Pacific Roundtable

Kurt —  October 23, 2006

The Algonquin Round Table we are not, but during the last couple weeks bloggers of the five teams in the Pacific Division (Tom from Sactown Royalty, Kevin from Clipperblog, Justin from Golden State of Mind, Brian from The Rising Suns and myself) have been emailing each other both trying to sound witty and impress each other with our basketball knowledge.

The result was a pretty good preview of the division, and it’s going public in a five-part installment. That starts today over at Sactown – it was Tom’s idea so he hosts first. The question of the day:

Who was the most important new addition (not New Edition – that’d clearly be Ricky Bell) in the Pacific, players and coaches alike?

Tomorrow the discussion moves over to Golden State of Mind and moves along throughout the week. It’s good reading.