Our Kevin Garnett Offer

Kurt —  March 17, 2007

As I said before, this blog entered a hypothetical bidding war with the Celtics and the Bulls for the rights to KG. This was really a group effort, my original proposal changed dramatically after reading at your comments, seeing your votes and thinking of how to make a proposal work. I put the proposal in the form of an open letter.

To Minnesota General Manager Kevin McHale;

Hello, we’re looking forward to doing a little business with you. Can we call you Kevin? Okay, Mr. McHale it is. Anyway, we know you don’t want to give up the guy who has been the cornerstone of your franchise for the past decade, but since he asked out you want to be a good guy and help him out. We understand. And we want to help you out.

See, we have some experience with trading superstars, we did it just a few years ago. And, let me tell you, no matter what you do, you’re going to get excoriated for it. That said, do it right and you can start a rebuild the team for the future with this move — clear out some cap space and really start to restructure the roster. We want to be fair, so we’ll give you an offer comparable to what we got when we traded our superstar away a few years ago:

Lamar Odom
Kwame Brown
Brian Cook
Vladimir Radmanovic
2008 First round draft pick, unprotected


Kevin Garnett
Mike James

Odom gives you a legitimate star you can run the offense through, Vladimir is a great third option who can shoot outside but is better around the basket than we thought when we got him, Brian Cook will give you some scoring punch off the bench, Kwame Brown is a $9 million expiring contract (and Odom’s deal has just two more years), plus we hear the at 2008 draft is going to be great. You get to make Garnett happy and clear out that ugly Mike James contract (VladRad’s contract is ultimately worth the same amount as James’ but spread over one more year and you get a better player). If you want to take Radmanovic and James out of the deal, we can do that.

You’re asking about Andrew Bynum? Sorry, we’ve talked it over and, to be honest, we’re pretty split on the idea of including him in a deal. But, when you look at the NBA champions of the last decade we keep seeing guys like Duncan, Shaq and Ben Wallace in the paint, guys who anchor the middle for their respective teams. We’re not sure how good Bynum will be ultimately — maybe a healthy Brad Daugherty? — but we see him as the anchor beyond the three or four years Kobe and Garnett could have together. So, he’s off the table.

That’s the offer. If you don’t want to take it, we understand (but we’d still like to talk to you about being the third team in a Jason Kidd deal).


The Laker Fanbase

to Our Kevin Garnett Offer

  1. Let me tell you a little bit about my thinking on this. First, the general consensus (and my gut feel) was not to include Bynum in the deal. It may be a deal killer, but so be it.

    The reason for the James/Radmanovic part is this: Trying to think like McHale (or whomever would be the Twolves GM) if they are getting rid of KG they are starting over, and they are going to want to get rid of the other bad contracts they have (James and Jaric are on the top of that list). Vlad and James are a pretty easy switch, which isn’t bad for both teams. I don’t love James, he’s not a great defender, but bring him in, let Smush and Shammond go, and you can use James, Farmar and maybe one more guy out top (a free agent).

    The lineup would be:

    PG: James/Farmar/FA
    SG: Kobe/Sasha
    SF: Walton/Evans
    PF: Garnett/Turiaf
    C: Bynum/Mihm (resigned)

    We’d need to flush that out a little with some vet free agents, guys to add depth, but that lineup would be very, very dangerous.


  2. Instead of Cook, we would want Bynum. I think that would be the only way, if any, that we would give you Garnett.


  3. Hey! How did you get in here! Out the door with thee!


  4. I think that it’s pretty easy to get in here when you don’t have to login to post. And, a link to this page came up when I googled blogs with kevin garnett’s name. If you don’t want others in here then you should publish the page with a search engine.


  5. You shouldn’t* publish the page with a search engine.


  6. T-Wolves fan, turn on your sarcasm detector. Everyone is welcome here. And I think you’re right, even McHale would ask for Bynum, I’m just not sure the Lakers would make the move.


  7. It seems to me that Jackson doesn’t like Bynum as much as the Laker’s front office or the fans do.


  8. we will not give up bynum, if you saw how we kept him from trading him to NJ for JKIDD, that should explain it right there that he is LA’s future at Center. We don’t even need garnett- yea it would help and be amazing but once LA gets healthy and there bench gets deep next year they should be fine, I’m sure minn. will make many moves this offseason however.


  9. If that isn’t enough, here’s what I’d do – package Vlad, and Kwame to the Sonics to get Rashard Lewis (Sign-and-trade).
    Sonics may jump at that because they’ll prolly end up losing Lewis anyway. This way, they get an expiring contract in Kwame who could also help with their front-court. In Vlad, they have a former Sonic who only left for more money.
    Now you could either:
    1. Offer Odom+Lewis to Minny for KG
    2. Or Keep them.
    Either way, we’d be better off than we are right now.


