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FB&G Bracket Challenge

Darius Soriano —  March 19, 2013

Were you looking for another bracket to fill out? If so, you’re in luck!

FB&G has created a group for a March Madness Pick ‘Em contest. All you have to do is go here and enter the password (cake with kwame) and you’re in. DC Kobe 2

This year, the winner will get a fantastic print of Kobe Bryant from artist Dave Choate (pictured on your right). Basically, this is the best prize we’ve ever given away and FB&G thanks Dave (who can follow on twitter here) for generously offering up the print to our winner. You can also purchase the print, which you may just want to do anyway since *you’re likely not beating me in this challenge.

Anyways, join the challenge and get a chance at winning a great piece of Kobe art to hang on your wall. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like a no lose situation (accept for the part where *you all lose to me). So, get to it guys and gals.

*Note: I am awful at picking college games. You actually have a very good chance of beating me.

A Great Light

Gatinho —  June 5, 2010

Coach John Wooden, who passed away yesterday at the age of 99, was a father, husband, teacher, and coach.

The lessons he left behind will be mined for their wisdom for ages to come.

He is by far the most decorated college coach in the history of the game, but his legacy is not measured by those accolades, but by the impact he has had on players, coaches, and all who encountered him.

What separated him from the ranks of the ordinary can be summed up in his own words.

“Love has dominated my coaching career”

He eschewed more lucrative coaching offers to remain a teacher of young men.

His love of language led him to collect and disperse all manner of sayings and poems that embodied his philosophy on life. He in turn translated that into his coaching philosophy.

“You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

Although his basketball acumen was unparalleled, it was his strong character that left an indelible mark on those who crossed his path.

“They ask my why I teach and I reply, ‘Where could I find more splendid company?’”

In 2008, I was honored to be Coach Wooden’s escort at a charity event. Here is a recount of a typical moment of Coach touching those around him:

But Wooden’s time with the crowd made us all feel blessed to be in his presence.

The gym fell silent as we all bent an ear to grasp at the pearls of wisdom he was dispensing.

He was asked about a pivotal moment in his life, and he immediately began to talk about his “wonderful father”.

It was his father that gave him a small card at age 12 that contained the basic philosophy that has now become The Wooden Pledge and The Pyramid of Success.

One point on the card was “Be true to yourself.”

Thoughts immediately turned to Polonius’ quote from Hamlet, and before we knew it, he was reciting the passage…

“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

He was asked how he bridged the gap between his so-called star players and his role players. His answer spoke to his greatest asset as a man, his profound decency.

“I loved them as people, not just as basketball players.”

Coach John Wooden

Coach Wooden is survived by a son, James, of Orange County, Calif.; a daughter, Nancy Wooden, who lives in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley; three grandsons and four granddaughters; and 13 great-grandchildren.

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Some random thoughts on this Saturday of college hoops…

*Last night’s win against the Jazz was more than just a single win.  Why?  Because the Spurs showed some of their classic resolve and beat the Magic (Manu torched Orlando for 43 and Duncan added another 23 to take down Orlando – wow).  That means that the chase for the second best record in the league and the claim to home court down the road – should there be a rematch of last years’ Finals – just got pushed one more step in the Lakers’ direction.  The one game cushion over the Magic going into last night is now two games with only 6 games left to play.  The Magic have an easier schedule down the stretch than the Lakers, but I’d rather be the team ahead with so few games left in the season and that’s where the Lakers are.

*Speaking of last night’s game, sure Odom was tremendous and Pau did his all-around thing, but what really caught my eye was Sasha’s beard.  Classic.  I joked on twitter that instead of saying sorry, Sasha grew a beard and that his beard would look like Deshawn Stevenson’s before he actually saw some game action.  It turns out that I was wrong as Sasha got some burn late in the game when the contest was already decided.  Why’d he finally get into the game?  John Ireland’s twitter feed says it all. Apparently the fans aren’t the only folks that want tacos.

*Enough about the Lakers and the pro game, though.  Tonight is where we get one step closer to crowning a college champion as Duke faces off against West Virginia and Michigan State plays Butler.  I have no idea who is going to win but I’ll take Duke and Butler to advance just for the slew of stories on the mid-major program vs classic juggernaut Final on Monday.  Which probably means that it will be WVU and Michigan St. in the Final.  But, who do you guys got?  However it plays out, these should be some good games and I’m anxious to watch tonight.

*And speaking of the tournament, the Final Four about to be played also means that we’re going to crown a winner in the FB&G tourney pool very soon.  It looks like the letshannondunk bracket will end up on top with How Do I Pick UC Riverside? bracket coming in 2nd place.  After everyone’s bracket got busted by the all the upsets (especially the Kansas loss) it figures that the brackets that had Duke and WVU going a long way would be at the top.  So, get ready for your T-shirt.  I’ll drop an email to the winner sometime after the final game.

Lastly, since I’ve still got a smile on my face after last night’s win, here are the highlights from the game versus the Jazz.  Enjoy:

I must admit something right out of the gate – I haven’t been watching too much college hoops this year.  I’ve caught the occasional John Wall highlight and I watched some of Evan Turner’s heroics against Michigan, but besides that I have not been on top of it this year.  So, I guess that doesn’t bode well for me when picking the games in the Tournament this year.  Can you do better than me?  Is that even saying much?

Like last year, Forum Blue and Gold is having a Tourney Pool and you can be part of it.  You can win one of these nifty FB&G t-shirts and lots of bragging rights. 

All you have to do is follow this link and join our group:

Group ID#: 111427
Password: cakewithkwame

Here’s my dilemma: For only the second time ever, my alma mater Cal State Northridge made the tournament. So, I’m obligated to pick them to win a game.

Except, they drew Memphis, a team I want to have going very deep into the tournament. So now, do I pick the Matadors and hope I’m wrong about Memphis, or go with my head and just hope Northridge covers the spread?

This is a year filled with tournament dilemmas.

And we are doing a FB&G pool. Joining is free and the winner gets and FB&G shirt. And bragging rights.

Just follow this link.
Group Name: Forum Blue & Gold
Group ID#: 54708
Password: smushcalade

The better answer to my dilemma would have been to go to UNC for college….