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I’m here to eat some crow. Yes, one of the Lakers’ toughest critics is here to admit it that I might have been too hard on the organization. This isn’t to say they never made mistakes, but for the most part, the Lakers’ offseason thus far is off to quite literally the best possible start.

The lesson: While it’s easy to see each mistake and show immediate concern in the moment, the bigger picture must remain in focus.

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We’ve reached a point with the Lakers where when an executive speaks, we have to hold our breath for the inevitable backlash as each sentence is broken down, word by word. Tuesday morning, when tweets came across the timeline that Jeanie Buss would be speaking publicly on the state of the Lakers with Colin Cowherd, my immediate and visceral reaction was “great, more of this.” In following with recent seasons, her comments didn’t meet my already considerably lowered expectations.

The appearance leaves more questions than answers, following a trend the Lakers need to correct if the organization wants to earn back the fanbase’s confidence they’ve lost due to how these last few seasons have gone.

Here’s the full interview:

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Happy Monday, everybody. Here are your best Lakers-centric reads from the week:

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Happy Monday, everybody. Here are this week’s top Laker-centric reads, news and notes from around the web:

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Happy Monday, everybody. Here are a few of the best Laker-centric reads, news and notes from around the web:

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Forum Links: The Kids Man Up

Myles Duve —  December 21, 2015

Happy Monday, everyone. Here are a few of the best Laker-centric reads, news and notes from around the web:

Lakers’ Schedule for the Week:

  • The Lakers have a four game slate this week that includes a back-to-back set featuring a road matchup against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday, December 22nd (6 p.m. PT, TWCSN) followed by a home game versus the Thunder on Wednesday, December 23rd (7:30 p.m. PT, TWCSN). The team then has a date with the Clippers on Christmas Friday (7:30 p.m. PT, ESPN and TWCSN) and closes out the week at Memphis to take on the Grizzlies on on Sunday, December 27th (3 p.m. PT, TWCSN), kicking off a three-game road trip.

Lou Williams is a player whose role is about as well-defined as any on the Lakers’ roster. He will come off the bench with a score first mentality, look to create shots and if the shot isn’t there then, well, he’ll probably throw one up anyway. This is the way of a “chucker” and this, in a vacuum, is what Lou Williams has proven to be over the course of his nine-year career. However, despite its negative connotation, the “chucker” moniker is one Williams embraces and it has earned him other titles such as “2015 Sixth Man of the Year” in the process.

Whether creating space for a one-hop pull-up, taking his defender off the dribble, or leading and finishing on the fast break, Williams plays the game with flair. His nifty crossover, stalling hesitation move, and quick first step combined with a proven scoring ability should quickly make him a favorite among Lakers fans who haven’t seen a true “spark” off the bench since D’Antoni got his hands on Nick Young.

For all of the talent he offers as a playmaker, though, where Williams may need to find his niche with this Lakers team is off the ball.

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A favorite refrain from Jalen Rose is how positions were added to the analysis of basketball to help the more casual fan understand where certain players belong on the court. It’s an interesting premise that might hold water if plays weren’t designed around players fitting roles based on their skill sets and size (you know, positions). There has, however, been a move toward positionless basketball – a more free-flowing, offensive predicated on versatility and individual skill.

Granted, “free-flowing” is not what you think of when Byron Scott’s crossed arms pop up in your head, but the Lakers do have the pieces – especially in their starting five – to make this work, at least for stretches.

The first player most point to when they think of positionless basketball is LeBron James, which makes sense as he should be the guy anyone thinks of first in terms of any style of basketball. He’s really, really good. When considered in this scenario, though, it’s because of his versatility. He’s a Ferrari in a semi’s body, Karl Malone, but as a point guard. Being so athletically dominant and so skilled makes any offense built around him otherworldly.

While the Lakers may not have LeBron on their team, they do have plenty of guys who are more than capable of playing a few positions or stretching the boundaries of what their position typically demands.

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