Podcast: 2016-17 Lakers Year in Review

Darius Soriano —  April 17, 2017

In the latest Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I are joined by @T1m_NBA to talk about the season that was. Tim, who has an analytics background at a major Division I college program, brings a ton of specific team and player stats to the table to help summarize what we saw on the court, while also challenging and reconfirming our conventional thoughts on each Laker player.

We had a great time on this pod, but brace yourself — it’s long. Like, Brandon Ingram long. Click through to listen to the entire discussion.

Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: 2016-17 Lakers Year in Review

  1. The Lakers need to bring in some non drafted talent. Otherwise we are just spinning our wheels for another year. The problem is no one who can make a difference wants to come here. We are close to bottom atleast. It cant get much worse.


    • ^ this is wrong.


    • “The problem is no one who can make a difference wants to come here.” I very much suspect the front office doesn’t take this view. If they did, I doubt they would have accepted the jobs offered. Paul George has expressed interest in the Lakers and I expect others would like to play in Luke’s system, with players having a emphasis on passing.


  2. Fantastic podcast, informative and such depth of information discussed.

    Darius, you and Pete are like Dr. J dunks of pod-casters.
    The addition of your new statistics master Tim, was awesome, as it brought up some very surprising insights which floored me.

    Thanks for all your hard work Darius,.. you make this most difficult of times as a Laker fan bearable, and indeed enjoyable whenever the event permits.


  3. I dont really care, for now, as a Laker fan im geting extreme pleasure seeing the Celtics getting their number 1 seed asses getting demolished in their own Gym.


  4. Buck Foston! If somehow the Bulls sweep them, the Lakers keep the pick and the dirty Lepers don’t get number one, I will consider this season a pyrrhic victory of the greatest magnitude of haterade.


  5. Personally I like the idea that personnel wise everything is still fluid. Hard to justify making anyone untouchable on a 28th place, 26 win terribly defensive team.


    • Couldn’t agree more … I’ve heard some comments about how the Lakers have a narrow window because soon they will be “capped out” when the “core” is up for their next contracts. Well, it’s far from a foregone conclusion ANY of them will get or merit max deals, let alone the “super max” deals that are now available if certain standards of excellence are met. if so, we can thank our lucky stars – it means some of these kids have actually developed INTO stars.

      I mean, that’s what we WANT, right?


  6. The Celtics have done everything “THE RIGHT WAY” in building their team from stacking assets and hiring a bright young coach to signing a Team First high end FA. When I see them struggling, of course its pleasurable to say the least.

    Here’s hoping the Lakers will FORREST GUMP themselves to the Top against all odds through fantastic luck and serendipitous happenstance.

    BUCK THE FLUFFERNUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • A Horse With No Name April 19, 2017 at 4:04 pm

      Yo Clay: It wasn’t too long ago that you were lamenting the fact that the former laker front office whiffed on Isiah Thomas. I commented in response to your rant that they knew what they were doing by passing on him. I said that any team featuring him wouldn’t go very far and that his limitations (small, one-way player) would be apparent in the playoffs when teams have time to prepare. I’ve seen nothing thus far against Chicago to refute my observations. (I will acknowledge the terrible burden he is playing under right now, and he is to be commended for his heart and determination–but as I said, size matters in basketball and small guys can be stopped.)

      (I also take pleasure in seeing the rest of the team exposed as well: in another post I described them as a group of middling players. This was in response to a Zach Lowe piece where he was crowing about the Celtics and calling them “the envy of the league.” LOL–what a homer!) Go Bulls! Sweep ’em!


  7. I decided to look up the Lowe piece and see the quote in full context. Lowe was talking about whether Boston should have traded for Jimmy Butler (I think they should have even if they had to overpay). Here is the full conclusion to the piece:

    “Butler’s stardom is certain, and Boston wasn’t willing to meet Chicago’s terms to acquire him. Maybe Chicago was never trading him anyway. I don’t quite buy that. It seems ludicrous to spend time on the idea if you don’t have a price point at which you say “yes.”

    The Celtics are fine. They are the envy of the league, really. They are a good team now, and they might pick in the top three of the next two drafts. That is insane.

    But it guarantees them nothing. Getting Butler wouldn’t have guaranteed them anything either, beyond the security of having him on the team. It’s fine for Boston to have stood pat. These are hard choices. There are more coming. Boston has to get some big ones right.”

    And the link:



  8. A Horse With No Name April 19, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    But how are they the envy of the league? Because they have a high probability of a couple of high picks in the coming draft(s)? Because they have a bunch of middling players getting their tails kicked by the seventh seed? Because they picked Marcus Smart over Randle? The only thing they’ve nailed is their coach–which is a big deal for sure. Lowe hyping his team….


    • Horse, I liked your comment because its a good one.

      But … we Lakers fans would be swinging from the rafters and screaming with joy if the Lakers were anywhere near as well positioned as the Celtics are right now.

      Part of narrative would be how top FAs will be willing to do ANYTHING to play for a number one seed on the upswing with “our” great traditions/market … why doesn’t that also apply to the Celtics with THEIR very own tradition of winning?


  9. Hey Darius, this is a great podcast that required two times through to get all of the comments. Fortunately, that got me from Salt Lake City to Boise (driving) so thanks to Pete for allowing the extra time. Tim is a solid addition with the added statistical analysis and his knowledge of the Lakers. The best part for me was all of it since the three of you explain how the players may or may not fit together and how each needs to improve.