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In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I are joined by Nate Duncan of the Dunc’d On Podcast and the Twitter NBA Show to talk about the upcoming NBA Draft and the Lakers young players.

We get into Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox as potential fits at guard and then go heavy on Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell as present and future players in this league. Nate also gives us his thoughts on the general direction the Lakers are going while offering what approach he would take if he were running the team.

Thanks to Nate for taking the time and for providing so much food for thought. Click through to listen to the entire show.

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In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I talk with Cranjis McBasketball (aka Tim, aka @T1m_NBA) to take a look at the top of the NBA draft using analytics from their college seasons. Tim breaks down why he has Lonzo Ball as the obvious pick at #2 (assuming Fultz goes #1), why he’s skeptical about De’Aaron Fox, and we also get into why we have Josh Jackson as the 3rd best prospect even though there are concerns about his offensive game.

We also discuss some options at #28 and how, in general, some of the numbers don’t always align with what the eye test says. It’s a good conversation with some particularly good insights about the top guys from this past college season. Click through to give it a listen.

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In this episode of the Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I are thrilled to have Mike Schmitz of Draft Express on to talk about prospects for the upcoming draft. The first part of our discussion focuses on Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, and De’Aaron Fox. We get into strengths, weaknesses, and potential fit on the Lakers should they select any of them at #2.

We then move into who Mike likes in the later part of the 1st round and who he might select at pick #28 for the Lakers. Pete also goes into a “lightning round” of prospects who might be available at #28, with Mike giving his insight into each guy. We cap off the discussion with Mike talking some about Brandon Ingram’s growth throughout the year and why Mike remains so high on Ingram as a player.

This was a worthwhile discussion with a lot of great information for Lakers fans to consider as we get ready for the draft. Thanks to Mike for coming on and being so generous with his time. Click through to give the entire episode a listen.

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On Monday night I joined Mo Dakhil on The Jumpball Podcast to talk all things Lakers. Among the topics discussed: the draft, which prospects fit best, the importance of this off-season for D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle, what team building approach the front office should take, and more.

After talking Lakers, we also got into the playoffs, talking the conference finals, whether Boston has any chance to make it a series against the Cavs, the end of the Spurs, and the dominance being displayed by the Warriors. I really enjoyed our discussion and would encourage you to give it a listen:

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I’m not sure if you heard, but THE LAKERS KEPT THEIR PICK. Even more, they moved up a slot into the #2 selection, hurdling the Suns who fell to 4th while the Kings (who will send their pick to the 76ers in a pick swap) jumped into the top 3. It was a pretty amazing turn of events that opens up a multitude of team building avenues that would have been closed off if the Lakers had fallen out of the top 3.

It is in the aftermath of all this, then, that I serve up to you our latest podcast. In this episode, Pete and I discuss the ramifications of the Lakers getting the #2 pick, get into whether they should keep or trade the pick (Paul George figures heavily into this conversation), and then start to dive in on some of the players at the top of the draft.

It’s a good conversation powered by pure joy. Click through to listen to the entire convo.

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In our latest podcast, Pete and I are joined by Bleacher Report’s Lakers’ beat reporter and Basketball Insiders salary cap expert Eric Pincus. Eric goes into his recent reporting about the Lakers revamping of their scouting department, talks about the team’s overall FO structure, and then gets into potential off-season scenarios detailing how the Lakers might add to their roster.

Click through to listen to the episode.

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In this episode of the Laker Film Room podcast, Pete and I discuss whether the Lakers should chase star players this summer and, specifically, whether Paul George or Blake Griffin should be options. We take a look at both players’ skill sets, how they mesh with the team’s current group of young players, and how either acquisition would impact roster construction.

After talking about George and Blake, we get into the NBA playoffs and discuss what we’re seeing in some of the series. We specifically get into Houston/OKC, Memphis/San Antonio, and Toronto/Milwaukee. Click through to listen to the entire episode.

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In the latest Laker Film Room Podcast, Pete and I are joined by @T1m_NBA to talk about the season that was. Tim, who has an analytics background at a major Division I college program, brings a ton of specific team and player stats to the table to help summarize what we saw on the court, while also challenging and reconfirming our conventional thoughts on each Laker player.

We had a great time on this pod, but brace yourself — it’s long. Like, Brandon Ingram long. Click through to listen to the entire discussion.

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