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We have discussed at length the Lakers looking to use the mechanics of the collective bargaining agreement to their advantage to keep cap space open. The key to holding that space open is Tarik Black and the difference between his cap hold and the contract the Lakers have agreed to with him, but the deals for Marcelo Huertas and Brandon Ingram also play a role in this.

With Ingram, though, the difference actually isn’t all that much. His cap hold, dictated by the collectively bargained and already established salary slotted to the the #2 overall pick is roughly $4.4 million for this upcoming season. Rookie 1st rounders can sign for anywhere between 80% – 120% of that amount with most picks getting 120% based on historical standard.

The difference between his cap hold and the 120% standard is roughly $820K. Not a small sum of cash in real world standards and certainly enough where it could be meaningful in any sort of deal which the team wants to leverage its cap space, but it’s also not a huge enough where it is likely to make a big difference.

Ingram, though, isn’t the only 1st round pick who is unsigned. He is, in fact, one of three:

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When Ivica Zubac fell to the Lakers in the 2nd round, many fans were quick to wonder exactly who the team just grabbed. The 19 year old Croatian has already proven to be a good quote and offers some good humor and exuberance about being taken by the team he grew up rooting for.

The big man also has some game and the Lakers are, reportedly, ready to lock him into a 3 year contract:

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Brandon Ingram is a 6’9″ long and lean all-court basketball playing dude. He combines guard skills with the height and length of a big man. Watch any highlight reel of him playing the game — be it in high school or in his lone year at Duke — and there’s a smooth, almost regal way to how he plays the game. After the selection was made, Mitch Kupchak said Ingram “has no ceiling” as a player.

This sort of high praise paired with what we see on the court, plus the stories of his work ethic and character, inspire a level of excitement that is not often felt. Allowing for a brief tangent, I love D’Angelo Russell and think he has the ability to be a truly fantastic player. During Thursday’s draft coverage when analyst after analyst tried to find ways to trade or discard Russell as if he wasn’t good…I found it comical. Ingram, and the total package he possesses, might excite me even more than Russell. Which is saying something.

A balance must be struck, though.

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Okay, I’m going to be honest. I know very little about Ivica Zubac. In the lead up to the draft I took a cursory look at the big man, but did not see him lasting to the Lakers’ selection at #32. After all, he was the #19 prospect in Draft Express’ top 100 and #25 on Chad Ford’s Big Board. There was a chance he’d be there, but I imagined some team with multiple first round picks (Celtics, 76ers) would take him and leave him in Europe to season a bit more.

But with the overall supply of big men being too big compared to the needs of the teams in the draft, Zubac was there at pick #32 and the Lakers snatched him up. So, what do we know about the young Croatian?

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Just as has been reported would happen, the Lakers selected Brandon Ingram #2 overall in the NBA Draft. The 6’9″ Duke product can instantly be penciled in at SF and joins a lineup of other young Lakers and Luke Walton to be a key piece of the team’s future.

We’ve already discussed Ingram’s game plenty, so there’s no need to cover that ground again right now. We’ll have more up in the coming days about his fit, strengths and weaknesses, and what to expect for this upcoming year and beyond.

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The NBA Draft is finally here. And while there’s not a lot of intrigue about who the Lakers have in their sights with the #2 pick, there is plenty surrounding how they’ll use pick #32 and whether any other moves will occur. Our guy Caleb has profiled multiple prospects for that pick and there are yet still other candidates for that spot.

But this is just the start of the action.

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Okay, so maybe that headline is misleading. The Lakers are very likely to pick whoever the 76ers do not pick from the Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram duo. But with the 76ers reportedly telling Simmons he will go #1, the Lakers have reportedly made up their minds that Ingram will be their guy.

Ramona Shelburne and Chad Ford have the intel:

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While most of the attention on the Lakers this draft season stem from them holding the #2 overall pick, the team also holds the #32 selection in the upcoming draft. With that, we will be having a series of posts on potential options for that selection. This installment looks at a draft-and-stash option in Isaia Cordinier from France.

Isaia Cordinier

Shooting Guard, 6’5″, 180 lbs. Denain ASC Voltaire, 19 years old

2015-16 stats:

23.4 minutes, 10.8 points, 46.3 field goal percentage, 77.9 free throw percentage, 2.0 assists, 3.6 rebounds, 1.2 steals, 0.5 blocks.

Big Board Rankings:

Draft Express – 39, CBS (Sam Vecenie) – 42, Sports Illustrated – 51, ESPN (Chad Ford) — 44


Isaia Cordinier is 6’5 with a 6’8 wingspan and is very athletic. He’s got a lot of potential going forward, but he’s definitely not ready to contribute to the NBA right now, which isn’t a bad thing for the Lakers. If you want a player who has about the same height, weight, and wingspan, look at a young guy on the Lakers by the name of Jordan Clarkson. While Clarkson is older, Cordinier is going to need some time before coming over to the United States, which makes him a very good draft-and-stash prospect. 

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