Kurt —  January 19, 2007

I can’t take these brutal Southern California winters, I mean it barely got up to 65 degrees yesterday. How can a man live in these conditions?

So, my family and I are off for 10 days in Kauai, where the low yesterday was 70. While I may watch a Laker game while sipping on a fruity blended drink with a little paper umbrella in it, I will not be blogging. I’m leaving FB&G in the more than capable hands of Rob and Gatinho, who will take very good care of the place while I’m away.


to Aloha

  1. Be safe and have a good time, Kurt. Seems like a tough life you got going on there to spend 10 days in tropical conditions. Stay away from birthday cake, please!


  2. Have a good trip! Kauai is beautiful, I went there 2 years ago and we took the helicopter tour of the island. I strongly recommend the tour if its your first time, there are parts in Kauai that are not reachable by car and are worth seeing.

    As for the game last night, can’t be too upset. We lost to the best team in the league, at their house, on the second night of a back to back (even though Kenny Smith brought up a good point at halftime about back to backs being overrated). We did fine for a quarter, but then we seemed to just run out of gas.

    I think we need Lamar back before we can really match up with them they way we want to… Cookie can not hang with Dirk. He can’t even be in the same room with him. We missed Lamar’s defense last night. And as much as I like Luke, he can not be on Josh Howard. Howard was killing us on the offensive glass. Luke is not athletic enough to box him out. Next time we play them, with Lamar gaurding Dirk and Mo Evans gaurding Howard, we should do much better


  3. Aloha, Kurt. Have a great time in Kauai. Me? I’ll be stockpiling firewood for this ghastly LA winter.


  4. Ah, ya slaggard.

    Off to paradiso with ye.

    Leave Californy to us rugged types


    – 5 –