  10. don’t know if odom for garnett is a big plus for the lakers. on paper, sure, i’m a fool for doubting, but given the time it takes to adjust to the triangle, and the fact that odom can be a reliable double-double threat just like KG, i don’t think odom-for-KG is something that’ll put lakers over the top. besides, odom has lot less mileage than KG.

    honestly, i think the lakers should try to replace smush with somebody more defense oriented, and get a real 3 point threat other than … kobe.


  11. I will give you magic,jabbar,worthy,coop and rambis,Even throw in byron for kg.


  12. Can someone please tell me what the deal is with Bynum? I guess I’m with P. Jackson on this one. He has had one good game this season. 20pts, 14 reb, 4blks or something like that against minnesota. Other than that he hasn’t been any better that the other teams bench center. Just because he is young and tall doesn’t make him a great BASKETBALL player. His body language is terrible out on the floor, (just like kwame’s). He keeps waving his arms around after every single call – what’s up with that? I know he is young but young doesn’t equal potential otherwise every single player coming out of college has tons of potential. I mean he has been working for over a YEAR with arguably the BEST center in the HISTORY of the NBA. He has one move on offense and still hasn’t even tried to attempt a sky hook in a game. Don’t tell me Kareem hasn’t been working with him on that move. I think character and work ethic are more important (talk to Kobe bout that) So basically if I were the Lakers I wouldn’t think twice about including Bynum in a deal for Garnett.


  13. First of all – Odom is about as off the table as Bynum for me. Odom moves well in the triangle and, when healthy, is a legitimate scorer – pre injury he was in contention to be on a deep west allstar team.

    Second – I saw Bynum up close at a few pre season games and while he had more than a few EldenCampbell/Kwame Brown moments that were painful to watch he was outstanding in several short flashes. In addition watch his movement off the ball and then watch tape of him a year ago. The improvement has been vast and he is 19 ferJerryssake!

    All in all I wouldn’t pull the trigger on this trade. The most replaceable piece for the lakers is Kwame. That goon is the second coming of Elden Campbell or worse Cedric Ceballos. You just keep waiting for the ball to bounce of his head and out of bounds on an unexpected pass when he’s open. (ala Cedric once or twice during Magic’s last out of retirement fling) Package Kwame and Smush for ANYBODY who can shoot from outside and not turn the damn ball over taking it up the court (so Kobe can play more wing and less point) Incidently – who thought VladRad was a good idea? and for HOW many years?? I’m looking at you Kupchak. (also, how is Caron Butler doing these days anyway Mitch?)


  14. If I were Mitch, I would pursue Garnett this summer, but not too hard. Wait until summer ’08 when he can opt out of his contract and A) try to convince him to sign for the mid-level, while B) simultaneously pressuring the T-Wolves into doing a sign & trade. In that scenario, the threat of Minny losing KG for nothing would give the Lakers significant leverage in negotiations. Best-case scenario they get him for nothing; worst-case they get him for 60 cents on the dollar (this is all assuming that he would choose to opt out, and want to come to the Lakers above all other suitors). This summer I would give up Kwame, Vlade, Cookie, Sasha, Bynum and an ’08 first-rounder. Keep Odom, play Garnett at center, and sign Grant Hill with the mid-level.


  15. COTINUED — That would give you a starting five of Grant (at the point), Kobe, Luke, Lamar, and KG. The bench would be Farmar, Mo Evans, Ronnie Turiaf, Chris Mihm (re-signed), and their first rounder this June. Not too shabby! I think that lineup would vault them into the Mavs/Suns/Spurs stratosphere.


  16. I like Grant Hill but not as a starting point guard. I would like to see the lakers get someone that can pass and play defense well at the point position because they got plenty of scorers. Someone like Andre Miller that can get you 8 assists a night but also play defense. They would be unstopable with their passing then because all 5 guys can pass.


  17. I’m with you on the keep Odom over Bynum bit – but Grant Hill as a starting PG? surely that mid level could go to a point gaurd with two knees that can pass better than smush . I love the Kobe/Luke/Lamar/KG lineup with ANY PG that isnt a defensive liability and can pass – speed would be nice though and much as I like Grant Hill, there is only so fast that his retrofitted legs can go.


  18. What did I tell you all about Odom being off the table? Overlooked with Kobe’s gaudy numbers is Odom putting up 24pts, 19 boards, 4 assists, and 4 steals last night.


  19. I agree with you guys that Grant Hill would not be a good starting point guard … in any regular offense. But the Lakers don’t employ a regular offense, they play the triangle. In the triangle, you don’t need a traditional point who can bring the ball up the court, run set plays and use his skills (court vision, passing ability, penetration, etc.) to create offensive opportunities for his teammates.

