On Tap: The Miami Heat

Kurt —  January 16, 2006

Record: 23-15 (Pythagorean 24-14), 2nd seed in the East
Record last 10 games: 7-3
Offensive Rating: (110.1, 7th in league)
Defensive Rating: (104.7, 6th in league)

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Also, thanks to Gatinho for stepping in yesterday and providing his thoughts from the back of Tim Kawakami’s head.

About the Hype: I’m not sure if you remember, but these two hooked up in an almost overlooked game by the media on Christmas day.

Actually, Mike Bresnahan from the Times seems to be catching on to where most real Laker fans (and true NBA fans) have been for some time — they’ve moved on from the Kobe/Shaq feud. It’s now almost a non-story for those that follow the NBA before April — however that latter category are the people who drive the Christmas Day television ratings. ESPN is not giving up on it that easily — Mark Stein made the interesting argument that this is still a story because Kobe and Shaq refuse to talk about it. Right, because if they talked about all their feelings and thoughts, you guys at ESPN would throw down your cameras and mikes and walk away. That “not talking makes the story bigger” logic works with the NSA spying scandal, not here. It is the media that brings up this feud and won’t let it die because it’s good for their business, most Laker (and I imagine, Heat) fans and players have moved on. Please join us, Mark.

About the Heat: That Christmas Day game was a thriller, and people will remember that Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant both missed three pointers late that might well have changed the outcome.

What you may not remember is that it was the Laker bench that killed them that day — all five Laker starters had a positive +/- that day. However, Sasha was -23, Luke -14, Kwame -9, while Gary Payton came in for 21 points and Antoine Walker came off the bench to be a +20 for the Heat.

With Pat Riley on the bench and Shaq in the paint, the Heat have become a much better offensive team. In the last 10 games, it has been Dwayne Wade who has been on fire, shooting 57% from the floor. The Lakers are going to have to contain him tonight — nobody can stop him but don’t let him shoot around 60%.

Key’s to a Laker win: They have got to get good bench play and they have got to keep both Shaq and Wade in check. No small feats — the Heat are a good team. They’re not going to win the NBA title, or even the East (without the injury bug hitting Detroit and Cleveland), but they are still better on paper than the Lakers. That said, when the Lakers are on this is the kind of team they can beat — but they’ll need a good game out of everyone.

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  1. My prediction: If Cookie hits 2 or more threes – we win. If Cook doesn’t play or has a bad game, we lose.

    Just a gut feeling.

    I’m praying for 5 threes from Cook, but 2 will do.


  2. No way, I mean no FREAKIN way we get rid of Bynum!


  3. I bet Brian was throwing his remote at the TV when Cookie got tossed, my thought at the time was, I can’t believe Cook gets T’d up for that, and tossed, while Shaq is still in the game after that elbow. (but, actually, I’m glad Shaq didn’t get tossed, it was a sweeter victory with him there til the end).
    I bet Bynum’s heart was beating about 1000 beats per minute when he had that exchange with Shaq, starting when Shaq dunked over him, (it looked to me like Shaq used him for support while he went up, thus causing Andrew to go down…pure physics). then, when young ‘Drew did his move on the other end, Wow!..amazing, pure adrenaline running through his veins at that time, it’s no wonder he was pumped enough to start bangin!
    then…to have someone the size of Shaq take a serious shot at you with his forearm, that’s gotta jack you up!
    I was proud to see him hold his ground, I bet Phil was thinking, “I wanted young ‘Drew to get his feet wet, but not like this, potentially permenant scars here, but …” the guy came through for us!
    Someone has to point out to Smush that when we get a defensive rebound, and they harrass the rebounder to slow his outlet pass, THE 24 SECOND CLOCK HAS STARTED, I watched at least 3 times when this happned and Smush takes his sweet time bringing the ball up the court. Maybe he is getting his composure, not sure, but he does not get across before the 18 second violation, and he got called for this in the 4th quarter, and at a critical time, lucky we survived that mistake. (I think the lead was down to 4 at that time). he could have been called about 3 more times, he’s gott hustle bringing the ball across.
    I was also happy to see Kobe and Shaq finally get over this fued, I’d just rather see the teams play a game like last night, that’s what basketball is all about.