Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Grizzlies

Darius Soriano —  January 3, 2017

Remember when the Lakers played the Grizzlies in Memphis and lost even though they were missing Mike Conley, Zach Randolph, Chandler Parsons, and others? I don’t blame you if you want to forget, but it actually did happen. Yes, the game was close and the Lakers were at the end of a brutal 4 game in 5 night stretch that saw them travel thousands of miles, but how it went is how it went.

Well, tonight the Grizz are in Los Angeles and have been there for a couple of days after a New Year’s Eve game in Sacramento. And this time they have Conley back, Z-Bo back, and Parsons back. Marc Gasol does have a sprained ankle, but after a couple of days off he could still play.

In other words, after the Lakers lost to a very depleted Memphis team, now they have to play the Grizz at (basically) full strength. If you think this is a problem, you would be correct.

The Lakers are, however, coming off a good showing against the Raptors, playing them tightly most of the night and then fighting back at the end after Toronto made a push to start the 4th quarter which could have had the Lakers packing it in. Instead they battled until the end with D’Angelo Russell pouring in the buckets and Julius Randle bringing a strong effort defensively to force some needed turnovers. It was all for naught, but the game itself reminded me of some of the early season contests which showed off the team’s fighting spirit even if the result went against them.

As for tonight’s game, can the Raptors’ game serve as a stepping stone for this one? Can the Lakers put together another good game against a playoff caliber opponent? Can they maintain some “positive” momentum in quality and effort level? Or will it be a one step forward, two step back cycle we have seen a lot of lately? Remember, a recent nice showing against the Jazz turned into a disaster of an effort against a pretty bad Mavericks team just a couple of nights later. This team truly is capable of anything — good and bad.

From a match up standpoint, one thing I am interested in seeing is whether the Tarik Black/Thomas Robinson duo can match some of the success they had against the Raptors. The former Jayhawks pairing pounded Toronto on the backboards and created a lot of second chance opportunities for a Lakers’ offense which was having trouble converting shots. If Black/Robinson can keep up that level of activity and have similar results against a much more rugged Memphis team, it would go a long way towards convincing me that lineups featuring both have some staying power.

Another match up worth watching is at the point where two former Ohio State Buckeyes go head to head. Mike Conley returned early from a fractured back (read that again!) and has played tremendous. Meanwhile, Russell has continued to be up and down, but has done a good job of running the offense, getting to key spots on the floor, and, as noted earlier, just had a big scoring night on Sunday. Conley can be a terror on both ends, so this stands to be a great test for Russell.

Where you can watch: 7:30pm start time on Spectrum Sportsnet and NBA TV.

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53 responses to Preview and Chat: Lakers vs. Grizzlies

  1. Good first half for the Lakers lead by the starting backcourt 10-16 from three and Randle with 12 points, 4 assists, and 7 rebounds. Russell making some nice passes tonight and playing well.

  2. Hmm DAR getting healthier and it shows. As a matter of fact the entire team is getting healthier. Looking like the first month Baby Lakers tonight. With the schedule starting to soften soon we could win some games soon. Loving what i seen tonight, we need to be consistent…

  3. Randle with the Triple Double

  4. Scoring 116 on the team that is #1 in DRTG as per Bask Ref–good stuff for the Lakers on the offensive side of the ball.

  5. No hero ball tonight and some really good R&R; in the Lakers win. Luke will not be happy with some sloppy play the last three minutes of the game or the poor FT shooting. Overall a good win tonight and a good game by the Lakers.

  6. About time the pendulum started to swing the other way after that awful December stretch. 6 guys in double figures. Randle with a triple double and a fan wins $95k with a half court shot. Only thing to add would have been tacos for all. Oh well. Don’t know if this is reversion to the mean or the start of something better, but.500 for the new year is nice, even if it’s only 2 games.

  7. Back to back strong games from Russell and a triple double from Randle — very nice indeed. Looks like Mozgov heard the podcast and read my comment — want to see that effort more often.

  8. A really good win, but when a team shoots over 50% on 3’s and makes 17, you better win that game. 

    For the season, the team shoots 35.8%, which means they would make just over five less per game. Tonight, they won by 14. On an average shooting night, it’s a really close game. 

    Memphis is the worst shooting team in the league, but I really liked the Lakers’ effort on defense (swarming when the basll was in the paint, then closing out on 3 pt shooters).

