Podcast: Amoila Cesar talks his Training of Julius Randle

Darius Soriano —  September 13, 2017

In our latest Laker Film Room podcast, Pete and I talk to Julius Randle’s personal trainer, Amoila Cesar. Cesar got into a lot of specifics about his goals and strategies that informed the regimen he put Randle through to get the Lakers’ power forward in the best shape of his life.

Beyond that, Cesar gave good detail on what it’s like to work with an athlete of Randle’s caliber, how nutrition played such a crucial part in Randle’s transformation, and some of (Cesar’s) own roots as an athlete and how that played a role in the type of trainer he’s become.

Really enjoyed this conversation and want to thank Amoila for taking the time to come on to the pod. As you can hear in our conversation, he’s expecting big things from Randle this year — which should be music to all Lakers’ fans ears. Click through to listen to our entire talk.

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Darius Soriano

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to Podcast: Amoila Cesar talks his Training of Julius Randle

  1. That was an awesome podcast looking behind the curtain of how a professional trainer works. Cesar is amazing for his breadth of knowledge about the body and diet. This is the type of person I expected the new FO to find. Instead, Randall realized that he needed more than they were providing. How many trainers watch film of their clients before they figure out a game plan to get them in shape? Maybe it is more common than I think but I do not get the sense that the celebrity trainer goes to that length. Cesar made a great point that the most productive working out is done during the offseason and much less is done during the season to save on wear and tear. However, more can be done in season with proper stretching exercises such as Ichiro is (in)famous for. Lastly, please no more lets trade Randall scenarios (not aimed at Darius). The man is doing all that he is being asked to do and deserves a little more respect.


  2. A Horse With No Name September 14, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Worth the wait! I love training and Cesar is top notch. Randall’s determination is admirable and is predictive of significant improvement we will see this season. Good get by you guys.


  3. Thanks, great podcast.


  4. This was a great pod! Listened to it twice. It would be awesome to have more content like this in the future. I always feel like there is so much happening behind the scenes to get these guys ready to play the games that we don’t see.


  5. Interesting podcast.

    Especially that section on addressing Randle’s lateral movement and use of his hips.
    If so, then there should be a notable improvement in Randle’s defense.

    If this indeed occurs, then Cesar should be allowed to train the whole squad.