    In the triangle, several guys can bring the ball up the court, and the system and good ball movement by all players create the offensive opportunities. All the “point guard” in the triangle has to do is:
    A) Make good decisions with the ball (not create with the ball, just decide whether to pass it left or right or take a shot)
    B) Hit jumpers or drive to the hoop when open, and
    C) Play a little defense.

    Grant Hill can definitely do A and B. As far as defense goes, as a shooting guard/small forward, Grant is a decent defender, but superior athletes (like Kobe, McGrady, etc.) can take advantage of him. At the point, his length (6’7″ with long arms) would enable him to overcome his athletic limitations and be an adequate defender against most other points; he would probably only struggle against small, lightning-quick players. He would undoubtedly be an upgrade from the “S brigade” (Smush, Sasha and Shammond). Also, Jordan Farmar has shown flashes of becoming a very good defender.

    Grant brings several things to the table:
    1) At the point, he would fulfill Phil’s desire for a big guard (keep in mind that if the whole Scottie Pippen comeback thing actually happens, Phil would be playing him at the point)
    2) Loads of veteran experience and leadership, something the Lakers are SORELY lacking
    3) Hunger; great players in their 30’s only care about winning
    4) A bridge to the future; Farmar is developing nicely, you could start Grant at the point, but also use him to back up Kobe and Luke at the other wing positions and bring Farmar in off the bench, and also use Farmar to help limit Grant’s minutes to 25-30 a game, keeping him from wearing down before the playoffs; and
    5) Most importantly, he could take over the role of facilitator in the triangle; they tried using Lamar to do it early this season and he flopped, so they had to move Kobe back into that role; with Grant on board he could take on the role of facilitator and let Kobe attack more, like we’ve seen the last few games.

    I know this is a long post, but there’s one more important factor to consider — who’s available.

    In my trade scenario (comment #14 above), the Lakers would be giving up all of their trade assets to get Garnett, so the only way to acquire a point guard is with their mid-level in free agency.

    You know who’s available in free agency this summer? Chauncey Billups and Mike Bibby can both opt out of their deals, and Mo Williams from the Bucks and Steve Blake from the Nuggets. And that’s pretty much it for point guards.

    Billups would be PERFECT for the Lakers. But he’s coming off a mid-level contract with the Pistons, and because he’ll be 31 this summer, this is his last chance to get a big deal, and because he plays for a contender and has already won, he’s not as likely to sacrifice money for a chance to play for the Lakers. There is virtually no chance of getting him without a trade.

    Bibby would be a good fit for the Lakers, but has two years left on a big contract, so there’s a pretty good chance he won’t opt out. The only way he does is if he decides to give up about $20 million for a chance to win. I don’t see that happening. He can play out his deal and sign with a contender in two years (when he’ll still only be 31).

    That leaves Mo Williams and Steve Blake. Blake is essentially a backup, and a terrible fit in the Lakers’ system. Williams is a good young player, and getting better, but he’s a more traditional point (and not a very good 3-point shooter, by the way) and probably wouldn’t be a great fit for the Lakers either.

    So in free agency, it boils down to hit the lottery with Billups or Bibby (not likely), or choose between Grant and Mo.

    I’ll take Grant.


  20. Matt is smart. I still worry about Grant as a defensive liability if he can’t get back down the floor quickly. I agree that he is a great fit and vaults the lakers to the top flight – BUT can they win against the speedy top flight teams (suns especially) without a PG that can get back on D?

    The who is available argument is good. with you 100%.

    Best case Grant comes in and gives them a Ron Harper type of role. Just makes me happy to think of him sitting down in that corner waiting for a wide open three and knocking it down time after time.
    Worst case he is a defensive liability and has yet another injury and the lakers blow their mid level exception (I’m thinking Aaron McKie). If the lakers can get him for a mid level price – it couldn’t be a worse use of money than say, Radmanovic or Aaron McKie.

    I am wrong, Matt is smart and right. Go get Grant and KG.


  21. heres how it works:

    get KG, james. craig smith and MarkMadsen

    give out Odom, Kwame, Vlade, Cook and a Pick

    madsen and turiaf will be the NBA’s version of WWF’s
    “the bushwhackers”

    but seriously, james can back up smush at PG,
    kobe and vujacic at SG,
    walton signed at 5m with evans at SF,
    KG and Turiaf at PF,
    Bynum and Mihm at center.


  22. so certainly a trade for KG is in the works.
    so certainly LA is in the top of the heap.
    so certainly Jerry Buss is interested.

    with these three things, i think LA will simply win it.
    they have the best trade assets compared to the other frontrunners – the BULLS.


  23. Matt and Daves Kilt kno what they are talking about
    I completely agree with giving up whoever to get KG and then taking Grant at poing…my only concern as well is that he will not get back on D or injury will once again overcome him…however, this is why you still have farmar who is a very good up and coming player that can hold his own

    Bottom line: Kobe with KG and other solid role players and a deep bench will move the lakers into the top contendors of the Western Conference