Kurt —  January 28, 2006

I really should be more frustrated with that narrow win over Golden State, but I’m not for two reasons: 1) it’s still a win; 2) I leave on vacation for a week Saturday, so it’s hard to be pissed about anything.

The Lakers survived a bad shooting night (45.7% eFG%) and some frustrating defensive lapses (Smush, I’m looking at you) to get the win. They did hold Golden State to 43.8% shooting, but if they had Richardson available the Lakers would never have won that game.

Now the Lakers head out on a tough road trip out East, starting with a thrashing at the hands of 8 Mile (well, it will be a thrashing if they Lakers play like they did against Golden State). That will be followed by NYC (and be sure to check out Knickerblogger), a revamped Indiana squad and some other interesting games, finishing with a couple of games in Texas. My initial thoughts are 4-3 on the seven-game trip would be good, 3-4 not the end of the world, but less than that would be frustrating.

But while the Lakers head east, I’m going west (it’s weird, the Lakers/Knicks game will start at 1:30 in the afternoon where I’ll be). Me leaving could be good for the Lakers — last time I left town, just for a weekend, Kobe went for 81. What happens when I’m gone for a week?

Gatinho will step in with some interesting posts and thoughts in my absence, keeping the conversation going here. Aloha.