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The Lakers have reportedly signed 2nd round pick Thomas Bryant to a 2-year contract. The deal is a 2-year contract, but has a team option on the 2nd year:

First off, it’s nice to hear that Bryant is finally signed. Second, however, I’m a bit disappointed that this isn’t a contract longer than 2-years, even if Charania is reporting that the Lakers are looking to maintain flexibility for next summer. As I recently wrote, the timing of Tyler Ennis agreeing to his contract created a situation which would impact Bryant’s contract length:

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In the latest episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, me and Pete are joined by Anthony Irwin, Harrison Faigen, and Ben Rosales for a crossover pod with Locked on Lakers.

We talk all things NBA Draft and give analysis on the Lakers’ picks, discuss the D’Angelo Russell trade a bit more, and get into general team building questions to further breakdown what roles we expect from some of the guys as the roster starts to change.

This was a good conversation with some diverse opinions that I really enjoyed. Click through to listen to the entire episode.

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With an officially unofficial trade of D’Angelo Russell hanging in the wind, the Lakers entered Thursday’s NBA draft with three draft picks — their own at #2, the Nets (via Boston) at #27, and the Rockets’ at #28. By the end of the night, they’d end up with four picks, swapping #28 for the Jazz’s selections at #30 and #42. (They’d also finalize the Russell deal, which, for the life of me I still don’t understand the delay in announcement. Oh well.)

With those four picks the Lakers made some smart selections, focusing on players who not only possess good character and work ethic, but who project to be able to fill specific roster needs via emerging (or already established) skills. A brief recap:

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After trading the #28 pick for the #30 and #42 picks, the Lakers selected University of Indiana C Thomas Bryant at #42. Bryant, a sophomore big man, averaged 12.6 points and 6.6 rebounds a game in a solid season individually (but one that did not have a lot of team success for the Hoosiers).

I am by no means an expert on Bryant, but the first thing that stands out to me when looking at his profile and watching some clips on him are his physical tools and how that translates to his game. Simply put, at nearly 6’11 and 248 pounds with a 7’6″ wingspan and a 9’4.5″ standing reach, this guy has an NBA physique that allowed him to overpower college athletes offensively and impact the game defensively.

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After trading the #28 pick to the Utah Jazz for the #30 and #42 picks, the Lakers selected Villanova SG Josh Hart at #30.

Hart, at 22 years old and 4 year player at ‘Nova, offers a complete skill set, good size (6’5″, 209 pounds, and a 6’8″ wingspan), high character, and a reputation as a “winner” for his contributions to the 2016 NCAA Championship Wildcats team. Last season Hart also pulled off a nice double-double by being named the player and defensive player of year for the Big East while also being named as a 3rd Team All-American.

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With the 27th pick — aka the pick the team got as part of the D’Angelo Russell trade — the Lakers selected University of Utah PF Kyle Kuzma.

I’d be lying if said I knew much about Kuzma, but he’s got good physical tools — measuring at 6’9″ with a 7′ wingspan. At a little over 220 pounds, he’s not the bulkiest player, but he’s labeled as a smooth athlete who has a rangy offensive game with some real defensive ability.

Kuzma has some “stretch” potential at PF, but will need to improve on his 32.1% from distance he posted last season in college. Where he can excel, however, is as a ball mover the half court and as a finisher in transition leveraging his quickness and athleticism to change ends quickly. Per scouting reports, he’s a good passer and a plus rebounder averaging 2.4 assists and 9 rebounds a game last season.

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While there were plenty of rumors about the Lakers exploring other options and lots of due diligence done, the Lakers did what so many had predicted they would do when they kept their pick at the NBA’s draft lottery last month: they drafted Lonzo Ball.

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It’s Draft Day!

Darius Soriano —  June 22, 2017

It’s NBA draft day and honestly, my head is spinning. While Wednesday was a bit calmer on the NBA news front, several deals have already been made and there are so many rumors about potential deals it’s impossible to keep track. To recap, this is what has happened and what people are reporting will (or in some cases, won’t) happen:



This isn’t even a comprehensive list, either. But it shows how active this period is, turning the week of the draft into a mini free agency all its own.

The question I think most of us have, though, is what will the Lakers do next? I shudder to make a prediction, honestly. We simply have too little data on this front office to even guess. Logically speaking, though, I would imagine that:

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