree with Craig on this, however, even though I think the world of Duncan, I´d rather see the Spurs lose and any other team win it all, with the exception of the Heat or the Flippers-guess that narrows it down a bit, huh?
    To have few picks, limited space, and a bad record simultaneously. That is true genius : )

  28. “Other posters are already crafting their Spurs are just “such a pleasure to watch posts” and I just can’t take it : )”

    Amen Robert! There is no way I can root for the Spurs. I’d rather see LeBron get #3 than Duncan get #5. I don’t care if they play the game “right”. They are a rival team. They have beaten the Lakers and the Lakers have beaten them. Spurs fans surely don’t root for the Lakers in their down years.

    The main reason I want OKC to beat the Clippers is they give the Spurs more problems than the Clips do.

  29. Renato Afonso May 14, 2014 at 9:26 am

    I’m actually rooting for Indy to win it all, but I doubt they’ll be able to…

  30. Manny P: Really appreciate your comments directed at Robert. I enjoy Robert and appreciate his perspective as a long time fan and season ticket holder. But the truth is as you say, you can’t have it all, all the time. This is our down time. We need to enjoy the journey and love the game more than the wins right now.

    That said, hey, anyone else geeked up for the NBA combine?

  31. MannyP – As a long-time admirer of both Robert and you, I can only smile. We all have our bailiwicks. Let’s all relax and watch the Spurs do what we used to…sorry, Robert. They are such a pleasure to watch. 🙂

  32. Obviously, Jordan Farmar is a keeper for the right price. (I’d like to see him be a bit more consistent and cut down on the turn overs though.)

    So…my keepers list so far (in no particular order):

    Jordan Hill
    Jordan Farmar
    Pau Gasol
    Jodie Meeks (but we won’t be able to afford him)
    Marcus Smart

    On the bubble:

    Kent Basemore
    Ryan Kelly

    The bottom line is this: the Lakers have a few holes to fill.

  33. Good points Manny, but let’s not forget that the main reason we don’t have many first round picks is because Jim traded away two of them for a 37 year old Nash. The front office overestimated Nash’s tank and completely underestimated the value of first round picks in the new CBA. The going rate for a first round pick under the new CBA is an all star caliber player (i.e. Deng), and Jim gave away TWO first rounders. Yikes!

    And of course, the other reason we are in a down time is because the front office let Dwight walk away for nothing. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Dwight could have netted another quality center as well as a first rounder in a trade.

    Anyways, hindsight is 20 / 20, but there is no need to attack Robert for stating a few facts.

  34. http://leaguebeats.com/2014/05/14/the-sanctimony-of-doc-rivers/

    A nice reminder for Laker fans on why we should never, ever, waver in our hatred for the Clippers. Doc’s disingenuous ways are well known to Laker fans . . . .

  35. Thanks for sharing this bryan S…Fellow Lakers fans, be on the look out for a lengthy piece recapping and (happily) closing the door on the D’Antoni era.

    Loving the in depth player grade reports here at FB&G. As always, great stuff!

  36. MannyP: a little below the belt, dude. not everyone shares the same ideas and passions nor are necessarily able to articulate ideas in ways that have the appearance of being the same and yet different so that a healthy discussion can ensue. do appreciate however your legal expertise; especially with what’s going on between the sterlings and the nba; makes for very interesting reading and repartee.

    Robert: you just keep being Robert; that coming from a guy who’s future wifey says I have an overdeveloped imagination. so we probably relate on many levels. don’t forget: like MannyP says you say: Phil is perfect…..

    When it comes down to it, Darius will decide.

    Go Lakers

  37. An oversight: I meant to include Xavier Henry on my list of keepers. He should be available to the Lakers at a good price. And although I don’t have the statistics to prove it, I sense that X and Farmar would work well together.

    There’s actually a good deal to work with in building a decent bench mob (Farmar, Henry, Jordan Hill, 1st-round pick, maybe Basemore, maybe Kelly). The challenge will be in attracting quality talent for a starting 5 and planning for Kobe’s eventual leave-taking. All of that should probably take a few years. It’s just reality.

  38. Robert’s a big boy and doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend him, so I’ll keep my inner Ron Artest circa 2004 at bay. I DO believe he has the ability to “articulate ideas in ways that have the appearance of being the same and yet different so that a healthy discussion can ensue.” Regardless, he brings great value in ways that have nothing to do with the famed five arguments he is credited with. Please, people…can’t we just enjoy what Pop and the Spurs are doing as just such a joy to watch?! I’m sorry…that was the last time, I promise. I really am a true Laker fan.

    I like reading about the way guys performed this year, but am I crazy for not wanting most of these bench guys in a ideal world? Every other bench in the West seems arguably more appealing 6-12.

  39. Word is Lakets going hard after Monroe. I like it. Means no Pau but big upgrade on D and boards.

  40. Renato Afonso May 14, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Ko, if that is the word, I’m more than fine with it. Monroe is a good player and a building block. I highly doubt we can land him though.

