Podcast: The Lakers Keep Their Pick!

Darius Soriano —  May 17, 2017

I’m not sure if you heard, but THE LAKERS KEPT THEIR PICK. Even more, they moved up a slot into the #2 selection, hurdling the Suns who fell to 4th while the Kings (who will send their pick to the 76ers in a pick swap) jumped into the top 3. It was a pretty amazing turn of events that opens up a multitude of team building avenues that would have been closed off if the Lakers had fallen out of the top 3.

It is in the aftermath of all this, then, that I serve up to you our latest podcast. In this episode, Pete and I discuss the ramifications of the Lakers getting the #2 pick, get into whether they should keep or trade the pick (Paul George figures heavily into this conversation), and then start to dive in on some of the players at the top of the draft.

It’s a good conversation powered by pure joy. Click through to listen to the entire convo.

Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: The Lakers Keep Their Pick!

  1. The Podcast which required a blessing from the basketball Gods, is here, and it’s better than I could have expected !

    It’s great feeling even to have this opportunity, to go shopping, especially with you Darius and Pete; and Agree with your Top 3 choices, as they stand today.

    Even though our future is unclear, the canvas, only shapes & outlines, we now have more colors of paint, to fill in the picture.

    Lakers Rising !


  2. This is a great analysis and discussion of the possible picks. It will be good to leave the tanking talks in the review mirror.