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With the playoffs in full swing and topics like the draft lottery and free agency pressing topics for Lakers’ fans, it’s easy to forget that this summer the Olympics will take place. And, with that, we will have another Team USA roster to discuss, debate, and watch take on the rest of the world in the global games. The top team which heads to Rio, however, will not be the only “Team USA” squad this summer. No, there will also be a “Select” team which is made up of young players who will scrimmage against the main group and get their feet wet with the National program.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, two young Lakers will be invited to play for the select team when they convene this summer.

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On May 17th the NBA will hold their annual celebration of the losers…err their Draft Lottery. The Lakers (and their fans) understandably have a fair amount of angst around this event. With “only” a 55.8% chance of keeping their pick, the team can only sit and wait until their fate is announced on live television. I, for one, will have trouble watching.

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It’s been nearly a month since Kobe Bryant played his last game where he scored 60 points on 50 shots. We’ve seen countless tributes to his amazing performance and have done our best to capture the moment ourselves. What we have not heard yet, though, were comments from anyone on the Jazz.

Until now.

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I don’t often discuss what happens with players off the court. But, dammit if I’m not going to share this fantastic ESPN 30-for-30 short film with you on A.C. Green called “Iron Virgin”.

Green, who had two stints with the Lakers and won three championships (1987, 1988, 2000), was the hard working, blue collar type player most title teams have at least one of. He defended, rebounded, ran the floor, finished inside*, and even had a pretty reliable 15-18 foot jumper. He was a key contributor to the Showtime teams and even made an All-Star game in 1990.

While Green boasted a portable game (he could have been a high level contributor on countless teams), what he was best known for during his career were two traits: his durability and his virginity.

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In the past week, names like Brian Shaw and Chris DeMarco have been floated as possible options as assistant coaches on Luke Walton’s staff. DeMarco is familiar with Walton due to ties with the Warriors where DeMarco is a player development coach after working in the video room and in advance scouting. Shaw, of course, has ties to Walton from their time with the Lakers where Shaw as an assistant while Luke a player on Phil Jackson’s teams.

Both guys fit the mold of the type of theoretical staff I would imagine Walton would build. They offer a mix of young and experienced, a guy who worked his way up through an organization and a former player who has championship experience on the floor and from the bench. Finding the right balance, I think, is vital for any staff, but especially for a coach like Walton who needs to surround himself with like minded guys, but also those with more experience with him who can offer a varied perspective and, at times, challenge him as he strives to improve as a first time head coach (and not just an interim one).

This is all speculation on my part, though. Luke Walton has not gone on the record of what he’s looking for in his staff and the names floated were, themselves, based on speculative reports from league and Warriors’ insiders. But while we don’t have insight from Luke, we do, luckily, have some from Mitch Kupchak who spoke with the media on Friday about Walton’s hiring. And in those comments, Kupchack hinted at the type of assistant Walton and the Lakers (who will have input on this) will be looking for.

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I really don’t want to write about Byron Scott. In fact, I said the other day, after he made an appearance on ESPN, that I had done my final installment of #byronquotes. I mean, he is no longer the head coach of the Lakers and, with that, his influence is gone. He no longer manages the rotation, can’t bench (insert young Lakers’ player here) in crunch time again, and can’t offer any more quotes that make me roll my eyes and question why he still coaches the team.

Only, that last part isn’t 100% true. No, he’s not the coach so I no longer have to question that part. But, a recent media blitz in the wake of his firing has offered him plenty of opportunity to offer up more eye-roll-enducing quotes that incite reaction amongst Lakers’ fans and media (both local and national) alike. In the thirst for Lakers’ news, it is Byron Scott who is attempting to fill the vacuum. And maybe I am contributing to that here. But, after reading more of his comments over the last 24 hours, I simply cannot ignore him anymore. Even against my better judgement. So, here it goes…

Byron Scott seems to be the only person who does not grasp why Byron Scott is no longer the Lakers’ head coach.

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While the Lakers wait on their new head coach to finish his playoff run with his current team, there are many questions which still need answering. Will they keep their lottery pick? If they do, who will they draft? Will they even keep that player? What about the 32nd pick in the draft? What about free agency? And on and on we go. These questions are the symptoms of hope, something fans haven’t had much of while dealing with the dread of a 17 win season.

While the actions which come over the next few months will determine whether that hope is well founded, it’s the decision makers whose final calls on all the above which matter most. With that, it becomes quite important (and beneficial) to have insight into their thought process on where this team is, where it’s going, and how they plan to get it there. As it just so happens, then, we have lucked out. Jim Buss recently spoke with Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders and gave thoughts on the team’s young players, hiring Luke Walton, and more.

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As I wrote when Luke Walton was named head coach, who he brings on as his assistant coaches would be very important — maybe more so than other candidates who were being considered — to his success as head man. Walton, after all, does not possess a lot of head coaching experience, so the type of people he surrounds himself with matter a great deal.

Namely, one thing Walton will likely need is experience in his staff and, hopefully, experience who he is both familiar with and who share his sensibilities as a coach. One name which has surfaced, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski, is Brian Shaw:

New head coach Luke Walton is starting to construct his coaching staff, and the most prominent on his short list of candidates is Brian Shaw, league sources said.

Shaw was a longtime assistant under Phil Jackson, and most recently the head coach of the Denver Nuggets. Lakers executive vice president Jim Buss resisted Shaw as a head-coaching candidate before the hiring of Byron Scott, and many in the league doubt his enthusiasm over having another Jackson loyalist rejoining the coaching staff.

There’s much to unpack here, so let’s get to it. First, Walton is very familiar with Shaw. As noted, Shaw coached under Phil Jackson in Los Angeles for many years and his time there as an assistant overlapped with Walton’s as a player. Shaw has experience running the Triangle, which while not the offense Walton will install, involves many principles Walton will make priorities — namely spacing, ball and player movement, and playing together as a team.

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