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Gatinho —  April 16, 2006

Laker History: Just saw that NBA TV will be airing “Searching for Redemption, The Kermit Washington Story” Sunday at 6pm. If you haven’t read John Feinstein’s “The Punch: One Night, Two Lives, and the Fight That Changed Basketball Forever “, you should. Kermit is an extremely interesting and flawed character. He was the first guy to lift weights in the NBA and was Dennis Rodman before Dennis Rodman. Oh yeah, and he almost killed Rudy T in a game in the early ’70’s at the newly built “Fabulous Forum”. Quick story from the book: During shoot around, Rudy T was looking at the new scoreboard that hovered over center court and wondered how safe it was. After “The Punch” he seriously asked the trainer if the scoreboard had fallen on him.

The Pinch Post and the Blind Pig: Watched that Phil Jackson “In His Own Words” again. This is definitely worth checking out. Tex and Phil break down the offense, and Phil awkwardly tries his hand at talking into the camera. Highlight: Tex is explaining triangle post options and says, “Now the center can pass to the cutters, unless his name is Shaquille.” Ouch. It’s re-running on Tuesday @ 11am FSPT.

Can we put this guy on our playoff roster? He’s available on the cheap.

ESPN the paper magazine: I have magazine subscriptions because I can’t take the computer into the bathroom.Coming off an astonishing article where he moves to the Dark Side and chooses Kobe for MVP, Bill Simmons has a new piece(in the ish with the Bonds bobblehead on the cover) that explains why we Angelinos are such lame fans. (Hollywood, sunshine, etc.) Actually he makes some astute observations having only lived in LA for 42 months. On the across-the-hall rivalry, “And Clipper fans regard Laker fans with the same visceral contempt townies in a remote college outpost have for the preppier students.”

Leandro Barbosa: Also in that ESPN ish is a side bar about GM’s (Isiah) and Coaches (Skiles) who were point guards as players, putting two point guards on the floor at the same time. “Barbosa once struggled as Nash’s backup. Now he lights it up playing next to him, atacking the weak side off the reigning MVP’s penetration.” Last meeting on the 7th, Leandrinho scored 22 points and was a game high +14.

Happy Jackie Robinson Day.