Our Kevin Garnett Offer

Kurt —  March 17, 2007

As I said before, this blog entered a hypothetical bidding war with the Celtics and the Bulls for the rights to KG. This was really a group effort, my original proposal changed dramatically after reading at your comments, seeing your votes and thinking of how to make a proposal work. I put the proposal in the form of an open letter.

To Minnesota General Manager Kevin McHale;

Hello, we’re looking forward to doing a little business with you. Can we call you Kevin? Okay, Mr. McHale it is. Anyway, we know you don’t want to give up the guy who has been the cornerstone of your franchise for the past decade, but since he asked out you want to be a good guy and help him out. We understand. And we want to help you out.

See, we have some experience with trading superstars, we did it just a few years ago. And, let me tell you, no matter what you do, you’re going to get excoriated for it. That said, do it right and you can start a rebuild the team for the future with this move — clear out some cap space and really start to restructure the roster. We want to be fair, so we’ll give you an offer comparable to what we got when we traded our superstar away a few years ago:

Lamar Odom
Kwame Brown
Brian Cook
Vladimir Radmanovic
2008 First round draft pick, unprotected


Kevin Garnett
Mike James

Odom gives you a legitimate star you can run the offense through, Vladimir is a great third option who can shoot outside but is better around the basket than we thought when we got him, Brian Cook will give you some scoring punch off the bench, Kwame Brown is a $9 million expiring contract (and Odom’s deal has just two more years), plus we hear the at 2008 draft is going to be great. You get to make Garnett happy and clear out that ugly Mike James contract (VladRad’s contract is ultimately worth the same amount as James’ but spread over one more year and you get a better player). If you want to take Radmanovic and James out of the deal, we can do that.

You’re asking about Andrew Bynum? Sorry, we’ve talked it over and, to be honest, we’re pretty split on the idea of including him in a deal. But, when you look at the NBA champions of the last decade we keep seeing guys like Duncan, Shaq and Ben Wallace in the paint, guys who anchor the middle for their respective teams. We’re not sure how good Bynum will be ultimately — maybe a healthy Brad Daugherty? — but we see him as the anchor beyond the three or four years Kobe and Garnett could have together. So, he’s off the table.

That’s the offer. If you don’t want to take it, we understand (but we’d still like to talk to you about being the third team in a Jason Kidd deal).


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