    On Farmar, I think he should be retained specially because of Nash’s (lack of) health and defense. Like it was said above, a second string with the likes of Farmar, Henry, Bazemore/Johnson and Hill is more than adequate. In fact, this would be one of the better bench mobs in the league and I believe that only Hill will command a higher paycheck. If Hill gets 7M a year, Farmar 3-4, Henry 2-3 and Bazemore/Johnson 1.5-2, our bench would cost us roughly 16M, which is not that high considering the Lakers income sources. But I leave that to those with more cap knowledge than me. I just want those 4/5 players back next year…

  41. The Lakers are the other team most frequently mentioned among league executives when it comes to Monroe. If L.A. does not make any splashy moves around the draft, and if the Lakers are ready to concede that Carmelo Anthony is not coming, then they figure to target young, second-tier free agents—and Monroe is at the head of that list.

  42. Now is Jim Buss entire fault that we traded for Nash, can the whinning stop? The season is over for crissakes. The Good Doctor signed on the Nash trade and the MDA hire so please enought of that. Before somebody brings up the ” Jerry Buss was sick” card, we know he was sick but not one of had a clue of how sick he was, bc we dont know anything, as far as i know he was in the decision making process until almost the end. Its tiresome really.

  43. The Lakers dont rebuilt thru the draft, like Mitch have said probably a million times by now, the draft is just one of several tools the team have to rebuilt, there is a reason this is the highest the team will draft since 1982. Its a tool but not the primary tool the team will use, what the team hopes is to het a serviciable player, hell if they can trade for a elite player they wont hesitate one second to trade that pick. I hope we get a nice player on the draft thats it. What they are going to do its manage the cap wisely (hopefuly) and go after the big name free agents. People talk about those picks like Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis or Westbrook are going to come out of them, the Lakers traded them because they were going for a championship, didnt work out, oh well that happens. Im not concerned one bit about those stupid picks, it was a gamble you win some you lose some. Tired of people whinning like the Lakers are doomed for the next 20years.

  44. I hate to break it to you guys… But there are no “keepers” on the Lakers roster last year

  45. Kerr has apparently decided to sign with Golden State 5/25M.

  46. So I should throw away my Sacre and Marshall jerseys Aaron. Bummer

  47. Thanks for the props: Purple, Jane, bryan S., T Rogers, david H
    Manny P: “Jim sucks, Phil is perfect: Jeannie would bring Phil in, Fish should have never left and D Howard should have stayed” Well you have been reading my posts obviously, but you left off MD sucks, the Spurs suck (see my discussion with Jane), hire Byron Scott (see my campaign with Fern), use lots of comparisons to poker, and most of all Kobe Rules !!! My concepts are simple. I leave the complex stuff to rr.

  48. Jason Kidd? Are you Kidding me?

    Not good coaching or play calling.

  49. rr the best decision he could make even with Phil at the helm the Knicks are a mess. I guess he cant get everything he wants after all. I honestly dont like how his tenure started, one of his first moves is bring a washed up Odom in, seriously? Like the Knicks aint old enough already whos next Mbenga, Sasha? Luke?

  50. Not so sure about Monroe, he is terrible defensively, not against it i only hope we dont overpay if we sign him.

  51. Clippers coach is overrated, he was good with the help of Tom Thibodeau, The Clippers blew out Lakers team to show what ? you blew out Lakers it does not mean you are good. Golden St FO is ridiculous, Steve Kerr only can talk, he did not win anything yet, he is the traitor of Phil Jackson, he talk and try to steal Phi’s idea how to win in the NBA.

  52. Was watching BKN vs. The Heat. Nets gave it a shot but couldn’t get the win. Think we’ve seen the last of KG. I saw a look in his eyes tonight that made me believe so. It was the look of a once great player that realized he could no longer play at a high level. As much as I despise his game and the bullying tactics he employed, I found that moment kind of sad.

  53. Seems Kerr chose a team on the rise rather than one with a whole of questions, PJ or no PJ.

  54. Kerr’s home is in So Cal so probably preferred west coast.
    And a better roster.

  55. Kenny T good riddance if he retires,a fake thug his whole career and to hold a grudge against Ray Allen bc he dared to left the Celtics and go to the Heat. One would think he was a Celtic his whole career by the way he acted how long he was there 5 seasons?Cant wait for him to be gone same with Pierce.

  56. Im w you Aaron – aside from Meeks – no one on the roster has really earned a guarranted offer from the FO. MDA’s system inflated everyones stats and they still lost (just like Tony Campbell going from Lakers to Minny and all of a sudden avergaing 23 a game instead of 6). They were players on a bad team getting mins and shots that normally they wouldn’t – and that goes for front court players as much as pg’s.

  57. The Lakers need to look outside their current roster for guys who can fill the starting line up. But beyond that there are a number of free agents from last years Laker roster who could be sensible signings to complete the full roster.

    The F.O. needs to get value for their money. Sensible tradeable contracts. Lock in talent, get coach who can work with said talent, make trades to make needed adjustments. Its really important the Lakers don’t overpay and acquire under-performing players. They don’t have the draft assets to weather poor signings in the upcoming 3 to 4 years.

  58. Warren Wee Lim May 15, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Among the actual free agents (not the ones with ETO) Jordan Hill is one of the better free agents. Soon enough you can’t hear enough of: “we let Dwight go for nothing, we let Jordan Hill go for nothing” talk.

    Hill is a keeper. He’s no defensive savant nor is he with a thousand post moves but he is young, capable and hard-working. That and we don’t have a frontcourt.

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