Pacific Roundtable

Kurt —  October 23, 2006

The Algonquin Round Table we are not, but during the last couple weeks bloggers of the five teams in the Pacific Division (Tom from Sactown Royalty, Kevin from Clipperblog, Justin from Golden State of Mind, Brian from The Rising Suns and myself) have been emailing each other both trying to sound witty and impress each other with our basketball knowledge.

The result was a pretty good preview of the division, and it’s going public in a five-part installment. That starts today over at Sactown – it was Tom’s idea so he hosts first. The question of the day:

Who was the most important new addition (not New Edition – that’d clearly be Ricky Bell) in the Pacific, players and coaches alike?

Tomorrow the discussion moves over to Golden State of Mind and moves along throughout the week. It’s good reading.

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  1. Johnny Gill would be the best addition to New Edition.

    I think Maurice Evans will play out as the best addition any Pacific Division team made in the offseason.


  2. I think Nellie being the coach of the Warriors was the the most important addition. With the rules changes that hamstring the defenses, bringing in an offensive minded coach could pay off big for that team.
    I also think that Jordan Farmar is the steal of this draft. Just like when San Antonio drafted Ginobilli and Parker a couple of years ago, I think that people will be saying about Farmar “how come he didn’t get drafted earlier?”
    Farmar has skills, heart, work ethic, and court savy beyond his years.
    People say that Phil doesn’t like to play rookies but the truth may be that with those veteran Bulls teams of his that he never HAD to play rookies. Who were they steal playing time away from? Jordan, Pippen,Grant, Rodman, Kerr, Paxon, Harper,Cartwright? I think Farmar will be playing significant minutes by the end of the year.


  3. A couple of things I have seen recently about Phil and Farmar.
    1) Muddywood’s comment about rookies not being able to replace very good NBA players in their first year is very appropriate.
    2) Chicage and LA both drafted very, very low in the draft and ‘instant’ NBA players very seldom slip there. When they do, the organizations that are successful are often very good at evaluating NBA talent at the NBA level and ‘stealing’ them from other teams. That is not the same skill set as projecting NBA talent at the collage (or lower) level. San Antonio is an anomoly that proves the rule and even their successes took a couple of years to develop (Parker and Ginobli).