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Lakers Media Day Notes

Rey Moralde —  October 1, 2012

Hey, guys. As you guys probably know, Phillip and I were able to get in for Lakers Media Day as representatives of Forum Blue & Gold.

We apologize for the lack of coverage throughout the day, though. The Wi-Fi was pretty awful at the facility. Was hard to get work done and we hardly even got to tweet the happenings at Media Day.

But let me give you kind of the cliffnotes (or mini-preview) of what we did do there. We talked to pretty much every Lakers role player on the team (there were tons of people around the starters, obviously).

Andrew Goudelock really wants to continue working on his point guard skills.

Earl Clark is really laidback. He seemed very happy and content to be there.

Chris Duhon hopes that he becomes known more for his good play on the court instead of the travel dance at Orlando. He also describes himself as very intense and emotional on the court.

Darius Morris knows it’s going to be tough competition in the point guard spot. He also talks glowingly about one Kobe Bryant.

Steve Blake tweeted earlier that he can start doing some spot shooting now. He should be good to go in a couple of weeks or so.

Antawn Jamison reminded us how long he’s been in the league (it’s his 15th year) and he said that this is his best chance at a ring. He is also glad to be reunited with Mike Brown.

Jodie Meeks said that it wasn’t a hard choice at all to go to the Lakers. He mentioned that he could’ve taken the money and played somewhere else but, in the end, he wants a shot at that championship ring.

And Darius Johnson-Odom said that he is the best dunker on the team. He even said that he could beat Dwight Howard in a dunk contest but then stopped short about beating Kobe Bryant in his prime.

I didn’t get to talk to Jordan Hill (I believe Phillip might have) but those are pretty much what I got to do. I was also in the middle of an interview scrum for Kobe Bryant.

I’ll get the full interviews up starting tonight tomorrow morning (will do them in groups of two or three) and will post a few at a time in the next few days here at Forum Blue & Gold. Stay tuned, guys. And thanks for your patience.

*A special thanks to John Black, the Lakers spokesman, for giving us access to Media Day.

Here’s a look at the Lakers Media Day at their practice facility in El Segundo through photos. Click on the images for full sized images. Also, be sure to continue to check back throughout the rest of the day as I continue to update this post with more photos. Cheers.