88 Lines about 44 Lakers

Kurt —  October 25, 2006

With apologies to The Nails

Cooper was the defensive type
Except during the Coop-a-loop
Cederic Ceballos liked to drive
But to ‘zona, not the hoop
Byron Scott’s outside shot
Was the key to many wins
While any Chuck Nevitt shot
Belonged over by the bins

Frank Brickowski’s touch was better
Than his name would suggest
Elden Campbell played for years
But never really did impress
Magic led the Showtime break
His passes made our jaws drop
Vlade Divac smoked and played
Plus he knew how to flop

Riley’s hair was stiff with gel
He promised us back-to-back
Jackson’s style is much more Zen
He wins with a different tack
Vern Mikkelsen is in the Hall
The game’s first power four
Mark Madsen could be hard to watch
Both on the court and dance floor

A.C. Green did hit the boards
But then did not hit the clubs
Rick Fox sure loved that scene
Still was one of the super subs
Kareem ‘s skyhook did amaze
Just ask Parish what he thinks
Shaq’s game is power based
He gives you dunks not dinks

Robert Horry did not miss
If a game was on the line
Glen Rice could fill it up
Rarely seemed to drop a dime
George Mikan is an all-time great
He won titles by the lakes
Kobe’s won some titles too
Guys bite on his head fakes

Smush Parker may not be great
But people love his name
Jim Pollard’s kangaroo hops
Were the secret to his game
James Worthy filled the lane
Ready for a Tomahawk
Connie was already known
Everyone just called him “Hawk”

Goodrich was a crafty guard
And he sure knew how to win
Wilkes had a funky shot
That always just seemed to just go in
Sam Perkins was “The Big Smooth”
Had a silky outside shot
Rambis was a cult hero
Who always seemed on the spot

Mitch Kupchak was a player first
Now he makes all the trades
Mychal Thompson had played too
Now he is known for tirades
Harriston was called happy
But he could crash the boards
Sedale Threatt was a fav
Who never got his just rewards

Elgin Baylor was a first
Played his game above the rim
Eddie Jones could shoot the rock
But always looked very slim
Jerry West may be the best
Whether player or GM
Nick Van Exel got his points
Because he was quick to the rim

Stu Lantz played a couple years
Then got a nice color gig
Lamar Odom’s three point shot
Is very good for a big
Chamberlain got a second ring
Russell must have haunted him
If McAdoo shot the ball
It never seemed to touch the rim

Derek Fisher’s name will be
Forever hated by the Spurs
Luke Walton is a passer first
At least that is what he prefers
Norm Nixon earned two rings
He was quick with an assist
Chick Hearn, you’re one I miss
I chose you to end this list

88 lines about 44 Lakers