    Another huge difference was how well the team moved the ball (34 assists) while protecting the ball much better – only 9 turnovers!

    Randle (triple double) and Russell (3:1 Assist-Turnover ratio) were terrific.

    Let’s see if they can match that effort again versus Portland.

  9. Happy to see the Lakers play well and get a win.
    Still the analysis given over the last few threads makes me question the value of Mozgov.  I have been pleasantly surprised with his play this year and yet most of the time he is outplayed at Center by Black and T-Rob.
    Then you have a game against M. Gasol or Cousins and having Mozgov really shines.  However, for that frequency of use we also have a big rookie Center Zubac whom I would be happy to see get those kind of minutes against those Centers and meanwhile get a fraction of Mozgov’s minutes during the rest of the season freeing up time for Black/T-Rob.
    I really don’t think Mozgov has played poorly but, most of the time he doesn’t make sense in the line-up and Zubac could offer that utility at a fraction of the cost while getting minutes to possibly lead to him being the starter of the future.

  10. Nice win Lakers. Good game against a quality team. I do not care if win or lose as much as a I want to see progress in the development of our young players.

  11. KermitWashingtonKilla January 4, 2017 at 7:02 am

    The one thing that really stood out this game was consistent guard penetration. Yes the back court shot lights out but the pressure put on the interior defense led to so many dunks, layups, or free throw attempts. Yes we also shot bad from the stripe but it’s amazing how many easy looks even Mozzy can get. Also Russell looked to use more of his crafty play ala Lou Will to penetrate which just opens up so much for our offense and his game. Overall such a fun win and I hope this is more of things to come for Randle and not just a response to Lukes challenge in practice.

  12. Vasheed I think Zubaz could start getting minutes next year.  Who knows?  In another two, maybe 3, years he could actually be starting.  I think they want to make sure he’s ready.

  13. Time for a year-over-year comparison:  last season (2015-16), after 38 games the Lakers were 8-30. This season, they are 13-25.
    Last season, the Lakers won their 13th game on March 6th.  Their record at that time was 13-51.  This year, the Lakers won their 13th game on January 3rd, two months earlier.
    Last year, the Lakers’ final record was 17-65 for a .207 win percentage.  So far this year, the Lakers record is 13-25 for a .342 percentage.  At this rate the Lakers would be on pace for a 28-win season which would represent an eleven-game improvement in total wins over last season.  
    The Lakers’ record in 2014-15 was 21-61 (.256) and in 2013-2014 their record was 27-55 (.329). The Lakers record this year then, so far, would represent a projected improvement in win percentage over each of the last 3 years if they were to continue winning at the current rate.

  14. Very good win
    The assist to turnover ratio was especially impressive.

    LordMo:  Yes development – so my only concern is that I would prefer a Youngstercentric approach rather than a Youngcentric one.
    Mid: with regard to the win stats:    That is certainly one way to look at it   :   )
    Vasheed:  “most of the time he doesn’t make sense in the line-up”    Well yes – and when will he?   Are we going to change the basic scheme?   Or is it more likely that others take even more of his minutes.  This issue needs to be solved because it will be here for 4 years.

  15. I am beginning to believe that some members here whom I once thought as pessimists are closer to conservative, to right leaning optimists, due to the fact that they will comment not only after losses, but after wins.
    They may want to call themselves ‘Realists’, however what is ‘Real’ is subjective.
    In any case my respect for them grows daily.
    It’s the people who only post to b*tch ad moan, using current stats, or recent games to write off a young player, or the team, who are a pain to this board.
    To one in particular, I say, ‘Smush Parker’ has been doing well lately,.. hasn’t he?

  16. Vasheed I really think that if he stays healthy Zubac can be our C of the future.  I think he has the potential to be a rim-protecting stretch-5.  From the little bits of d-league action I’ve seen he has some big adjustments to make regarding the speed of the game and being in the right place on defense and in the p&r; but he possesses a killer combination of size and touch and he is only 19.  Once he consistently knows where to be on offense and can play against someone like D Howard without turning into a foul magnet he will get all the minutes he can handle.

