Podcast: Signs of Life

Darius Soriano —  February 14, 2017

In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I discuss in more depth the change to the starting lineup and how that change might be impacting the play of the bench, Magic Johnson’s recent comments and what those might mean to the team’s power structure, and also get into the team’s recent meeting with Larry Sanders and whether either of us would take a flyer on him.

Click through to give it a listen.

Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: Signs of Life

  1. Blah blah blah, stop projecting Magic’s success just to get another episode up, your right you’ve never talked hoops with Erving, it’s about getting the right mix of guys and doing an inventory before deciding on who’s a trade asset and who’s staying.


  2. _OmarAGonzalez Thanks for agreeing w/ my exact sentiment about Magic. Hahaha.


  3. as long as its not another Isiah Thomas or Hassan Whiteside situation again,..where as Lakers pass on him only to become great for another team..I’m so tired of the Lakers Elitism..


  4. _OmarAGonzalez

    Erving??????  Do you mean Julius Erving????????????  Dr. J?????????  I don’t get this Dr. J reference……… I didn’t hear anyone talking about Dr. J in the podcast……….


  5. couldn’t load the podcast!