Kurt —  January 20, 2006

A bet is a bet, so below is photo courtesy Tom at Sactown Royalty. (Some thoughts on the frustrating loss and the game tonight coming up this afternoon.)


to Ouch!

  1. Whew. I don’t even want to know what I was going to have to post should Lamar Odom not have happened. Yikes.


  2. Three little words:

    Mark. Madsen. Dancing.


  3. If that’s the best photo hat sactown could come up with, I guess he belongs stuck up there in cow hollow.. The photo isn’t relevant to anything current. 2 retired golfers. One of which is the single most neuroticman to have played in the NBA, ever. Sacto had to fire him, becasue his wife chartered every plane to every destination and eagerly awaited the team at every arrival. Scary…

    Here’s a photo that does the retired cro mag more justice. Note the exact dental likeness… incredible: http://www.mastersfx.com/gallery_upload/rentals/images/corpse.jpg


  4. Beautiful photo.

    I can’t decide whats better though…watching Christie blast Rick “I wish I was star of Days of Our Lives” Fox or

    not seeing Mark Madsen dance.


  5. this loss goes squarely on the shoulders of Lamar Odum … what was he thinking??? we had a 4 point lead, 22 seconds on the game clock, we had THE BALL, and with 14 seconds still on the SHOT clock, he draws a charging foul???
    (worst case, that possession should have ended up with no score, still a 4 pt lead, and 8 secs on the GAME clock…and a W!)
    I know, I’m stating the obvious, but this game was WON!! with a little smarts, clock management…put up a W for the Lakers, especially considering tonight, a second game, a back to back, against the run and gun Suns, a long shot for a W, at best. (of course, here’s to hoping, but…).
    I know Phil no doubt pointed this out, we were starting to put some distance away from being a 500 club, and this road trip, going 1 and 1, would have been respectable, and we had our best shot for the 1 W last night, and except for 1 bonehead play, had that W….
    if this road trip end an 0 for 2, we’re getting back to 500 again…


  6. I had to post a picture of Mark Madsen on my blog without being able to include a snarky comment, I probably would have retired.


  7. The only thing Doug Christie ever “Owned”
    was a company that designs purses. “Nuff said.


  8. chris henderson January 20, 2006 at 1:53 pm

    and another thing…why was Lamar smiling towards the end of the game??
    he shoudda been pointing to his chest, “my bad”.
    that f-up wasn’t funny, not when you got the rest of the team fighting tooth and nail.
    suck it up, take responsibility.
    redeem yourself tonight Lamar.


  9. Re: 5

    I feel ya Chris. But imagine you putting up 51 pts with the game at hand and then losing. That hurts. But like anything if they are not ready for the next level then we need to be patient. It sure is baby steps but at least we know this team can compete. They just can’t compete with Lakers legacy. Anything short of a championship is hard to live up to. So my approach is just to ride the wave and when they’re ready it will be sweet.

    One thing I did notice was Kobe was getting impatient. He let the other team know what he was thinking. Good teams will pick up on this. They were also horrible on the pick n’ roll. They let the offense dictate how they played defense and not the other way around. They never deployed their double teams to get it out of Bibby’s hands like they did effectively in the 1st half of the Miami game.

    As bad a decision Lamar made in the final possessions he also decided to take the last second shot with 4.3 seconds left as well. So he didn’t learn from his 1st mistake. And him fouling out was the nail in the coffin in overtime.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Walton get schooled like that on defense. It would have been nice to have an Artest like player to rely on. That was embarrassing. Teams will scout that and run all over him now. Plus on offense he could not shoot worth beans. If anything he cost us the game. Kwame played like a rookie as well. He missed an easy layup at the hoop from a Kobe pass and as we all saw his man provided the 3pt basket to tie the game.

    I also think part of it was Phil’s fault. I think he got out coached in the final 35 seconds. Nobody was instructed to foul or stay with their man on the 3pt line. I think Phil thought it was in the bag too. 2 3pt plays. Who would have thought. So Phil needs to check himself too.

    But I’m anxious to see what we do after the All-Star break. This is where all these close games that we’ve won or lost will culminate to either a good playoff run or a long summer looking for the next all star to compliment Kobe and the crew.



  10. Enough said about Odom. It was by far the worst play of the year. Chris, I agree. I wanted to slap that smile off of his face last night.
    More importantly, we need to put that game behind us and focus on Tonight. Lets just pray our help deffense is aggressive, we can not have Nash going for 20 assist.