His Words Were His Legacy

Gatinho —  November 27, 2006

“The first and only “voice” of the Lakers for more than 40 years, Francis “Chick” Hearn taught the game of NBA basketball to Los Angeles while providing his “word’s eye view” for an unprecedented streak of 3,333 games. His style and innovation will influence every basketball announcer and broadcast forever.”
-from the Staples Center plaque in his memory

In honor of Chick’s 90th birthday, Marge Hearn presented two scholarships at last night’s game:

Fran would love something like this,” said Marge, who refers to Chick by his given name, Frances. “He always wanted to help young people learn.” …Marge told a cheering crowd, “[Chick] would have been 90 [Monday], and I will follow in six months. But don’t worry, I’ll be here for the next championship.”

Joel Meyers wanted to put the game “in the fridge” last night, but dripping with deference to the Laker legend, he could only muster that the Lakers could, “put this one away.”

We know Chick is still where he always was, “high above the western sideline” calling this one like all the rest.

Happy Birtday to the greatest ever.




to His Words Were His Legacy

  1. As a native son of Los angeles, Chick had become somewhat of a grandfather to me and countless others. No matter what was going on in my life, there was always that distinctive reassuring voice night in and night out.

    There was always a lesson to be learned by listening to Chick:

    If you run, run hard. If you pass, make it crisp. If you win, do it with dignity. If you lose, do it with pride. If you have to be somewhere, don’t be late!!!

    We can all honor the memory of this fine man by doing the best we can, no matter what it is in life we do.

    Happy 90th, Grandpa!


  2. Chick was an incredible person. It’s still weird watching games without him announcing.

    This is way off topic but does anyone else here think Ronald Lazenby writes and gushes a little too much about Tex Winter. Winter is an amazing coach and deserves all the respect in the world, but I can only read so much about how great the guy is before it starts getting really annoying. It’s like yeah, ok, I get it, write about something else now please! I guess I don’t have to read the blog if I don’t want to read about it anymore.


  3. I remember my dad would mute the tv and listen to Chick call the game on the radio, while watching on tv. The simulcasts were always some fraction of a second off, and I always got annoyed that my dad would do it. But as soon as I moved out, I found myself doing the same thing.

    It was a sad day when he died. It’s a happy day, remembering him. The refrigerator is closing, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter is getting hard, and the jello is jiggling.


  4. When my AM radio loses signal, I can swear I still hear Chick inside the static.


  5. Sounds like Chick put Joel in the popcorn machine.


  6. I loved Chick because he was honest. He loved the Lakers. If they were playing like dogs, he told you so. But I think he was more a fan of the game of basketball and how it should be played. Joel is good at what he does….but I still miss Chick.


  7. Man, oh man, do I miss Chick Hearn.

    And every time I think that, I can’t help but think of the corrolary: Man, oh man, am I gonna miss Vin Scully.


  8. Ah man, last night a Simpsons rerun was on (Where Homer pulls a ‘homer’) and I realized that Chick Hearn had a cameo for commentary during the Lakers game. Thats how you knew the guy was truly awesome, he was on the Simpsons!