Tickets Wanted

Kurt —  January 11, 2007

Regular readers and commenters here may recognize Xavier, a Laker and hoops fan living in Barcelona.

He’s using his spring break to come to Los Angeles and is going to try to catch a couple of Laker games — but buying tickets while overseas has proved problematic for him. Most of the ticket exchange places won’t ship outside the United States.

So, he’s looking for a little help — if you have tickets to the April 1 game against Sacramento that you are willing to sell, Xavier will buy them off you. (He already has tickets to Memphis the previous week.) If you want to help, send him an email.

Thanks for helping out. And by the way, if you’re still wondering who Xavier is, maybe you remember over the summer when he wrote this:


the 2 teams of my city are Joventud ( rudy fernandez’s team) and Barcelona ( JC Navarro, Pau Gasol ex-team… and Shamond Williams last team)

ACB (spanish league) is the strongest domestic league in europe and it’s doubtful that if a player can’t play great basketball or to show potential there, he wont contribute in the NBA. and shammond was just above average playing the PG. Sergio Rodriguez played better than him, he’s younger and was drafted 1 spot after Farmar.
This season Shammond was a shoot first player who wasn’t a great defender and who had some important turnovers… i think that Wafer will play a better basketball for the lakers than Williams, and Wafer it’s not the answer so imagine.

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  1. thanks for your help man