  17. _ Robert _
    Yes, the reason last night was important is that it was
    keyed by two of the lottery picks. Russell and Randle played like
    difference-makers last night against a decent veteran team (I say “decent” rather
    than “good” because while Memphis has exceeded their PYTH for a few years
    running now, they are probably not as good as their record, and they are
    getting very old).
    Difference-making play from Russell and Randle matters more
    than anything else right now. Ingram is simply too young, too skinny, and too
    raw to expect much of him, and Clarkson and Nance Jr. have some real and clear
    limitations along with some plusses. Zubac is an unknown, and Black is a role
    player. He is a pretty good role player, but still a role player. So the key
    thing for the whole organization at the moment is whether Russell and Randle
    can be impactful enough on O to be notable players, instead of just being
    decent starters, since I don’t think either of them will ever be a force on D.
    This being the case, I will be looking to see if Russell and Randle can have
    more games like last night.
    With his recent hot streak, Nick Young’s 3P% is now .449.
    Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, by comparison, are at .401 and .396
    respectively. Young and Walton deserve the credit that they are getting, but
    Young is 31, and other than his 3P%, which was .325 last year under Scott, his metrics
    are not all that different than they were last year. The long-term significance
    of what Young is doing is that it shows that Walton has the ability to put role
    players in position to succeed—but that will not matter much unless the lottery
    picks develop into a core.

  18. Mid Wilshire Vasheed
    I know there is the worry of bringing a guy along too quickly.  Still I don’t think constant DNP’s are grooming him for the future either.

  19. Mid Wilshire Coming into the year, I split the season into thirds. I thought the first third would be pretty bad because of a new coach, new system, new and young players. The team ended the first third winning more than I expected, but in a completely different fashion than I would have thought. They played so well for the first 20 games or so and then some combination of the following happened: an unforgiving road trip; injuries hit; teams started to take them more seriously; they came back to earth. One disappointing/surprising aspect of the losing streak is that they lost some of that a grit and competitiveness they displayed earlier in the year resulting in some ugly blowouts. 
    I’m looking for more consistency in the second third. Still more losses and wins, but with fewer blowouts and more chances to win late in the game. Hoping they get back some of that grit we saw to start the year. Randle (along with Nance when he returns) seems to be the key and when he’s engaged the whole team seems more energetic. These last handful of games are promising, but will see if they can sustain the defensive intensity tomorrow.

  20. mattal

    “Looks like Mozgov heard the podcast and read my comment — want to see that effort more often.”

    I think you’re in Mozzy’s head now brother!!!! ; )    You gotta keep it going!!  You can be Mozzy’s MUSE!!  Only 3 more years after this one!!!!  

    I have been trying to do the same for Deng but its a tireless job and now I think I’ve telepathically pushed him too hard and injured his bicep………smh…… 

    Seriously though, good games from the Young guys AND THAT YOUNG guy!!  Swaggy has been lights out lately!!

  21. darius:  chin language.  when randle’s chin is parallel to the floor, he shows that he is engaged.  when his chin is closer to his chest, he’s seems less engaged.  coach Walton said he wants him to be great.
    I say, chin up and let’s see where that takes us.

    Go lakers.

  22. I’m growing more concerned with our defense as the season goes… We seem to be worse than when the season started, if that’s possible.
    rr: I wouldn’t put Randle and Russell in the same category when talking about defense.

  23. Vasheed Mid Wilshire I’d be more worried about the DNP’s if he wasn’t getting time in the d-league where it really does look like he is getting used to the change in play-style.  I hope he gets more time with the Lakers after the all-star break but for that time to be meaningful he needs to be able to stay on the court without fouling out.  In the meantime the d-fenders are giving him lots and lots of minutes to learn through.

  24. seems Jordan Clarkson is trying his best Bruno Mars 24K Magic on the floor last night.  also seems he’s getting ahead of himself a bit.
    I just love the vibe…

  25. Renato Afonso

    Randle’s strength and speed make him a guy who can, in
    theory at least, play smallball 5 on the blocks and also switch and chase on the
    perimeter. But he is not a shot blocker, nor is he an explosive leaper/ballhawk,
    so while I think he can be better than Russell on D, IMO Randle’s strengths
    will be on O.
    What Randle seems to be good at is running delayed breaks or
    regular breaks after he gets a rebound, and attacking off the dribble to get to
    the line or get a reasonable look. If he can build on that and be a guy who can
    put up lines like he did last night without being a sieve on D, he can be a
    good player.
    That said, I think Russell who has good court vision and
    distance shooting skills, can be higher-impact on O.

