Kurt —  January 28, 2006

I really should be more frustrated with that narrow win over Golden State, but I’m not for two reasons: 1) it’s still a win; 2) I leave on vacation for a week Saturday, so it’s hard to be pissed about anything.

The Lakers survived a bad shooting night (45.7% eFG%) and some frustrating defensive lapses (Smush, I’m looking at you) to get the win. They did hold Golden State to 43.8% shooting, but if they had Richardson available the Lakers would never have won that game.

Now the Lakers head out on a tough road trip out East, starting with a thrashing at the hands of 8 Mile (well, it will be a thrashing if they Lakers play like they did against Golden State). That will be followed by NYC (and be sure to check out Knickerblogger), a revamped Indiana squad and some other interesting games, finishing with a couple of games in Texas. My initial thoughts are 4-3 on the seven-game trip would be good, 3-4 not the end of the world, but less than that would be frustrating.

But while the Lakers head east, I’m going west (it’s weird, the Lakers/Knicks game will start at 1:30 in the afternoon where I’ll be). Me leaving could be good for the Lakers — last time I left town, just for a weekend, Kobe went for 81. What happens when I’m gone for a week?

Gatinho will step in with some interesting posts and thoughts in my absence, keeping the conversation going here. Aloha.

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  1. i’m freakin exasperated by it.

    the start of the third quarter was just RIDICULOUS. same kind of zero energy/not giving a damn that had toronto demolishing them on their home court until kobe saved the day. it’s inexcusable.

    i thought kobe was being a little too cute. made me sick. he did the same thing after he scored 62, actually looking to pass way more than to shoot. only this time so much so that HE didn’t have his stroke going for most of the game.

    i must say though, i did love to see him with all of his talent struggling just as much as the other lakers do some nights to make shots due to a lack of shot attempts. a great example of how even great players will shoot poorly if they’re not involved enough.

    and lordy jesus christ, the lead’s going down the toilet, golden state is then PULLING AWAY, and not phil or lamar think l.o. should maybe drive to the hole a couple times??? when he’s being guarded by either a freakin midget or a white man??? nah, let’s just keep shooting jumpshots.

    where the hell was he in the third???? it’s so ABSURD how this team runs sometimes. i think i might knock phil’s grade down to a B. sure, blame lamar too, but his coach should be yelling in his ear every five seconds to keep waking him up until he develops better instincts.


  2. My man, you take more vacations than Johnny Carson.

    (would have gone with GWB, but I didn’t want to start a political flamewar in the comments section)


  3. enjoy catalina!