On Tap: The Spurs. Again.

Kurt —  March 10, 2006

Didn’t we just see this movie? And we didn’t like the ending?

On the optimistic side, if you look at the game flow the Lakers played the Spurs pretty evenly except for a stretch at the start of the third quarter. Of course, that part of the game counts too. That’s just one of the differences between teams like the current Lakers and Spurs — we have lapses, they don’t and pounce on them. Still, that was not a bad Laker outing, they just lost to a better team.

While he scored 21, the Lakers did a fairly good job on Tony Parker. The bigger problems were what Tim Duncan brought, particularly on defense (which is why he was a game-high +28) and Ginobli, who was 5 of 6 from beyond the arc and finished with 21 points and a +19.

The Lakers need to steal a game from one of the top two (seeded anyway) teams in the West, San Antonio and Phoenix — they account for 20% of the Lakers last 20 games. The good news is the Lakers are now tied for the seventh seed and it is the Hornets that look to be falling back to Sacramento.

One more bit of optimism — last night the Spurs played a track meet against a Nashless Suns team (and won), so this is a back-to-back for them and we are certainly the half of it they could be looking past.

I imagine much to KD’s envy, I’m gone for a couple days again, out to watch tennis in the desert. I’ll be back Monday.