  26. KermitWashingtonKilla January 4, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    @vasheed @mt87 I agree they need to find some
    minutes for Zuback after the all star break. Once Nance returns (should be starting) the question is what’s the ideal rotation with a healthy front court? And whom would be considered tradeable now or later? I guess everyone will get their minutes as Luke sees appropriate but I would like to see the FO cash in on someones good play to free up more time for the young guys if the season veers toward the lottery pick.
    Randle – Nance – Robinson
    Mozzy – Black – Zuback

  27. Well, there’s one that only postt after a couple of loses, never ever after a win and goes on to complain about Jimbo, Mitch and even Luke has his share. Oh i forgot every season he takes a “liking” to a player and bash him incessantly. Every season he has a diferent player. If the Lakers get in a bad stretch again, he will be here…

  28. KevTheBold

    Freedom of speech Kev. Just because someone might not agree with your view or they only post when The Lakers lose does not make them wrong or any less of a fan. Like I have said before we all see things differently but I’m sure we all can agree on our Lakers. I really do not like this team as it is constructed and you guys know I’m a proponent of the tank…lol. But when that ball goes up all that is out the window and I want them to win!

  29. fern16

    Lol…that sounds like me Fern! You guys know I have strong dislike for Jimbo! I like Luke tho but the team plays like he did when he played lol. He was all offense and no defense. I mean no defense! But he was a thinker out there!

  30. _ Robert _

    I agree I want to go younger also. I hope we can make some moves before the deadline. We are not going to make the playoffs unless we go on a big streak and 4 teams nosedive ahead of us. That is probably not going to happen. Nick Young who has been playing well must go. We cannot just let his contract expire then get nothing for him or pay him 18 to 20 mil a year either. I think we all know and have seen players show up during that contract year and then “Presto Chango” back to their old selves. Not say Nick will do that but somewhere between the old Nick and the new Nick is the “Real Nick”. I’m sure we all agree that none of those versions are worth that type of money. Might as well move JC & Black also even tho I hate to do it but we have to grab assets and truly get young. Let them feel the pain this year and be ready for next year. I would also move Lou but he has contract value and another year after this on his deal but would bring the most back to us. We know no one wants Deng and Moz with those long term deals. They are basically Lakers until the end of their playing days or we eat the contracts and cut them which is totally depressing. Fun to speculate … we will see what happens!

  31. Like i mentioned earlier srlier, we are getting healthy, and most of us knew that murderous stretch of the season in December was going to be rocky. Add all the injuries we had and it was downright ugly and frustrating. Now the team is getting healthy and it’s starting to show. That Toronto loss can be atributed to the Raptors having the best two players on the floor hot at the same time to the tune of 72 points!!! Still the team fought and made the game closer than it had any right to be. I admit i was disappointed in DAR’s season so far. But he is getting healthy and we are starting to see bigger glimpses of what he could be. Same with Julius. This team when its on it can exchange heavy artillery with anyone in the league. Our biggest flaw is the endless penetrations because of the lack of real rim protection. I believe Zubac will be the answer to that, but not yet. We are only four wins away from last season’s total. There is reason to be optimistic but there is still a long road to get there. Having Randle and Russell lead the charge the last two games is hopefully the beggining. I insist, once Ingram find his shooting he is going to be a terror. With that godawful part of the schedule over with, i expect more wins, not every night yet but often enough. It’s a joy watching this team grows warts and all.

  32. Renato Afonso

    Russell will never be good defensively so he must become a dominant offensive player to become a star. Randle probably will always be borderline but his rebounding is outstanding on the defensive end so he contributes there somewhat.

  33. new rr  _ Robert _

    Nick Young = Contract Year! Plus his “Vida is no longer Loca” with Iggy being gone and all.

  34. Renato Afonso Renato, I’m very curious.  What specifically are your thoughts regarding the Lakers’ defense?  Where specifically do you feel they’ve slipped?  What are they doing wrong?  And what can be done — if anything — to fix things?
    I value your views. Let me now your thoughts if you have a chance.

