Podcast: Brandon Ingram’s Future & the Puzzle of the Lakers Roster

Darius Soriano —  December 14, 2016

So, as some of you already know, a new project is coming to FB&G in partnership with Pete Zayas from @LakerFilmRoom. We will be doing a podcast together which will run weekly (and, maybe, more often than that depending on what’s going on with the team). I am super excited about this and hope you all will find it worth your time.

The pod itself will be less a reactionary response to the daily going-ons of the team and more of a targeted look at topics and ideas which intrigue us both. We hope these sessions give you a sense of what intrigues us about the Lakers at any given time while also giving you some insight into how we look at and absorb information from the games.

With that, click through below for our first episode. As always, thanks for your support.

Darius Soriano

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10 responses to Podcast: Brandon Ingram’s Future & the Puzzle of the Lakers Roster

  1. the other Stephen December 14, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Aww yiss

  2. This is great, Darius! You and Pete will be awesome; there are quite a few podcast-listening Laker fans out there like myself, and unfortunately not a lot of quality Laker podcasts to choose from. You guys will do great, I’m sure.

  3. Cool stuff! Thanks!!!

  4. Great and informative listen Darius !
    Keep it going,..

  5. Very excited listening to my favorite two sources of Lakers-related insight collaborate!

  6. Re: BI
    Me personally I am just not a big fan of Duke players. But it does not mean he won’t be a player even though most of Duke’s players haven’t done anything at the next level.
    I’m sure we all can agree this kid is years away from truly contributing. Right now we are kind of hiding the kid out there he gets his minutes handles the rock but really no major offensive responsibility yet. Although the Lakers would never do it he should be in the D League this year to bulk up and get the reps as a “go to” guy. One year there for him and Zubac would work wonders. I believe BI prolly would have stayed at Duke one more year if the 2017 draft class was not being billed as the best class maybe ever. He certainly would not have been the 2nd pick in this upcoming draft… More like the 20th pick.
    I would like to see him utilize his mid range game more. That jumper at the elbow is money and MJ made a living off of it and it works pretty good for that guy in Toronto who rarely shoots 3’s but magically scores about 28 per game without it. The way he handles the ball and his length could make that a “go – to” move for BI.

  7. barry_g i have the same question – will the podcast be available on iOS and, if so, what is it called?  thanks!

  8. Thanks @Busboy4me good read. Not sure I totally agreed with it but still a good read.
    Did you read the comments over there? Wow! We are safe and sane over here. Read how they talk to each other… Yikes! Most of you would have a meltdown because they want to trade your boy Randle and some even want DLO gone. Thats insane no way would I ever trade Russell but I would package up Randle and JC in a heartbeat.

  9. the other Stephen December 16, 2016 at 10:22 am

    cjsuh barry_g I heard that it should be on iTunes within the next couple of days.  But you can listen to it through the SoundCloud app for now.