Kobe Suspended

Kurt —  December 30, 2005

Kobe’s retaliation flagrant foul on Mike Miller in the Memphis game has earned him a two game suspension from the NBA League office.

Kobe will not play in either game against the Jazz, Sunday or Tuesday. According to ESPN, the suspension will cost him a little more than I made this year $289,943 😉

Well, if you wanted to see what the Lakers would look like without Kobe….


As a side note, the Press Enterprise is reporting Ronny Turiaf will sign with the Lakers before Jan. 15, the day that non-guaranteed contracts become guaranteed. Devin Green, Laron Profit and Von Wafer are the possible cuts.

By the way, I passed along the note in jest but it may be true — Ronny Turaif may return from heart surgery before Carlos Boozer returns from a hamstring injury.

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  1. sweet. on both counts.


  2. I don’t think that it is sweet on either account but I do like the fact that Ronny T. has recovered so fast from open heart surgearey. Go lake show withouth Kobe and show the entire world that we have a team minus one player.


  3. oh yeah and I don’t care how drunk I am happyy new year


  4. I didn’t see the game where kobe got hit and retaliated and thus the 2 game suspension because I’m out of town for the holidays.
    but, I did watch the Miami game and can’t help but wonder why the league didn’t review the obvious retaliation elbow from D Wade on kobe after Kobe blasted by him in the lane… it was called a Flagrant, so it was review-able by the league, so what’s up with that??? guess the Lakers can’t get no love, and especially Kobe.
    and I’m also happy to hear that Ronny T will be joining the Lakers, we need to develop another Rambis/AC Green type role player on this squad, (we had it with Mad Dog, but let him slip away), someone to stand tough on D, grab/dive for rebounds, and loose balls, be agressive!
    and, Lamar still needs to go to the hole with athourity!!! I read Phil’s comments about him stopping trying to shoot 3’s at the end of the game, because he’s thinking too much, thus missing them, and he should do what works for him…TAKE IT TO THE HOLE , SLAM DUNK!!


  5. happy new year, christian.

    how many games did karl malone get when he elbowed nash in the face when he was a laker? i think it was a game.

    probably the retribution factor made it more.

    whatever. the triangle’s actually going to be run, the other players are going to get the ball and have to do something with it, yum yum. it’ll be a nice break. and maybe just what the team needs to get playing like they did back on that road trip.

    i’m re-reading the jordan rules because i figured there’d be some parallels between that bulls team and these lakers. there are.

    only jordan’s teammates were irked, left feeling less involved and muttering in disgust about him taking 20 to 25 shots a game.

    i’d say you gotta adjust for inflation, but that’s defintely not so since back in those days the game was more up-and-down.


  6. Happy New Year to Kurt and those astute/deranged
    FB and Ger’s that constitute his faithful readership. Be safe but have a blast!

    Let’s hope the Lakers resolve to…Run the Damn Offense!

    Off to watch New Year’s Eve in Rio on the satellite at the in-laws. 3 million people on 2 miles of Copacabana beach. Everyone wears white and the fireworks are considered by some to be the best in the world. Feliz Ano Novo.

    Paz e Felicidade en 2006! Peace and Happiness in 2006!