  35. @Vasheed…
    I was hoping the Lakers would acquire Mosgov this year as I have always liked his game. He has a lot of big man skills on both sides of the ball. I was surprised, though, by the length and yearly salary of his contract. I agree with those here who say the Lakers overpaid to get him. His struggles to contribute with this team are no surprise as he is the type of player who has to play off others. He has difficulty creating his own shot but is quite effective when fed properly. I’m hoping that when and if Zubac lays claim to serious minutes, Mozzy can be flipped for some tangible assets. I thought he would be an upgrade from Hibbert and he is. It’s the length of his contract that is so worrisome.

  36. LordMo 
    Relax Mo,..I was not referring to you. 
    I actually enjoy your posts, and find them amusing :-} 
    As for freedom of speech, or types of fandom, I agree totally.
    I don’t run or moderate this board,..yet that’s not the point.
    We have a community here, thus was only pointing out how annoying it is when someone uses our yard only to relieve themselves.

  37. Thanks Mid. When i can rewatch a game, I’ll try to break it down properly. Maybe this weekend…

  38. Interesting article about 3-point heavy offenses and the impact on defenses with a little salary cap stuff as well.

    “Small decisions like these across the league are driving the
    unprecedented boom in 3-point shooting. If you can make shots that count
    for an extra point, the NBA will find a place for you. Just survive on
    defense, and you might steal minutes from a shakier shooter who outdoes
    you in every other facet of the game. The NBA, in doling out roster
    spots and playing time, is erring on the side of shooting more than ever
    The 3-point explosion is not new, though it is
    accelerating. The NBA smashes the all-time record for 3-point attempts
    every season. A full 31 percent of shots have come from deep this
    season, up from 28.5 percent last season and a positively charming 24
    percent in 2012-13. It is not stopping anytime soon.”

  39. A Horse With No Name January 5, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    ” Minnesota is 26th in points allowed per possession, and they’ve shown almost no progress after 32 games of Tom Thibodeau bellowing at them. Their stars have all the habits you’d expect of 21-year-olds: lazy flat-footed stances, a slow first step in transition, and an inability to stick together as offenses shift the geometry of the floor.”–Zach Lowe

    I encourage the despondent about defense denizens ( and the generally despondent) of this site to read Lowe’s comments on the Wolves.  Just sub out “lakers” for “wolves” and you’ll be amazed.  But you shouldn’t be.  And that is Lowe’s point;  young players struggle hugely with man and team defense.  Despite having on paper better defensive players than the lakers, and a coach who hangs his hat on defense, they like the lakers, are very bad defensively.  This stuff takes time.

    Tarik Black note:  For those who scoffed at the idea of the lakers missing Black’s defense, (not Mid-W!), I submit his work in the games since his return and how much more effective the defense has been. Black is a much more important player to this team than is readily understood. 

    Endangered Species Alert:  In another sign of climate change, the Pelicans of New Orleans have gone to a small ball lineup almost exclusively, nailing big men Alexis Ajinca and Omer Asik to the pine.  With the pace and space game ruling the league now, it’s pretty hard for traditional bigs to see big minutes.  They don’t shoot from distance well enough, and can’t move in space quickly  enough. With all that said, I still think the lakers can use Mozgov more effectively though: screen rolls and pick and pops.   And If Zubac is going to be a player in this league, he’s going to  need to really shoot the three and use angles correctly defensively to make up for a lack of lateral quickness.  The template to emulate is Marc Gasol–but you’all knew that already.

  40. A Horse With No Name January 5, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    MT87 Vasheed Mid Wilshire The lakers are handling Zube’s development perfectly.  He is having to play at a very fast pace in the D league (faster than the NBA) and he is building stamina doing so.  He is getting stronger in the weight room, per the training staff.  The truth is that the young man’s performance in the summer league was both promising and illusory: promising because of the skills he displayed, but illusory in that the competition in the D league is far from NBA level.  I admit I thought he would have a role this season (the lakers believed that he could), but the truth is, he isn’t ready–yet.

  41. A Horse With No Name

    The Lakers had a DRTG of 128.6 in the Toronto game, and were at 108.6 in the Memphis game. Memphis’ ORTG is 104 for the season, and Toronto’s is 115. What has actually picked up in the two games since Black has been getting burn again is the offense. The Lakers rolled up a 123 ORTG against Memphis, a team which is #1 in the NBA in DRTG. 
    As to what Lowe is saying, there is some undoubtedly some truth in that, and Minnesota and the Lakers will almost certainly get somewhat better on D. At the same time, however, it is an article of faith in the sabermetric/mainstream NBA media, of which Lowe is the unquestioned king, that Byron Scott and Sam Mitchell are clowns, that Thibodeau is a whiz, and that Walton is a guy who will be a good coach. So we will see how it plays out.

  42. new rr  A Horse With No Name These numbers aren’t quite right. Per the NBA’s stats site, the Lakers had a Defensive Rating of 122.9 vs. the Raptors and 104.7 against the Grizzlies. Those numbers still aren’t great (though the Grizzlies game was good), when you look at the numbers from the starters during those games, they’re much better:

    Starters vs. Toronto: 19 minutes played, 109.7 defensive rating
    Starters vs. Memphis: 23 minutes played, 99.4 defensive rating

    Just wanted to point this out since I touched on improved play in my game preview for the Blazers.

  43. A Horse With No Name January 5, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    new rr  A Horse With No Name Points well taken.  But it would be misleading to suggest that these game totals stats indicate what exactly happened during Black’s minutes on the floor.  We would need to parse those out to prove or disprove Black’s impact.  

    Not sure if Thibs is considered a coaching whiz these days.  To the dismay of informed basketball aficionados, he’s continuing his old dog ways, running his young players too long and likely running them down and shortening their careers: league leader in minutes, LaVine @37.6; Wiggins #5 @ 36.7; Towns #14 @ 35.3. ( Not to mention his god awful old-school bellowing and histrionics on the sideline.)

  44. MT87 Vasheed

    Big Z is going to be alright. Plus you have to like the fact he is in awe of being in the NBA and on “The Lakers”. He is enjoying the process without the sense of entitlement that many of the spoiled American players have…like the Kentucky grads usually have before they league knocks them down a peg or two.

  45. LKK

    The length and the amount. But when you are a bad team you got to overpay to get FA’s. He is pretty much a Laker for the rest of his career I’m guessing and post players like Moz or Kanter tend to be role players in this guard dominated NBA of today. The days of Shaq are gone until someone like Shaq shows up again and hangs 100 on someone. Could you imagine Shaq in this league right now….Wow! Problem is everyone has their big shooting 3’s and out at the top of the arc handing it off to guards and what not. I cannot stand it!

  46. bluehill

    It is the rise of analytics…. a long 2 point shot is now a bad shot.
    You should back up and take the 3 based on the numbers.
    The Lakers were slow to adapt analytics and are now trying to play catch up.

  47. @Lord Mo…
    Funny you should mention Shaq. His dominance caused the NBA to legalize zone defenses. 3 point shooting from all five positions is what has resulted as teams spread the floor to ease defensive logjams in the paint. The evolution of the game has the Lillards and Currys putting up shots from ten feet beyond the 3 point arc and wing men on the break spotting up for threes rather than running for layups. I’m not sure the game is better, but it is certainly very popular and profitable. So, barring other rule changes, I expect that shooting the 3 will dominate play in the league for some time to come.

  48. Yep. Tough to change your mindset especially when you’ve had a lot of success with it. 
    More broadly, it will be interesting to watch the counter reaction and the types of players that will be rewarded. If you read the book or watched the movie Blind Side about the changes that led to rise in value of left offensive tackles, you’ll see some similarities between the changes in offenses in football and its effects on player development with the changes going in basketball.

  49. Darius Soriano new rr  A Horse With No Name

    I used the BaskRef numbers based on Four Factors. numbers may be better.

  50. A Horse With No Name new rr

    As DS points out, it was the Lakers’ starters were key in those games. As per BaskRef FWIW, Black was -7 in 14 MPG against Toronto, and -7 in 9 MPG vs. Memphis. 

    But of course +/- has noise, like all stats. I suspect, though that Nance Jr. helps the team D more than Black does and that he will help a bit when he (Nance Jr.) returns.

  51. LKK Shaq – where would he fit in today’s game? If Shaq and Porzingis or KAT or Giannis were available with your pick in next year’s draft who would you take? Shaq’s size and athleticism would still be unmatched, but given today’s style of play these advantages could be offset to some degree and his free throw shooting and lack of outside would be bigger liabilities.

  52. @bluehill…
    Good question! I’d still take Shaq. If Jordan of the Clippers is successful today, Shaq would be too.

  53. Nah LordMo it isn’t you. You always around. Not only when the Lakers are doing bad to bash the FO and his player of choice…